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Need an Uber Receipt? Here’s How to Find It

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Rideshare companies have made getting a ride incredibly simple, so why would you expect getting an Uber receipt to be any different?

You can integrate your purchases on the Uber app into any business profile or expense report.

Reimbursable business expenses are the most common reason you would need an Uber receipt, but there are plenty of reasons why you might need proof of purchase from Uber or Lyft.

Certain purchases, including ridesharing, are tax-deductible, depending on the purpose of the actual Uber trip.

Are you riding with Uber as part of charity work or to deliver donations?

Check with an accountant to see if the money spent on your ride is tax deductible.

If it is, you’ll need to keep your ride receipt.

Uber Receipts are also an excellent way to show a person’s whereabouts at a particular date or time, especially if you’re accounting for time spent on a project or need to show an employer that you were at a particular location.

In this article, we’ll show you how to access and print your rideshare receipts from Uber and Lyft, and we’ll go over how to create business accounts separate from your normal user account.

Uber Receipts Are Crucial for Business

If your job requires business travel you probably use the Uber app.

It’s faster and often cheaper than taking a traditional cab, and more convenient than many mass transportation systems in different cities.

Whether it’s a ride from the airport or ordering food delivery to your hotel with Uber Eats, using Uber for business is quick and easy.

But don’t forget that every receipt needs to be accounted for.

Most business expense software services like Concur require you to upload a receipt with each entry in your expense report.

Every company policy is different, but most ask that you provide a receipt for charges over a certain amount.

Those receipts must show the amount spent, the purchase method, the location, and the date.

Uber receipts provide all of that standard information, plus time of pickup and drop-off, as well as distance travelled.

The easiest way to collect all of the information on your rideshare trips is to access your Uber account.

You can visit riders.uber.com (you’ll need to provide the phone number associated with your account to receive a verification code) and confirm you’re receiving email receipts to the right place.

You can do this by going to the Rider login page and confirming your account’s email address.

If the email address is correct you’ll automatically be sent an email after every purchase for rides or food on the Uber app.

If you’re primarily using Uber for work, it’s best to list your company email address in the Uber app profile so that receipts can be sent directly to your work account.

You’ll receive a receipt immediately after riding, but what if you tip with Uber after the ride is over?

The tip amount and new total will be added to your ride history, and a new receipt will automatically be emailed to you to reflect the change in price.

If your company expense policy allows for tips, you can submit this new receipt on your expense report for reimbursement.

And if you’re a freelance or contract employee, you can separate out the original receipt from the tip.

If you’re not receiving receipts in your inbox after Uber rides or Uber Eats delivery, check your spam folder or your account settings to make sure Uber hasn’t been flagged as junk mail.

If you need Uber to resend receipts from previous trips go the Uber site, click “My Account” and “My Trips.”

There you’ll see a list of all of your Uber rides.

Select which ride you need a receipt for, click “view details,” and then select “resend receipt.”

Grab Your Uber Receipts Straight From the App

Uber receipts: A hand holds a smart phone open to an app home screen

Do you need an Uber receipt quickly?

Just open the app and select “Your Trips” from the menu icon in the top left of the screen.

You’ll then be able to access your trip history, complete with a map of where you went and a ride receipt.

Select a ride and tap “receipt,” which will provide specific purchase details.

You can then take a screenshot using your smartphone to create a quick digital receipt.

Depending on your company’s expense report policy, this screenshot can serve as an official receipt without you having to click on the “resend receipt” link.

How to Find Uber Receipts Online

Do you need to access older trip receipts for an expense report or business profile?

Go to riders.uber.com and you’ll be able to browse your entire rider history.

Each entry will contain the same amount of information, including purchase information, date, location, and even the use of an Uber promo code if one was applied.

If you had an issue with your Uber driver or would like to contact Uber customer service about this ride or receipt, there’s a link in each entry to do so.

How to Print Your Uber Receipts

The fastest way to print your Uber Receipts is to hang on to the official Uber receipt emails sent after each ride.

If you’ve done that, simply open the email and save the document as a PDF file.

Then you can easily print the entire email from your computer.

If you haven’t saved the email, visit riders.uber.com to request a “resend receipt.”

Depending on your email service and computer, specific printing instructions vary.

If you use Gmail, click the printer icon at the top line of the actual email and a prompt will take you to the printer connected to your computer.

If you’re a PC user, Outlook allows you to right-click the email from anywhere in the document and select “print” from the menu.

If you’re in Apple’s Mail service, just click “File” from the menu bar and then select the printing menu from there.

You Can Access Receipts for Lyft Too

A lot of rideshare users will mix Lyft and Uber for their business travel, selecting a particular service in the moment based on availability or price.

If you’ve got a variety of Lyft and Uber Receipts you need to grab, don’t worry: The process is very similar.

Lyft users can access their trip history using the Lyft rider app.

Simply tap “Ride history” under your user profile, and you can access all of your Lyft trips.

You can then screenshoot the rides you need, or you can tap “export” in the upper right corner and Lyft will “send report,” providing an email to your account on file.

Lyft’s “ride report” feature makes expense reports even easier.

Instead of a simple email with the ride receipt in the text of the email, the Lyft ride report will automatically attach both a PDF copy of your receipt that can be easily printed, as well as a CSV file of your receipt that can be imported into Google Sheets or Excel.

Sync Your Lyft and Uber Accounts With Your Expense Reports

If you’re a frequent business traveller, check your company’s preferred expense report software.

Services like Concur and Expensify allow you to sync your Uber or Lyft accounts directly with your business profile.

Instead of having to manually select and enter ride information for reimbursement or reporting, your Lyft or Uber rides will be automatically integrated into your profile.

Uber receipts: the list of business software integrations on the Lyft app

Both Uber and Lyft feature app integration for expense reports.

On the Lyft app, select “business profile” and then tap “expense management.” You’ll be brought to a menu that allows you to select which service your company uses.

Lyft also allows you to create multiple profiles for a single user so that you can select a ride for either personal or business purposes.

For Uber, select “Payment,” and under the “Ride profiles” section, tap “Start using Uber for business.” This allows you to set up an account separate from your personal rides with a different credit card and integration with services like Concur.

Uber Receipts Have Never Been Easier to Track

Faster access to Uber receipts is helpful to employees, freelancers, and the business they’re working for.

No matter what kind of documentation you need, both Uber and Lyft have integrated ride histories and receipts so users can easily access any trips they’ve taken with the service with a quick search online or on their mobile app, or by simply searching their Gmail accounts.

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