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Top 10 Apps Like Uber That’ll Make You Want to Ditch Your 9-to-5

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Getting paid to drive is one of the best ways to earn an income through a side gig. With the right job, a few hours on the road each day could see you turn around your finances. 

For many freelance drivers, this app has been Uber. However, with its ever-growing popularity and in-app competition, you should hedge your bets and consider some Uber alternatives before going all in. 

Here are ten apps like Uber to help you unlock your full earning potential. But first, a quick look at the competition.

An Overview of Uber

Uber is the world’s most popular ride-hailing app. So much so that the word “Uber” is now synonymous with ridesharing. And with operations in over 70 countries and 10,000 cities across the globe, it’s easy to see why. 

The Uber app and its services are a part of everyday life for millions worldwide, and being an Uber driver is one of the most desirable side hustles. But how does the app do it?

Where Does Uber Excel?

Uber commands over 72% of the ride-hailing market and boasts over 130 million active monthly users. As such, Uber drivers are almost always guaranteed work. This, in addition to the average hourly rate of about $19 (not to mention tips), has firmly cemented Uber as the benchmark among gig taxi apps. 

Where Does Uber Fall Short?

Uber drivers have no control over the pricing. They are at the mercy of what the platform charges, where the amount varies based on time, demand, and other factors such as customer reviews.

The Best Apps Like Uber For 2024

  • Lyft
  • HopSkipDrive
  • Via
  • Curb
  • Wingz
  • Gett
  • Tesluxe
  • Grab
  • Cabify
  • Roadie

Editors Choice: Our Top Overall Pick

While there are many worthy Uber alternatives on the market, few stand out quite as much as our editor’s choice—Lyft.

Lyft: The Best Uber Alternative

Shortly after its founding in 2012, Lyft gained a lot of success in the San Francisco Bay Area and quickly became Uber’s biggest competitor in the US, thanks to the app’s features, including ride-hailing and, eventually, food delivery, car rental, and hotel booking. 

Although Lyft’s business model deviates from Uber’s, its streamlined operations and market share have positioned it as Uber’s most prominent competitor in the rideshare space. 

  • The good: Considered by users as the best Uber alternative
  • The bad: Has a lower market adoption rate than the Uber app
  • When to choose Lyft: Best Uber alternative in major cities

Lyft provides rideshare and delivery services in more than 600 cities in the US and handles over one million rides per day, firmly securing its position in the Lyft or Uber head-to-head.

All the drivers have full autonomy to set their schedules and the freedom to optimize their working hours so they don’t fall below the $17-an-hour average. Thankfully, the Lyft website offers a driver wage calculator where drivers can see their estimated earnings based on their city. 

Why is Lyft a Great Option?

Lyft is currently on an expansion drive, with plans to create Lyft Driver Centers where drivers will access discounted car maintenance services. The company is also expanding its fleet, with most new additions being electric or hybrid cars. 

The Lyft app also offers a $50 driver signup bonus accessible after completing 50 rides within 30 days.

Drawbacks to Lyft

Lyft has an intensive signup process compared to most other ridesharing apps. For example, drivers must pass a DMV MVR and criminal background check, and their vehicle must meet the Lyft vehicle requirements

The Best Uber Alternatives in 2024

Here are ten apps like Uber and Lyft you should consider if you’re looking for a lucrative side job. 

1. HopSkipDrive

This Uber alternative is all the rage among carpooling moms and parents with school-going kids. HopSkipDrive allows parents who typically drive their kids to school and other activities to earn an income by offering rideshare services to other kids as a school bus alternative.

  • The good: Offers one of the best rates in the rideshare app game
  • The bad: Drivers need caregiving experience to qualify
  • When to chooseHopSkipDrive: The perfect side hustle for the busy parent

HopSkipDrive connects parents with drivers, usually other parents, willing to take their kids to and from school and other extracurricular activities. 

It’s the perfect side hustle for parents since they are typically already driving their kids around, and this does not take them too far out of their routines. 

However, because passengers are usually children, the app has extensive requirements. For example, drivers must pass a background check and have a clean driving and criminal record.

Why is HopSkipDrive a Great Option?

Drivers can earn up to $40 an hour, depending on how many hours they drive, and have complete control over when and how much they work.

Drawbacks to HopSkipDrive

The service is only available in some major cities in the US, concentrated around California, Virginia, Colorado, and Washington, DC. Additionally, drivers need at least five years of caregiving experience, including two with children, to qualify. 

2. Wingz

Wingz currently operates in over 30 cities across the US, with plans to expand its availability across the US. The platform started as an airport transfer and private driver service but has recently expanded into a peer-to-peer transportation network company. 

  • The good: Offers a higher average pay than most rideshare gigs
  • The bad: Drivers must meet predetermined criteria to qualify
  • When to choose Wingz: The best option for drivers looking to provide luxury taxi services

Wingz is a ride-hailing service that operates more like a personal car service. It offers premium transit services at a cheaper ride fare compared to the high cost of Uber

Wingz further sets itself apart from its competition by allowing users to choose their preferred drivers and book their tips up to two months in advance—an invaluable feature for business travelers. 

