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Resolve Your Uber Complaints: Solutions for Riders and Drivers

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If you’ve been using Uber long enough, you know the platform isn’t always perfect.

While the majority of the issues you encounter are fairly minor — for example, slow loading and ETAs that are slightly off — some Uber quirks demand an Uber complaint.

The good news is: Uber has been operating for millions of riders and drivers for years.

This means they have processes in place to help you resolve common issues as efficiently as possible.

You just need to know where to go.

In this guide, we’ll explain the best ways to resolve 10 different situations you may experience while riding or driving with Uber.

Before you reach out and contact Uber support, get a good handle on the issues that you should report.

Common Uber Complaints From Riders

Uber complaints: the "Help" section on the Uber app menu

Ridesharing, like any other form of transportation, has its own pros and cons.

When your Uber ride starts to lean heavily toward the negative side, you may wonder where to start to find a solution.

Most Uber complaints can be resolved straight from your Uber app, when you tap “Help” in your app menu and select “Trip Issues and Refunds.”

In this section, we’ll provide you with direct links and additional options to resolve your issue.

1. My Driver Was Late

Once in a while, your driver’s estimated time of arrival will be slightly off.

This can only be expected, especially during rush hour in extremely busy areas like New York City.

However, even with heavy traffic, your driver will typically arrive within 10 minutes of your provided estimate.

If your driver is 15 minutes late or more and can’t provide a good explanation — like a sudden accident or a major street closure — this is when you know you have a valid issue at hand.

If this occurs or if your driver is a total no-show, you can report the issue to Uber.

2. My Driver Was Unprofessional

Not every driver you encounter will deserve five stars.

However, there may be rare cases where your driver is completely disrespectful or ignores your request.

If you feel like your driver was rude to you or discriminatory in any way, you should definitely file a compaint.

You can also report your driver for making a personal stop, as that is very much against their rules.

Safety is one of Uber’s biggest selling-points, so every driver should adhere to their strict safety standards.

If your driver’s actions were severely unsafe or illegal, you can report the situation to Uber’s Critical Safety Response Line — a phone number that should only be used for emergencies — once you’re in a safe place and have called the proper authorities.

3. I Was Incorrectly Charged

Uber Complaints: over-the-shoulder view of a man looking at his Uber app

Sometimes, an unexpected charge can appear on your final receipt.

In these cases, it’s important to understand whether the charge is valid before submitting a report.

Here are a few examples and solutions to help you out:

  • Cleaning fees: Riders can be charged for food spills, drink spills, vomiting, and other types of messes that may occur during an Uber ride — always based on the severity of the mess.
    If you believe you weren’t fairly charged or that your driver was committing fraud with their report, you can submit your Uber complaint.
  • Toll fees: Riders are responsible for covering any tolls in their final cost.
    If you were charged a toll fee and didn’t pass any tolls, or if your driver asked you to pay a fee in cash, you can get Uber support.
  • Cancellation fees: You may be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel more than two minutes after getting matched with a driver (60 seconds for UberPool rides) or if you don’t arrive after five minutes of your driver’s arrival (two minutes for UberPool rides).
    If your cancellation fee was erroneously charged, you should dispute the charge.
  • Incorrect fares: The only situations in which your upfront price should change are if you made extra stops or if you changed your destination during the trip.
    If neither applies, report an incorrect final total.

4. I Lost an Item on My Ride

It’s only human to leave an item behind once in a while.

If you believe you left an item behind on your most recent trip, your best option is to speak with your driver about the lost item by providing your phone number on this page.

Uber will help facilitate a conversation with them or allow you to leave a voicemail.

Drivers will sometimes drop off lost items at their local Greenlight Hub, in which case you’ll have 45 days to pick it up.

You can get further assistance from Uber for lost items after 24 hours or if it’s an emergency.

Be aware that a $15 fee will be charged once your item is returned, so if the item isn’t worth much and can be replaced, it may be worth it to let it go.

5. I Had an Issue With Another UberPool Rider

While Uber drivers know they have ratings and a career to uphold, some Uber riders may not realize that they’re held to a certain standard too.

With that said, sharing an UberPool with strangers may make you more susceptible to negative exchanges.

Most UberPool riders provide each other with mutual respect, but if you do feel like you were poorly treated in any way, report the incident.

Uber can’t guarantee action every single time, since lower quality experiences can be expected when you select the cheapest service.

If your fellow passenger wasn’t purposely bothering you, it may be worth it to forgive and forget.

However, it’s entirely up to you to gauge the severity of the situation.

Submitting a report won’t hurt you in any way, and your anonymity will be preserved.

If your situation with an UberPool rider was extreme or put you in danger, you can report it to the police and contact the Critical Safety Response Line.

Common Uber Complaints From Drivers

Riders may submit the majority of Uber complaints, but Uber understands that drivers need support too.

Listed below are a few situations that you might find yourself in and how to resolve them.

1. My Uber Navigation Provided Inaccurate Directions

Uber complaints: a GPS guidance system mounted on a dashboard

Uber admits that its in-app navigation will sometimes provide inaccurate information (which is why we suggest considering other navigation apps).

This is because the Uber Driver app doesn’t have as much user data as Google Maps or other widely popular platforms.

You can follow the prompts provided within the app to help Uber update their maps.

If your issue was specifically with a pick-up or drop-off location that the app provided, you can use this page instead.

Submitting your issues doesn’t just get you an apology.

It also helps Uber improve its navigation system, so you don’t experience these issues in the future.

