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How to Get Paid to Move to Texas: Best Relocation Opportunities in (2024)

Moving from one place to another is a challenging phase of life. You’ll have to put in time, effort, and money (lots of money) to establish a new life in a brand-new country or city.

So, you want to move to the cowboy state of Texas but are hesitant because of the cost?

What if we told you there are a lot of financial opportunities waiting for you when you move? Monetary assistance, tax benefits, and relocation packages await you in the Lone Star State.

Are you interested? Let’s break down all you need to know about how to get paid to move to Texas below.

Can You Get Paid to Move to Texas?

Yes, you can get paid by relocating to Texas, but it’s only limited to certain cities, and specific criteria can apply. So if you’re looking for places to start quickly making money by moving alone, Texas might not be for you.

However, several governmental initiatives and company programs can assist you with your move. Some cities and areas in Texas provide practical aid to workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals planning to live and work within its borders.

You can enjoy work relocation packages, monetary assistance, a low cost of living, and more. Some unique benefits include housing and relocation assistance for displaced persons.

The Lone Star State gives this relocation assistance to families, businesses, farms, organizations, and individuals displaced by governmental infrastructure projects.

The Texas Department of Transportation will reimburse your moving cost if you qualify as one of these displaced individuals. It includes all related mover expenses, including packaging, moving services, insurance, housing, and utility bills.

How Much Can You Make Moving to Texas?

Upfront payment by relocating is uncommon in Texas, except for one city and unique cases such as displaced places of residence.

But it doesn’t mean you won’t get financial advantages moving to the cowboy state.

For instance, the city of Beaumont gives cash incentives of a few thousand dollars to people wanting to relocate. And these incentives can include other freebies.

Other cities provide many motivations for relocating workers. Non-remote workers that want to live and work in any Texas city are open to numerous relocation aids from hiring companies.

These incentive packages can cover rent, food, and travel costs for several grand. Although this can depend on the industry you’re applying for.

Moving your business into the state can prove beneficial as well. You can access business incentive programs that reimburse portions of your annual employee wage.

Are There Tax Benefits to Moving to Texas?

Yes, there are several tax benefits for moving to Texas. And you can enjoy these tax advantages whether you’re a jobseeker, homeowner, or entrepreneur.

For example, did you know there’s no income tax in any cities within Texas? It means you’ll get your minimum wage without deduction except for the federal income tax.

Instead of relying on personal income taxes, the Texas Constitution leans on the state’s high sales and use tax. These aspects make the state one of the areas in the U.S. with the lowest tax burden per capita and an attractive destination for job seekers.

Another point worth noting is that Texas doesn’t impose personal and real estate taxes. These types of taxes are only applicable to properties used for business purposes.

But that’s not all.

Business institutions and entrepreneurs will appreciate the tax benefits of Texas as well. In fact, the Lone Star State has been dubbed one of the best states for business for over 18 years.

Places in Texas That Pay You To Move

Places in Texas that pay you to relocate are few and far between. But you can take advantage of some cities’ economic stimulation programs that invite business owners, professionals, and skilled workers.

1. Beaumont, Texas

This Texas city’s location makes it a perfect spot for weekend getaways as it’s near other tourist hotspots like San Antonio, the Gulf of Mexico, and New Orleans.

That said, Beaumont is an excellent metropolis for people wanting to move. Job, business, and education opportunities await in the so-called “Boomtown.”

How Much You Can Make

Beaumont is one of the few cities in the United States that give monetary aid to new residents that work and live within their areas.

You can make $2,000 by moving to the city. And this amount can come with special freebies, such as health and wellness center memberships.

But of course, that’s not all. Professionals and skilled workers can also make a few thousand dollars as an incentive for working for the city government.

The city will also have a Downtown Business Incentive Program to attract startups and businesses starting in February 2023. This program allowed $800,000 in funding for expansion loans and other business improvement initiatives.

What Makes This Option Great

What makes Beaumont great is its low housing prices. Housing within the city is 5% lower than the national average, which is a fantastic plus for a mover.

The cost of living is over 11% lower than the national average as well. In fact, Beaumont is one of the top 15 cheapest places to live in the whole state of Texas, along with Fort Worth and San Antonio.

As an employee in Beaumont, you’ll get the whole package of deals, such as insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policies.

2. Austin, Texas

Located in west Texas from Houston and south of Fort Worth, Austin has in store for everyone. The city gives tremendous opportunities for visitors and prospective residents.

Economic-wise, this Texas city boasts some of the largest companies in modern technology and IT. Apple, Google, IBM, Samsung, and Amazon, among others, have headquarters in Austin.

How Much You Can Make

While the Austin city government doesn’t give away monetary rewards for moving, they offer many benefits to new residents and business owners.

