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Shiftsmart Review: How It Works and If It’s Worth It

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If you are currently out of work, consider using the Shiftsmart app.

Gig economy apps are popular and provide a range of jobs for people looking for work.

Shiftsmart joins the rising trend by connecting workers with potential remote and non-remote work in their area.

Shiftsmart has been operating since 2015.

This Shiftsmart review will explore what the company is, how it works, and if it’s worth trying out.

Overview of Shiftsmart

Before you start signing an application, you might want to know what the company is all about.

Everyone has an opinion about Shiftsmart, but here’s what we have to say about the app.

Overview: Shiftsmart is a gig economy app connecting workers to companies scouting potential hires for various jobs, including retail, telemarketing, and product testing.

It is convenient for anyone between jobs who wants to make quick cash.

Anyone with internet access and who is over the age of 18 can apply.

Price: Free to use.

Discounts Available: No discounts are available for employees.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Convenient payment methods
  • No payout threshold


  • Inconsistent pay periods
  • Poor communication
  • Limited Earning Opportunities

What Is Shiftsmart?

It’s easier to imagine Shiftsmart as an intermediary between you and the next job.

The app hands you a list of potential work to choose from with varying pay that can scale from $10-20 per hour.

The company’s user base encompasses a wide range of industries, including contact centers, retailers, and logistics.

Shiftsmart attracts users who have struggled to enter the labor market, such as caregivers to senior family members.

Shiftsmart History

Aakash Kumar founded Shiftsmart in 2015.

The promise to empower today’s rapidly expanding labor workforce attracted investors to fund $95 million into the software.

The company has expanded nationwide and amassed over 500,000 prospective workers on the app.

That number surged to one million hourly users in April 2022.

In 2021, the financial experts at Deloitte ranked the New York City-based Shiftsmart as the 96th fastest-growing company in North America, with a growth rate of 1.649%.

Pros and Cons of Shiftsmart

Over the years, users of Shiftsmart have highlighted several pros and cons of working for Shiftsmart.

Pros of Shiftsmart

Here are some pros of working at Shiftsmart:

  • Workers can create their schedules and work hours.
  • Additional bonus pay for specific jobs.
  • Instant money withdrawal.

Cons of Shiftsmart

Every company has its cons, and Shiftsmart is no exception:

  • Little work is available for a large employee size.
  • Inconsistent payment.
  • Lack of communication between employer and employees.

How Much Does Shiftsmart Cost?

Shiftsmart is a free gig app that doesn’t require additional fees to join.  

Is Shiftsmart Worth the Cost?

Although Shiftsmart is free, there is the cost of your time to consider.

Finding work through Shiftsmart can be frustrating, as you might get shifts at various companies or not get employment at all.

This relative inconsistency might divert your focus from getting long-term work.

Still, it has potential as a source of income for a side hustle or short-team employment.

Why Shiftsmart Isn’t Worth the Cost

Some former employees have complained about Shiftsmart failing to pay the promised amount.

According to some users, this issue has been compounded by Shiftsmart’s customer support not always offering a response to workers needing assistance.

In addition, Shiftsmart has a massive user base but only a limited volume of available jobs.

That oversaturation can lead to too much competition for only a few vacancies.

The limits can be particularly acute in rural areas.

The Problem Shiftsmart Solves

It’s getting harder for people to find the right job to match their skillset, but Shiftsmart positions itself as a solution to that challenge.

In particular, by building a job marketplace, the app seeks to centralize available shift work.

Why Would Somebody Want To Use Shiftsmart?

Shiftsmart is an excellent option for anyone looking for networking benefits.

Of course, the app’s primary appeal is its convenience for those looking to connect with potential employers.

Who Is Shiftsmart Best For?

Shiftsmart is best for job seekers with gaps in their resumes who have not been in employment for more than six months.

Why Is Shiftsmart Best for Job Seekers?

This platform allows users to bounce back into the working economy.

It seeks to streamline finding jobs, which often do not require qualifications.

Being able to quickly transition to a new job without needing to make a long-term commitment can offer greater flexibility for someone returning to the labor market.

That makes it an ideal choice for those considering a side hustle or who are carers.

