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Rideshare Driver: Job Description, Income & Salary, & How To Become

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Are you looking for a way to make money on your own terms with full control of your schedule?

You’re not the only one.

Rideshare driving is the perfect way to make a living without overworking yourself.

Countless companies seek to hire qualified and skilled drivers to join their community, making it easy and fast to earn money.

If you want to become a rideshare driver, you’ll be happy to know that it’s an extremely easy occupation to get started with.

All you need is your own vehicle, a valid driver’s license, and insurance.

Keep reading to learn more about becoming a rideshare driver and how to love your new job.

What Is a Rideshare Driver?

A rideshare driver is a freelance employee who uses their vehicle (or, in some cases, a rental) to provide rides to passengers to earn money.

This service is a well-known gig economy job that most people use daily.

These employees use their phones or tablets to access the company’s app for whom they work.

Requests come through on the driver’s end, and they can accept or decline the request.

Once they accept a request, the app gives directions to the pickup location and does the same for the dropoff location.

Sometimes, a rideshare driver elects to complete deliveries rather than pick up passengers.

These deliveries may be food or other items from various stores or businesses.

What Does a Rideshare Driver Do?

A rideshare driver acts as the face of the rideshare company to customers.

They represent the brand by providing excellent customer service and safe driving on all rides they provide.

They get passengers or parcels from a beginning location to a final destination with safety and efficiency in mind.

Rideshare drivers offer an invaluable service to countless people every day.

What Does a Rideshare Driver Usually Focus On?

A rideshare driver must focus on a few things.

First, they should aim to provide the safest experience for all passengers who enter their car.

Regular maintenance must occur to keep the vehicle in shape for passengers to enjoy during their trips.

Cleanliness is also a priority, as customers can and will report unkempt vehicles to the company.

On top of this, providing a smooth ride every time is something all rideshare companies expect of their drivers.

Passenger and driver safety is the top priority.

Rideshare Job Description

The rideshare driver is responsible for providing rides to passengers and parcels for various purposes.

They ensure that their passenger or delivery item gets picked up from the correct spot and dropped off safely at the intended location.

They must be attentive and drive defensively at all times, regardless of whether or not a passenger or item for delivery is in their vehicle.

The rideshare driver must also adhere to all company policies and procedures while representing their brand.

Rideshare jobs are among the best side hustles available, but workers can easily make this their full-time occupation.

Top Rideshare Driver Jobs and Careers

Rideshare driving is considered a gig job.

Rideshare companies are always looking for workers.

Here are a few of the best.

1. Uber

Uber is one of the most widely-used companies in the rideshare business.

They began in 2011 by transporting passengers and have since grown into a food/item delivery service.

2. Lyft

Lyft has had a long life, beginning during its initial service days in the late 2000s.

The rideshare company offers various levels of rides to its millions of customers.

They also have recently begun experimenting with package delivery.

Working for Lyft is one of the best driving jobs in the country.

3. Gett

Gett is a rideshare company that focuses on customers in the business industry.

They offer limo and high-end cab rides for businesses and corporations.

While their services are similar to Uber and Lyft, they primarily drive luxury black vehicles.

Where Can a Rideshare Driver Work?

Rideshare drivers can work in any city where a company offers services.

Typically, cities with high populations offer more services and have more customers, while those with fewer people might have fewer opportunities for you to get on the road.

What It’s Like To Be a Rideshare Driver

A day in the life of a rideshare driver is an adventure.

No two days are exactly alike for the rideshare driver, but proper planning and setting expectations make the experience easier for everyone involved.

Is Being a Rideshare Driver Hard?

Driving for hours, sitting in a car all day, and dealing with traffic jams, aggressive drivers, and potentially rude or unclear customer or business notes can be challenging.

Is Being a Rideshare Driver Stressful?

On top of the criteria, as mentioned above, plenty of other things can add stress to a rideshare driver’s day.

Ensuring a safe ride every time can be a challenging feat.

Driving in inclement weather can pose a threat to safety.

You can never know what to expect from other drivers on the road.

