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SendEarnings: How to Make Money From Home

SendEarnings: How to Make Money From Home

Last updated: January 8, 2020
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In a world where strong consumer data can transform the fate of a business, companies around the world are doing whatever they can to learn about you. If you want to turn your time and opinions into extra cash, consider SendEarnings.

SendEarnings is a market research company that has already paid out over $9 million to buyers like you. With simple tasks or the shopping you do as part of your weekly routine, you can start earning money straight from home.

Keep reading to learn all about SendEarnings and whether or not it’s worth your time.

What Is SendEarnings?

2019 09 16

SendEarnings is one of many websites that are giving everyday users the opportunity to make money by completing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and more.

Founded nearly two decades ago, and acquired by competitor InboxDollars in 2005, SendEarnings has long helped people earn cash with little effort.

Much like Swagbucks, the platform is far more than just a survey site. It connects millions of members from the United States and the United Kingdom with games you can play to earn cash, purchases you can get cash back from, and more.

As well-known brands like Target and Walmart pay SendEarnings to advertise or collect consumer data, the platform allows you to reap the benefits when you participate in their many forms of market research.

How to Make Money on SendEarnings

You won’t earn enormous amounts of cash fast on the site, but it’s completely free to join and make a little money in your spare time. Read on to learn how to use the platform.

1. Sign Up

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Earning your first bit of cash is effortless. The platform is currently offering a generous sign-up bonus of $5, which will automatically be added to your account the moment you activate it via email.

Beyond this, you can earn an additional 52 cents by completing the following activities:

  • Your profile survey: This short questionnaire will ask you basic qualifying questions that will help you get matched to online surveys and offers. It shouldn’t take you any longer than five minutes to complete.
  • Confirm your first PaidEmail: After activating your account, you’ll receive a PaidEmail, which are emails that offer free money (up to two cents each) when you confirm your receipt. After confirming this first PaidEmail, you may start receiving up to three per day based on your SendEarnings activity and your location.
  • Make your first web search: Using the SendEarnings search engine for the first time will allow you to check off all three easy activities necessary to receive your 52-cent reward. We’ll discuss this search tool later in this article.

2. Take Surveys

SendEarnings is not strictly a survey company, but surveys are still one of the most popular ways to earn on the platform. On average, these surveys will take you between 15 to 20 minutes to complete for a reward of 25 cents to $2.

Users are not guaranteed to qualify for every single survey you get matched with. However, the site does provide information about the estimated time required, survey topic, and reward for completion before you start. This way you can decide if the survey is worth your effort.

In some cases, you may be offered opportunities to participate in focus groups, too.

3. Play Games

Another easy way to make money is by playing games on the site. It’s important to know that there is no way to earn completely free money by playing games on this platform, unlike some of the games on Swagbucks.

Rather, playing games on SendEarnings is an opportunity to earn cash back on what you spend, and potentially win extra money if you’re lucky.

Spending money on casino games will earn you an impressive 18% cash back, whereas playing cash tournaments will get you between 0.5% to 2% cash back.

Because games on the site are more likely to take money from your wallet than allow you to win, you should only go this route if you play responsibly and are seeking entertainment that you’re willing to pay for.

4. Search the Web

2019 09 16 5

The SendEarnings search engine functions just like Google and Bing, only you’ll make money while getting the results you need. For every four qualified searches you make, you’ll receive up to 4 cents — with maximum earnings of 15 cents per day.

Qualified searches include any real searches by real users, and do not include potentially fraudulent phrases (ex: “test”) or repeated and similar search terms.

Image searches and searches for well-known websites are also not considered qualified searches. SendEarnings will helpfully inform you and remind you of search rules if one of your searches does not qualify.

If you’re hoping to receive more money for fewer searches, interacting with the search results may increase your earnings.

