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How to Become Amazon Influencer: Walkthrough and Tips

Online platforms like Amazon offer different online gigs for everyone to earn. Amazon’s affiliate programs, for instance, provide fantastic opportunities for social media influencers.

Selling on Amazon is easy, but becoming an influencer can be tricky. The company has a series of qualifying requirements before you get a chance to endorse its products.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to become Amazon influencer.

We’ll include some tips and FAQS to get you started monetizing your social media presence.

An Overview of Amazon Influencers: A Primer

Amazon Influencer marketing is the company’s initiative to boost sales. It’s an extension of the Amazon Associates Program, where they recruit companies and brands to advocate for their products.

As an Amazon Influencer, they’ll require you to create content recommending Amazon products. As such, having an active social media presence is a prerequisite for the job.

You can use any means to drive sales for the products. You can use blogs, YouTube videos, Instagram photos, or social media posts to inspire potential customers.

Amazon will equip you with all the necessary tools to select the products to advocate. It also includes an Amazon influencer storefront and direct recommendations from the company.

One advantage of becoming an influencer for Amazon is it doesn’t require an upfront investment for products.

All you need is your social media account, creativity, and patience.

How Much Do Amazon Influencers Make?

Amazon influencers benefit from boosting website traffic and sales. They receive commissions from sharing their Amazon storefront URLs or linking affiliate products with their content.

That said, commissions from endorsements can vary from product to product. The rates usually go between 1% to 10% of each item sold.

The product’s category will dictate the commission rate the influencer receives. Gaming items, for example, have the highest affiliate commission of over 20%.

Amazon influencers in the US can expect to earn $39 per hour. It means you can make as much as $6000 in one month or over $78,000 in a year.

These values can fluctuate depending on the amount of engagement you generate. The more active you are on social media, the bigger followers you make, which translates to more earnings.

What You Need to Become an Amazon Influencer [& Associated Costs]

Amazon will accept applications from any social media influencer. However, they do have specified requirements to get accepted into the program.

Here are some Amazon influencer requirements you should know:

  • Active Social Media Presence: You’ll need an active social media account, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Applicants using Facebook or Instagram should also use a business-type account.
  • Significant Amount of Followers: As an influencer, your job is to educate and inspire people to purchase an Amazon product. As such, you’ll need a decent amount of followers to increase your chances of getting accepted into the influencer program.
  • Consistent Viewer Engagement: Amazon has a rigorous qualifying process for choosing influencers. They’ll look at several engagement metrics, including consistency in engaging with your followers.
  • Create Relevant Content: Every influencer has a specific type of content and audience. Your social media content must match the types of products sold on Amazon to qualify to endorse said products.
  • Registered Amazon Account: You’ll also need a customer account on Amazon to apply. Most of your customer data will transfer to the influencer account when filling out your application.

How Much Does It Cost to Become an Amazon Influencer?

You don’t have to pay for anything to become an Amazon influencer. The program is 100% free, and you only need to worry about polishing your social media content.

Amazon influencers won’t pay for the Amazon product they’ll review and promote. Build your following, and Amazon sellers will offer their products for your endorsement.

Still, creating your social media presence and establishing followers need considerable investment. So you’ll need time and patience to start your Amazon influencer gig.

Is it Hard to Become an Amazon Influencer?

Getting into the Amazon Influencer Program should be easy if you already have followers and content on social media. But it can be challenging for those starting from scratch.

Your popularity on the internet is a primary factor in becoming an influencer for Amazon. So you need to build your audience for the social media site you want to monetize.

The platform will ask for your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. And gaining followers on these platforms can take weeks or months of content creation.

The good news is you don’t need tens of thousands of followers. Content creators with a few thousand followers can get accepted long as they’re active in the virtual space.

How Long Does it Take to Become an Amazon Influencer?

The application process for becoming an influencer for Amazon only takes a few minutes. Go to their affiliate program website and sign up.

