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How to Do Homework for Money: All You Need to Know!

Are you looking for a side hustle that aligns with your strong academic background in subjects like maths, English, or physics?

You can help college or university students do homework for money.

Not everyone can become a classroom teacher or engage in online tutoring. But you can get paid to do homework and still earn the same hourly rates as an online tutor.

Keep reading to find out how much you can earn by doing someone’s homework and how to get started.

Can You Get Paid to Do Homework?

With the advancement in edtech, many schools now host online classes, and students have to adjust to the new pattern of teaching and learning.

But this has opened more opportunities for people to earn from online tutoring services, including doing a student’s homework assignment and getting paid to read books.

While it may seem illegal to do homework assignments for students, there are several reasons that make getting paid to do homework a legitimate venture.

First, we should understand that some people have learning difficulties and won’t be able to catch up without homework help.

Second, others may be too busy with work to enable them to raise funds to pay their tuition. Adding homework to the list of their challenges may not yield a desirable result. Hence the need to outsource the task.

Next, there are students who miss classes due to certain ailments and those who can’t concentrate on schoolwork because of family problems.

Getting homework help in these instances isn’t illegal. In fact, it’s a great way to make money online for beginners.

How Much Can You Make by Doing Homework?

You can earn between $5 – $20, either per assignment or on an hourly pay rate. Some platforms will pay up to $50 per hour if you’ll also handle an online tutoring session.

What You’ll Need to Do Homework for Money

If you want to get paid to do homework, you’ll need the following:

  • Solid Educational Background: You need to be an expert in a particular subject before helping students in that area. You should also be able to find accurate and relevant academic resources to support your answers.
  • Writing Skills: You should be able to express your answers clearly and concisely to enable the student to understand them.
  • Computer and Internet Connection: You’ll need an online presence, which includes setting up a website for the service you intend to offer or joining a platform that allows you to get paid to do homework. This requires a computer, an internet connection, and other tools like a webcam or video conferencing software.

Where to Get Paid to Do Homework for Money

Several online tutoring websites allow you to assist students with school homework. They have varying modalities and terms of payment.

Below are the nine best websites where you can get paid to do homework.

  1. School Solver
  2. Chegg
  3. Tutor.com
  4. 24houranswers
  5. SweetStudy
  6. Paper Coach
  7. Study Pool
  8. JustAnswer
  9. Help With Assignment

1. School Solver

a screenshot of the schoolsolver homepage

School Solver is a school homework market for high school students, and a great way to make money with just a laptop. It’s endorsed by Forbes, TechCrunch, Mashable, and Product Hunt.

The platform prides itself as the best online tutoring site that teaches and guides students through difficult questions, essays, and homework problems.

How Much Can You Make?

School Solver allows students to set the price they’ll be willing to pay for homework help.

But you can earn an average of between $10 to $15 per hour.

What Makes This Option Great?

School Solver operates a cumulative income business strategy.

When a student posts a question, several online tutors will provide answers. Afterward, the student chooses one they deem fit and then pays for it.

What this means is that you can submit one answer and get paid multiple times if more people ask a similar question and your answer matches what they’re looking for.

Assuming you earned $5 for answering one question today, you may make up to $500 over time for the same answer.

  • Fees/Commission: School Solver charges a commission of 20% on every answer purchased and an extra 2% for withdrawing the money from your user account.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

2. Chegg

screenshot of the chegg homepage

Chegg is an online platform that offers homework help, writing services, and exam preparation support to college students. It also sells and rents textbooks at an affordable cost.

You can sign up as an online tutor for various subjects, including French, algebra, earth science, and computer science.

How Much Can You Make?

You can earn up to $20 per hour as a beginner and over $1000 per month as an expert.

Chegg pays a prorated amount if you don’t work up to an hour.

What Makes This Option Great?

Chegg is one of the largest online learning platforms in the United States, which means you’ll have access to a large number of students.

Also, the platform hires tutors based on their educational background, and you can become a subject matter expert if your academic credentials match the job requirements.

  • Fees/Commission: Chegg doesn’t charge tutors for using the platform
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

3. Tutor.com

a screenshot of the tutor.com homepage

Tutor.com is among the online tutoring services that offer homework help in addition to one-on-one tutoring.

It partners with colleges and universities, public and state libraries, and k-12 schools to offer tutoring aid in over 250 subjects.

Typically, the tutors there are certified teachers, college professors, graduate students, master’s degree and Ph.D. holders, and professionals with Ivy League credentials.

How Much Can You Make?

Tutor.com pays hourly rates depending on the subjects you’re handling. There are also incentives for high-quality deliveries.

Although the amount you’ll earn isn’t disclosed on the website, available sources suggest that you can earn between $10 and $20 per hour.

What Makes This Option Great?