5. Get Deals

As strange as it sounds, SendEarnings allows you to make money by saving money. When you head to its deals section, you can complete any of the following three activities to earn cash:

  • Get Groupon deals: Purchasing Groupon offers through the SendEarnings website will allow you to get cash back, sometimes as much as $20. You can sort by city and deal categories, much as you would on Groupon’s website.
  • Clip coupons: When you clip and print coupons provided by on the SendEarnings platform, you can earn 10 cents per coupon you redeem. You will need to verify your phone number before you can print coupons.
  • Shop stores: Entering external websites for retailers like Walmart and Macy’s can get you as much as 4% cash back for any purchases you make during that session.

6. Complete Offers

Finally, you can make quite a bit of money by completing various tasks listed on the offers section on the platform’s website. These offers may ask you to watch videos or take you to external websites where you can get cash by creating an account or signing up for free samples or a subscription service.

The platform allows you to sort by specific categories you’re interested in. For example, if you’re not interested in spending money to receive cash back, you can select “100% Free Offers” when highlighting the Offers tab.

Getting Your Payout


You can qualify to cash out as soon as your current SendEarnings balance reaches $30. An average user can likely make this amount of money within a month or two. If you’re diligent, it’s possible to reach $30 in as little as one or two weeks.

Once you reach this minimum payout, you can request your money by following this process:

  1. Tap your current balance, next to the “$” icon at the top of your home page.
  2. Select “Request Payment” next to your current earnings progress bar.
  3. Select your preferred payment option. You can receive your money in the form of a PayPal payment, gift card, or traditional check.
  4. Follow all prompts to complete your request.

After you’ve completed your request, you can expect payment within two weeks. Processing fees may apply.

Is the Site Legit?

thought catalog UK78i6vK3sc unsplash

After testing SendEarnings for ourselves, we’ve determined that the platform is a legitimate way to make extra cash and should not be considered a scam. Its parent organization, InboxDollars, is an officially trusted organization, with an A rating and accreditation from Better Business Bureau since 2012 — though nearly 50 customer reviews have given it a mere two-star rating.

As mentioned, SendEarnings does not offer huge payouts for the amount of time you spend. If you’re looking for ways to make money online, it can be incredibly time-consuming.

If you’re looking to earn a sizable income, you’re better off pursuing other flexible gigs, such as virtual assistant positions or Uber and Lyft driver opportunities. On the other hand, if you’re interested in making a little extra cash from home in your spare time, it may be a good fit for you.

You should also know that the somewhat dated platform is not very mobile-friendly. If you’re looking to use your smartphone, we recommend signing up for Swagbucks instead and using their line of mobile apps to make money.

Frequently Asked Questions

alexander mils lCPhGxs7pww unsplash

Signing up for a account can be an easy way to earn some money in your spare time. To dive deeper into how the platform works, we’ve answered a few common questions.

1. Can I earn on SendEarnings by referring friends?

Absolutely. You can refer friends via email on this referral page and start earning extra money as soon as they sign up. Unlike most survey sites’ referral programs, which offer a one-time bonus when friends sign up, you can reap the benefits of referrals on an ongoing basis. Whenever your friends earn qualified earnings, you’ll get 10% of their total earnings added to your balance.

2. Is there any way to receive my payouts faster than two weeks?

SendEarnings allows you to expedite your payments when you get a Gold Membership. To become a Gold Member, you must reach your first $30 and get your first payout on the regular timeline. Every payout after that will be processed within a week.

3. Is there a maximum amount I can earn each day?

As long as you don’t reach stated maximum earnings for specific activities (ex: 15 cents per day for search engine earnings), the platform does not limit how much you can earn. You can spend as much time completing offers as you want.

Make Easy Money Online

With SendEarnings, you can start making money online with a wide range of entertaining activities. Though it’s not the best way to earn for everyone’s financial needs, it can be a relatively easy way to supplement your income.

Signing up today will allow you to take advantage of the platform’s $5 bonus, so you can buy yourself a cup of coffee with virtually no effort.

If you’re more interested in earning online through your smartphone, take a look at our guide to apps that pay, so you don’t even need to use your laptop to make money.

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