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How To Get Paid For Reels On Instagram [Step-By-Step]

In today’s gig economy, earning money from Instagram reels can be challenging because of strong competition in the social media marketing sector.

While some side income enthusiasts are aware of influencer marketing and trending audio clips, others have yet to discover the Instagram Reels Play bonus program.

If you’re wondering how to get paid for reels on Instagram, this comprehensive guide teaches you to earn money on the Instagram app and monetize your audio-video marketing efforts.

Can you Get Paid for Instagram Reels?

Yes, content creators make money for posting Instagram reels that hit a pre-decided view count in a specified timeframe. The more number of plays, the higher earning potential.

Instagram creators can earn money either through brand sponsorships where third-party advertising accounts sponsor their content or through Instagram Reels Play Bonus by meeting a set number of views in a time-sensitive period.

How Much Can You Make by Posting Instagram Reels?

Creators with an Instagram account can earn a maximum payout of $1,200 for 11.02 million views.

A reel posted by a public creator or branded account can make from $500 to $2000 if it surpasses a preset view count within 30 days.

Further analysis states that creators can pocket approximately $220 with 20-30k views.

Considering the digital visibility potential Instagram reels hold, the large payouts and online partnerships you build are an additional advantage.

From brand collaborations and sponsored content to merchandise sales and affiliate marketing, content creator accounts can easily monetize their social media efforts.

What is the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Eligibility?

Instagram Reels Play Bonus is presently an invite-only program undergoing further assessment to test its future impact on content creation.

If you run a business or creator Instagram account with under 1 million followers and abide by Instagram’s Partner Monetization policies, you can join the program.

You need to ensure your reels content isn’t branded and doesn’t hold screen space for logos from other platforms.

The eligibility requirements of this program weren’t designed for accounts with a large following.

On the contrary, its rewarding payout architecture aims to support upcoming content creators with better growth and reels visibility.

Once you receive an invitation, you have at most 30 days before it expires.

If approved, you have 30 days to accomplish your goals for views and plays, with the opportunity to earn a significant bonus.

Why You Should Consider Making Instagram Reels As A Side Hustle

The popular social media platform allows aspiring content creators to turn their passion for content development into a profitable side hustle.

Though this disapproves of branded content and accounting for existing Instagram reels, here are reasons to consider creating reels as a side hustle:

  • Large Audience Base: Since Instagram’s audience base is ever-growing, you have a big pool of prospects eager to consume engaging content.
  • Feature-Dense Interface: Their reels feature lets you earn money based on short videos suiting various formats, trends, and visual effects.
  • Audio Suggestions: With a repository of popular sound clips competing with newly introduced reels, the invite-only bonus program is ideal for creators to earn money.
  • Bonus Opportunities: You get a bonus opportunity to take home extra cash based on performance parameters. Expect a bonus payout for your performance consistency, number of views, the quantity of created reels, and your output for a themed-reel request by Instagram.

Problems With Making Instagram Reels For Money

Despite the reputation of Instagram reels being a high-paying side income gig, a few challenges may obstruct your journey.

Besides a ban on artificially boosted views and brand sponsorship for reels, here are additional considerations to remember:

  • Massive Competition: The presence of millions of content creators designing reels makes the competition intense. Since standing out and catching your audience’s attention can be challenging, you may find it tasking to reach the maximum bonus.
  • Limitations on Monetization: Despite added perks with Instagram Reels Play Bonus, the monetization options aren’t as extensive as other social media platforms.
  • Fluctuating Algorithm: It’s hard to pinpoint how Instagram’s algorithm shares reel visibility amongst users of Reels Play Bonus. The professional dashboard may help analyze basic performance parameters as you create more reels, but the uncertainty of viewership rules may impact your earnings.
  • Considerable Investments in Time and Effort: The one time-tested strategy to earn money from Instagram reels is trial and error. This requires long-term investments in time and effort since, typically, Instagram personalizes your ranking metrics.

How to Earn More Money by Making Reels on Instagram

Here are nine things to remember to earn money more efficiently from making Instagram reels:

  1. Planning Reels Content
  2. Selecting Your Best Reels
  3. Merging Trending Audio
  4. Following Copyright Rules
  5. Creating Valuable Content
  6. Posting at the Right Time
  7. Participating in Trends
  8. Sharing Reels
  9. Practicing Originality

1. Planning Reels Content

Like all content development processes, careful planning can benefit your Instagram Reels Play Bonus program.

