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MasterClass vs Udemy

MasterClass and Udemy are both attractive options if you are considering taking an online course. This MasterClass vs Udemy review examines the pros and cons of each option.

Personally, we love MasterClass as the best option between the two. But, feel free to read the review yourself and see for yourself.

If you want to learn more about MasterClass, you can read our review here. 

MasterClass Pros

Quality of Instructors

The quality of instructors offered is a key point of difference for this platform.

With MasterClass, you can be assured of learning from those who are experts in their field. The instructors on the platform are big names working at the top level of their craft, such as Gordon Ramsay, David Sedaris, Usher, Serena Williams, and Samuel L. Jackson, to name a few.

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This differentiates it from course offerings on other platforms, where the instructors bring with them differing levels of expertise. If learning from some of the world’s best minds is something that interests you, then you may wish to consider MasterClass.

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Video Quality

Besides their world-renowned experts, another plus point is the quality of the material being offered. MasterClass offers unmatched video quality among various online learning platforms on the market. The platform features professional studio recordings with high resolution, audio quality, and professional editing.

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Course Offerings

At the time of writing, MasterClass offers over 80 instructors and hundreds of courses on its platform. You can access a single class for $90, or get a year’s access to every class on the site for $180. MasterClass has announced an expansion of the current material on the platform, so you can expect new courses to be added.

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MasterClass Cons

It May Not Suit All Learners

The courses on offer on MasterClass are generally impressive in terms of how comprehensive they are. There are 24 lessons in each course on average, with accompanying lesson plans and additional reading resources that can be downloaded. The courses are structured so you can go about the material at a pace that suits your learning.

With that being said, the content on Masterclass may not be for everyone. The ideas that are being touched on are fairly complex and are largely strategic in nature. For beginners who are new to a specific craft, it may be interesting to be exposed to the ideas explored in the courses. However, applying and putting them into practice is a whole different ball game. The courses on MasterClass are best taken as high-level discussions on specific niches, so don’t expect to be able to be given the tools to implement these lessons right away.

Classroom Interactivity

While you are able to leave comments inside the course, there isn’t much back-and-forth between the instructor and the student. Thus, the courses don’t offer the same kind of interactivity that is present in a traditional classroom.

Udemy Pros


One of the aspects of Udemy that immediately stands out is the pricing of its courses.

The platform is an online course marketplace that operates on a peer-to-peer model. This means that individuals are free to create and market their own courses on the platform, which other users sign up to.

As online course marketplaces save on the cost of renting space and other overheads, you can expect significantly reduced prices for courses. Prices vary depending on what is being offered, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $200 for a Udemy course.

Udemy does not follow a subscription model, so you pay a one-time fee and are granted lifetime access for each course you wish to take. It is also not uncommon for there to be sales running. The platform runs sitewide discounts and promotions periodically, so you can take advantage of those.

With the cheapest offering being $20, it is hard to say no to what Udemy has to offer. It is a good place to pick up a new skill and build on existing ones at a very low cost. Additionally, the extensive selection of courses means that you never run out of learning material.

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Udemy Cons

Course Quality

Udemy’s marketplace model mentioned above is a double-edged sword. While it allows for a wide range of course offerings, the quality of these courses is inconsistent.

First of all, anyone who signs up on the platform can publish a course. In some cases, it is not possible to verify the stated credentials of the instructor offering the course.

Additionally, there is some evidence of deceptive practices. There is an abundance of outdated course material on the platform, although this fact is concealed by changing the “last updated” information on the course. This makes it difficult to identify repurposed content from new courses at first glance. You need to do some verification on your part to ensure that the information is up to date.

It is possible to consult reviews before signing up for a course as Udemy has a student rating system. However, users have reported instances of top-rated courses failing to meet their expectations. There are discrepancies between the course ratings and the actual quality of the courses being offered.

A possible reason for this is Udemy’s practice of asking for user reviews in the initial stages of the course. Thus, the ratings shown may not be an accurate reflection of course quality.

Learn More About Udemy

The Winner

Having examined the pros and cons of both platforms, it is time to conclude which of the two is the better offering.

In terms of the quality of the courses being offered, MasterClass is the clear winner. With superior production quality and depth of the course material, there is no limit to how much you can learn from the comfort of your bedroom. In addition, you get direct access to lessons from the best minds in various industries.

In comparison, the courses on Udemy are inconsistent in terms of their quality. It is difficult to ascertain the expertise of the instructors who produce the courses. In some cases, you are also not assured that what you see is what you get. Although Udemy does have a more extensive course offering that is reasonably priced, the inconsistent quality of the material on offer does outweigh these benefits.

To conclude the MasterClass vs Udemy debate, MasterClass is the better option if you want to be assured of quality. Although the one-time course payment or annual all-access pass can set you back a fair bit, it is worth it for the quality of material that you are getting. If you do decide to sign up, do bear in mind that you may not get all the tools you need to apply your learning. However, the courses are definitely impressive in terms of the depth of ideas explored.

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