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How Uber Round Trip Rides Work

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The rideshare industry has changed the way humans view daily transportation.

Launched in 2009 in San Francisco, Uber began a global revolution of getting passengers from place to place.

Getting into a stranger’s car has evolved into a normalized method of arriving at destinations on time.

As the years progress, millions of people use Uber and other rideshare apps without a second thought.

Most often, passengers book a ride meant solely to get to their target destination.

However, passengers occasionally need to get somewhere and immediately return to their starting point.

Thus, an Uber round trip becomes necessary.

Does Uber Do Round Trips?

In short, yes, Uber provides round trips for passengers.

However, there is a bit of a process to make this happen.

Riders must add stops to their initial ride request to end up at their original starting point.

For example, a rider must head to the convenience store around the corner and then back to their apartment.

They need to set their destination as the same place the driver meets them and then add a stop to the trip while they wait.

How Long Will an Uber Driver Wait at Each Stop?

Uber drivers can wait up to three minutes at each stop.

Passengers need to be sure to plan their trips accordingly in advance so as not to surpass this time limit.

Luckily for drivers, Uber does charge the passenger for additional wait time at each stop.

An extra payout to the driver is inevitable, but passengers should be aware of this.

Depending on the purpose of travel, passengers may or may not be able to adhere to this time limit.

How Much Does Uber Round Trip Cost?

The cost of an Uber round trip depends on several criteria.

First, time and distance traveled are calculated into the fare the app charges the passenger and the amount paid to the driver.

Second, the app calculates the amount of elapsed time the driver waits at each stop.

As previously mentioned, longer stops mean a higher charge.

Uber allows a maximum of two added stops to the pickup and dropoff location.

Passengers needing a round trip should consider these factors.

What Service Levels Offer Round Trips?

The ability to add stops is available on almost all types of Uber trips.

Standard UberX rides are the most commonly used for additional stops.

These rides are the quickest and most economically-friendly options for single passengers.

Uber Comfort and Uber Green also allow multiple stops.

These rides offer an experience with newer or more eco-friendly vehicles, respectively.

The function is also available on rides booked with UberXL, which provides rides for groups of up to six passengers.

Which Service Levels Don’t Do Round Trips?

Service levels of Uber that do not do round trips or multiple stops are UberX Share rides.

These rides do not offer the service because the Share feature is to get passengers where they need to go quickly at a more affordable rate.

The Share rides also are already affected by multiple stops for multiple passengers going to different locations.

Uber passengers who utilize the Uber Lite app will also not find the “add stop” function available.

Uber Lite’s design does not feature most of the bells and whistles found on the Uber app.

How To Add a Stop on Uber

Passengers wishing to add multiple stops to their Uber trip are in luck.

The app makes it incredibly simple for all riders and drivers to navigate the steps, regardless of when a passenger adds a location to the trip.

How To Schedule an Uber Round Trip [Schedule Ahead of Time]

Uber gives passengers the ability to schedule a ride ahead of time.

This service comes in handy for passengers in many ways.

Passengers who book a ride in advance can add multiple stops once their ride is in motion, just as any other Uber passenger will do.

Riders can schedule a ride as little as five minutes and as far out as thirty days in advance.

Drivers who accept these rides receive notification that they are on a scheduled trip.

As always, the app notifies drivers of any pit stops added to the trip they are currently driving.

How To Add Multiple Stops to Uber [Before the Ride]

Once passengers book an Uber ride, they can begin editing their destination and stops.

In the Uber app, passengers can view details of their trip as they await their driver.

One of the options available to passengers is to add stops.

Passengers should click on this and type in the address(es) of the stop(s) they must make along the way.

Once the ride is in motion, the driver receives an alert of the additional stops they will make along the route.

How To Add Multiple Stops to Uber [During the Ride]

Not always, but sometimes a passenger determines they need to make a pit stop along their route.

If this happens, the rider should open the Uber app on their phone.

The app is already tracking the ride in progress.

The passenger can select the option to add a stop to their ride.

They will then enter the address of the destination they need to add, just as they would if they did so while waiting for their driver to show up.

The driver will immediately receive notification of the change of plan, and the app will immediately reroute the driver if needed.

Tips For Taking a Successful Round Trip on Uber

Certain behaviors can make any rideshare experience go smoothly or wrong.

Here are the most important things to remember if you need to take a round trip on Uber.

1. Plan Accordingly

Drivers love passengers who come prepared.

Passengers who require multiple stops along the way, including a round trip, should have everything planned out well in advance.

Knowing the address(es) of the location(s) the ride should head toward will cause less confusion and frustration for both the driver and passenger.

2. Communicate With the Driver

Even though the Uber app alerts drivers when a passenger adds multiple stops to a trip, be sure to be vocal and communicate this as well.

It is also always a good idea to have your driver confirm that their app shows the correct locations for the multiple stops needed.

When this happens, the driver is more efficient in getting the passenger to the destination.

3. Be Aware of Time Limits

Even though drivers get paid for additional wait time, it is frustrating to wait for long periods.

Longer waits mean fewer opportunities for more rides for drivers.

Despite the extra money made waiting, drivers could potentially lose money while waiting for passengers who take too long.

Passengers should remember that Uber recommends taking no more than three minutes at each stop.

Passengers who adhere to this time limit assist in the integrity of the Uber system and the efficiency of drivers.

Wrapping Up

Uber has made it so simple for people to get where they need to go.

More and more people have also found success in driving for Uber, earning quick and easy money.

The ability to book a personal driver from place to place has moved people simpler than ever.

Uber has gone a step further in allowing passengers to book round-trip rides.

In short, an Uber round trip is an asset to the easy-to-use rideshare app.

Passengers and drivers alike benefit from the feature.

It is one of the many reasons why many people have put their trust in the company.

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