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How to Become a Professional Cuddler: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Have you heard of professional cuddlers?

Although they’re one of the most uncommon side hustles in the gig industry, their popularity increased during the pandemic as many longed for a human touch.

However, it’s not an easy gig. You must become a certified professional cuddler to receive clients and have a highly professional mindset to do this work objectively.

If you’re interested in this unique line of work, this guide shares how to become a professional cuddler, including its process, requirements, pros, cons, and more!

An Overview of Cuddling Professionally: A Primer

Professional cuddling offers therapy through platonic and consensual touching or cuddling. Professional cuddlers help clients feel safer, receive emotional support, make human connections, and improve their overall mental health.

A cuddle therapist’s offerings include snuggling, spooning, holding hands, light massaging, casual conversation, and cuddling services based on the client’s needs.

Professional cuddlers also include handling clients’ schedules, preparing the cuddling space, and setting boundaries.

Professional cuddlers must provide proper care and set boundaries since most clients deal with stress, need, or loss. Meanwhile, some have a mental or physical disability, limiting their ability to intimately interact with others.

Due to the sensitivity of this profession, aspiring cuddlers must train and get certification to offer cuddling services.

How Much Do Professional Cuddlers Make?

Zippia reports that a professional cuddler salary offers around $40 to $80 hourly. Meanwhile, Cuddle Comfort offers an hourly rate of $80 to $100, one of the highest rates in the cuddling industry.

However, some cuddling sessions can reach around $400 for overnight requests.

Overall, the amount you receive depends on the cuddler’s experience, the session’s length, and the platform or agency you join.

Note that some companies charge a commission fee, reducing your total earnings. If you prefer to set your preferred rates, consider setting up your cuddling business.

What You’ll Need to Become a Professional Cuddler [& Associated Costs]

Learn about the minimum requirements to become a certified cuddler.

  • Legitimate Certification: You must undergo an offline or online course and training to ensure you know how to deal with clients and keep yourself safe. Some platforms with certification programs you can try include Cuddle Sanctuary, Cuddle Academy, and Cuddlist.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills: Professional cuddlers must engage with their clients during cuddling sessions and offer the right emotional support. It requires excellent interpersonal skills like active listening, communication skills, and empathy. 
  • Professionalism: You have to learn how to respect your client’s boundaries, set your own, maintain a platonic touch, and avoid developing feelings.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Professional Cuddler?

The cost of becoming a professional cuddler depends on whether you sign up for a cuddling service platform or build your business to get clients. Regardless, you must pay to train and receive certification.

For example, Cuddlist offers a self-paced training program for a one-time payment of $149. Meanwhile, the training course to get certified costs $249 on the platform.

After getting certified, you can join a professional cuddle therapy platform to create your profile and connect with potential clients. Joining Cuddlist costs $39.99 monthly.

However, if you want to establish your professional cuddling services, you must shell out money to set up a legitimate website and market your brand.

On average, it costs $200 to build a website and $50 monthly to maintain it. But if you hire a web designer or developer, it can cost up to $6,000 for a custom website and ongoing costs of $1,000 yearly.

Unless you have the funds, this path can be costly since you must pay to host your website, get a customized web design and logo, generate content, and market your service via online and offline ads.

Is It Hard to Become a Professional Cuddler?

Professional cuddling may sound easy, but aspiring cuddlers must undergo proper training to understand the role, develop the right skills and mindset, and effectively cuddle the client.

In addition, not everyone possesses the right traits and professionalism to care for the clients while maintaining a platonic touch. This work may be challenging for people struggling to regulate their emotions and set boundaries.

Lastly, professional cuddlers also find it difficult to get and maintain clients since few people still know that the professional cuddling industry exists despite its rising demand. 

As a result, you must make time to learn to market your services to have a steady number of clients.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Professional Cuddler?

The time spent becoming a trained cuddlist varies. Depending on your chosen program, you could spend days, weeks, or months receiving your certificate.

Some courses even require aspiring cuddlers to have up to 30 hours of participation to pass.

How to Become a Professional Cuddler in 5 Simple Steps 

Start your journey as a pro cuddler using this five-step process.

Step 1: Train and Get a Certification

Begin by looking for an online training course on professional cuddling. Besides the website mentioned above, other platforms with cuddle training courses include Thinkific and Udemy.

Note that many training courses require a one-time payment to take the program. Be ready to shell out money upfront.