Who Should Not Use Shiftsmart?

Shiftsmart is not ideal for anyone looking for long-term employment or a high-earning salary.

There is no guarantee of multiple shifts, and there is often a higher turnover rate.

Moreover, it isn’t a great platform if you’re in a rural area where there is typically limited coverage.

Why Should People Who Want Careers Not Use Shiftsmart?

The jobs listed on Shiftsmart require little to no experience and have a high turnover of employees.

Given that, Shiftsmart is not a suitable destination for anyone looking to build a career.

Moreover, many of the jobs themselves do not seek long-term hires.

What To Think About Before Using Shiftsmart

Before you install the Shiftsmart app and begin your application, here are a few things to consider:

  • Figure out your financial goals and what you plan to gain from doing shift work via Shiftsmart.
  • Check your availability and create a schedule to see what days work for you to ensure you can fulfill any commitments.
  • Know your skill set and what kind of job you’re aiming to find.
  • Keep track of your expenses and gas receipts for tax season.
  • Consider whether using Shiftsmart will be a short-term or long-term commitment, and be ready to adjust your life around that decision.

Features and Benefits of Shiftsmart

Shiftsmart is a relative newcomer to the gig economy.

Indeed, several gig apps have been around longer, so what makes this app stand out from the crowd?

After spending a couple of weeks exploring the app and trying out a few gigs, we identified key areas that could benefit job seekers.

Two key advantages are the app’s easy connections and emphasis on flexibility.

The next part of this Shiftsmart review will summarize the five best features of being an employee with the firm.


As you work with the app for a while, you’ll realize how expansive it is.

The labor networks span over 50 countries, and the app continues to build a dynamic community.

Shiftsmart offers their workers exposure to the work field.

By working for a couple of weeks, you will connect with several employers that could lead to better opportunities.

Flexible Staffing Levels

The number of jobs offered by Shiftsmart can fit into one of four categories: store associate, retail auditor, tech product tester, and survey caller.

Difficulty varies with each company and requires the right skillset to accomplish the tasks.

Typically, these jobs need new hires to work on a more flexible schedule, so it’s important to keep that in mind before applying.

The operating system Shiftsmart uses is advanced and matches you with jobs based on your preferences.

Screening and Testing

Shiftsmart keeps a tight screening process separating eager workers from people who might be more likely to quit mid-job.

The testing portion evaluates a person’s ability to adapt to specific work environments and common scenarios in the workplace.

Not only does the screening process ensure that companies are getting the best members for their business, but workers get shifts based on their qualifications and skill set.

Remote Options

Many people reentering the labor market after a long absence might be worried about the impact of working on their lives.

This can be especially the case for those who are care workers.

Fortunately, plenty of companies on Shiftsmart lean towards remote work options.

Indeed, many vacancies are exclusively focused on utilizing remote workers, such as call centers and survey callers.

Organized Dashboard

If you aim to build a strong portfolio by building up a list of gigs, then you need to keep track of your jobs, responsibilities, and how each job helped your growth and experience.

Shiftsmart does most of the work for you by tracking your history of employment through the app.

Moreover, your submitted certifications, degrees, and other attributes stay on your profile to help the company match jobs.

The app’s tools are also available to give workers feedback on their performance throughout their employment.

It gives users a chance to reflect on their experience and identify areas where they could improve to boost their prospects.

Shiftsmart Customer Service

Customer service is essential in the gig economy.

After all, workers rely on a steady source of income, and being able to use apps like Shiftsmart without disruption or obstacles is vital.

There could be confusion about the schedule, or the worker might have to cancel and deal with a sudden emergency.

So, while gig apps give freelance workers the freedom to perform their jobs without an overshadowing boss, having some form of contact with the company is crucial.

Does Shiftsmart Offer Customer Service?

Yes, Shiftsmart has a help center with listed topics to guide concerned customers with their issues.

In addition, the company provides points of contact in the form of support requests, payment tickets, and live agents.

What Types of Customer Service Does Shiftsmart Offer?

If you are starting Shiftsmart for the first time, it’s a good idea to explore the help center to study the basics of the app.

It centralizes tips for navigating the app.