Though filming content for reels is simple, you’ll struggle to earn even a minimum amount without storyboarding. Use the Instagram app to create drafts and keep them ready for publishing.

Try clicking on any pop-up notification to check trending reels by budding creators.

Though a creator account is packed with tools for content development support, consider using a content calendar.

Such documents can remind you when to post seasonal or holiday-based reels.

Create multiple columns to clearly state your content format, target audience, audio clip, and the reel’s unique selling point (USP).

Planning reels content relieves you of positing hurried or spontaneous short-form videos not meeting the expectation of your followers.

For creators to earn money from Instagram reels, a well-planned content calendar ensures you meet the posting criteria based on the number of minimum reels you must post monthly.

2. Selecting Your Best Reels

Just because the Reels Play Bonus program pays you for quality video content creation doesn’t mean every reel can earn money.

You’ll have to manually select your best reels as opposed to predicting that the platform scans all your designs.

Though Instagram creators can choose up to 150 reels, consider factors such as trending potential and the synchronization between the audio and video elements.

Choose reels with the highest earnings potential by visiting the “Bonus” page and clicking “Reels Play Bonus.”

Remember, if a posted reel isn’t registered for the bonus program, you have 24 hours to alter this.

For creators trying to make this change, choose “Edit” on your reel and visit the “Bonus” page. Now click on “Reels Play Bonus” to open up room for monetization.

Consistent practice may even prepare you to work as a freelance videographer.

Instagram facilitates this reel-selection feature to help the platform and program subscribers to kill the clutter and earn better Reels Play bonuses.

Choosing no more than 150 reels per account increases the platform’s accuracy when pushing your content for visibility.

The platform’s intricate vetting process makes it simpler to test the compatibility between your posts and the preference of reel viewers.

3. Merging Trending Audio

Include trending audio clips from Instagram’s existing reels and other platforms to boost your content’s audio-visual presentability.

The platform promotes reels that depict a strong connection between audio snippets and video elements.

Either study the audio choices of competitors in your niche or consider designing an entirely new audio that fits your reel’s aesthetics.

Look for catchy tunes that resonate with your viewers and inspire them to market your content for free through story and direct message (DM) shares.

While other creators may boost their number of views through high-quality sound clips, you can win a larger payout through customized audio for location-based audience segments.

Syncing your video content with audio strengthens your foundation for encouraging greater engagement.

Since trending audio clips pique viewers’ attention, expect more likes, comments, and shares.

4. Following Copyright Rules

Most creators promise to follow copyright rules to ensure their reel receives viewership support from Instagram’s algorithm.

Stick to creating 100% original content and avoid picking picture snippets or captions from other creators.

Users are immediately barred if the Instagram Reels Play Bonus program recognizes any content plagiarism through a copyright claim.

Keep in mind that you’re allowed only two strikes for violating copyright rules.

When you hit the third strike, be it through a watermarked reel showing a third-party platform’s logo or engagement styles appearing fraudulent, you’ll be disqualified.

Following copyright policies enables you to earn available bonuses seamlessly.

You’ll become aware of prohibited content formats, such as static videos showing single images with barely any motion, image slideshows, text montages, embedded ads, and more.

5. Creating Valuable Content

Developing content offering instant value to the lives of your customers puts you in the running for Reels Play bonuses. 

Creators can make money on the Play Bonus program by teaching viewers new techniques, sharing valuable data on niche topics, and publishing entertaining content.

Considering Instagram won’t be rolling out new and renewed Reels Play deals, actionable content keeps you abreast with high-performance competitors.

Some examples of valuable content include tips, tricks, hacks, how-to guides, and listicles with essential details.

Remember to relay the information in the caption to ensure better message accessibility and more interactions.

Valuable content gets your reels more shares, boosting your success in the Reels Play Bonus program.

You can create content on hotspots to visit for an upcoming holiday or a step-by-step guide on earning through influencer marketing.

Educating a target audience segment with information that meets search intent makes making money through play bonus work easier.

6. Posting at the Right Time

Choose an appropriate time to post your Instagram reels since this aspect can affect your views and engagement metric.

Start by studying when your audience shows peak activity, and ideally, mention your preferred posting time in your content calendar.

Double-check your audience’s location and when exactly they scroll through reels.

You can get paid for Reels Play bonuses through the extra organic traffic this generates. Since quality is prioritized over quantity, don’t be tempted to post several reels daily.

