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Get Paid To Move To Africa: Best Income Opportunities Moving Abroad

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Do you plan on moving to Africa but worry about how you’re going to afford it? We have some fantastic news for you.

Some countries, including ones in Africa, provide financial assistance to foreigners to relocate to address skill gaps and worker shortages or stimulate their economic development.

Through opportunities such as these, you can get paid to move to Africa.

Are you interested? Let’s walk you through the best income opportunities for moving to Africa, including the places that pay you upfront and those with work offers for foreigners.

Can You Get Paid to Move to Africa?

Many people consider getting paid to move overseas a dream come true. However, this has been the case for several countries, including Spain, Greece, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

That said, receiving monetary compensation for moving to Africa is uncommon. But African countries do offer opportunities to foreign workers, investors, and volunteers.

There are many initiatives and work incentives to attract professionals to live and work in Africa. These programs aim to boost the African countries’ economies by inviting skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to their workforce.

One example of these countries is Mauritius, a small tropical island in Southern Africa. Aiming to improve its business landscape, Mauritius offers monetary and other aid to qualified people.

Rwanda is another African country providing incentives to willing investors. Ethiopia also followed by issuing special tax regulations for investors and international workers in 2022.

However, it’s worth noting that these programs can vary between African countries. So, depending on the country you wish to relocate to, some criteria, such as education, experience, and investment type, can apply.

How Much Can You Make Moving to Africa?

How much money you can make by moving to Africa can depend on several factors. Are you moving for job opportunities, business investment, or volunteering?

Investors and entrepreneurs, for instance, can get tax benefits for moving their businesses. These benefits can include tax exemptions and legal assistance.

Jobseekers can receive relocation packages. But these services can depend on the type of work you want to apply for.

Some companies provide relocation assistance involving travel, food, and accommodation expenses. These benefits are usual in international development, engineering, and educational sectors.

Professional and skilled volunteers can expect to receive monetary compensation by living and working. Some of these programs will also pay a few thousand dollars to the volunteers at the end of their contracts.

Are There Tax Benefits to Moving to Africa?

Yes, there are tax benefits for every new resident moving to Africa. And it applies to most of the continent, from South to West Africa.

An entrepreneur, for instance, can enjoy tax incentives by moving their business to any African country. Companies dealing with infrastructure, agriculture, and manufacturing typically receive more tax accommodations.

Foreign workers can also expect similar tax advantages by moving to Africa.

Through expats tax exemption, international and expatriate workers can benefit from tax exemptions or reductions for a limited time from their employment.

Personal income tax rates from salary earned abroad can even be exempt from tax if you meet the criteria. Although this only applies to specific countries, including South Africa.

Places in Africa That Pay You To Move

Receiving money by relocating to Africa is rare. However, certain countries, like Mauritius, do offer monetary assistance to foreign startups and entrepreneurs.

Peace Corps beneficiaries, such as Ghana, also pay professional volunteers by moving and living in the local villages. Rwanda provides excellent benefits to skilled foreign workers as well.

So while they don’t pay by relocating, you can expect many financial and professional advantages by moving to these areas.

1. Mauritius

It comes as a surprise to some that Mauritius pays people to start businesses on the tropical island. However, it’s been this way for over 17 years, as this initiative began in 2006.

The Mauritius SMP Partnership Fund aims to promote growth and development in the island country. It targets small and medium business owners, giving them financial aid to start their businesses.

How Much You Can Make

Under this program, eligible business models can receive up to 20,000 Mauritian Rupees. That’s roughly $440 you get for free to start your business venture.

That said, launching your company on the island requires some criteria.

First, the SMP fund only applies to small to medium-sized enterprises. And your startup can only have less than 250 employees to get considered a small or medium business.

Other requirements can also apply depending on your business model. But they typically demand a solid knowledge of innovative and emerging fields.

What Makes This Option Great

Apart from receiving money, living and starting a business in Mauritius also offers several advantages.

If you’re a business owner on the island, you’ll enjoy low corporate tax rates. Its stable economy and enterprise-friendly environment will also prove beneficial.

Did you know that the cost of living in Mauritius is 44% lower than in the United States? It means rent, food, and travel costs are considerably lower than in most nations.

2. Rwanda

Located in the east, Rwanda sits at the heart of sub Saharan Africa. It’s a country known for its breathtaking landscapes, lush mountains, fresh lakes, and unique wildlife.

Like most African countries, Rwanda takes initiatives to combat the decline of its skilled workers. So the government established migration programs to lure investors and trained professionals into the country.

How Much You Can Make

Unlike Mauritius, relocating to Rwanda doesn’t give you financial aid. But they have fantastic programs for international workers that’d save you money and effort.

The Rwandan government launched its Skilled Workers in Occupations on Demand Program in 2020. This initiative assists professionals in their travel processing, accommodation, and working conditions.

For example, an eligible individual can get a visa for an affordable price. You could even get a free visa depending on your job’s demand, which saves you a few hundred dollars.

What Makes This Option Great

What makes Rwanda a great option is its unrestricted residence and employment rights. It means you can bring your spouse and children to live and work in the country.

