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Best Work-From-Phone Jobs [& Where To Find Them] In 2023

Trying to monetize extra hours spent on your smartphone? Here are the seven best work-from-phone jobs to earn decent money without a computer.

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As long as you have a strong internet connection and a smartphone, you can make money on the side or even full-time.

Work-from-phone jobs bring many benefits to the table, but since there are so many of them, it can be difficult to determine which opportunities will pay off in the long run.

Make the decision a lot easier by checking out the seven best jobs you can do from your phone.

Why Choose Work-From-Phone Jobs

Jobs you can do from a smartphone provide several unique perks, such as:

  • Convenience: Work any time, anywhere, thanks to your reliable phone;
  • Easy money: Many of these tasks are easy to do and can work as a side gig;
  • Learn new skills: Depending on the type of job you choose, you may develop or even learn brand new skills that can make you more competitive on the job market;
  • Low entry point: You can start this new gig with a tool you already have, so there’s no need to invest in new equipment or tools for most of these jobs.

Cell phone jobs are quite diverse; when we get to a specific gig, there are even more benefits waiting.

7 Best Work-From-Phone Gigs for Side Income

Here’s a list of seven side gigs that part-time workers can participate in from their smartphones:

1. Coaching

Coaching involves guiding people to help them achieve their goals through different methods. In a way, it’s like a form of therapy, though coaches are usually experienced in the areas the individual struggles with.

For example, if you have lots of business experience, becoming a business coach can help you share your knowledge and assist others in improving their activities. Coaching also doesn’t require any certification, though some clients might feel more comfortable working with you if you do.

TaskHuman is a great place to get started with online coaching. The platform offers programs in wellness, leadership, sales, and life mentorship. 

You’ll need to pass a basic background check and prove your qualifications and experience, particularly if you’re applying for wellness coaching. But if you pass, you’ll become a part of an interconnected network of worldwide coaches.


  • Leverage the knowledge and skills you already have
  • Meet new people and help them reach their goals
  • Work part-time, or turn it into a full career if you prefer


  • Acquiring that first client may take time

2. Online Surveys

Online surveys can help you make extra money even with a busy schedule. It’s not a traditional job, so you can choose how much time to invest in this activity, though the golden rule is the more surveys you complete, the higher the paycheck.

A great place to get started is Swagbucks, where users can earn upwards of $5/hour by completing questionnaires. They also have other activities like playing games, shopping online and surfing the internet to earn extra cash.


  • One of the easiest ways to make money;
  • No skills or qualifications necessary, though some surveys may need answers from a certain demographic only;
  • The surveys usually take a few minutes to complete.


  • Only works as a side hustle.

3. Content Creator

Being a content creator can help you generate money in different ways. The most obvious is getting paid by the platform for views and traffic, such as on YouTube’s content creation platform

But if you can grow a decent following, you could also be making money through partnerships, getting free products to test, and exclusive brand deals. 

Start by choosing a niche and identifying your target customers. Next, research whether both parties are passionate about the industry. Once you start posting, remember to use your off-time to interact with community members. This grows viewer engagement and helps you gain better interaction metrics.


  • A highly creative line of work;
  • Provides multiple revenue streams;
  • There are several apps to help you both shoot and edit great-quality videos from your phone with ease.


  • Competition levels are high, and it will take time to grow a following.

4. Website or App Tester

You can also make money by browsing the web or using apps. Since the majority of global traffic comes from mobile phones, companies routinely pay people to scrutinize their platforms before launching.

Check out UserTesting first if you want to get started with this gig. They can connect you with UX and UI professionals needing feedback on their work.

For UserTesting, you’ll need to pass an unpaid practice test, system requirements verification, and provide a PayPal account to get paid. Other sites may have lower requirements.


  • You can do these tasks in your free time, including your lunch hour;
  • These sites usually accept most types of smartphones to ensure the platforms work on all operating systems and screens;
  • You don’t need specific skills other than attention to detail.


  • You will need to download several apps to your smartphone or tablet;
  • The tests can be repetitive.

5. Telemarketer

This classic phone gig involves calling people and convincing them to make a donation, buy a product, or any other kind of conversion. 

It’s a great opportunity if you’re highly communicative and have some degree of salesmanship. Even if you won’t be selling a product per se, telemarketers need to know some persuasion tactics to convince clients to act without coming across as pushy or aggressive. 

You can find these jobs on customer support boards like NoDesk.com, though being a telemarketer isn’t the same as working on the support staff. With the latter, you usually get calls from clients who have a concern or problem. But telemarketers get in touch with people to convert them into clients.


  • Get paid extra through commissions;
  • Helps you earn money from anywhere you are;
  • You can work as an employee or freelancer for multiple companies.


  • Some clients won’t be thrilled to get unsolicited sales calls, which can affect your bottom line.

6. Online Tutor

Online tutoring involves helping someone else learn something. It’s not the same as teaching since you’ll mostly work with one student at a time and personalize your classes to suit their specific needs.

One of the most popular subjects in online tutoring is languages; you can use your English skills to teach people from all over the world. And if you know other languages, even better.

Nice Talk and VIPKid are great platforms to get you started. While you will need to showcase some qualifications for the subject you’ll teach, for the most part, you only need a cell phone and an internet connection to start tutoring.


  • Get paid by the minute and pocket money even for simple English conversations;
  • Meet new people from all over the world and help them learn new skills.


  • Many tutoring platforms work on a star-review basis, so your success depends on the experience and performance of your students.

7. Game Tester

Testers evaluate the gaming and storyline experience before official launches. You can play many of these games on a smartphone and send companies a detailed review.

Sometimes, a game developer will also ask for bug testing, quality reports, and other specific tasks, which could require more time and attention. PlaytestCloud, for instance, always provides detailed guidelines for testers so you can check the gig descriptions and know what you’re signing up for.


  • It’s a fun side hustle that can pay decent money;
  • You can play games before launching and help improve them;
  • Some developers are looking for full-time testers.


  • Since they’re still in production, many of the games will have poor user experience, which can lead to a boring gig at times.

Similar Jobs

Here are some other gigs you might be interested in:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Mobile Phone is Best for Online Work?

You’ll need a smartphone that can allow fast processing speeds and accommodate most modern apps. Consider the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, and Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Can I Do an Online Job With My Phone?

Yes, many of the tasks traditionally done on a computer can now be completed on a cell phone, thanks to dedicated mobile apps.

However, there are some limitations. Mobile apps don’t always provide the full functionality as their desktop versions. If you want to do a computer-only job on your phone, you may encounter some difficulties.

Wrapping Up

Making money from a cell phone can generate a decent income as long as you’re choosing a job that suits your needs, skills, and the amount of free time on your hands. But since lots of them can also become full-time careers, you have even more reason to check out the above work-from-home gigs.

What are your thoughts on these types of jobs? Do drop your comments below and share this article with your friends and family curious about earning from their phones.

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