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6 Fun Summer Jobs for Teens to Make Extra Money Easily

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Looking for the perfect summer job for teens? Then you’re probably looking for some inspiration to know where to start.

Being underage and finding work is difficult enough, but when you factor in your teen’s work experience, skills, and other requirements, the search becomes more cumbersome.

Luckily, there are lots of great places that hire teens. Check out an in-depth review of them below!

Why You Should Consider a Summer Job for Teens

Teen summer jobs aren’t just to earn money and have something to do during the summer break.

Many parents encourage their kids to find work as a way to start building essential skills they’ll need for the rest of their lives.

Some of these skills include:

  • Money management
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management, etc.

Summer jobs are opportunities for your teen to meet new people, become more responsible and self-motivated, and even help them be more independent.

Types of Summer Jobs for Teens

Here are the types of jobs your teen could get to earn extra cash or build some real-life experience:

  • Part-time jobs: Your teen doesn’t have to work the classic 9 to 5 yet. Look for a part-time gig that leaves plenty of room to enjoy the summer break as well.
  • Remote jobs: Many jobs allow teens to work from home while using a laptop or even a mobile phone.
  • Seasonal work: The warm months often come with temporary employment opportunities like being a pool cleaner, farming gigs, and more. Companies often look for kids to fill in these positions to face higher demand.
  • Internships: If your teen has an idea of the type of industry they want to work in, look for internships that will help them get started even before college. Sure, most of them are unpaid, but your teen could still develop essential skills and get some rewards.
  • Volunteering: Your teen can also give back to their community by volunteering at their local YMCA, community centers, or an organization that’s close to their heart.

Top 7 Summer Jobs for Teens

1. Camp Counselor

Camp counselor jobs are best for kids who love the great outdoors and had a blast at camp when they were younger.

It’s a type of active job that will keep your teen engaged and help them become more responsible.

Depending on their position, camp counselors could be doing anything from organizing team activities to supervising younger kids and even tutoring them in certain subjects.


  • Average hourly pay is around $15 per hour
  • A fun way to make money in the summer
  • Great for outdoorsy kids who don’t like to sit still long
  • Helps improve communication and teamwork skills


  • Not great for introverted teens
  • Comes with the responsibility of taking care of the younger children

2. Video Game Tester

If your teen loves playing video games, then they can do that to earn money. Lots of game developers have positions catered specifically for kids.

These gigs let your teen do something they love but still teach them responsibility.

Game testers have tasks they need to complete and often have to write reports, so your teen will also learn to become more organized.



  • Work can be repetitive
  • High competition for open positions

3. Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is a fantastic opportunity for a teen who loves animals. These gigs don’t ask for lots of upfront skills.

But your teen needs to demonstrate they are responsible.

Pet sitters need to go to people’s homes, feed pets, play with them, and ensure they are happy and healthy until their owners return home.

These gigs also have lots of variants, like becoming a dog walker or plant sitter.


  • The average salary is around $14.74, so your teen can make good money
  • It requires little to no skills upfront
  • Great opportunity both for younger and older teens
  • Teens can do these gigs even after school as a side-gig


  • These jobs come in high demand, and competition may be strong

4. Lifeguard

If your teen’s a good swimmer, getting a job as a lifeguard at a local pool may be a great option for them.

It’s a big responsibility, but your teen will receive tips and first-aid training to perform daily tasks.


  • The average hourly wage is around $14.76 per hour
  • Can teach your teen to be responsible
  • Involves teamwork


  • High levels of responsibility
  • Mainly involves sitting and monitoring pool goers

5. Golf Caddy

Golf caddies assist golfers during their rounds. They keep the clubs organized and hand them off to players and even make sure the game runs smoothly.

The gig does need some prior golfing knowledge, but it’s easily attainable.


  • Average pay is around $17.71 an hour
  • Caddies can get tips (as much as 20%)
  • Is an active job where the teen can interact with people


  • Golf knowledge is a prerequisite

6. Clerk

Being a clerk is a classic teen job. Some places where a teen can work include:

  • Movie theaters
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Local restaurants
  • Amusement parks, etc.

Teens can also keep these jobs during the school months as part-time gigs.


  • Lots of employment opportunities
  • Many jobs don’t require previous experience
  • Teens can learn business skills, money management, and more


  • Most are minimum-wage jobs, but they may get extra tips

What You’ll Need to Do a Summer Job for Teens

There are some requirements for getting a teen job during the summer months:

  • Work permit: Though federal law doesn’t require it, some states and companies may ask for a permit before a teen can start working. Check your local laws to see if your teen must apply for one.
  • The right age: Some types of work may be restricted for your teen, depending on their age. They could also be allowed to have a job, but only for specific hours a day.
  • Skills: Many summer jobs don’t require special skills, especially if they’re looking for teens who often don’t have previous work experience. Still, they could look for key soft skills like being responsible, hardworking, having good communication skills, etc.

Tips to Find a Summer Job for Teens

Here are some key tips to help any teen find a great summer job:

  • Consider the job type: Think of the type of gig your teen would prefer, like working in the food service industry, babysitting, or playing games from home.
  • Build a resume: Even without previous working experience, the teen’s resume should stress key soft skills relevant to the position.
  • Talk to people you know: Reach out to family, friends, and people you know to check for any internships or gigs for your teen.
  • Look at online job boards: Check a website like Indeed to find teen employment anywhere in the country.
  • Reach out to community organizations: Call or email local NGOs to ask about more opportunities, like working in a soup kitchen or a local blood drive.

Similar Jobs to Check Out

Summer teen gigs aren’t the right opportunity for you? Check out these alternatives:

  • Best High-Paying Jobs with No Degree: Not all no-degree jobs pay minimum wage. Check out some great options that will help you make money even if you haven’t gone to college.
  • Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs: Use your great organizational skills to get a high-paying virtual assistant gig you can do from anywhere.
  • Easy Remote Jobs: Earn money comfortably from your home without breaking a sweat with these easy gigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should a Teen Start Looking for a Summer Gig?

It depends on the type of job they’re looking for, though the earlier they start, the better. Some employers can look for temporary summer employers even right after the winter break.

At What Age Should a Teen Get a Job?

Teens as young as 13 can get a part-time job, though it can depend on the type of employment and the industry. Some states can pose harsher restrictions regarding the type of jobs teens can get and regulate the number of hours they can work in a day.

What’s the Easiest Summer Job for Teens?

Sitting jobs are usually the easiest gigs a teen can get, from baby to pet or even plant sitting.

But it can vary from teen to teen. Yours might find it much easier to stay at home and test websites than walk a pup or work in a summer camp.


Helping a teen get a summer gig can help them prepare for the future and get some essential life experience when the stakes are much lower.

And some of these gigs pay well, so a teen can also earn some pocket money for the school year.

Give the top six teen gigs a shot and help your kid find a great place to work during the summer.

Let us know your thoughts about teen summer jobs or this review in the comments below!

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