Why is Wingz a Great Luxury Taxi Service?

Wingz offers a premium service and, therefore, requires its drivers to present in a manner befitting the brand and its premium customers. As such, Wingz offers in-person training to its drivers and even disability training to ensure that they stick to the required standards and perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. 

Drawbacks to Wingz

Some requirements might be restrictive for some drivers. For example, Wingz requires that its drivers have a 4-door vehicle that’s five years old or newer and in excellent condition. 

3. Via

With carpooling steadily gaining popularity with ride-hailing app users, Via has established itself as the inexpensive and eco-friendly Uber alternative, with impeccable carpooling services. 

  • The good: Widely considered the cheaper alternative to Uber by users
  • The bad: Only available in a few major cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC
  • When to choose Via: Great alternative to maximize earnings thanks to the smaller commission fee

Unlike Uber, Via is one of the best apps for carpooling. The app is dedicated to providing affordable ridesharing services and reducing its users’ carbon footprints. 

Via is associated with 90+ transit partners and provides one of the best navigational systems for easy and efficient transit. This, in addition to the average hourly rate of $18, makes Via one of the best Uber alternatives and an option you should consider.

Why is Via a Great Option?

Via offers a guaranteed hourly rate on Blue Mode. Drivers can earn more than $20 during surge pricing and anywhere from 5–20 percent more on shared rides. 

Drawbacks to Via

Via drivers have complained of consistent bugs within the app, not to mention the faulty GPS system. 

4. Curb

This rideshare service was birthed from a merger between two transportation services, Taxi Magic and Way2ide, in 2008. Since then, Curb has acquired some exclusive cab and taxi service technology and positioned itself as one of the most advanced alternatives to Uber. 

  • The good: One of the most advanced Uber alternatives on the market 
  • The bad: Competitive pricing—users can schedule pick-ups for as little as $2 
  • When to choose Curb: Offers incredible flexibility and premium rides

Curb started out as a taxi startup, much like Uber. But over the years, it has become one of the best-rated Uber alternatives, focusing on technology and some unique value propositions. 

For example, Curb users can choose when to have their rides through the “Ride Now” and “Ride Later” options. They can also set their pick-up locations in advance and have their Curb driver ready and waiting for them at the spot like their own personal drivers. 

In select cities, the app offers a Pair and Pay feature, which enables users to pay specific drivers using their preferred payment methods. 

Why is Curb a Great Option?

Curb is available in 65+ major cities across the US, including New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. The app offers a flat rate service fee of $1.95 with a $3 cancellation fee.

Curb is also big on safety; as such, the app comes with an SOS button that allows passengers easy access to emergency services or to report any safety concerns. 

Drawbacks to Curb

The app allows passengers free ride cancellations, which is only available within the first 30 seconds after matching. That can take a considerable amount of time out of a driver’s schedule, though.

5. Gett

Gett is an up-and-coming rideshare app that found its feet in the UK and is now taking the US by storm. One of the ways it’s doing this is by an aggressive marketing strategy that involves undercutting the Uber app by as much as 25%.

  • The good: Has a competitive edge over Uber thanks to its aggressive pricing and unique business model
  • The bad: Limited availability within the US
  • When to choose Gett: Great opportunity for drivers already affiliated with a company

Although Gett is a relative newcomer to the US market, it’s committed to becoming the next big rideshare app, perhaps even usurping Uber.

This is evident in the unique value proposition Gett offers as compared to similar apps, including the ability to book a ride up to two weeks in advance and aggressive promotions deals—such as the 25% off in New York—that have given the app the competitive edge to survive Uber’s dominating market share. 

Why is Gett a Great Option?

Gett has a “fanbase” in the corporate world thanks to its unique solutions, such as advanced booking options that allow users to schedule rides in advance. It also offers an enhanced passenger experience through in-car services like Wi-Fi and phone charging. 

Drawbacks to Gett

Gett has limited availability within the US; additionally, the service requires drivers to be already affiliated with a company to join, further limiting their ability to take advantage of the service. 

6. Grab

Grab is the leading ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia, providing services in more than 500 cities across The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Singapore. However, with its recent partnership with Lyft, Grab users can now access its services across 200 cities in the US.

  • The good: One of the fastest-growing apps on the market
  • The bad: Limited market share in the US
  • When to choose Grab: The ideal app to supplement income from other gig apps

Although Grab has an established user base in Southeast Asia, it’s still relatively new to the US and lacks a significant market share. 

Even so, the app has grown in popularity among users and rideshare drivers thanks to its diverse low-cost transport offerings. For example, in addition to ridesharing, the app offers carpool, bike ride, and food delivery services. 

Why is Grab a Great Option?

Grab offers its drivers plenty of opportunities to earn money through services like food, parcel, and grocery delivery, even when rideshare work is slow or unavailable. 

