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DasherDirect Card: What It Is, How It Works and How To Get One

In the world of DoorDash and other food delivery services, it makes sense that drivers would want a special card that helps them cover expenses like gas while on the road.

Unfortunately, the Fast Pay system that DoorDash typically uses doesn’t work quickly enough for most Dashers.

That’s why Dashers everywhere are benefitting from the DasherDirect card.

With the prepaid debit card, you can get paid faster and more consistently and earn cashback on gas spending. Let’s see what makes it such a great option.

What Is a DasherDirect Card?

The DasherDirect card came about as a result of a partnership between Payfare, Visa, and Doordash.

The card works like a prepaid debit card with excellent benefits.

Dashers who use the DasherDirect card get access to cashback on gas spending and daily payouts from DoorDash that are never subject to fees.

Instead of waiting for payment, the DasherDirect card gives you immediate access to your funds with DoorDash, so there’s no more waiting around to get paid.

Is the DasherDirect Card the “Red Card”?

The DasherDirect card is different from the Red Card.

The Red Card acts like a credit card that Dashers sometimes use to pay for orders.

Dashers receive the Red Card when they start with DoorDash.

The Red Card allows Dashers to pick up orders from restaurants and stores that can’t receive payment through the DoorDash system.

How Does DasherDirect Work?

At a fundamental level, DasherDirect works by providing Dashers with access to funds, greater saving opportunities with no fees, and rewards at the gas pump.

DasherDirect works like a prepaid debit card, giving Dashers greater control over their expenses and earnings.

DoorDash is in the process of creating a way for DasherDirect users to get rewards with other purchases as well.

How To Get a DasherDirect Card

It’s not difficult to get a DasherDirect card as a Dasher.

When you work with DoorDash, you must apply for the card through an online or mobile application.

As long as you are in good standing with DoorDash, getting a DasherDirect card should be easy.

Opening the DoorDash app, you should go to your “earnings” section.

From there, if you navigate the bank image, you will find an option for selecting DasherDirect.

Once you enter the “learn more” section, you will have an option to fill out and submit your application for the card.

Once approved, your card might take as many as ten days to come in.

DasherDirect Card Requirements

Applying for a DasherDirect card is straightforward, requiring minimal effort.

A few of the requirements include the following:

  1. You must be a DoorDash employee
  2. You must be at least 18
  3. You must have a residential address in the United States
  4. You must have a valid social security number and photo ID

DasherDirect Card Application Process

The application process for the DasherDirect card is also easy.

You don’t have to jump through many hoops as long as you meet all the abovementioned requirements.

When you apply for a card, you simply:

  1. Log in to your DoorDash account online or on your mobile app
  2. Go to your tab for earnings
  3. Select the DasherDirect option located under “other payment options.”
  4. Click the option to learn more
  5. Fill out the application
  6. Submit your application

Once your application gets approved, you will receive an email confirmation.

How To Use a DasherDirect Card

Once you get your DasherDirect card and activate it, you can use it to purchase gas, online shopping, or other daily expenses.

Since your earnings from DoorDash are readily available through the card, you can use it in place of cash or a credit card.

DoorDash is working on increasing rewards and cashback options for card users in typical shopping situations, not just at the gas pump.

DasherDirect has an online mobile banking app that gives you complete access to all the financial information you need.

Does It Cost Money To Use a DasherDirect Card?

The great thing about the DasherDirect card is that it carries no fees for standard transactions.

Some scenarios will incur fees, such as replacing your card or using it for foreign transactions.

However, there are no monthly maintenance fees, and partner ATMs around the country will charge you nothing for using your DasherDirect card with them.

What Can I Use My DasherDirect For?

You can use your DasherDirect card for virtually anything.

Online shopping is one option, as well as grocery shopping or hitting the mall in person.

You can use your card for purchases at restaurants or coffee shops.

You can even use your DasherDirect card to pay bills if you want.

Can I Use My DasherDirect Virtual Card for Gas?

You can use your card at the gas pump.

The gas pump is one of the best places to use your card if you are able.

Because the card’s initial design aimed to allow Dashers to use it on gas and quicker access to their earnings, the cashback options on gas are incredible.

The card gives Dashers 2% cash back at the gas pump, no matter when or what station they use it.

Is the DasherDirect Card Worth It?

You have to decide whether the DasherDirect card is right for you.

However, there are many undeniable benefits to having one on hand if you work for DoorDash:

  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Cash back rewards at the gas pump
  • Increased reward potential coming soon for other purchases
  • Instant access to funds
  • Fee-free use at any partner ATM
  • Ability to use the card for bills and expenses

Cashing Out With a DasherDirect Card

Because many ATMs partner with DoorDash and the DasherDirect initiative, you can cash out without issues.

DasherDirect doesn’t charge fees for cashing out, and they make it a simple enough process.

How Many Times Can I Cash Out With DasherDirect?

You can cash out with DasherDirect once per day.

Typically, it will take 24-48 hours to see your funds once you cash out.

If your earnings automatically get sent to your DasherDirect card, you always have access to those earnings when you use the card.

However, if you need access to cash or want to cash out of the card, you can only do that once daily.

Can I Transfer Money From DasherDirect to a Bank?

One of the best features of the DasherDirect card is that it makes it easy for you to access your funds no matter what.

Whether you use your card explicitly or withdraw cash from an ATM, you can trust that your funds will be there.

Another easy way to access your funds is to connect your DasherDirect to your bank account.

Working from the DasherDirect app allows you to transfer funds to any U.S. bank account.

Can I Connect a DasherDirect Card to Cash App?

You can easily connect your DasherDirect account to Cash App.

Cash App is a convenient way to transfer funds between individuals.

Instead of paying someone back for a coffee with cash, you can use Cash App to transfer the amount owed.

DasherDirect makes getting funds to your Cash App account easy by enabling you to link the two accounts together.

How Long Does It Take DasherDirect To Hit?

DasherDirect works fast to get you access to the funds that you need.

Payouts will usually arrive in your account within minutes of any transaction.

Tips are typically available about 24 hours after being posted.

When you transfer from your DasherDirect account to your bank account, the transaction could take between two or three days to clear.

After that time, your funds should be available on your DasherDirect account.

Troubleshooting: Why Isn’t My DasherDirect Card Working?

There are a few explanations for why your DasherDirect card might not be working:

  • You aren’t connected to the internet
  • Your internet connection is not stable
  • You need to restart your system
  • The DasherDirect app needs to update

How To Get Help With DasherDirect Problems

The easiest way to get help with your DasherDirect card is to contact the support team that you can locate within the app.

The DasherDirect Help Center is the fastest way to get support if you’re experiencing problems with your card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a brief look at a commonly asked question that comes up when talking about DasherDirect.

What bank is DasherDirect?

The DasherDirect card gets issued through the Stride Bank, N.A.

The bank is in Oklahoma, where it was established in 1913.

Since the bank is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) member, users have access to more than 20 000 no-fee ATMs across the country.

Wrapping Up

It’s easy to see why the DasherDirect card is making waves within the Dasher community.

It provides a quick way to access earnings and rewards users for purchases.

If you have any questions about the DasherDirect card, leave a question in the comments below! We’d love to tell you more.

The DasherDirect card is a prepaid debit card that gives Dashers immediate access to earnings and allows them to maintain greater control over their finances.

It’s an excellent option for any Dashers tired of waiting for their paycheck.

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