As foreign residents, you can access one-stop shops. This way, you and your family can ease living in the local community as smoothly as possible.

Most importantly, the living cost in Rwanda is over 59% lower than in the US. And you can become a permanent resident after five years of living in the country.

3. Ghana (Peace Corps)

If you have a heart for philanthropy and volunteerism, becoming a Peace Corps volunteer could suit you.

The Peace Corps is an American organization paying and sending volunteers around the globe. And Ghana is one of the areas with a long-standing partnership with the group.

The organization has countless projects targeting many aspects of the economy. They have agricultural, educational, and health improvement funding programs aiding African residents.

How Much You Can Make

The Peace Corps gives volunteers several financial assistance for their work. They also ensure the safety of their people throughout.

As a volunteer, you’ll receive travel benefits, health benefits, and even student loan benefits. The Peace Corps will account for your food and accommodation as well.

The organization will give monthly stipends while you live in small villages in Ghana. And at the end of your contract, you’ll receive $10,000 for your service.

What Makes This Option Great

What makes the Peace Corps an excellent choice is not so much about the money. Instead, it lets you work while making life-changing contributions to the local community.

It doesn’t mean you won’t receive anything, though.

One advantage of becoming a Peace Corps volunteer is the rigorous career support for professional experience. Volunteers also receive paid vacations they can use to travel to other countries.

Old or young people can apply to the Peace Corps as volunteering isn’t restricted to age long as you’re above 18.

Jobs in Africa That Pay You To Move

Like relocation pay, jobs in Africa that pay you to move are uncommon. But here’s the good news: some companies give relocation packages and assistance for high-demand jobs.

Engineers, IT specialists, network administrators, and English teachers are some of the most in-demand workers in this part of the world.

1. Engineering Manager – South Africa

If you’re an engineer, Africa could be your next stop. CA Global Africa Recruitment is hiring engineering managers in Limpopo, South Africa.

CA Global is a trusted agency known for hiring top talents everywhere and bringing them to Africa.

How Much You Can Make

Engineering is a lucrative industry in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s especially the case for individuals landing governmental positions in the field.

Businesstech.com reported that engineers in the public sector made R720,000 to R1.2 million a year in 2019. This salary translates to $40,000 to $66,700 in the US in 2023.

Recent updates from sources such as Glassdoor estimate that Engineers in Africa earn between $75,000 to $89,000.

What Makes This Option Great

What makes the engineering manager a profitable venture is it gives permanent roles to interested applicants. And CA Global has competitive packages to offer.

They’ll provide relocation aid for hired candidates as well. You’ll get all these benefits plus live in a place with fantastic nature and landscapes, South Africa.

2. IT Senior Manager – Cape Town

The digital economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Africa. With this in mind, it’s only natural that IT-related roles immediately became in demand in the country.

Agencies like Believe Resourcing Groups are building a workforce to help with their endeavors. They need senior managers specialized in IT governance, risk management, and quality assurance.

How Much You Can Make

The average earning potential for IT employees in Africa ranges from R200,000 to R1.5 million annually. This salary translates to roughly $41,600 to $83,500.

You’ll receive a similar wage range working as an IT senior manager in Believe Resourcing Groups.

According to their job posting, candidates can negotiate between R900,000 to R1.1 million per annum. That’s a $50,000 to $60,000 salary bracket.

What Makes This Option Great

What makes this job opportunity remarkable is its flexible working conditions. It’s a permanent position that comes with several professional and educational opportunities.

You and your family members can get academic discounts. Plus, it has relocation assistance for hired candidates outside Cape Town.

3. Special Education Program Manager – Cape Town

Speaking of education, teachers and program managers can receive considerable incentives in Africa. It’s part of efforts to close the all-time teacher gap in these nations.

For this purpose, the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Healthcare is looking for Special Educators. They’ll assign candidates in Cape Town to handle students from different socio-economic backgrounds.

How Much You Can Make

Special education teachers deal with more challenges than regular educators. However, they only receive an average yearly wage of R431,000 or $23,900 in African countries.

That said, the HIA in Cape Town provides a better income opportunity for these positions. Teachers interested in applying can earn R110,000 or $6,100 per month.

What Makes This Option Great

The HIA is a WHO agency that creates competitive job postings and packages. It means relocation service is part of the deal.

As a program manager, you’ll be working with on-site teachers to foster positive changes in the lives of special education students. And that’s an outstanding experience to add to your resume.

4. TEFL Teacher – Costa Rica

Language educators can find hundreds of teaching jobs in Africa. Organizations like TEFL Heaven arrange placement programs for foreign educators willing to teach in Costa Rica.

The agency began in 2007 and has sent thousands of TEFL teachers to over 14 countries.

How Much You Can Make

TEFL teachers can expect a decent salary bracket teaching in sub-Saharan Africa. You can anticipate earning R9,000 to R28,000 monthly teaching the English language.

TEFL Heaven is among those agencies that provide respectable teacher salaries. According to their website, language educators can make $700 to $1800 a month, depending on their credentials.

