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How to Become a Professional Cuddler: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you’re looking for one of those unconventional jobs that pay well, perhaps being a professional cuddler is one option on the table.

The idea of quirky jobs doesn’t sound that unusual when you’re actually considering one for which you get paid.

While a cuddling career is indeed out of the ordinary, it’s a growing industry. But cuddling is no cakewalk. We’ve got you covered, though!

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to become a professional cuddler.

An Overview of a Professional Cuddler Job: A Primer

A career in cuddling does sound strange, but judging from social isolation statistics, there seems to be a huge need for them.

Cuddling is a non-sexual form of touch that helps soothe people and make them feel more at peace. It’s a form of therapy that involves physical contact in many forms, such as holding hands, head on shoulder, and hugging.

Professional cuddlers are self-employed individuals who offer cuddling services through one-on-one or group sessions, workshops, etc. They get paid to talk to lonely people and provide non-sexual touch-based services to those seeking comfort and connection.

A professional cuddler may do other activities with their clients apart from cuddling, such as having a casual conversation, watching movies together, listening to music, playing games, etc.

The idea is to provide clients with a sense of relaxation, emotional support, and human connection. This therapy helps people to deal with depression, anxiety, loneliness, aggression, and other mental issues.

It’s one of the uncommon side hustles but a great way to make some extra cash. Professional cuddlers typically charge clients by the hour.

How Much Do Professional Cuddlers Make?

According to career expert, Zippia, professional cuddlers charge as much as $80 an hour, but the minimum average wage starts at $40. The hourly charge may vary based on the time of day and length of the session.

A cuddling session can last anywhere from 60 minutes to three hours on average. A professional cuddler’s salary can vary depending on location, experience, and clientele.

What You’ll Need to Become a Professional Cuddler [& Associated Costs]

Here’s what you’ll require to start a career as a professional cuddler:

  • Love of Touch: The first and the most important quality of a professional cuddler is the love of touch. You should be natural at touching and cuddling, which means people should feel comfortable being touched by you.
  • Excellent Listening and Communication Skills: The natural talent of touching stems from the ability to communicate. Cuddling involves a lot of talking. Practice compassionate listening to connect with clients who seek human connection.
  • Professionalism and Empathy: Anyone can be a cuddler, but it takes certain qualities to become a professional cuddler. You need to have the appropriate disposition to get hired. This caring disposition involves having a non-judgmental attitude and the ability to empathize with clients.
  • Training and Certification: Apart from technical skills, you’ll need proper training to get certified and learn everything about conducting safe, nurturing cuddling sessions for clients.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Professional Cuddler?

The cost can vary depending on the training program or certification course you choose. Some programs are short online training courses, while others offer more comprehensive programs.

For instance, if you wish to take the Cuddlist Professional Cuddler Training Course, it will cost you a one-time fee of $149. You can also pay a $39.99 monthly fee to become a member and have your profile page listed on the Cuddlist site.

In general, you can expect to spend at least $200 on training and certification to become a professional cuddler. Some programs also offer scholarships or financial aid, which may reduce the cost of training.

Is It Hard to Become a Professional Cuddler?

While there are no strict prerequisites to starting a career in the cuddling service industry, you need to complete training to get certified and must adhere to professional cuddling rules and guidelines.

You should be a compassionate and nurturing person to connect with your clients, both physically and emotionally.

Professional cuddling is not tough, but you need to be realistic about the challenges involved. With the right training, certification, skills, and dedication, you can provide the best possible experience to your clients.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Professional Cuddler?

If you want to become a professional cuddler, you need to develop the right skills and take training programs, which can last from three days to almost a month or more, depending on the program you choose.

You can expect to spend a couple of weeks learning the basics of professional cuddling.

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll need to gain some practical experience, which means offering free or low-cost cuddle sessions to family, friends, or other volunteers.

Overall, it would take at least a few weeks to learn the basics and gain some experience before you can start working as a professional cuddler.

How to Become a Professional Cuddler

Here are some easy steps to get you started on your journey into the cuddling business:

Step 1: Enroll in a Training Program

The first step is to enroll in a training program to understand the dynamics of cuddling. Some of the well-recognized organizations that offer training programs include:

Step 2: Develop the Right Skills and Qualities

It’s possible to become a certified professional cuddler. This entails acquiring technical skills, such as mastering different cuddling positions, to provide a safe and comforting environment for clients. You should be much better at cuddling than a layperson.

The cuddling profession involves a constant learning process. If you’re naturally affectionate and enjoy providing comfort, it can be a unique side hustle.

If you don’t have any prior experience with touch, you need to develop the right skills to succeed.

Step 3: Get Certified

Many organizations offer certification programs to equip you with the right knowledge and skills that can demonstrate your credibility to potential clients. Some popular certification programs include:

These programs will educate you on the fundamentals of cuddling, such as how to set boundaries, how to care for others and the best strategies to create a nurturing environment for clients.

You may need to pass a certification test to become a certified professional cuddler. 

Step 4: Apply for a Role With a Cuddling Company or Service

Once you’re certified, you can reach out to local cuddling services and sign up for a job opening.

Research local companies or online entities to see if they’re hiring. The two popular websites that offer plenty of job opportunities are Cuddlist and Cuddle Comfort.

You have to submit proof of ID or complete a background check to apply for jobs on their sites. Cuddle Comfort doesn’t require a certification to apply, so this would be a great way to learn the ropes and gain some exposure.

Step 5: Build a Professional Portfolio to Gain Exposure

A certification and some experience under your belt put you in a prime position to build a professional portfolio and get a cuddling job.

It’s time to put yourself out there and market your services. You can do that by looking for legit cuddling gigs online.

Keep an eye on online job boards or those dedicated cuddling platforms that provide opportunities for professional cuddlers. If you don’t want to work for any company or organization, you can start your own cuddling business instead.

Reasons to Consider Becoming a Professional Cuddler

There are countless reasons why you should consider a career as a professional cuddler. Here are a few of them:

  • Easy money: It’s a highly rewarding career that offers great emotional and financial benefits. Depending on your skills and the length of a cuddle session, you can make good money if you’re working for cuddling agencies or studios.
  • Help people emotionally and physically: As a professional cuddler, you can help people to deal with their mental problems, such as depression, loneliness, mood swings, etc. Cuddling provides them with a sense of comfort, satisfaction, and happiness.
  • Flexibility and independence: You can choose how little or how much you want to work. You have the flexibility to set your schedules and hourly rates while advancing your skills going forward.
  • Meet a lot of people: You get to know many people from all genders, races, age ranges, and other demographics. If you’re a people person, you’ll enjoy being around people, spending time together, and making them feel safe and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Rules of Certified Cuddlers?

Certified cuddlers should keep it strictly professional while respecting all boundaries. They must adhere to strict ethical guidelines to ensure a safe and platonic environment while performing their cuddling duties.

Is it Easy to Become a Professional Cuddler?

Professional cuddlers are required to undergo training, background checks, and certification processes.

Although you don’t need any extensive qualifications, the job typically requires some effort and dedication. You should have strong communication skills, empathy, and the ability to connect with your clients.

Similar Gigs to Check Out

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Wrapping Up

While professional cuddling may seem like a weird profession, it’s a lucrative and demanding career; and one of the easiest too. You don’t need some genius-level skill set or any formal education to become one.

If you have what it takes to get into the professional cuddling industry, you have a pretty good chance of succeeding.

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide will help you keep abreast of everything you need to know to become a professional cuddler.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below. And if you liked our article, share it with others who might be interested in a career as a professional cuddler.

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