As a primary hub for tech companies, coding is a lucrative skill to have in this part of the world. You can earn as much as $73,804 to $94,861 per year as a programmer in Austin, which can increase further based on your education and experience.

Do you own a business and are looking for friendly spots to expand your operations? You can apply for Austin’s Business Expansion Incentive Program.

This scheme provides monetary assistance to businesses wishing to establish a presence within the city. The government will reimburse 3% of your company’s yearly employee wage costs for up to $1800 and 50% of your annual property tax.

What Makes This Option Great

Austin is a great place to move into. And that’s not only because of its rich culture and entertainment sectors but because of its strong job market.

More than tech-related job opportunities, you can apply in healthcare, manufacturing, data management, life sciences, financial services, and other competitive sectors.

This Texas city is a fantastic place to start expanding your business. As the fastest-growing metro from 2010 to 2020, the City of the Violet Crown is one of the most business-friendly areas you can move into.

3. Houston, Texas

The bustling metropolis of Houston sits east of Austin and southeast of Fort Worth. It’s a welcoming city for anyone interested in relocating.

Job-seeking individuals, family residents, and companies will find practical Houston government initiatives to make their stay worthwhile.

How Much You Can Make

The Texas Department in Houston presents favorable environments for workers and entrepreneurs. And the city government boasts some of the best incentives out there.

If you work in Houston, you can apply for employment benefits regardless of whether you’re a full or part-timer. Applying will make you and your immediate beneficiaries eligible for medical insurance discounts.

You’ll also receive entertainment, travel, apparel, food, and other bargains. These schemes can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

The most attractive aspects of Houston are its cash grants, tax refunds, and many other business-assisting initiatives. Eligible enterprise owners can even enroll in a program that exempts them from paying utility bills.

What Makes This Option Great

If you become a permanent resident and full-time worker in Houston, the city government will provide full-time employee life insurance through Dearborn National.

This insurance offers a monetary value of your base annual salary rounded to the next multiple of $1,000. You can get a maximum of $300,000 in insurance money for free.

If you have a family, your spouse or children can be eligible for insurance benefits of $2,000.

Jobs in Texas That Pay You To Move

Yes, the Texas Department allocates much of its effort to incentivizing relocating businesses and workers. But you can also get paid to move to Texas through particular job opportunities.

Here are three of the best jobs in Texas that pay you to move:

1. CT Technologists in Austin City

Hayward Recruiting is a trusted agency connecting job seekers to hiring Texas companies. And in a recent posting, the company is looking for experienced CT Technologists to relocate to Austin, Texas.

The position requires higher education and specific credentials. But once hired, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including a monetary relocation package.

How Much You Can Make

The company will pay over $3,500 to hired applicants living outside Texas. You can use this amount to cover your relocation costs, including travel, moving services, food, and rent.

The salary rate for these positions in Houston pays decently as well. You can expect to earn $73,000 to $8,000 as a CT technologist in this Texas city.

What Makes This Option Great

What makes this position interesting is that the rate can increase with your experience. One to two years of experience will give you a $33 to $34 hourly rate, while five to ten years of experience equates to a $40 hourly rate.

2. Teachers in Beaumont City

Are you in the field of education and are planning to relocate to Texas? A teacher’s job in Beaumont City might be your best option.

Bidding to combat the teacher shortage, the Beaumont Independent School District launched a hiring initiative in June 2023. Getting hired for the position lets you access several financial perks and a hiring incentive.

How Much You Can Make

How much you make can depend on your experience and credentials as a teacher. Your specialization can also affect the amount of hiring pay you receive.

That said, teachers for the regular curriculum can get $1,500 to $2,500 when hired. But educators on the special education curriculums will bring home $5,000 to $7,500.

What Makes This Option Great

Beaumont provides competitive benefits for teachers in all grade levels. If you work as a teacher in this Texas city, you get comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance.

You’ll also receive a secured retirement plan and paid vacation leaves.

Do you want to continue your professional development? Many local school districts have tuition reimbursement for aspiring educators wanting to pursue higher education.

3. Insurance Sales Representatives in Houston

If you have experience in insurance and sales, you can apply as an insurance representative in Houston. The position offers a decent salary range comparable to New York and San Francisco.

However, this position does require applicants to speak more than one language and have other credentials. But the neat part is you’ll get relocation assistance and tons of employee benefits.

How Much You Can Make

The base pay for the position is $50,000 to $80,000. And if you don’t live near the site, you’ll receive employer-provided relocation or moving services.

You can expect bonus pay and commission pay as icing on the cake. These types of supplemental payments are given on top of your base salary.

What Makes This Option Great

What makes this job opportunity excellent is the many benefits that come with it. For example, the company will give you life insurance and retirement plan options.

On top of those, you’ll be eligible for tuition reimbursements and paid leaves. Plus, the job is full-time, but you’ll only be working on weekdays.