What Makes This Option Great

What makes TEFL teaching attractive is the excellent support you’ll receive from TEFL Heaven. They’ll assist you in processing your visa application until you’re in the classroom.

The agency doesn’t have a college graduate requirement. So you can teach and travel abroad without a bachelor’s degree long as you’re fluent in English.

Why Should You Consider Moving to Africa?

Africa is an appealing goal, whether you’re looking for a retirement destination or a new working environment. Aside from its economic advantages, visitors can appreciate the tourist destinations and cultural heritage.

Here are five reasons why you should consider moving to Africa:

1. Diverse Culture

Did you know that Africa is homing over 300 unique tribes? Experts also estimate that there are 1000 to 2000 languages within its borders.

This vibrantly rich and diverse culture is one of the most appealing aspects of the continent. You’ll never run out of materials to discover, from historic art forms to influential literary works.

2. Adventure Hub

Nature lovers will enjoy their stay on the continent. Picturesque beaches, abundant wildlife, and lush landscapes will greet those who wish to explore.

Africa is home to some of the greatest wonders of the world. You can witness the magnificent pyramids of Giza and Mt. Kilimanjaro or get lost in nature with elephants and giraffes.

3. Work Opportunities

While it’s true that Africa suffers from social and economic issues, it still has considerable work opportunities for foreigners.

Countries like Rwanda, Botswana, Tanzania, and Kenya have fantastic employment policies for expats. Top it off with the low living cost, and you have your next destination.

4. Retirement Haven

One of the reasons Americans decide to relocate to other countries is the high retirement cost. Considering the retirement years and living costs, experts estimate that you’ll need roughly $1 million to retire comfortably.

Living in Africa cuts two-thirds of that cost. According to Business Insider, retiring in any part of the continent will only cost you $200,000 to $350,000.

On a separate note, did you know many African American are now resettling in African countries? So if you’re an African American, this could be the best time to relocate.

5. Growing Economies

Investors looking for favorable investment options can benefit from moving to Africa. With a projected 2050 population of 2.5 billion, the continent presents a huge market potential.

Africa boasts many fast-growing industries, like financial technologies and E-commerce businesses. So if you think the words “investment” and “Africa” don’t meet, it’s time to change your mind.

Is it Cheap to Live in Africa?

The cost of living in Africa can vary depending on the country or city. And while it’s generally true that African countries have cheaper living costs than others, it’s still worth noting that Africa is a diverse continent with various economic conditions.

To illustrate the idea, let’s compare US cities and African cities.

In the US, New York City is one of the most expensive cities for American residents. Renting a single-bedroom apartment can cost you $3,750 in the city center.

Compare that to a single-bedroom space in Cape Town, South Africa, which only costs $445. This rate is 82% lower than rent in NYC apartments.

Market product prices are also more affordable in Cape Town. Necessities such as milk, eggs, rice, bread, and fruits are 30% to 80% cheaper than in NYC.

Transportation, clothing, restaurants, and housing is naturally cheaper as well.

Public health care in these parts of Africa pays 40% of patient bills. So doctor consultations only cost 55 Rands or $3 for a South African.

What is a Livable Salary in Africa?

If you live in Africa, you’ll need to earn at least R5,000 to R9,000 to live comfortably in countries like South Africa. That’s $280 to $500 in the US currency.

US cities, in comparison, will require 120 to 160 times that amount, with the San Francisco metro area costing the highest at $84,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relocating to foreign countries such as Africa can be a daunting task. So here are some frequently asked questions by people with similar interests as you.

Which African Country is Easy to Relocate To?

Expatriates looking for the easiest African countries to relocate to will find many areas with easy visa programs, with South Africa receiving the most immigrants in recent years.

Rwanda, Ghana, Morocco, and Botswana are some of the best places for working immigrants.

What Is the Safest African Country to Move To?

The Global Peace Index (GPI) is one way to gauge how safe a country is. It ranks countries from the safest (1) to the most dangerous (5).

Based on GPI, the safest African country to relocate to is Mauritius. Botswana, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal, Namibia, and Madagascar follow Mauritius.

Similar Locations to Consider

Africa isn’t the only one offering incentives and benefits to immigrants. Here are three alternative countries that pay expatriates to live and work within their borders.

  • Get Paid To Move To Alaska: Alaska’s financial incentive program dates back to the 1970s. Foreign settlers get paid a few thousand dollars annually to live in the state.
  • Get Paid To Move To Scotland: Scotland’s endeavor to combat depopulation made the Scottish government pay individuals moving into the country.
  • Get Paid To Move To New Zealand: Moving to New Zealand opens expatriates to the country’s bustling job market and affordable housing.

Wrapping Up

The African continent is home to 54 countries with rich cultures and diverse populations. Immigrants from around the globe work in sub Saharan Africa for its economic advantages and affordable living cost.

You can get paid to move to Africa through governmental initiatives boosting their economy. Non-governmental groups also pay volunteers to participate in their philanthropic activities.

If you’re interested in relocating to African countries, you should explore and research programs, organizations, and job opportunities that align with your interests.

Did you find this article helpful? Leave us your feedback in the comments section.

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