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The Complete Guide to Wingz Tipping Etiquette

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The app Wingz has put a stake in the ground when it comes to scheduling and taking airport rides.

The San Francisco-based ridesharing service has competed against giants like Uber and Lyft by staying focused on what it does best — getting riders to and from the airport so that they can make their flights on time.

Users of the app like it a lot, especially the feature that lets you schedule a specific driver ahead of time, something not offered by Uber or Lyft.

But users of the app also have questions when it comes to tipping.

The big question: Should you tip your Wingz driver?

The short answer is yes, but there’s a bit more that goes into it than that, especially in the way Wingz prefers that you tip.

In this article we’ll look at Wingz, talk about ridesharing tip etiquette and discuss Wingz’s preferred tipping method.

Do You Need to Tip Your Wingz Driver?

Tipping is, like with any situation, optional.

That being said, it’s highly recommended that you tip your driver, no matter what ride-hailing app you use.

Why? Because like it or not, tipping is the way these drivers make a living wage.

A few bucks from each rider will add up over the course of a shift, and can often mean the difference between a driver making enough to earn a living spread out over time.

Wingz allows you to tip within the app, making it as easy as possible.

When you book your trip, the app will give you a flat rate that is locked in for your trip, no matter how far ahead you schedule it (a nice way to avoid the surge pricing you sometimes get hit with using Uber or Lyft).

From there, once the ride is complete, the app invites you to rate your driver and provide a tip as well.

Here’s how it looks on the app:

Complete Guide to Wingz Tipping Etiquette

As for tip amount, many people choose to ride with the 20 percent number, which is often a fair tip for a driver.

For excellent service, of course, you can go above and beyond with your tip.

And for short trips, which may be under 10 dollars, it’s still good form to tip a dollar or two, as short trips may be short for you but still take time out of the driver’s day.

When it comes to tipping methods, Wingz is a bit different than competitors in that it states it’s a cashless system and asks riders to tip drivers via the app.

Many on-demand apps tell users that tipping cash is fine and welcome.

Wingz’s official language on tipping reads: “Wingz is a cashless service.

Tipping is optional and given through the app when you review your driver.”

So that is the official company line.

That being said, if you have a few dollars in your pocket and want to hand it to your driver, there’s nothing wrong with that, and will probably be appreciated by the driver.

This is especially important if you’re using a Wingz promo code.

Wingz prefers you keep all transactions in the app, but there’s nothing illegal about tipping cash.

So do as you see fit.

One benefit of tipping through the app — Wingz will send you an updated receipt with the total amount, which may be easier for business travelers who are looking to get reimbursed.

Wingz also allows you to tip after your ride.

To do so, you must log into your account, go to “My Bookings,” and there it will give you the options to rate and tip your driver, even if you’d taken other trips since then.


Use Wingz to Schedule Rides Ahead of Time…Then Tip Your Driver

Wingz is a really great app for people who want to ensure a ride to the airport or to a major meeting goes smoothly, and is able to be locked in ahead of time.

For that great service you should reward the driver by providing a tip at the end.

Even if it’s just a few bucks, that may make a big difference over the course of a shift for a driver, and can make the difference between making ends meet and making a living.

Wingz allows you to save your favorite drivers and book them directly, and to make sure that your favorite drivers keep appreciating you, and you stay one of their favorite riders, it’s always a good idea to tip.

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