Why You Should Consider Moving to Texas

Texas is one of the most popular relocation sites in the United States. In July 2022, the state recorded the biggest net population growth, with over 450,000 in just one year.

But what makes people prefer Texas over more prosperous states? And why should you move to the Lone Star State?

Here are some excellent reasons to consider relocating to Texas:

1. Low Housing Cost

Moving to Houston will present several economic advantages for a mover. One of them is that the living cost in the city is 8.2% lower than the national average.

Every Texas resident enjoys a significantly cheaper housing cost. Housing is 18% lower than most U.S. metros, and if you exclude New York and San Francisco, this amount plunges more at 63%.

2. Robust Job Opportunities

In recent years, the state’s unemployment rate has declined consistently. This promising trend is thanks to the growing sectors present in Texas.

So, as a permanent resident, you’ll have access to thriving economic sectors in Texas. Aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas companies, and tech industries continue to flourish in the subtropical state.

3. Affordable Living Cost

Texas ranked 15 in U.S. states with the most affordable living costs. Top it off with its no income and real estate tax, and you have a retirement haven.

Texas cities like Dallas Fort Worth, and San Antonio have significantly lower living expenses than neighboring states like West Virginia and Colorado.

4. Business-Friendly Cities

Texas is an enterprise-friendly city in the United States. And companies of all sizes can exploit the state’s bustling business landscape.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll definitely appreciate Texas’ fair and transparent tax regulations. Most cities in the Lone Star State take proactive steps designed to make businesses succeed.

5. Varied Adventure Destinations

Texas economy aside, let’s not forget that Texas is also home to countless tourist attractions. So if you love outdoor activities, the cowboy lifestyle might suit you.

The Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Rio Grande, and the Big Bend National Park in West Texas have exciting outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and water rafting.

Is it Cheap to Live in Texas?

If you compare Texas with other prominent states in the U.S., you’ll find that Texan residents enjoy a cheaper living. But how cheap is residing in Texas, really?

Well, that can depend on where you’re moving from and which aspects you’re considering. To illustrate clearly, let’s compare Texas with other states like California and Oklahoma.

A person living in Texas would need an average annual amount of $7,540 for housing and utilities. In California, these necessities can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $10,000.

That said, other neighboring states like Oklahoma will have cheaper expenses for similar essentials, which only cost $6,314, according to SoFi.

As a permanent resident in Texas, you’ll need $6,593 yearly for health care. In California, you’ll need $8,501 for similar services.

Oklahoma residents, however, will pay slightly more than Texas residents.

Groceries and food are cheaper in Texas, but transportation and utility bills are more expensive than in California. Oklahoma has the two beaten in these two aspects.

In summary, you’ll need an average household income of $45,114 in Texas. In comparison, you’ll need a household income of $53,000 and $38,650 to live in California and Oklahoma.

What is a Livable Salary in Texas?

The minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 per hour in 2023. And it’s worth noting that the Texan state based this rate on the federal minimum wage, which is lower than other notable places.

Still, MERIC identified the Lone Star State as one of the most budget-friendly states. So as long as you live a moderate lifestyle, you can easily live comfortably in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions (Texas FAQ)

Do you want to know what others think of Texas? Here are some frequently asked questions from people who are considering moving to the cowboy state.

Can I Move to Texas Without a Job?

Yes, you can move to Texas even without a job. The healthy job market, low housing, affordable food, and tax exemptions greatly help new residents.

But it’s still important to consider having a solid plan before moving. Applying for relevant job postings and having emergency funds will help immensely.

What Is the Cheapest City to Move to In Texas?

According to the Council for Community and Economic Research, three cities in Texas have the cheapest living cost. These cities are Harlingen, McAllen, and Amarillo.

You can locate Amarillo, roughly north Texas, 190 miles from New Mexico. Harlingen and McAllen sit at the southern tip of the state near the Rio Grande Valley.

Similar Locations to Consider

Texas isn’t the only place in the U.S. with exciting monetary and economic initiatives for people willing to relocate. Here are states you should check out:

  • GET PAID TO MOVE TO ALASKA: Alaska is a pioneer state in paying new residents to live there. Moving within this icy region can get you paid a few thousand dollars.
  • GET PAID TO MOVE TO ARKANSAS: The Natural State is another location that pays new employees a veritable amount of money to live and work there.
  • GET PAID TO MOVE TO CALIFORNIA: Moving into the Mediterranean climate of California opens people to vehicle rebates, incentives, and grants.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, moving to Texas provides various financial opportunities for people relocating, job seekers, and enterprise owners. And while not every city pays upfront by relocating, you can still access incentive packages for job opportunities.

That said, this article can be your sign to don the cowboy hat and embrace the Lone Star State’s charm.

Did you find the post helpful? We highly recommend sharing it with friends and leaving your thoughts in the comments.

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