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How to Become an Audiobook Narrator [In 5 Easy Steps]

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If you’ve ever listened to an audiobook that changed the way you see book narrators, you probably know the magical potential that book narration holds.

And if you happen to enjoy telling stories and injecting your imagination into each character, being an audiobook narrator might be the perfect job for you.

We’ll cover everything a passionate storyteller needs to know on how to become an audiobook narrator.

And we’ll also talk about what the job entails, how much it usually pays, and all the necessary education and licensing.

An Overview of Audiobook Narrators: A Primer

The world of audiobook narration is much more than meets the eye. It’s not merely about reading a book aloud; it’s the art of storytelling with sound editing.

Reading an entire work of literature requires vocal stamina, clear diction that varies with different characters, and the ability to embody the energy and emotions behind the text.

Loads of vocal and personal skills go into each type of narration. For example, solo narration needs the ability to create voices for multiple characters, while duet narration needs coordination and matching your co- narrator’s energy and pace.

Most audiobook narrators choose to specialize in specific genres, types of narration jobs, or dialects. However, you can take a crack at becoming a voice actor simultaneously.

All types of book narration styles require extraordinary emotional expression, a pleasant voice, strong command of the language, and impeccable articulation and breath control.

Narrators often need to spend time researching dialects, accents, and character traits to bring authenticity to the narration. They also need to collaborate with authors and publishers to ensure the narration aligns with the book’s vision and maintains consistency.

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How Much Do Audiobook Narrators Make?

New audiobook narrators should be paid around $100 per finished hour (PFH), although many clients will offer quite a bit less. The average pay for skilled and experienced narrators is around $500 PFH, while experts can get $500-1,000 per audiobook recording session.

How much you make per year depends entirely on how much time and effort you’re putting into finding narration work.

What You’ll Need to Become an Audiobook Narrator [& Associated Costs]

Assuming you have the basic requirements for narrators, such as clear diction and a great voice, there are some key pieces of equipment to start practicing and recording audio demos:

  • Quality Recording Equipment: A professional-grade microphone is crucial for recording high-quality audio, costing around $100 to $250. But this might require additional equipment such as headphones, microphone stands, pop filters, and cables.
  • Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment: Creating a suitable recording environment requires soundproofing and acoustic treatment of the recording space. Don’t sweat it, though. This can mean clearing some closet space and putting up a blanket on the wall.
  • Editing and Recording Software: You’ll need to decide what audio editing software to use. Keep in mind that this will likely be affected by the type of mic you’re using. You can make do with a free program such as Audacity or Fruity Loops.
  • Training and Education: Invest in voice acting or narration-specific training and workshops. These targeted classes can provide valuable industry insights. One of the world’s most renowned voice-over classes costs $1,750, but more casual online options start from $10 on platforms like SkillShare and Udemy.

How Much Does it Cost to Become an Audiobook Narrator?

Individual preferences and your seriousness with this endeavor will make a huge difference in your starting budget. That said, most of these funds should go into education rather than fancy equipment you don’t need yet.

Beginner narrators can have a great home studio for less than $500. If that’s financially feasible, consider investing in a few coaching sessions, which usually cost less than $200 an hour.

This will set you up to record the perfect voice-over demo and will go a long way in landing you better gigs.

Is It Hard to Become an Audiobook Narrator?

Yes, narrating audiobooks is an art and requires a lot of hard work and practice to get to a level of skill that earns you the title and a good income. It’s commonly known as one of the most challenging forms of voice-over.

It’s a competitive industry, and standing out requires honing your skills, building a strong portfolio, and continuously improving your craft. However, the rewards are significant.

As a narrator, you have the opportunity to touch the lives of countless listeners, breathe life into stories, and forge deep connections through your narration.

If reading’s been a lifelong passion for you, you get to make money exploring new books and bringing your perspective of them to life, and you often have a blast doing it.

How Long Does it Take to Become an Audiobook Narrator?

Depending on the amount of time and energy dedicated to learning all the skills that go into book narration and hammering them in with practice, it would take a minimum of six months to record your first workable demo.

While some may possess natural talent that speeds up their learning curve, others may need to invest more time in training and practice.

This doesn’t include supplementary skills such as sound editing and self-promotion. These skills are crucial for getting hired but will only matter if your narration skills are up to par.

