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How to Earn from Anywhere With World Travel Holdings

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or you have an itch to travel the world, finding a job that lets you have the lifestyle you want isn’t always easy.

However, there is one company that will give you the flexibility you need while allowing you to help others create their travel dreams, too.

That company is World Travel Holdings.

The travel industry has always been filled with opportunities to create remarkable experiences for others.

As many companies shift toward remote teams and virtual vocations increase, you have the chance to make memories for yourself as well — all thanks to your job, not in spite of it.

If you’re ready to escape a limiting 9-to-5 and take on a gig that supports you personally and professionally, keep reading to learn about World Travel Holdings and the remote jobs it offers.

What Is World Travel Holdings?

world travel holdings web page
World Travel Holdings (WTH) is an award-winning leisure travel company that assists thousands of online and offline customers with their vacationing needs.

The company directly connects these customers with services from over 35 trusted travel brands under its umbrella, enabling them to efficiently book cruises, hotels, resorts, villas, and luxury travel services all in one go.

It directly partners with almost every U.S. airline and prominent corporations and cruise lines in the industry to plan the best trips possible.

Since WTH was created in 2005, it has become the largest cruise agency in the world and a general industry leader.

In order to maintain this dominance, WTH focuses on providing top-notch service and having genuine conversations with its loyal customers.

This means they’re constantly in need of new team members and partners to help.

Earning Remotely with World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings offers three primary types of remote work opportunities, which include chances for traditional employment and opportunities to be your own boss.

Below, we’ll give you a complete run-down of what you may be doing as a part of WTH.

Before you begin browsing through this list, be aware that World Travel Holdings is not currently hiring from Alaska, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, or Pennsylvania.

The company also doesn’t hire team members outside of the U.S. unless a position is specifically listed on its job vacancies page for United Kingdom residents.

1. Work-From-Home Positions

world travel holdings Work @ Home program web page
If you’re interested in earning money from the comfort of your home, World Travel Holdings offers home-based customer service representative positions as a part of its Work @ Home program.

In this customer support role, you’ll mainly be responsible for selling cruise or resort vacations and providing great service to customers who need your help.

In order to qualify for the WTH Work @ Home program, all you need is:

  • A private space, such as a home office, that’s quiet and free of distractions
  • Reliable internet connection (not Wi-Fi), preferably fiber optic service (FiOS) cable internet

All other equipment, including your monitor, headset, mouse, and keyboard will be provided by WTH.

You should expect to have a $250 deposit taken out of your first five paychecks, which goes toward your company computer and phone, but this deposit is fully refundable upon return.

Much like Hilton work-from-home jobs, World Travel Holdings’ home-based careers require you to be working directly from your home office.

For that reason, they’re best suited for those who want to eliminate their commute while retaining a stable career, but not for anyone planning on frequent travel.

However, WTH offers slightly higher pay than Hilton at over $25,000 per year.

Skilled Work-From-Home Positions

If you have a college degree and job experience and want to put your skills to work beyond customer care gigs, WTH sometimes has remote-friendly positions with its core business development team.

While less flexible in regards to scheduling and stricter in terms of eligibility, these tend to offer higher pay and let you work closely with a team.

You can find these home-based opportunities through this job search page.

2. Independent Contractor Gigs
Cruises.inc web page
If getting the flexibility to work wherever you want is your ultimate goal, you may be more interested in becoming an Independent Affiliate of Cruises Inc., a company that falls under the World Travel Holdings umbrella.

Cruises Inc. is a host agency, which means its main role is supporting the independent agents (that’s you) in its network with marketing, lead generation, and more resources to grow.

Basically, it allows you to skip the business development part of starting your own travel agency and dive straight into curating and selling incredible experiences.

To become an independent contractor for Cruises Inc., you are required to pay a $249 enrollment fee.

You’ll also be responsible for your own business expenses, which will likely include internet and a computer, if you don’t already have both.

After your startup cost is paid, you’ll be given free access to ongoing training, Cruises Inc. branding, professional support, and the software needed to do your job.

This position is fully commission-based — you’ll earn 60% to 100% of the travel packages you sell — which can be a good and a bad thing.

It allows you to earn unlimited amounts but doesn’t guarantee you’ll get paid adequately for the time you work.

3. Franchisee Opportunities

Dream Vacations start your own travel agency web page
Working as a Cruises Inc. Independent Affiliate gives you flexibility, but for anyone who wants to truly manage a business, owning a travel agency franchise may be the way to go.

Dream Vacations, another subsidiary of WTH, allows you to own your own Dream Vacations or CruiseOne branch just by putting in a one-time investment.

Most franchisees can expect to invest $9,800, but if you already have experience as a travel agent, your startup costs can be decreased to as little as $495.

Veterans, teachers, first responders, and more community heroes can receive discounts as well.

This makes Dream Vacations a low-cost franchise opportunity, even though it does have a high price tag compared to a Cruises Inc. contractor gig.

Other than your investment, you are required to own a PC computer, obtain a travel agent license, and sign a five-year operating contract (renewable for free).

You will receive 250 verified local leads, in-person training, and ongoing business development resources for free.

Franchisees, unlike independent contractors, are required to build their clientele from scratch, but the biggest perk is the fact that you fully own your customer base and can take them with you if you choose to break from the Dream Vacations or CruiseOne brand.

Working with WTH as a franchisee also allows you to attract clients with American Express rewards and claim freebies from suppliers.

Again, you’re not guaranteed earnings as a franchisee, but owning a franchise does offer the best opportunity to earn big and grow your personal reputation as a full-time travel agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

world travel holdings: airplane wing

Remote opportunities with World Travel Holdings are always available, so you can enter the travel industry at any time.

If you’re interested in learning more, here are our answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Does World Travel Holdings offer any in-house careers?

If you’d prefer more of a traditional job but still want to work with a travel agency, you can find in-house careers with World Travel Holdings on this job listing page.

The company has four primary offices in the United States — located in Fort Lauderdale, FL; New York, NY; Virginia Beach, VA; and Wilmington, MA — that frequently hire for skilled positions.

Some current job openings include roles in software engineering and marketing.

2. When is the best time to apply for World Travel Holdings positions?

WTH typically hires most of its customer care representatives around late summer to fall.

However, all other opportunities are available year-round.

3. What benefits do I get when working with World Travel Holdings?

Team members who are directly employed by World Travel Holdings receive standard work benefits like health insurance and paid time off.

You’ll also receive free or highly discounted travel opportunities, which are designed to help you experience WTH services for yourself, and ongoing travel discounts.

As a new team member, you can expect to be paid during training, but even after your first month, you’ll receive ongoing education perks, so you can continue to grow in the hospitality industry.


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