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DoorDash Group Orders: How They Work, Pricing and More

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DoorDash is one of the top competing apps in the food delivery industry because of its increasingly convenient order and delivery options.

They continue to expand as a delivery service on their flexibility in delivering orders, and group orders are a prominent example.

The DoorDash group order function not only offers options to multiple people but, by doing so, ensures orders are correct and placed with minimal mistakes.

DoorDash group orders also help prevent fights from breaking out when you and your loved ones cannot decide on where to order dinner.

Let’s look at what DoorDash group orders are, how they work to deliver your food and drink to your group quickly, and how to troubleshoot issues you may encounter.

What Is a Group Order on DoorDash?

A group order is a select type of ordering that offers multiple people the option to place items into the same cart. This way, if you and your group are not in the same location, you can individually add your preferred choices to avoid confusion or any hiccups.

Group orders deliver the entire order together to one location making it easier for the Dasher and the customer. The way group orders work is what makes them so efficient.

vector graphic showing an illustration of doordash group orders in action

How Do DoorDash Group Orders Work?

Group ordering on DoorDash is as easy as just sending a link to the people who are joining your order and letting them add their items.

That way, you do not have to rely on passing your phone around to get everyone’s order.

Once everyone has their food choices in the cart, the person who started the order can place it.

All the orders are charged together and end up at the same place.

Additionally, if you are placing a personal DoorDash group order, you can place an order up to four days ahead of time.

For office orders, you can place them up to a week in advance.

After placing the order, all participants can track it.

This means that even if everyone in the group is not there when the order arrives, they will know that it has.

How Much Do DoorDash Group Orders Cost?

The main question that arises with group orders is how the payment process works.

Despite having many individuals on one big order, the price is not much different from a regular order.

You pay for the food, taxes, the driver’s tip, and delivery fees ranging from $1.99 to $5.99.

The only change is one additional charge for the group order since the Dasher has to deliver such a large quantity of items.

Another feature you can use in DoorDash group orders is limiting the price of each participant’s order, which helps keep the total cost from getting too high.

Can You Pay Individually With DoorDash Group Orders?

Yes, you can pay individually in group orders if it is more convenient for you and your group.

Everyone in the group order can pay for their food in a split payment when they put their food order into the cart.

There will still only be one delivery fee even this way, so there are no disadvantages to split payments in group orders.

The orders can be edited even after your group submits this as well.

If it is just easier for a single person to pay, there are restrictions the admin can enforce.

For example, the person who created the order can set a price limit on how much each person can spend so no one goes overboard.

The price limits are ten, fifteen, twenty, or none, and customizable to whatever you are comfortable with your group spending.

Can You Apply a Promo Code to DoorDash Group Orders?

There are promo codes designed solely for group orders.

Like all discounts, if it applies to your order or the restaurant you order from, promo codes will work for your group order.

How Do You Complete a Doordash Group Order?

Group orders are simple to complete on DoorDash.

When you click on the restaurant you wish to order from, there is an option on your mobile device’s screen which gives you the choice to choose a group order instead of regular orders.

You will receive a link that you send to the other individuals in your order, and there they can insert their order details.

Once they have put in their information, you can either split the bill or have one person pay.

Either way, after payment everything is delivered together.

Can DoorDash Deliver to Different Addresses?

While DoorDash cannot deliver part of your order to one location and the other part to another, they do stop at multiple stores along the way if you need them to.

If you need food delivered to two or more locations, it is easier to complete separate orders for your group and the Dasher.

Troubleshooting: DoorDash Group Order Not Working

Sometimes group orders have issues and glitches in the middle of ordering or do not work at all.

There are a few explanations for why this happens and several ways you can fix it.

Reasons a Group Order Might Not Work

With the number of orders and people using the same link to add to the cart, DoorDash group orders can cause the app to crash, glitch, or make you redo the entire order.

Doordash also allows customers to set an order for a future date, but sometimes the order is erased.

Technology fails sometimes, and if your DoorDash group order is not going through, it is most likely a problem on their end.

There are several measures you can take if it is your phone or order that is the issue.  

How to Fix Issues With DoorDash Group Orders

Fixing DoorDash issues is straightforward.

Troubleshooting the entire app is one of the most effective ways to fix most issues.

You do this by turning off your WiFi and cellular for at least a minute and restarting the app afterward.

If the issue occurs when scheduling a group order and your information disappears, you can always just re-enter the order details.

If these do not solve the problem, chances are DoorDash is having issues, and there is nothing left for you to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the DoorDash group order function.

vector graphic showing an illustration of doordash group orders in action

Can you combine DoorDash group orders?

Yes and no.

If you hope to combine two different orders from two restaurants, then no.

However, if the group orders are all delivered to the same location, then you may be able to have a Dasher stop at restaurants along the way.  

What does group order mean on Uber Eats?

A group order on Uber eats is completed very similarly to DoorDash.

The admin shares a link with other individuals on the order, and everything is delivered together.

What separates these two competitors is the different promo codes they offer, the additional taxes and fees added to orders, and the variety of stores they offer in different areas.

Wrapping Up

DoorDash group orders are a popular choice when it comes to serving a larger group of people.

With a simple link, your entire group can input their order and tailor it to the way they want it, leaving no room for mistakes and making everyone happy.

With only a small additional price not far off from regular orders, DoorDash efficiently delivers a large sum of food with group orders.

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