How to Become an Audiobook Narrator in 5 Simple Steps

vector graphic showing an illustration of a woman learning how to become an audiobook narrator

Now that we’ve covered what it’s like to narrate books for a living, here are the steps necessary to become an audiobook narrator:

Step 1: Immerse Yourself in the Audiobook World

The first stage of how to become an audiobook narrator is all about gaining knowledge and familiarity with the industry.

Research types of book narration work, such as voiced and unvoiced narration. Listen to various genres and audiobooks featuring prominent names in the industry. Observe their styles, techniques, and what you like and dislike about them.

Pay attention to pacing, character voices, and storytelling techniques. Understanding the nuances of audiobook narrating will help you develop your own unique style.

Practice reading aloud, and work on vocal clarity, tone, and modulation. Consider taking voice-over or speech classes to enhance your skills.

Develop a deep appreciation for storytelling and the impact it can have on listeners. Immerse yourself in various genres and explore using different voices and narrative styles to expand your repertoire.

Step 2: Choose Your Recording Space

There are two routes to getting the most out of your recording time; setting up a DIY recording spot at home or renting a recording studio.

Aspiring book narrators tend to think a home studio will solve all their recording problems. While it does make recording at a moment’s notice possible, it can be challenging. You’ll need to spend months learning sound engineering; that’s no easy feat.

You can buy a minimal setup to hear your recordings. Then, rent a studio for important projects, such as demos that’ll go into your portfolio.

This will also teach you a lot of tips and tricks for when you eventually set up a proper home studio.

Step 3: Practice and Build Your Portfolio

Start building a portfolio of voice-over work. Consider narrating short stories, excerpts from books that resonate with you, and even parts of movie scripts to demonstrate your skill.

Volunteer to record for low-budget projects such as local organizations and student films. These samples will serve as your showcase to potential clients or audiobook publishers.

Over time, you’ll develop a professional demo reel that showcases your narration skills and versatility. Make sure to work on various genres, demonstrating your ability to handle various characters and storytelling styles.

Step 4: Join Audiobook Narrator Communities

At this stage, most aspiring voice actors and audiobook narrators will start excitedly applying for casting calls or voice-over gigs with what they have.

While that could definitely bear fruit, most of the time, you get a lot of rejections before you discover some mistake here and there that a new narrator wouldn’t have caught.

That’s why it’s important to engage with established narrators in the audiobook narrators community. They will provide insights, tips, networking opportunities, and invaluable feedback on your early work.

Join online forums and social media groups, or attend voice-over conferences and workshops. It’s becoming more known that the best jobs are filled through recommendations, so a strong network of fellow narrators will go a long way.

Step 5: Market Yourself and Seek Opportunities

And voila, you’re ready to enter the market as a professional narrator!
Create an online presence on social media platforms dedicated to your audiobook, narrating career, and services.

Make use of professional websites such as LinkedIn. Reach out to audiobook publishers, production companies, or independent authors to offer your services.

Consider joining reputable talent agencies specializing in voice-over representation. Actively market yourself, network, and seek opportunities to showcase your skills. Finding audiobook narrator jobs requires a lot of patience and perseverance.

Reasons to Consider Becoming an Audiobook Narrator

Audiobook narration offers a unique combination of creativity, storytelling, and physical skill. Consider the following reasons to embark on this exciting career path:

  • Flexibility and Independence: There’s practically no such thing as a 9-5 in the world of audiobook narration. Narrators often work from home or per project, giving them the freedom to manage their schedule as they see fit.
  • Immersive Storytelling: Telling a story you love for hundreds and thousands of people to hear provides a unique sense of fulfillment.
  • Expanding Industry: The demand for audiobooks continues to rise, presenting a growing number of opportunities for narrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Improve My Narration Skills?

Consider taking voice acting classes, joining online communities for narrators, and participating in workshops to refine your craft.

How Do I Get Audiobook Narration Projects?

Building a strong portfolio and creating a professional demo reel is crucial for attracting audiobook projects.

Registering with audiobook publishers, production companies, and online platforms dedicated to audiobook narrators can also help you find potential opportunities.

Similar Gigs to Check Out

Narrating audiobooks can be an amazing job, but it does require serious commitment. If you’re looking for a gig that’ll start paying you in just weeks or even days, consider the following:

Wrapping Up

The audiobook industry is growing. And recording audiobooks used to be highly competitive and expensive, but it’s getting easier and more profitable by the year.

If you’re eager to learn how to become an audiobook narrator and get those audiobooks rolling, the perfect time to start is now.

Comment below with questions or insights on the topic and get join the Gigworker conversation. And don’t forget to share this piece with others.

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