Drawbacks to Grab

Grab does not command the same market share as some other apps in the US. As such, most users and drivers use it as a fallback plan for when the main apps are crowded or unavailable. 

7. Cabify

Founded in Spain back in 2011, Cabify has expanded into the Americas and currently sits as a top Uber alternative across Latin America, with a presence in parts of Europe and Africa.

  • The good: Known for its high-quality, reliable, and safe riding experience 
  • The bad: Cabify is not as widely adopted across the US
  • When to choose Cabify: The ideal option for sustainability and worldly passengers

Cabify has an intensive recruitment process for its drivers to ensure the quality of service the app offers. Typically, before drivers can partner with Cabify, they undergo a comprehensive screening and training process to whittle out applicants who don’t meet the company’s high standards.

The service places a strong emphasis on driver and passenger safety. As such, the platform offers real-time tracking of rides and in-app emergency assistance through an SOS button. 

Cabify also offers a transparent pricing structure through a tiered system that includes standard, luxury, and group rides to cater to a wider range of customer preferences. 

Why is Cabify a Great Option?

Cabify takes active measures to promote sustainability. For example, they include electric and hybrid vehicles in their fleet. 

Drawbacks to Cabify

The limited availability and adoption in the US may not be a viable source of income in some areas. 

8. Roadie

Roadie offers last-mile delivery services through freelance drivers and gig workers, so users can enjoy more efficient delivery services without relying on FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

  • The good: Drivers have a complete say on when they work and what jobs they pick
  • The bad: Some jobs might require a bit of heavy lifting
  • When to choose Gett: The ideal gig for drivers who are on the road a lot

Roadie allows users to send parcels across town or state lines conveniently. All they have to do is sign in, create a gig, and set the price. 

Roadie drivers can then view and accept the gig if they like it. The app supports real-time tracking and offers same-day delivery guarantees, so once accepted, the driver must deliver the package within the agreed time. 

Roadie drivers make anywhere from $10 to $650 per trip, depending on the gig and the distance traveled, and each roadie delivery comes with $500 in insurance. 

Why is Roadie a Great Option?

Much like Uber, Roadie gives its drivers complete autonomy to pick when they work and the jobs they take. It shows the location, price, and ratings so drivers have all the information they need to decide. 

There is no minimum vehicle standard since drivers ferry packages, not people. Drivers can use whatever means of transport provided they deliver the package on time. 

Drawbacks to Roadie

The measurements and descriptions on some of the packages aren’t always accurate. Additionally, drivers might occasionally have to handle live animals. 

9. Waave

Waave is an innovative taxi-hailing service for New Yorkers that takes advantage of the countless yellow cabs already available in the city through a rideshare app. 

  • The good: Drivers are typically already yellow cab drivers, so there’s no extra cost of entry
  • The bad: Waave is only viable in New York
  • When to choose Waave: Ideal for New York taxi drivers looking to enhance their earnings through a ride-hailing service 

Waave is a next-generation taxi app that takes advantage of the famous New York yellow cab and enhances its services through an app. 

Users on the app can hail yellow taxis and enjoy the same services offered by a traditional taxi app like Uber, thereby eliminating the hassle associated with hailing a cab in New York City. 

The app allows users to log on, enter a destination, see the cost, and book a cab. This makes the entire process much easier for the user and driver. 

Why is Waave a Great Option?

Waave offers guaranteed payments for every trip and offers fast payouts, usually available within 24–48 hours. The app also offers the option of charging a flat rate, eliminating the need for a meter. 

Drawbacks to Waave

Some drivers and passengers have complained that the app is glitchy. Additionally, the limited availability and adoption make the app an unstable source of income. 

Notable Mentions: Even More Options like Uber to Check Out


GoCatch is a premium on-demand taxi service and one of the top Uber alternatives on the Australian continent. 

With 40% of the ride-hailing industry’s market share in Australia, GoCatch drivers are almost always guaranteed a stable source of income. This is further enhanced by the app’s many promotions and safety features to improve user experience. 

For example, users can access drivers’ contact information and track the ride on the app map. They also get a 5% surcharge, as opposed to the standard 10%, when they pay using a credit card. 


Founded in Estonia in 2013, Bolt has steadily grown and now offers ride-hailing services in over 50 countries across the globe. This expansion is because of Bolt’s commitment to providing convenient and affordable services to its users. 

The Bolt app allows users to hail rides, track drivers, and pay fares seamlessly. These features not only ensure an efficient ride, but they also help ensure the safety of both the rider and the driver. 

This makes Bolt a top Uber alternative, especially for people who live in or frequently travel to Europe, Africa, and Latin America. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or ditch your 9–5, these apps present a great opportunity to venture into gig work and make a living by being a rideshare driver

Just make sure to pick an app that works for you and has reasonable adoption in your area.

If you found the ridesharing app you want to work with as your side gig, let us know in the comments below, and share this with a friend looking for a new way to make money!

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