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How Often is There a Udemy Sale?

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Udemy is a great platform to look for online courses!

However, you might be looking to save some money, so you might be wondering: how often is there a Udemy sale?

How Often is There a Udemy Sale?

Udemy immediately offers discounts to new users. However, the platform provides a lot of ‘discount events’ over the year. Overall, Udemy offers sales about nine times per year, once for every important event/holiday of the year.

Learn More About Udemy Sales

When Can You Expect a Udemy Sale for You?

Udemy usually offers a wide range of discount options for some of its online courses. Sometimes, you might want to enroll in a course, but you don’t have enough money for it. However, there is a chance that eventually, that online course can be on sale for you.

There are cases in which you might log onto your Udemy account and immediately see courses with a ridiculous sale price. You can find a course which generally would be at $199 reduced to only $10!

If you’re a new user in Udemy, the chances are that you might get a lot of discounts. This is done by Udemy to get you to buy its online courses. After that, you can get discounts from time to time on some of the courses.

There are specific moments of the year in which Udemy offers sales for everyone, regardless if they’re new users or not. The list of all its official sale dates can be seen below:

  • New Year Sale – Discount on every course on the site – (January)
  • End of the Month Three-Day Flash Sale – (January)
  • Valentine’s Day Sale – (February)
  • ‘Buy More, Save More’ – The more courses you buy, the more discounts you get – (March)
  • ‘Own Your Education’ Sale – (April)
  • Mother’s Day Sale – (May)
  • ‘Back to School’ Sale – (August)
  • ‘Black Friday’ Sale – (November)
  • ‘Cyber Monday’ Sale – (November)
  • Christmas Sale – (December)

The sales listed above offer a significant discount on every course on Udemy. You can expect entire online courses for just $10 or $15. Considering this, you can expect Udemy sales very frequently.

Learn More About Udemy Sales

There are other ways to get sales before the seasonal offers. If Udemy thinks that you are a new user on the site, it can offer you a sale. If you clear your browser cookies or use an incognito tab, there is a chance that the website can provide you with a sale.

If you don’t want to be looking for sales every single time, don’t worry! Udemy sends an email every single time there is a sale that may be of interest to you. You just have to check your inbox from time to time.

Udemy offers sales basically at every time of the year, so it’s the right choice if you are looking to save some money while learning from online courses.

Why Does Udemy Always Have Sales?

It might not make sense for you that the site always has its courses on sale. However, everything is part of its marketing strategy. Udemy wants to gain more customers at a lower cost, rather than getting a few customers from expensive courses.

The site’s strategy is to get a lot of new students by offering them an online course that they want, at a much lower price than the competition. This makes it more likely for the student to stay on Udemy rather than going to another site.

Udemy currently has over 40 million users, which means that by offering its courses at a much lower price, it can also profit greatly. This strategy helps Udemy gain more customers, increase its web traffic, and gain a reputation among other potential customers.

To recap, the fact that Udemy has sales all the time doesn’t mean that its courses are bad. It’s just a marketing strategy implemented to gain more customers at a much faster rate.

Are Udemy Courses Worth It?

Udemy’s online courses are great if you’re looking to start learning from online courses at a reasonable price. Udemy’s courses are more affordable than other sites, so it’s an excellent place to start.

Having a certificate from a Udemy online course can help you learn everything from Python to personal development, to web development. It can also help you boost your skills if you’re looking to apply to a new job or a business school.

Keep in mind that virtually anyone can get their online course on Udemy, so you must do your research on the professor’s credentials and experience before you enroll in their online course.

While an online course doesn’t always replace traditional on-site courses, it can be an excellent option for people who are looking to enhance their skills and experience while being at home.

Learn More About Udemy Sales

How Long do Udemy Courses Last?

Once you buy a course on Udemy, you get lifetime access to that course. If your account is good-standing and Udemy has a license to that course, you can access its content whenever you want.

This is good for students that want to learn at their own pace. You are not forced to learn before an expiration date; once you buy the online course, it’s yours forever.

Another feature of Udemy is that course-creators can update their courses with new content over time. If you already bought the course and it gets updated, you can have access to the latest content, expanding the skills you have already learned.

Do Employers Recognize Udemy?

Udemy is not currently considered an accredited institution, so employers do not recognize its certificates. Udemy’s online courses also can’t count towards college credit.

One of the reasons that make Udemy not recognizable by employers and other institutions is that anybody can sell their online courses for profit in there. This means that not every course creator is completely qualified.

Udemy is an excellent platform if you’re looking to enhance your skills or learn new ones. You can’t use its certificates to apply for a job, but you can use them to show your employer that you are motivated to learn new skills.

Are There Free Courses on Udemy?

Yes! Udemy currently offers over 1,000 free online courses in any department that you might be interested in. Its courses are classified for beginner, intermediate, or advanced learners.

If you browse the Udemy platform thoroughly, you might find one or two free courses that match your needs. There, you can review the information about the instructor and enroll in the course immediately.

Udemy also offers a 30-day money guarantee, which means that you can get a full refund if you don’t like the course that you paid for.

Keep in mind that virtually any person can get their courses on Udemy, so pay attention to the instructor’s credentials and experience to check if it’s a good fit for you.

Learn More About Udemy Sales

Can I Put Udemy on My Resume?

Some recruiters don’t see Udemy as a valid entry on your resume since Udemy is not an accredited institution. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put your certificates on your resume.

Putting your Udemy certificates on your resume can be useful if you want to show your employer how much experience you have. It counts as general education, but it still can get you some positive feedback from the employer.

The certification itself doesn’t make you more eligible for a job, but if an employer sees that you have those certificates, they can see as a positive thing that you are actively trying to improve your skills.

Learning new skills from Udemy or other online course platforms is excellent to improve yourself in any field. It’s always a positive thing that you try to learn more stuff and that you later apply them to your area.

Are Udemy Coding Courses Worth It?

As it turns out, Udemy is one of the most popular websites to learn coding and web development. Udemy has a wide variety of topics, but its most popular ones are ‘Development,’ ‘Design,’ ‘Business,’ and ‘IT and Software.’

While the quality of the online course itself depends on the instructor, you can expect many options for you to choose from. You can choose a course that teaches you the fundamentals of programming and design, or you can choose a course that explains a single topic in depth.

Some instructors offer many courses regarding coding and web design, which is better since you’re getting all the information that you need from a single person.

Learning coding and language programming can be excellent if you’re looking to expand your current skills for your job, or if you’re looking to take on some freelance work. Make sure that you understand the basics of what you want to learn before enrolling in an online course.

While the online courses are good to start, it’s recommended that you start a side project or some exercises to practice what you learned. Coding is about constant learning and practice, so you have to make sure that you are applying your new skills correctly.

There are many coding courses made for beginners; there are also coding courses that focus on more experienced users. You have to take a look for yourself and choose the course and instructor that fits you the best.

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering ‘How often is there a Udemy sale?’, the best thing that you can do is to check your email for incoming deals. Udemy always adds new deals that might interest you, so it’s a matter of checking every now and then.

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