2. I Didn’t Receive an Accurate Payment

Though it isn’t a common occurrence, Uber’s systems may slip on a payment you were supposed to receive.

In most cases, this is just a partial payment that’s missing from your total, which you can resolve by visiting their help center.

The issues you can expect to get help with include:

It’s much rarer that a trip payment will be completely missing, but if this occurs, you can resolve the issue by submitting information on this page.

Before submitting the complaint, read through the directions on the page to ensure your trip was supposed to be listed on the current week’s pay statement.

3. My Rider Made a Mess in My Vehicle

If your rider creates a significant mess in your vehicle that prevents you from taking further trips in a timely fashion, you may be able to claim money for the inconvenience.

A significant mess may include a spilled coffee, bodily fluids, or mud stains.

To make your claim, contact support and submit a photo and details within three days of the trip.

Make sure to provide detailed information that will directly link the mess to the rider to prevent any disputes.

If Uber determines that the rider is at fault, they’ll be charged $20 to $150 depending on the severity, and you’ll receive a payment for your troubles.

If your rider actually damaged your vehicle and professional repairs are needed, you can follow the directions on this page to be reimbursed up to $250.

4. I Found an Item in My Vehicle

Uber complaints: a pair of sneakers on a dashboard

Every once in a while, an Uber rider may leave an item behind in your vehicle.

Reporting and returning a found item isn’t just a good deed — you’ll actually receive $15 for doing so.

To report a found item, you can share details and a photo.

Then, Uber will help facilitate a conversation with your rider within 48 hours if they want their item back.

When your rider receives their item, follow these steps to receive your payment (within five days):

  1. Tap “Help” on your Uber Driver app menu.
  2. Select “Trip Issues and Adjustments.”
  3. Select “I found a lost item.”
  4. Tap “I returned a lost item to my rider.”
  5. Type and submit the requested trip details.

5. I Received a Ticket

Uber will not provide you with any financial assistance if you violate any traffic laws or local laws, including in cases where you receive airport or parking citations.

This is considered breaking the law and is not excusable.

If your ticket is associated with a car accident, Uber requests that you first ensure that you and your passengers are safe.

After contacting local authorities as necessary, you can send Uber details and pictures of your vehicle, so the company can reach out to passengers and assess your car’s safety.

FAQs About Uber Complaints

Uber complaints: A driver looks at his phone screen

Now that you know about a handful of common situations in which Uber customer service can help you out, you’ll have peace of mind for any future trips.

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you learn more about what Uber can do for you.

1. If I don’t want to go through the listed support channels with my Uber complaints, can I contact Uber in any other way?

While the Uber app, Uber Driver app, and help.uber.com are the best channels for you to receive support for common issues, you may have to take another route if you have a different issue.

Rider support is available on Uber’s social media channels, specifically on Twitter and Facebook.

Drivers can also contact Uber via social media, but Uber also offers high-quality phone support and in-person support to its rideshare drivers.

2. Is Uber support free for riders and drivers?

Yes, you can get support from Uber at no additional cost.

The only exception may be if you need Uber to take action on something that you could have prevented (ex: returning a lost item).

In these incidents, you may receive a charge, which Uber will inform you of before you agree.

3. Can I speak directly with an Uber team member as a rider?

Unfortunately, it’s rare that a rider will be able to speak directly with an Uber team member.

This is because the volume of Uber riders is so large compared to Uber drivers, so the company wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand.

Choose the Platform That Has Your Back

When you ride or drive with Uber, you know you’ll have support for any negative situations that may occur, especially for emergencies.

It’s easy to find solutions for common issues, and even the not-so-common ones, when you know exactly where to look.

We hope this guide has helped you navigate your options for resolving your Uber complaints.

3 thoughts on “Resolve Your Uber Complaints: Solutions for Riders and Drivers”

  1. Uber has zero drivers support every support person is from some India call center they neither understand or are able to help. Uber only pays about 20% of the actual tolls drivers pay, since driving for Uber I’ve been biller over $700. In toll charges Uber has only reimbursed me around $200

  2. Over 10000 rides with uber as a driver this are my thoughts: Uber does not give a s…. about drivers, i have achieved 5 stars in 6.5 years doing my best to be professional and safe for riders and my self, is anough one demential rider that gave me 3 stars cause she did not like the perfume in my car to go back to 4.99 and another unknown rider who gave me 1 star for unknown reason to make me going back to 4.98 stars.
    repeat again, almost 11000 rides and 4000 5 stars, many of the riders don’t rate us, is almost impossible to reach 5 stars, i did achieve that for a month, then, because BS back to 4.98, although i have 2 dashcams in my car and i record every single ride, seams like uber does not give a s…., i am looking forward to work with other platforms since uber deals with great drivers with great excellent ratings in an unprofessional and impossible ways, unfairly and ungrateful, Uber thinks always about profit, i am so disappointed that this company like many others are garbage regardless which CEO that have, it is only about money. Garbage.
    Uber should be greatful to great drivers instead the opposite.
    I cannot wait to change company asap. 6.5 years 11000 rides and 4.98 stars. p.s. Lyft ? same s…..

  3. Uber blocks drivers accounts constantly just in the basis of a customer ‘s lies or Lwgatuins. This isn’t how business is conducted in the USA…WHERES DUE PROCESS? Uber constantly assumes a customer is right and in the basis of that a driver’s livelihood is destroyed. Uber should rethink how they do business. An app can’t be jusge and jury.


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