Traffic patterns in large cities can be unpredictable, especially if passengers need a ride to a large gathering or event in a busy area.

Customers can also change their pickup and dropoff destinations, adding a layer of stress to the mix.

Common Rideshare Driver Work Day

A rideshare driver can make their schedule, which makes it among the best side hustles available.

The driver has some power in determining how their day will go.

Rideshare Driver Tasks & Duties

The rideshare driver begins their work day by turning on their driver app.

They keep the app on while they drive until a request comes in.

The driver can accept or decline the request, though their acceptance rate falls if they continually decline requests.

They are responsible for driving to the pickup location, waiting until the passenger is in their vehicle, and then driving safely to the assigned dropoff location.

The driver must observe all traffic laws in the area and pay close attention to pickup and dropoff directions provided by the customer or company.

Rideshare Driver Work Hours & Schedule

Rideshare drivers are freelance employees, so they set their schedules.

The driver may drive for as long or short a period as they wish and can work any day of the week.

Most rideshare companies have imposed time limits for drivers.

Once a driver has been online for a specific number of hours, the app logs them off.

The app denies the ability to log in until a certain number of hours have passed.

This period allows them to rest.

Does This Career Embrace Work/Life Balance?

This career is perfect for balancing work and personal life.

Making their own schedule gives rideshare drivers flexibility not found in most other occupations.

Do Rideshare Drivers Make Good Money?

Rideshare drivers have plenty of opportunities to make great money while on the road.

Sometimes it can be a gamble of being in the right place at the right time.

However, each rideshare app provides plenty of opportunities and information for where drivers should plan to be to make top dollar.

How Much Do Rideshare Drivers Make?

On average, drivers who embrace their work as a full-time job make anywhere from $15-20 per hour.

This rate equates to a median salary of about $37k per year.

Rideshare drivers must dedicate time and effort to their work if they expect or hope to see this amount on average.

Each driver can calculate their earnings by checking out their stats in the app.

How Do Rideshare Drivers Get Paid?

Rideshare drivers accumulate their earnings in their driver app as they work.

Each app usually has a weekly payout date for all its drivers.

They also allow drivers to cash out their earnings at their pleasure, typically for a small fee.

Most apps limit the number of cashouts a driver can make each day.

Their earnings deposit directly into a bank account they have previously linked to their app.

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Rideshare Drivers

Though each company makes it simple for drivers to work with them, there are still certain boxes they must check to ensure a safe experience.

Who Should Consider a Rideshare Driver Career Path?

An ideal candidate for the rideshare driver position knows their way around the city and has excellent attention to detail behind the wheel.

A rideshare driver must be focused and attentive to all activities on the road while not neglecting their passenger’s needs.

If the driver intends to drive only part-time, they must determine a workable schedule to make sure they earn the money they need and still have time for themself.

Who Should NOT Consider a Rideshare Driver Career Path?

Aside from the apparent aversion to driving all day, some people would be poor candidates for rideshare driving.

Those with poor driving history or the ability to multitask effectively should consider something other than this job.

Rideshare companies also impose several requirements on their drivers to remain in good standing.

Vehicle inspections are required of most, if not all, drivers.

Keeping your vehicle in good condition is a must.

A strong understanding of being hospitable and making others feel comfortable in your vehicle is necessary for success.

Those who don’t naturally possess this skill should probably stay away.

Is It Hard To Become a Rideshare Driver?

Becoming a driver with any company is relatively simple.

Prospective drivers can apply to drive by downloading the driver app for the company and following on-screen prompts for information.

The app also conducts a background check on the applicant, scanning their driving and potential criminal history.

This way, the company can rest assured they are hiring the best candidates to represent its brand.

What Do I Need To Become a Rideshare Driver?

Drivers must present proof of driver’s license, vehicular insurance, and residence in their state.

Drivers must upload a profile photo of themselves so potential passengers will know who to seek while waiting for their ride.

Drivers should check the app’s requirements for profile photos before uploading one.

Requirements for Becoming a Rideshare Driver

All prospective drivers have a few minimum requirements they must meet.

