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Turo Promo Code: How to Save on Car Rentals

For some time now, the car rental industry has been ripe for disruption.

To fill this space, companies like Turo and Zipcar have hit the scene as the “Airbnb for car rentals” ⁠— and this can mean more savings for you, especially with incentives like a Turo promo code.

The Turo peer-to-peer car rental platform connects renters with car owners who are interested in making money off their vehicles when they’re not in use.

For you, this means an easy and convenient way to rent vehicles from car owners in your area.

Turo can also be a more affordable alternative to the pricey world of car rental companies.

To top it off, there are several ways you can save money on your vehicle rental with things like coupon codes that offer discounts off your first ride and additional tricks of the trade.

In this article, we’ll cover the Turo promo code and nine additional ways you can save when using the rental platform.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have everything you need to know to save a few bucks on your first Turo rental.

How Much Does Turo Cost?

Before getting into the different ways you can save with Turo, let’s first review how much Turo costs.

Every Turo rental will be a different price depending on the type of vehicle you rent, how long you rent it, and any extra costs that come along with each booking.

Car owners have the option of creating a set price for renting their vehicle.

They can also opt to use dynamic pricing, which will automatically set the price depending on the current rental market.

Each rental will factor in all of the following details to come up with the final rental price:

  • Trip price: Daily rate driver sets multiplied by the duration of the rental
  • Trip fee: Percentage service fee that supports the Turo platform
  • Protection: Different levels of insurance coverage
  • Delivery: Optional fee for pick-up or drop-off
  • Extra costs: Optional items like prepaid fuel, unlimited mileage, or bicycles with rental
  • Young driver fee: Drivers between 21 and 24 are subject to a 30% charge or $15 per trip — whichever is greater
  • Additional fees: Extra charges like refueling, cleaning, tolls, and tickets

All of these factors will determine the final price of your rental.

The easiest way you can save money on your car rental is by using a promo code, especially if you’re a first-time user.

How to Get Your Turo Promo Code

Man driving a vehicle in the city

Every once in a while, Turo will send customers promotional codes that give drivers money off their next rental.

Promo codes will be sent directly to your email inbox when you sign up for Turo’s email communications.

Each promo code will have its own rules, savings amount, and expiration date.

Keep in mind that third-party promotions won’t be honored ⁠— only promo codes that are provided by Turo will be accepted.

Every Turo promotion code will have a set expiration date and must be used within a certain time frame.

If you forget to apply the promo code to your rental, you won’t be able to retroactively redeem it afterwards.

Give one of these promo codes a shot to save on your next rental with Turo:


Promo codes come and go from month to month.

If some of these are expired, keep an eye out for other codes sent to your inbox to get deals.

Types of Turo Promo Codes

Not all Turo promo codes are the same.

There are two different types of Turo promo codes — one that you apply at checkout and one that you add to your general account.

Most Turo promo codes are meant to be applied to your vehicle rental when checking out.

When applying a Turo promo code at checkout, you can only use the discount on that specific rental.

Any extra money you may have cannot be applied to another rental.

Simply type in the code and the savings will be automatically applied.

You may also stumble across promotional codes (or Turo coupons) that can be added to your account.

If you have one of these discounts, then the amount of the promo code will be added to your travel credit balance.

This can be used towards your next trip and then some, until your entire credit balance is used.

9 Other Ways to Save Money

While promo codes are a lucrative means to receive discounted rentals, there are several other ways you can save as a Turo customer.

1. New Guest Offer

Similar to the general promo codes just mentioned, new customer offers are another way to save money as a first-time Turo user.

New guest offers are also sent via email.

You must sign up for a Turo account to begin receiving emails.

After that, there’s a possibility you’ll receive a new guest promotional offer.

These new guest offers will be worth around $20 to $50 in rental credit off your first trip.

For more information on current promotions and offers, head to the current promotion page on Turo.

2. Referral Program

At one point, Turo had a referral program that rewarded renters and their friends with $25 worth of rental credits.

Every time you sent your referral code to a friend, you’d both receive money towards your next ride.

Unfortunately, for the time being, Turo has paused its referral program.

This doesn’t mean that the program will be gone forever, so make sure to check back frequently on the site to see if you can earn some extra money for referring friends.

3. Refuel Your Vehicle

An easy way to save money and avoid extra charges is to return your rental car with the same amount of fuel it had when you began your rental.

If you return the vehicle with a lower fuel amount, you can be charged a refueling fee by the owner.

When you start your rental, make sure to take pictures of the gas gauge to avoid any disagreements after your rental drop-off.

You should also hold on to any fuel receipts you have just in case you need to provide proof of purchase.

4. Don’t Surpass Mileage Limit

It’s important to make sure you stay below the mileage limit of your rental.

Some rentals will have unlimited mileage, while others will have a set limit.

If you surpass this limit, you’ll be subject to an extra mileage charges.

Stay within your limits and you’ll avoid any extra charges.

5. Return Your Vehicle Clean and Undamaged

Returning your vehicle clean and undamaged will help ensure you avoid any additional charges.

If you return your rental in poor condition, you’ll be charged extra cleaning fees or damage recompensation.

It’s imperative you return the vehicle in the same condition as it was given to you.

If you need to tidy things up, head to the car wash for a quick rinse and vacuum.

It will likely be cheaper than the cleaning fees you’ll be charged.

6. Follow Policies

Most vehicle rentals will have policies in place that you must follow.

This includes things like not smoking in the vehicle and not allowing pets inside.

If your rental has set rules and guidelines, make sure you abide by all the rules.

If it says no smoking, then make sure you smoke outside the vehicle.

If it says no pets, then make sure you keep the pets outside the vehicle.

The smell of smoke or the sight of dog hair will surely yield some unwanted charges that you won’t want to deal with.

For more information, read through all of Turo’s vehicle use policies.

7. Don’t Buy Extras

Buying extras from the car owner will end up adding more money to your final bill.

While some of these extras are incredibly convenient — like a cleaning service, refueling coverage, or extra amenities — you can likely manage these on your own.

For instance, if a car owner offers car cleaning for $30 after your trip, you can easily save money by handling that yourself.

Would it be convenient to simply include it in advance?

Of course.

But you could easily get the vehicle cleaned for a fraction of the price.

8. Avoid Cancellations and No-Shows

Last-minute cancellations and no-shows will end up costing you.

The cost of your cancellation or no-show will depend on how long your trip was supposed to be and at which point you canceled.

You can be responsible for paying upwards of 50% of your trip if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled trip.

For more information, read through Turo’s cancellation policy.

9. Book by the Week or Month

Renting a vehicle for an extended period of time is another way to save.

Turo gives drivers the option for a weekly or monthly discount.

If you decide to rent longer, you can reap the benefits of a lower daily rate.

When you’re looking for a vehicle to rent, try changing up the dates and duration to see if you can take advantage of any discounts.

Much like buying airline tickets, if your schedule is flexible, it might end up saving you money.

Turo Promo Code: Rent a Car for Less

Turo is an easy and convenient way to lock in an affordable car rental in your area.

And with the tips and tricks you just learned, you can save even more money on your Turo car rental.

Whether it’s using a Turo promo code that was sent to your inbox, making sure your vehicle is clean and refueled before returning, or seeking out weekly and monthly discounts, there are plenty of ways you can save on your next or first car rental with Turo.

If you’d like to explore other car rental services check out our guide to Getaround and must-have Zipcar promo codes.

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