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Userfeel: Make Extra Cash Testing Websites

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We live in a digital world where websites are now the face of most companies.

Thousands of dollars are poured into company websites in an attempt to build brands, reel in customers, and sell goods online.

Companies want their sites to be optimized and perform their best.

This includes having an excellent user experience and site design to increase usability and overall conversions for a business.

Companies turn to services like Userfeel to get feedback from real consumers on the performance of their website.

Userfeel hires people like you to walk through websites and provide feedback through a video recording.

Getting paid to scroll through a website — what could be easier than that?

Today we’re going to walk through Userfeel and show you how you can make money as a website usability tester.

We’ll talk about how it works, how much it pays, and how you can become a usability tester.

What Is Userfeel?

Userfeel: the website homepage
Userfeel is a remote usability testing company that enables people like you to make money testing websites.

Companies turn to Userfeel to get feedback on the user experience of their website in order to make improvements.

When a company signs up for Userfeel, usability testers will be given an assignment to complete on the company’s site.

This could be shopping for certain items on an eCommerce site or navigating to the customer support section.

Testers will then complete the given assignment while recording a live video.

The company will use this video to improve the overall user experience of its site.

Written explanations and usability reports are also given to companies to help uncover optimization opportunities.

Conducting usability tests for money is easy and nearly anyone can sign up for Userfeel.

But receiving easy money for 10-20 minutes of work may sound too good to be true — is this service legit?

Is Userfeel Legitimate or a Scam?

Yes, Userfeel is a legitimate company that will pay you for conducting usability tests.

While there are many shady companies online that promise big bucks for easy tasks, this is one platform that you can trust to make a few extra dollars on the side.

Userfeel isn’t going to make you rich.

Looking at Userfeel reviews and reports across the web, it seems as though Userfeel provides intermittent work that must be supplemented with other side gigs to make money online.

As long as you complete the required tasks and meet the standards of Userfeel, you’ll get paid without a problem.

The only way you won’t get paid is if your user test gets disapproved, which we’ll cover in detail in the dos and don’ts section below.

First, let’s go over how Userfeel works.

How Does Userfeel Work?

After signing up to be a Userfeel tester, you’ll be sent assignments that fit your user profile.

You’ll then use the platform to go through given assignments, video record your experience, and provide written feedback after.

You’ll need to have a Windows or Mac computer to complete tests on a desktop.

If you have a Windows computer, you’ll need to use Windows 7 or newer.

Your computer must also have an internal microphone or an external microphone you can use to record your verbal response.

Tests can pop up at any time.

When a current test is available to you, Userfeel will send you a notification.

You can only accept a test when a notification comes your way.

You’ll only receive tests that fit your user profile and your spoken language.

Before a test, you’ll be asked screener questions.

These are a few questions to make sure you qualify for the test.

For example, you may be asked whether or not you use makeup if the website being tested is for a company who sells cosmetic products.

You’ll then begin your assignment and receive instructions at the top of the screen.

As you walk through your assignment, you’ll talk into the microphone giving feedback on the site.

You should talk about areas that could use improvements as well as aspects you like.

You shouldn’t use your real name or address when completing assignments.

Also, you should never input your payment information or complete a purchase.

This will protect your personal information and will prevent any unwanted purchases as you test out different websites.

After you’re finished, you’ll be instructed to leave written feedback about your experience.

You should be as descriptive as possible to ensure you receive compensation.

Each test will take about 10-20 minutes and can be conducted on desktop websites, mobile apps, tablets, and other devices.

But how much does Userfeel pay its testers?

How Much Does Userfeel Pay?

Userfeel: the webpage to sign up to test websites
After completing an initial qualification test, you’ll be paid $10 for every assignment you complete.

Each assignment will take around 10-20 minutes.

Your payment will come through PayPal or an Amazon gift card about one week after you complete your test.

Your pay will depend on the number of tests you’re able to do per week.

You could be eligible to take multiple tests per day or no tests at all for an entire year.

Usability testers are given a rating from the Userfeel team and the companies you test for.

If you give valuable feedback and detailed responses, you’ll receive a higher rating.

Users with a higher rating will be sent tests more often.

Your user profile will also dictate how many tests you’re sent.

If you have a sought after demographic that many companies want to test for, then you may be sent more tests.

So how can you become a Userfeel usability tester?

How to Become a Usability Tester

Head to the Userfeel registration page to begin the signup process.

From there you’ll need to provide your personal information and user demographic profile.

You should be prepared to provide your:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Payment information
  • Year of birth
  • Gender
  • Native language
  • Other fluent languages
  • Marital status
  • Number of children
  • Web experience
  • Devices available for testing
  • Why you’d be a good tester

After you fill out this form and confirm your application, new testers will be directed to complete a qualification test.

This is an unpaid usability test that will be used to rate your performance.

If you’re on your game and give great feedback, you can receive a higher rating, which will land you more tests in the future.

It will take about 7-15 days for your qualification test to get rated.

Once your test has been rated, you’ll receive a notification from Userfeel.

Then you’ll play the waiting game until you receive your first notification to take a usability test for cold hard cash.

Now, let’s make sure you maintain high ratings from your qualification test.

Dos and Don’ts of Userfeel Testers

If you follow these dos and don’ts, you can receive excellent ratings and continue to get a steady stream of tests sent your way.

Following the instructions of the task at hand is critical to locking in a good rating.

You shouldn’t skip any tasks or rush through your test.

Remember, this isn’t a race.

Take your time and provide detailed feedback about your experience.

Draw attention to site aspects that are confusing and misleading.

In the same light, call out helpful aspects of the site without being a suck-up.

Honest and truthful feedback is the best route to take.

The whole point is to find areas of improvement on the site.

As you walk through the assignment, consistently talk through your experience.

You shouldn’t just sit there silently with random moments of talking about what you see on the page.

Talk about how you’re using the site rather than describing what you’re seeing.

When talking into the microphone, be clear and concise.

There shouldn’t be any background noise that makes it difficult to hear the final recording.

After your test, provide detailed written feedback.

This will help you summarize your experience and give your overall opinion on your experience.

Last but not least, just act like a regular consumer who is trying to complete a similar task on the site.

Companies want genuine responses from you so they can improve the design of their websites.

And if usability testing interests you, there are even more usability testing alternatives you can use to make extra money on the side.

Userfeel Alternatives

As mentioned above, Userfeel won’t bring in a full-time income.

There are several other usability testing alternatives that you can look into to supplement your income.

The following usability testing websites will also pay you to test out websites in your free time.

You can decide to sign up for one or all of these sites if you want to maintain a steady stream of work.

Just signing up for one of these sites isn’t going to lock in work that fills your weekly calendar.

Your best bet is to sign up for as many as possible and watch the assignments roll in.

Website Testing for Extra Cash

Testing websites in your free time is a great way to pad your weekly income.

It isn’t going to make you rich, but it can bring in a few hundred or thousand extra dollars per year.

If you go through your user tests and provide honest feedback, you can lock in additional jobs and make even more money on the side.

Head to www.userfeel.com to sign up today.

If you’d like to look into even more opportunities to make money online, check out these other product testing gigs, survey-taking sites, and other ways to make money online without paying a dime.

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