After finding a program that suits you, undergo the sessions and study the topics thoroughly. During the training, you’ll learn about touch therapy, what to do during a cuddle session, how to set boundaries with clients, and even how to set the right price for your services.

Complete the sessions and course requirements to receive your certificate and become a recognized cuddle therapy expert.

Step 2: Develop the Right Qualities, Skills, and Mindset

As you take the program, you should develop the traits needed for this work. Ultimately, improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, as professional cuddlers must know how to express themselves and make their client feel safe.

Also, since you’ll be cuddling strangers, you should become more comfortable with physical touch and develop a more accepting mindset, free from discrimination against all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations.

After receiving training and certification, you can join a cuddling service agency or platform or start your cuddling business.

If you prefer the former, go to step three. Otherwise, head to step four to learn how to start your cuddling company.

Step 3: Join a Cuddling Service or Company

After being certified, you may apply to a cuddle service platform or agency. You may sign up on the same platform where you took your course or look for another one.

Other platforms you may also try include Cuddle Comfort and Cuddle Sanctuary.

When you apply, the company or platform may conduct a background check or test to ensure you’re qualified to become a cuddle therapist.

Note that some platforms require you to pay a membership fee to keep your profile on the platform and enjoy other perks, like access to a supportive community and free continuing education.

Once you pass, you can build your profile on the platform and connect with clients. 

Step 4: Build Your Cuddle Company

If you don’t want to join a platform or agency, you may establish a cuddling business and offer your preferred cuddle services and rates.

However, bear in mind this path involves more work since you must register your company, create your website, hire a web designer or developer if you want a custom and professional website, and market your cuddling service.

Regarding marketing, you must also set up your company’s digital ads and social media accounts to attract clients and build your credibility.

If you choose this path, be prepared, as this option includes a lot of work, time, and money.

Step 5: Market Your Services and Manage Your Clients

Whether you join a platform or build your cuddle business, you must try to market yourself and your services.

You can do this by completing your profile and highlighting relevant skills and experiences on the platform you joined.

Also, you can market your services via social media, digital ads, and print ads if you have the budget.

Once you get clients, communicate with them effectively and manage schedules well to avoid missing a session.

Delivering an efficient and engaging service will help you attract and keep more clients.

Reasons to Consider Becoming a Professional Cuddler

Why should you try this uncommon gig? Check out the following perks.

  • Lucrative Pay: Professional cuddling offers great money for a side hustle. Plus, you can get paid on the same day, depending on your arrangement.
  • Flexible Schedule: Most pro cuddlers only accept a cuddling session during their free time. This work gives you more control over your schedule and allows you to maximize your available time.
  • Control Your Services: Professional cuddlers often have the choice of what types of cuddling services they want to offer. If you feel uncomfortable doing a specific activity, you have the freedom to remove it from your offering.
  • Opportunity to Help Others: Overall, becoming a cuddle therapist allows you to help others improve their mental well-being, self-esteem, or their need for human touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Rules of Certified Cuddlers?

According to the platform Certified Cuddlers, some of the rules cuddle therapists must observe before, during, and after a cuddle session include dressing appropriately, touching appropriate parts only, no kissing, no tickling, and verbalizing unwanted actions.

Is It Easy to Become a Professional Cuddler?

Becoming a cuddle therapist isn’t easy since you must train for the role and learn the proper ways to deal with clients, keep yourself professional, and ensure both feel safe during cuddle sessions.

Similar Gigs to Check Out

If you’re unsure about becoming a certified cuddlist, explore these gigs that don’t require physical or personal interaction.

  • Get Paid to Chat: If you don’t like giving hugs or physical interactions, earn by chatting with clients instead. The roles include becoming a virtual friend, customer representative, or adult chat operator.
  • How to Sell Feet Pics: If you prefer uncommon but lucrative side hustles, learn how you can sell feet photos online.
  • Get Paid to Text: If you want a gig you can do from your phone, consider applying for advanced texting jobs or simple SMS-sending microtasks.

Wrapping Up

Although uncommon, professional cuddling offers a profitable gig or full-time work for people who want flexible hours.

Ultimately, this career fits people with a nurturing personality, a professional mindset, and a heart for helping others.

However, remember you must undergo training first to receive your certificate, offer cuddling sessions, and help others improve their mental well-being,

Let us know in the comments if you want to explore this side hustle. Meanwhile, if this article helped you, feel free to share it with others looking for uncommon side hustles.

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