The process of becoming a tutor on the platform is quite rigorous, but you should possess at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university since you’ll be helping learners of different stages and ages.

Also, you’ll find a lot of opportunities to make money if you’re an expert in computer science, math, and other science subjects.

  • Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Payment Methods: Direct bank deposit

4. 24houranswers

a screenshot of the 24houranswers homepage

24houranswers connects college students to academic experts in more than 300 subject areas, including public speaking, chemistry, architecture, and biology.

How Much Can You Make?

You’ll negotiate your rates with students, but you should expect to make between $13 to $45 per hour.

What Makes This Option Great?

24houranswers allows you to sign up as an online tutor; then, you can assist with people’s homework.

You can offer your services 24/7, as the platform is known for delivering with speed.

To tutor students on 24houranswer, you should have at least two years of teaching experience and a master’s degree.

  • Fees/Commission: Fees are included in the hourly pay
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, ACH payment, and bank transfer

5. SweetStudy

a sreenshot of the sweetstudy homepage

Previously known as Homework Market, SweetStudy enables you to get paid to answer homework questions from various fields of study, such as environmental science, literature, nursing, and chemistry.

The tutoring website allows you to create a profile and list your skills or area of expertise so that you can find school projects to work on.

How Much Can You Make?

You can earn between $5 and $25 depending on the complexity of the homework.

What Makes This Option Great?

There’s no limitation to joining SweetStudy, and you can answer homework questions from various subjects.

Also, you can proofread homework assignments and get paid.

  • Fees/Commission: SweetStudy charges 20% commission per homework
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

6. Paper Coach

a screenshot of the papercoach homepage

Paper Coach offers custom paper writing services for high school students up to the Ph.D. level.

You can get paid to write any kind of paper assignment, such as a book review, essay, research paper, dissertation, and term paper.

How Much Can You Make?

The minimum payment is $8 per page, but you can earn up to $16 per homework or more depending on your academic level.

What Makes This Option Great?

Paper Coach allows non-US residents to apply, which is good news if you’re in a different country and looking to start a side hustle by offering homework assistance.

Although the platform hires tutors through specialized LinkedIn groups, you can apply directly.

You’ll submit your CV and prove that you have a college degree in the application process.

Once you’re successful, the platform has an open job board where you can bid to answer questions.

  • Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

7. Study Pool

A homepage of the studypool screenshot

Study Pool is a micro tutoring platform where students can get help with homework on various subjects like mathematics, rocket science, writing, and programming.

The tutors that get accepted on the platform usually have some affiliations with high-level educational institutions.

But with your bachelor’s or master’s degree, you may still get in.

How Much Can You Make?

You should expect to earn between $5 to $29 per homework.

What Makes This Option Great?

Study Pool allows you to bid on many assignments at once.

This ensures you don’t run out of tasks. And if your deliverables are as good as your profile, you’ll get recommendations for more jobs.

Besides answering homework questions, you can sell class notes by uploading documents to the Notebank.

Also, you can become one of the online tutors on the platform and deliver lessons through real-time video chat.

  • Fees/Commission: Study Pool charges a commission of 20 to 30% per homework
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

8. JustAnswer

screenshot of the JustAnswer homepage

JustAnswer is a versatile site that provides answers to all kinds of questions, from pet health to legal advice and everything in between.

It’s an ideal place to check if you want to get paid to do homework in niches like education, accounting, health, and law.

How Much Can You Make?

You can earn between $8 to $14 per answer, but it could be more, especially if you’re an expert in medicine, finance, or law.

What Makes This Option Great?

The pay rate on JustAnswer is amazing, but you have to be a real expert in your chosen field to get accepted.

That’s because you’re expected to answer questions from experience and to the best of your ability.

Also, the platform has a strict application process; it does a background check on your credentials (academic qualification, license, and years of experience) to be sure you’re exactly what you claim to be.

As soon as you’re verified, which takes approximately one week, you can start answering questions and earning money.

  • Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

9. Help With Assignment

a screenshot of the helpwithassignment homepage

Help With Assignment is a dedicated platform for helping students with homework answers.

The site claims that its tutors are from Ivy League schools, including MBA corporate leaders, historians, teachers, scientists, and mathematicians.

Also, the platform receives a high number of visits from students who need homework help in different subjects like nursing, law, marketing, and finance.

How Much Can You Make?

Help With Assignment pricing starts at $9.5 per page.

What Makes This Option Great?

Sites like Help With Assignment would request tutors to possess master’s degrees or Ph.D.

But if you only have a college degree, you should have at least two years of teaching experience.

Also, you should demonstrate a good command of English, which shouldn’t be difficult if you’re a native speaker.

Help With Assignment offers online tutoring, which you can explore if you’re interested in hosting online classes at a fee.

You and the student will agree on a time to meet; then, you’ll solve the homework using chat, presentations, and whiteboard.

  • Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

Why You Should Consider Doing Homework for Money as a Side Hustle

Getting paid to do homework could be an easy way to switch to private tutoring and make cool cash.

Below are some benefits of considering this side hustle.

  • Flexible Work Hours: Unlike the traditional 9 to 5 job, offering homework help online presents an opportunity to work at your desired hours and from the comfort of your home. This flexibility is beneficial to busy professionals and college sophomore-year students looking to make extra cash from online platforms.
  • Job Satisfaction: There’s a feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping people. And in the teaching profession, it’s incredibly fulfilling to see a student progress academically because of the help you rendered to them.
  • A Steady Stream of Income: The gig economy is growing and so is the need for academic assistance. Depending on your pricing strategy, the demand for your skills, and your advertising strategies, you’ll always have clients and a steady income stream.
  • Exposure to Academic Networks: Working with students opens you to a new world of opportunities, especially if you make a good first impression with your expertise. They’ll introduce you to their friends who also need your assistance. You’ll be motivated to join online academic communities to broaden your knowledge base, learn what’s in vogue, and establish new connections.

Problems With Doing Homework for Money

Getting paid to do homework sounds like a great idea, but it comes with some challenges. You may encounter the following problems:

  • Complex Subjects: Dealing with complex concepts can be quite demanding. If an assignment is beyond what you can handle, ensure to inform the client and focus only on those that you can confidently answer.
  • Unrealistic Expectations: Some students will expect so much from you. Perhaps, they believe your assistance will boost their academic performance overnight. It’s important to communicate your role earlier.
  • High Level of Competition: Getting a consistent stream of clients might be difficult in the beginning because of the high level of competition in the tutoring industry. You should plan to stand out and request reviews when you finally land your first set of clients.

How to Do Homework for Money: Step-By-Step Instructions

Before you can get paid to do homework, here are some steps to take:

Step 1: Identify Your Area of Expertise

In the teaching profession, you can’t possibly be a Jack of all trades.

You should identify one or two subjects that you’re passionate about and possess adequate knowledge, such that you can answer questions without first consulting your books.

Also, you should choose the grade you’ll focus on, whether it’s elementary school or college.

Step 2: Find a Tutoring Website

Most sites that offer homework help services start out as tutoring platforms.

Since they may already have a large number of students making tutoring requests, you’re sure to find those who have assignments they can’t solve.

We’ve made a list of some of the best websites to check out; you can begin your search from there.

Step 3: Meet the Requirements

You should have some teaching experience if you want to tutor students.

Otherwise, it’d be helpful if you have a degree from an accredited university because that’s one of the requirements of the homework market.

You should also be sure that the site accepts tutors from your location and that your area of expertise is listed on the platform.

Step 4: Begin the Application Process

Once you meet the requirements, you should apply.
You may be required to submit your CV and credentials for verification.

Most sites will require you to hold a mock session or write a test during the application process. This is something you should prepare for.

Step 5: Bid for Jobs

Getting accepted on a tutoring website isn’t a guarantee that jobs will fall on your lap.

You should ensure that your profile is optimized enough to attract students.

You should bid for as many jobs as possible because there are other tutors there who are looking for clients.

Things to Consider When Doing Homework for Money

Before starting this side hustle, here are some factors to consider:

1. Assess Your Level of Proficiency

Some assignment problems can be quite challenging and students may want answers quickly.

You should ensure that you’re highly knowledgeable in the subject you choose for this side hustle.

If you do this, students will commend you for being an expert, which could attract more jobs.

2. Determine Your Price

You shouldn’t expect all platforms to offer the same payment. Besides, some assignments can be simple and others complex.

There could be transaction fees, commission, and taxes, which adds up quickly.

When you put these things together, you should settle for a platform that offers a reasonable rate for your time.

3. Time Management

Because the homework market is quite competitive, you may be tempted to answer more and more questions to make a lot of money.

While you might be having a good time, you should know when to take a break and prepare yourself for another teaching session.

This is because a tiny mistake in your answer can ruin your entire reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Solve Math Problems and Earn Money?

Many websites will pay you to solve math problems. You can explore tutoring platforms like Chegg, Study Pool, and Tutor.com.

Can You Make Money by Answering Questions on Google?

You’ll earn Google Play Credits when you participate in Google’s Opinion Rewards Program.

You can use the credits to purchase games, apps, and other digital content on the Google Play Store. But if you want cash, you should check out how to get paid to test products.

Similar Ways to Get Paid

You may want to check out these alternatives to doing homework for money:

Wrapping Up

The online teaching industry is booming, and you can make money from assisting students with their homework.

Ensure your skill set and teaching experience match the requirements of the tutoring platform you choose.

Did you find our list of best websites for homework helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are also looking to make extra cash from a side hustle.

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