Amazon can take a few days up to a week to respond to your submission. Although, you can get accepted immediately after filling up, depending on your profile.

The company will send an automated response confirming your application. The email will include a link to proceed and create your influencer profile.

How to Become an Amazon Influencer in Five Simple Steps

Amazon influencers are open to numerous benefits and advantages. You can use the tools provided by the platform to kick-start your career online.

If you have a substantial follower base on any internet platform, now’s an excellent time to become an Amazon influencer.

STEP 1: Sign Up an Account

To apply as an influencer, you first need to register by signing up. Go to the Amazon Influencer Program’s homepage and locate the “sign up” button.

Clicking that button will take you to a page to choose between new and existing accounts. Select “Create a new account” and fill up the necessary text fields.

Amazon will ask for your name, email address, password, and area of residence. This information will automatically transfer if you have an existing Amazon account.

STEP 2: Pick a Platform

After setting up your account, the website will ask you to choose the platform you want to monetize. You can pick between YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Selecting one will require you to log in to your account. So if you choose YouTube, Amazon will let you sign in to your YouTube channel to continue.

Here’s a tip: choose a platform with the highest followers, content, and engagements. It’ll increase your chances of getting approved.

Amazon will then process your submission and determine your eligibility. The response confirming your approval to continue can take a few minutes or days.

STEP 3: Create Your Influencer Profile

Amazon will display a page with several text fields after receiving your confirmation. Fill in the appropriate information to create your influencer profile.

It’ll ask you to input your full name and 350-word bio describing yourself or your organization. You’ll also need to upload a profile picture and a header image (optional).

You can opt to link to another social media account in this step. Amazon allows users to link up to three accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or YouTube).

STEP 4: Establish Your Amazon Storefront

Tapping “Continue” will show your Amazon storefront. Here you can edit the information you want on your public page.

Choose a name for your storefront and input the information in the “page title.” Then add a tagline for your page to introduce the nature of your business.

Finally, Amazon will ask how you discovered the influencer marketing program. Tap the drop-down menu and choose one of the five options.

Scroll down, tap “Continue,” and the page will redirect you to the final step.

STEP 5: Save and Verify Your Account

The last section will collect information for your transaction with Amazon. Your name, address, postal code, country, and phone number are needed here.

The page will provide categories of products you want to endorse. You’ll also have the option to link Amazon to other websites.

Amazon will ask about the age of your target audience and present the terms of the program. Select the appropriate information and end by tapping “save and finish.”

The button will bring you to your Amazon Associates dashboard. Follow the Amazon Influencers Program on Instagram to finalize your registration and wait for the verification.

Reasons to Consider Becoming an Amazon Influencer

The main perk of becoming an Amazon influencer is the opportunity to monetize your internet activities.

You’ll also enjoy several benefits, including the following:

  • Unlimited Products to Promote: As an influencer, you’ll have no shortage of high-performing items on Amazon to promote.
  • Boost Internet Following: Amazon influencers create content and engage with their followers consistently, which can boost their following.
  • Amazon Live Influencers: Amazon Live Influencer is a perk where Amazon influencers receive commission by live streaming and endorsing products.
  • Stable Earning Opportunity: Amazon influencer is a lucrative part-time or full-time job. It’s an excellent addition or alternative to selling on Amazon without inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Followers Do You Need to Become an Amazon Influencer?

Amazon does not disclose the number of followers you need to become an influencer. But they typically accept applicants with a few thousand followers on their registered accounts.

Can I Become an Amazon Affiliate Without Followers?

Any content creator can sign up for the Amazon Associate program, provided their page or group has an audience. The company prefers applications from accounts with at least 500 organic followers.

Similar Gigs to Check Out

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Wrapping Up

Through Amazon influencer marketing, you can earn by giving honest feedback and reviews of Amazon products.

So if you want to make money by helping ensure customers receive quality services, it’s a job tailored fit for you.

Do you think being a product influencer is worth pursuing as a career? Leave your comments below and share this post if you find it helpful!

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