Drivers must meet the minimum age to drive in their city.

It’s essential to know how these vary from city and state.

Drivers must also have four doors on their vehicles to allow passengers to enter and exit their cars safely.

What Skills Does a Rideshare Driver Need?

Rideshare drivers need to be patient at all times.

Ever-changing traffic conditions can test this, but they must stay calm and collected.

Drivers should also be attentive to their passengers’ needs to avoid neglecting the company’s customers.

Impressive people skills help the driver earn better money in tips.

What Education Does a Rideshare Driver Need?

A rideshare driver can have formal education, but there are no education requirements for becoming a rideshare driver.

The driver should have a basic understanding of the rules of the road, but no further education is necessary.

What Experience Does a Rideshare Driver Need?

Rideshare drivers should possess an excellent driving history overall to excel.

They also should have decent experience driving around the city where they live.

This experience will assist in better understanding passenger destinations.

A person who can make casual conversation and make others feel at ease in their company is a bonus.

How To Become a Rideshare Driver

The process is relatively easy for those still interested in driving for a rideshare company!

As with any job, there are a few things to remember as you apply and prepare for the position.

Where To Find Rideshare Driver Opportunities

Rideshare driver opportunities are available in most cities across the United States.

Companies look at the population, affordability, and whether or not it is convenient for them to offer services there.

A simple search on your favorite rideshare app will tell you if they offer services in your city.

Applying for Gigs

Prospective drivers can apply to the company of their choice by downloading the driver app.

They will enter their personal information, vehicle information, and driving history.

After they enter their information, they wait for the company to process their end of the paperwork.

If everything goes well and they receive approval, the driver can complete their vehicle inspection.

Once all their paperwork clears, it’s time to get on the road!

Interviewing for Gigs

There are no formal interview processes for most rideshare companies.

Most rideshare companies treat the vehicle inspection as a great time to understand who they’re potentially hiring.

If drivers do not pass their inspection, they may try again.

How Do I Prepare for Rideshare Driver Gigs

You can prepare to be a rideshare driver by ensuring that your car is in top-notch shape, you have experience driving in your city, and you have practiced driving during the busier hours in some high-demand areas.

It’s safe to say that you’ll inevitably end up driving at these times in these locations, so it is wise to prepare ahead of time.

Similar Careers to Check Out

Whether rideshare driving is your cup of tea, there are a few careers to consider that may be of similar interest.

  • Scooter Charger: A scooter charger is a freelance employee who collects used electric, rentable scooters at the end of the day and charges them overnight. This job is similar to rideshare driving as it requires driving to and from the location of pickup and dropoff.
  • Micro Entrepreneur: A micro-entrepreneur is a person who starts their own micro business, meaning they employ less than ten people at a time. This job relates to rideshare driving because you get to be in charge of yourself and your daily business activities.
  • Independent Delivery Contractor: An independent delivery contractor is a driver who drops delivery packages off at people’s homes or businesses. This job is related to the rideshare driver position because of the driving to and from destinations for customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding rideshare driving services and careers.

What rideshare service is best for drivers?

Most drivers tend to flock to using the driver app for Uber.

Uber is the most widely-known and used application for rideshare drivers, meaning more likelihood for higher income.

The company also provides plenty of benefits and rewards for those who drive for them.

What type of income is rideshare?

Rideshare driving income is not taxed, but you must report it during tax season.

For this reason, a rideshare driver will receive forms 1099-K and 1099-NEC for payment made through general earnings and any additional promotions or bonuses earned.

Driver apps keep track of income all year.

Wrapping Up

A rideshare driver offers an invaluable service to their community and city.

It’s hard to imagine a life without the services we have come to expect from companies such as Uber or Lyft.

Transportation has become much more accessible to a broad audience thanks to rideshare drivers.

If you are one of the countless people considering driving for a rideshare company, exploring it may be well worth your time!

The gig offers flexible scheduling, easy earning income, and positive incentives for drivers and passengers alike.

It’s a win for everyone.

Check out your favorite rideshare app to get started today!

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