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The Complete Guide to UberXL (for Drivers and Riders)

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The world of ridesharing companies has come a long way since its early days.

In the beginning, you had one type of ride available, and it generally could seat only a few passengers.

If you needed something bigger, your only option was to rent a limousine or van, which is prohibitively expensive for most people.

As ridesharing became more popular, however, companies started to offer a greater range of ride options.

One of these options was UberXL, Uber’s option for larger groups of people needing an easy, affordable way to get around.

In this guide, we’re going to give you everything you need to know about UberXL.

Whether you’re an Uber passenger looking to get an XL ride or an Uber driver searching for a way to boost your earnings, you’ll find the info you need here.

What Is UberXL?

UberXL is an economy ride option offered by rideshare behemoth Uber.

At its most basic, UberXL is a larger version of UberX.

While with UberX you’ll generally get a sedan that can hold up to four passengers, UberXL vehicles will be vans or SUVs capable of holding up to six passengers.

This Uber service is perfect for a large group of people.

Potential uses include a group of friends going out on the town, a large family who needs a ride to or from the airport, or even someone who needs to move a large amount of belongings without having to rent a truck.

How Much Does UberXL Cost?

Since UberXL vehicles are larger, the fares are higher than for UberX.

However, they’re not as high as you might think.

As we know, Uber prices vary depending on the distance you need to travel, the amount of time it takes you to get there, and the demand for Uber rides.

To get a sense of how much UberXL costs, let’s take a look at a sample trip using Ridester’s fare estimator tool.

For example, here’s the estimated fare for a trip between LAX and a hotel in LA:

As you can see, the UberXL fare is between $41–$53 for this trip, compared to $29–$38 for an UberX.

This makes UberXL around 1.4 times more expensive than UberX, though the precise difference will vary depending on your city.

The other thing to consider, however, is that UberXL can often save you money compared to taking separate UberX rides.

If UberXL costs 1.4 times what UberX does, then you can save around 60% when taking one UberXL ride compared to taking two UberX ones.

How to Use UberXL

Now that you understand the basics of UberXL, let’s look at how to use it.

Getting an UberXL ride is no different than any other type of Uber service.

To start, enter your pick-up and dropoff locations in the Uber app.

Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is select UberXL from the list of ride types.

From there, just press “Confirm UberXL” to request the ride and be on your way.

UberXL Driver Requirements

Using UberXL as a passenger is easy.

If you want to drive for UberXL, however, you’ll need to take a few more steps.

Compared to driving for UberX, UberXL is not much more difficult.

The only additional UberXL vehicle requirement is that you need a car that can seat six or more passengers (not including the driver).

As long as your car meets this and the other Uber vehicle requirements, it will qualify for UberXL rides.

And unlike a service like UberBLACK, which requires you to have commercial insurance, there are no special UberXL driver requirements.

You will, however, be required to have Uber insurance, pass a background check, and also a vehicle inspection.

UberXL Car List

It’s simple enough to say that you need a car that can seat at least six passengers, but which car should you actually buy?

Which cars will qualify for UberXL?

Below, you’ll find a few of the many options.

Be sure to consult the Uber driver page for your city to find a full list of eligible UberXL vehicles.

Potential UberXL Vehicles:

  • Audi Q7
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Chrysler Town and Country
  • Dodge Caravan, Journey, or Durango
  • Ford Explorer
  • GMC Acadia
  • Honda Odyssey or Pilot
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Toyota Sienna or Highlander
  • Volkswagen Tiguan

Frequently Asked Questions About UberXL

To conclude this guide, here are answers to some common questions that drivers and riders have about UberXL:

1. What’s the difference between UberXL and UberSUV?

Both of these services offer capacity for up to six passengers, but this is where the similarities end.

The best way to think of it is in comparison to other Uber services.

UberXL is the high-capacity version of UberX.

UberXL vehicles are larger than UberX cars, but they are otherwise similar in their level of luxury and quality.

In contrast, UberSUV is the high-capacity version of UberBLACK.

It’s a high-end car service that offers black cars and professional drivers.

You’ll get a higher level of service and sophistication than with UberXL, though you’ll also pay accordingly.

If you’re going out with a large group and want to show off, then UberSUV is what you should choose.

If you just need extra room, then go with UberXL.

2. Does Lyft offer a version of UberXL?

Yes, they do.

It’s called Lyft XL, and it’s basically identical to UberXL.

You can learn more about it here.

3. What’s the proper etiquette for UberXL?

If you’ve never ridden in an UberXL vehicle before, you may be wondering what the proper etiquette is.

It’s not much different from riding in an UberX vehicle overall, though you should be aware that the large size of the vehicles can make it more difficult to maneuver them.

Therefore, try to avoid requesting an UberXL pickup if you’re in an alley or a narrow street.

In general, you’re doing your driver a favor by requesting an UberXL, as it means that you’re not trying to squeeze an unreasonable number of people or amount of luggage into a tiny UberX sedan.

4. Can I drive for UberX and UberXL?

Yes, you can, and this is in fact the default setting.

You’ll also get UberPOOL requests, and you can even opt to receive UberSELECT requests if your car qualifies.

The real question is whether or not you should drive for both services.

It’s tempting to just drive for UberXL, as the fares are higher, and every UberX ride you give is a potentially missed UberXL trip.

However, this isn’t the best strategy in most cases.

While it can be annoying to get only UberX trips when you have a car capable of UberXL, it’s more important to maximize the number of rides you’re giving during your shift.

Unless you’re regularly taking large groups to the airport, you’re better off accepting both UberX and UberXL rides to boost your earnings to their highest possible level.

Of course, we recommend you experiment to find the option that works the best for you.

Transport More People With UberXL

We hope this guide has helped you understand UberXL as both an Uber passenger and driver.

The service is an excellent opportunity for drivers to earn more money, as well as a convenient way for large groups of passengers to get around.

Looking for more ways to boost your Uber earnings?

Check out our guide to making more money with Uber

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