Your posting frequency and time of publishing reels affect who sees your reels and when they see them.

As Instagram’s analytical tools offer audience insights, creators can align posting schedules according to their activity.

This technique also builds consistent anticipation among your followers, leading to growing loyalty.

7. Participating in Trends

Not only popular sound clips but even trending content formats like challenges and snippets from a DIY venture can boost the visibility of your Instagram reels.

This increased discoverability gives non-followers exposure to your content, growing views for Reels Play bonuses.

Once your content is viral, the collective enthusiasm of Instagram’s community naturally generates enough traction to get paid.

Create trending content embraced by multiple niches or cultural references relevant to your topic. The relatability goes a long way, similar to how your branded content benefits from loyal customers.

Trending reels give you the upper edge since there’s a possibility of interactions from new viewers and existing followers.

Such interactions send signals to Instagram to promote your reel further, improving your chances of earning the maximum bonus.

8. Sharing Reels

Shared content expands your prospective organic traffic. A creator account with a following of over 10k can leverage the reel-sharing feature to reach their followers.

Some followers may not see your reels on their home feed, but sharing reels on stories improves the scope for more extensive viewership.

Fostering audience participation through these means might bring financial victories to your Instagram Reels Play Bonus program.

Use the cross-platform promotion feature to share your reels on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and your personal website.

The more online communities you tap into, the more chances you can make money from the Instagram app.

Capitalizing on the sharing feature and studying the impressions generated can help upgrade your content strategy.

Sharing a new reel through DMs to niche groups may even boost your views significantly.

9. Practicing Originality

Depending on carbon copies of trending audio will only do you good in the short run. Instead, practice storyboarding creative ideas that suit your account’s Instagram personality.

It’s better to be the origin of viral content than to follow the herd of creators reusing existing content.

You can create customized filters or use customized audio to add a more human touch to your content.

You can even consider investing in a point-to-shoot or action camera for collecting high-level footage for reels.

Digital marketing success is best gained through developing original content frequently.

Once Instagram knows you’re trying to create unique-yet-engaging perspectives through reels, you can make money through the extended viewership reward.

Things to Consider When Making Instagram Reels For Money

Whether you have a business owner account or a personal account on Instagram, here are a few factors to consider when making money from the Instagram reels program:

  • Legal and Disclosure Requirements: As the legal owner of your Instagram account, you must disclose any sponsored content or branded partnerships. Instagram’s advertising guidelines require creators to gain familiarity with regulations regarding Instagram Reels Play Bonus in their area.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket by solely relying on Instagram Reels Play Bonus to make money. Invest time in establishing brand collaborations, merchandise promotions, and affiliate marketing since they bring more Instagram users to your profile.
  • Secure Your Intellectual Property: Gather the required rights and permissions for all the music, images, and clips in your reels. You can avoid falling victim to copyright infringement by using royalty-free music.
  • Stay Updated with Policies and Features: Since the platform’s policies and features are constantly evolving, stay informed about algorithm updates, policies to earn bonuses on Instagram Reels Play, and the bonus payout method. Implement newer monetization strategies based on fresh program rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some queries side income earners ask about earning from Instagram reels:

How Many Views Do I Need on Reels to Get Paid?

Instagram Reels Play bonuses are released only for reels with a minimum of 1,000 views. How much a creator earns depends on follower count, overall views, and other performance factors.

Why Am I Not Getting Paid for Reels?

If another user is the rights holder for your content or the content violates eligibility requirements, the creator doesn’t get paid for reels.

Similar Ways to Get Paid

Here are relevant alternatives to generate consistent side income:

  • Get Paid to Create YouTube ContentSide income enthusiasts with a knack for creating long-form videos can live a high-quality lifestyle through YouTube’s monetization features.
  • Get Paid as a Writer: Build an online clientele of small businesses and personal brand owners ready to offer you money in exchange for writing marketing or sales material.
  • Get Paid to Make TikTok Content: Content creators skilled in developing trending video content can earn a reasonable monthly payout by creating content on TikTok.

Wrapping Up

Decoding the several ways to make money from Instagram Reels Play Bonus work supports creators to earn income by sharing quality reel content.

Though a few rules are hard and fast in reel content creation, Instagram pays reasonably well for your efforts.

Do share your opinions in the comments below and share the article with fellow side-income gig enthusiasts interested in social media work.

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