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ClassPass Plans: Fitness Membership Tiers Explained

Each person’s weekly workout routine is different than the next person.

Some people prefer to wake up early and get their workout in before the start of their day.

Others like to squeeze in a quick yoga session while the kids are taking a nap.

And then there’s even more who hit the gym as soon as they’re off of work while on their way home.

The point is that each person has their own unique routine that they build around their personal schedules.

To make life even easier, ideally, you’d be able to have a flexible routine where you can move sessions around to fit into your weekly calendar.

This is where ClassPass comes into play.

This flexible fitness membership allows you a ton of freedom as to where, when, and how you work out.

In this article, we’re going to show you the different ClassPass memberships so you can figure out how ClassPass can fit into your workout routine.

What Is ClassPass?

ClassPass is an all-in-one workout subscription service that gives you access to many fitness studios for only one monthly fee.

The membership is very flexible and allows you to exercise in person at a studio, from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you feel fit.

Since you only pay one membership, you’re able to go to new studios, gyms, and classes without feeling the pressure of multiple monthly membership fees.

Instead, you only pay one monthly fee to ClassPass and can schedule classes and sessions at as many places as you’d like.
ClassPass Plans: Fitness Membership Tiers Explained
This means you can try different workout routines and fitness classes to see what fits your workout style.

Perhaps at the beginning of the week, you might like something that helps your mind and body focus, like a yoga class, and then close out the week with a full-body workout regimen, like CrossFit.

It’s all up to you to decide!

To top it off, you gain complete control over your calendar.

Instead of being at the mercy of one studio’s class schedule, you can search around and find other classes and routines that line up with your free time.

Before we get into the details of each plan, let’s first look at how much you can expect to pay for each membership type.

How Much Do ClassPass Plans Cost?

The cost of your ClassPass plan will depend on which plan you choose and how often you’d like to work out.

Some plans will only give you access to online content — which will be cheaper — and the standard plans allow you to use credits in person at studios, which will be more expensive.

For the standard ClassPass membership, you typically have the option of three different tiers, depending on how much you want to exercise.

Each tier consists of a credit amount that you can apply to classes.

The higher the tier, the more expensive it will be, however, you’ll have more credits that you can use to take more classes.

Each class will require a different amount of credits and is dependent on several variables, like the time of day, the class you’re taking, the city you’re in, and the overall demand of the class.

To give you an idea, let’s take a look at the cost of membership plans in a few cities.

City-to-City Breakdown

Each ClassPass city will have its own cost breakdown for each membership tier.

In some cities, you can expect to pay more money for credits and the average amount of credits needed for each class may be more than others.

Let’s first take a look at the top end of the market — New York City.

In NYC, you’ll be paying slightly higher than other places across the United States.

If you look at the snapshot below, you’ll see that the first tier starts at $49 per month and goes up to $159 per month.
ClassPass Plans: Membership Tiers Explained
If you compare this Boston, the prices are almost the same except that Boston’s top tier only costs $139.

That’s $20 per month less than New York.
ClassPass Plans: Fitness Tiers Explained
Lastly, when looking at a smaller market like Austin, you’ll see much lower rates.

Austin ClassPass plans start at $39 per month and peak at only $99 per month.
ClassPass Plans: Fitness Membership Explained
In Austin, ClassPass users can also expect classes to require fewer credits.

The average number of credits for each class in Austin is only five credits, compared to an average of eight credits per class in NYC.

ClassPass Plan Breakdown

As mentioned before, ClassPass also has a few different workout offerings you can choose from.

The most standard is the membership that gives you credits to use in-person at fitness studios, but ClassPass also offers flexible online workout options.

Before we get into the differences of each plan, let’s lay out the pricing structure of each plan so you have an idea of what you’re working with.

  • Standard ClassPass Membership: Costs will vary depending on the city and selected credit tier
  • ClassPass Live: $19 per month or $10 if you’re already a ClassPass member
    • Additional: One-time charge of $79 for a heart rate monitor and Google Chromecast ($49 if you already have a Chromecast)
  • ClassPass Live, Content Only: $19 per month or $10 if you’re already a ClassPass member
  • ClassPass Go: Free

Since all of these terms and different membership plans may seem foreign to you, let’s look at each one and go over the differences.

Standard ClassPass Plan

The standard ClassPass membership is the one where you pay one monthly fee to receive access to studios all around your city.

This means you can visit as many boutique fitness studios and gyms as you’d like, as long as you have credits to book classes.

This is the membership that we talked about before, where you can choose between three different credit tiers depending on how much you’re planning on working out.
ClassPass Plans: Tiers Explained
With this membership option, you’ll be able to access hundreds of studios in your area, create your own flexible schedule, and add more credits if you need to.

You can also stream some workouts at home and can visit studios in other cities if you’re on the road.

This is the ideal option for those who enjoy going to classes in-person and exercise enough to get their money’s worth from their membership.

ClassPass Live

ClassPass Live is an interactive online workout option that lets you work out from wherever you’re at.

ClassPass Live is an interactive and immersive platform that brings the fitness studio right into your living room.

What makes it so immersive is the fact that you’ll have your own heart rate monitor and Google Chromecast that will display your health and performance metrics on the screen.

These additional tools will give you accurate health metrics like your heart rate and how many calories you’re burning in real time.
ClassPass Plans: ClassPass Membership Tiers Explained
Throughout your workout, your performance stats will rank you on the leaderboard for the class which gives your session a sense of fitness gamification.

Also, since you’re part of live workout sessions, your instructor will even give you personal shoutouts if you’re doing a great job or need some extra motivation.

ClassPass Live is an unlimited plan and you’ll be able to take an unlimited number of classes.

If you’d like, you could join a new workout every day of the week.

This is a great option for those who want to work out from wherever they want and also like the unique and immersive workout experience.

But what if you’d rather not be on the leaderboard?

ClassPass Live: Content Only

ClassPass Live also gives you the option of accessing the fitness content only.

This is also an unlimited membership that allows you to join classes whenever you want, however, you don’t incorporate the heart rate monitor and Chromecast that will show up on your screen.
ClassPass Plans: ClassPass Membership Explained
With this option, you can still enjoy as many classes as you’d like online, but you’ll be missing out on the interactivity that the immersive ClassPass Live option offers.

If you’d rather not have your stats on the leaderboard or just think it’s not worth the extra cash, then this option is the right one for you.

ClassPass Go

ClassPass Plans

ClassPass Go is a free audio workout option that coaches you as you work out.

With the ClassPass Go app, you can select a workout, choose a music playlist, and then receive tips and motivation as you go through your workout routine.

The app not only coaches you in your ear, but you can also use it to see diagrams, tips, and tricks that will help you correct your form and technique.

With instructions from fitness experts, you’ll have a hard time getting bored with your next workout session.

Since the app is free, it’s a great first step for beginners or those who might want to get a taste of ClassPass before fully committing.

Fine Tune Your Workout Schedule

Overall, it’s your choice as to which plan fits into your life and workout style.

This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

If you think you might be interested in giving ClassPass a shot, then we’d recommend signing up for the free ClassPass trial.

After that, you can decide if you want to get rid of your old gym membership and monthly fitness expenses and sign up for a class package that fits your schedule.

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