The type of advice ranges from messaging to changing account settings.

If you have questions about payment and how it works, there’s a separate section discussing related issues and how to fill out tax forms.

Uniquely, there is a section that helps people learn about mystery shopping as a Shiftsmart partner.

This help center is also where you can find the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section.

From referrals to the duties of a survey call, Shiftsmart has collected the most common queries submitted by users.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We have researched many reviews and comments from previous employees about Shiftsmart and how they conduct their business.

Moreover, we have a track record of providing lived experiences of using specific platforms.

So, with that in mind, we always try apps like Shiftsmart out before we make any recommendations.

What Shiftsmart Users Are Saying

One of the best ways to gain insight into a company is through testimonials.

With that in mind, here are three reviews from users with experience working through the Shiftsmart app:

  • One reviewer praised the quality of the app and the ease of communication during the onboarding process. However, they noted communication got tougher after work started.
  • Another worker expressed frustration that the app was sluggish and remarked they had not been paid for three shifts. 
  • The third reviewer highlighted the phone reps, who they said were always available whenever an app-related issue needed to be dealt with.

Shiftsmart Alternatives

If you are looking for more working opportunities but aren’t necessarily convinced by Shiftsmart, here are a few alternatives that offer similar job marketplaces.


Wonolo is a broad-based employment platform that helps job seekers find entry-level work.

After a shift ends, employers rate your performance, which can affect your chances for additional work.

Employees can become “Wonolo workers,” giving them exposure to potential clients.

With this system, employers and workers can build long-term relationships with better pay.

How Does Wonolo Differ From Shiftsmart?

Wonolo employees have personal ratings similar to rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft.

This system may influence your chances of getting jobs down the line.  

Who Is Wonolo Best For?

Check out Wonolo if you have experience in warehouses, delivery, and administration.


Upshift is a staffing platform, meaning it’s optimized to help businesses build a workforce with ease at an affordable price.

This on-demand app has redefined industries that rely on consistently available labor for short and long-term staffing.

Upshifters that perform well have the chance to be chosen again for previous jobs.

This feature provides both employers and employees with more stability.

How Does Upshift Differ From Shiftsmart?

You can rate and fill out a survey for every job you work.

Who Is Upshift Best For?

Consider joining Upshift if you have experience with hospitality and catering events.


Gigsmart is an app that helps freelancers find local job vacancies.

The application process requires you to join an Independent Contractor Association for insurance.

This is akin to workers’ comp and covers all medical expenses and disability payments.

How Does Gigsmart Differ From Shiftsmart?

As part of the insurance, freelance workers must pay a dollar for every hour worked.

Who Is Gigsmart Best For?

If you are looking for medical assistance, Gigsmart is an excellent option to get coverage and health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have concerns about Shiftsmart that this article hasn’t covered?

Take a look at these questions commonly asked about the app.

How long does it take Shiftsmart to pay you?

After Shiftmart approves your pay, you can expect your money to arrive five days after submitting the payment form.

Why is Shiftsmart not working?

There are many reasons why Shiftsmart will not work for you, with the cause not always being technical.

Given that, it’s a good idea to check the Shiftsmart help center to identify the issue and see if there is a solution.

Wrapping Up

After reading this Shiftsmart review, you will be better placed to determine if the app is the solution for you.

It is an excellent option for anyone looking for a side hustle or a way to reenter the labor market.

The application process is easy to fill out and makes it inviting for people to try out the app’s services.

There are issues with the company paying their workers on time and neglecting communication, but it is still worth checking out.

If you need a job, check out the official Shiftsmart website and learn more about the company today.

2 thoughts on “Shiftsmart Review: How It Works and If It’s Worth It”

  1. Yes, you can sign up for a gig in a different city if you know that you will definitely be in that city on the day of the gig. However, it’s important to make sure that you can commit to attending the gig and completing the work required, as canceling or failing to complete a gig can have negative consequences on your reputation with the gig platform and future job opportunities.

    Also, keep in mind that you may need to factor in travel costs and transportation to get to the gig location, especially if it is in a different city. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and make sure that you have enough time and resources to travel to and from the gig location while still being able to complete the work required.


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