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Generate Extra Cash With a Dosh Referral Code

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Forget waiting until your next paycheck to go on the shopping spree you deserve.

With the Dosh cash-back app, you can automatically get money back as you spend.

If you take advantage of Dosh referral codes, too, all your money could be back in your wallet by the end of the night.

Dosh is a popular smartphone app that helps users save money at thousands of shops and restaurants.

While already providing plenty of cash-back opportunities, Dosh offers a generous referral program that allows you to earn without spending a dime.

Keep reading to get a Dosh referral code and learn how to apply it when you join the platform.

We’ll also show you how to save on the Dosh app and help you find and share your personal referral link.

Dosh Referral Codes for New Users

The Dosh referral program allows new users to earn cash when they sign up with a Dosh referral link or code.

One of the best ways to find a referral code is by asking your friends and family members for their unique referral codes, as your sign-up will help them get an easy $5 added to their Dosh wallet.

However, if you’re antsy to get your $5 Dosh sign-up bonus and want a referral code without shopping around, here are a few promo codes that are active as of 2020:

  • EMILYL357
  • JOHNO3

If these aren’t working for you or you want to look around for higher value referral bonuses, can find additional active promo codes on this CouponSock.com page.

How to Claim Your Referral Bonus

Dosh account completion page in the app

Claiming your referral bonus is as easy as signing up and connecting your card.

To do so, all you need to do is:

  1. Download Dosh from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Tap the “Join Dosh” button at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Enter your phone number and tap “Next.”
  4. You should soon receive a verification code via text. Once you receive it, type it in the app where requested.
  5. Complete the form on the next screen by filling in your first name, last name, email address, and preferred password. This form is also where you’ll enter your referral code, so make sure to do so before submitting.
  6. After submitting the form, you’ll receive an email from Dosh shortly. Tap the button to confirm your email address.
  7. Log in to the app with your new account and tap the “Wallet” tab at the bottom of your screen.
  8. Select “Add Card” on the upper right corner.
  9. Fill in your debit card or credit card information, including your registered zip code and CVV number, to link it to your account. Keep in mind that Dosh currently only accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Your referral bonus should appear in your Dosh account balance as soon as you complete this process.

However, you will need to reach $25 in your Dosh account balance to cash out.

We’ll show you a few ways that you can earn cash for your Dosh wallet in the next section.

3 Ways to Get Cash Back on the Dosh App

person using credit card

Once you’re officially on the Dosh app with a linked card, your can earn cash back just by spending with eligible vendors.

To start earning, you can:

  1. Shop in-store: Using your linked card at local shops and restaurants listed on your app’s homepage — including national vendors like Papa John’s, Jack In The Box, and Cost Plus World Market — can get you up to 10% back.
  2. Shop online: From the homepage or “Offers” section of your app, you can tap “Online” to view cash-back offers with online vendors, like Lane Bryant and Sam’s Club. You can earn by tapping on your chosen online offer and checking out with your credit or debit card.
  3. Book a hotel room: Dosh offers huge cash-back opportunities when you book your stay at eligible hotels across the United States, including many Hilton and Sheraton properties, through the “Hotel” tab of their app. Most hotels give users an average of over $30 cash back.

As you earn, the balance that is displayed in your Dosh wallet is exactly what you’ll receive in cash.

Much like Ibotta, a receipt rebate app, Dosh doesn’t require you to cash out in the form of a gift card, so you can spend your easily earned money at any location you want.

How to Find Your Dosh Referral Code

app page to enter your Dosh Referral Code

You don’t necessarily need to spend to keep on earning.

In fact, referring friends and family members onto the platform can actually help you rack up money faster than many of Dosh’s cash back offers, if you’re not spending over $50 at every restaurant or store you go to.

Plus, because it doesn’t cost you anything to share your Dosh referral code, referrals are the only way to get completely free money on the platform.

To find and share your unique Dosh referral code:

  1. Open the Dosh app.
  2. Tap on the “Refer” tab at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap the “Copy My Link” button to manually share your referral link with friends or tap “More ways to share” to share straight through SMS or social media. Your friend will simply need to download the app with this referral link to apply the promo, though they can always type in your promo code while following the standard sign-up process instead.

As soon as someone signs up with your referral code or link, they’ll appear in your “Refer” tab under “My Pending Referrals.”

To move them into “Completed Referrals” and get your $5 referral bonus, make sure to remind your friend or family member to link their first card.

Frequently Asked Questions

person using smartphone
If you want a completely cost-free way to earn automatic cash back, using a Dosh referral code upon sign-up and sharing your personal code with others can quickly put money into your wallet.

If you’re interested in learning more about your passive income opportunities with the Dosh cash back app, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

1. Once I reach the $25 minimum balance, what options do I have for cashing out?

Dosh users are able to cash out by connecting their PayPal account, Venmo account, or bank account as soon as they reach the $25 payout minimum.

If you don’t need the cash for yourself, you can always tap “Donate” instead of “Transfer” in your Dosh wallet instead.

Dosh has a lineup of registered charities that you can search through when you do so.

2. Is there a maximum that I can earn from sharing my personal Dosh referral code?

Currently, Dosh doesn’t have any stated maximum for how much your can earn from referring friends or family members.

This means you can feasibly get your first $25 just by referring a few new users to the platform and continue earning money without spending a dime after that.

3. I forgot to type in my referral code during the sign-up process. Can I still add it later?


You can enter your Dosh referral code on the app as much as 48 hours after you sign up.

You simply need to open your app menu by tapping the three lines on the top left hand corner, then select “Add Referral Code.”

Type in your promo code and select “Submit Referral Code” to apply.

Make sure to add a linked card to get your sign-up bonus.

After the 48-hour time frame, this option will go away and you will no longer be able to submit a Dosh referral code.

Start Earning Free Money

Dosh may be known as a cash-back app, but if you use Dosh referral codes wisely, you can earn money without spending anything at all.

Or if you do want to treat yourself to a hotel booking or a fun date night, you can take advantage of Dosh’s referral program to get all your money back, instead of just 10% of what you spend or less.

Regardless of how you’re using it, this app can be an effortless way to get free money.

If you’re already on the Dosh platform and want to expand your earning potential, consider joining more platforms that help you make money.

Learn how SendEarnings can help you earn cash back for eligible purchases, completed surveys, and referrals.

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