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Truck Seat Covers: Protect Your Seats on the Job

When it comes to working in the gig economy, your trusty vehicle is your best friend. There are several gigs that require a reliable car to effectively complete your duties.
If you’re already putting in steady hours, you understand that your vehicle goes through a tremendous amount of wear and tear. If you’re new to the game, let this be your warning. Your vehicle will get beat down, knicked up, and dirtied regardless of which job you’re using your car for.
Luckily, you can purchase seat covers that protect your interior from dirt, spills, stains, pet hair, and more. In this article, we’ll help you figure out which type of seat covers will help prevent any unwanted damage that could come along with your current gig.

Why Do Gig Workers Need Seat Covers?

Truck seat covers (and car seat covers) protect your interior from unwanted stains and rips that may occur while you’re on the job. They’ll help you get more years out of your car so you can continue to earn without having to purchase a new vehicle.
Every type of gig out there that requires vehicle usage can benefit from car seat covers in one way or another. Let’s look at how you can use seat covers to protect your vehicle based on your gig.


Working for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft will present a whole set of messes you need to defend your vehicle from. The amount of traffic alone that comes in and out of your car can wear down your upholstery. All of those butts sliding in and out of your vehicle will quickly make your seats look weathered and old. And heaven forbid you get any snags or rips in the process.
You’ll also need to protect your car or truck from spills and stains. This could come in the form of passengers being wet due to inclement weather, or spilled drink or food. You may even need to thwart off any sick customers who decide it’s a good idea to get sick in your car after a long night of drinking. The more protection you have, the better off you’ll be.

Food Delivery

Food delivery jobs require you to pick up food and beverages from restaurants all around your city. Having heavy duty seat covers will block any spills that may happen as you’re busting your tail around town. They’ll also help protect your interior from soaking up the smells and odors of takeout from every type of restaurant known to man. There’s nothing worse than getting in your vehicle the next day and getting a whiff of stale french fries and greasy hamburgers.

Pet Care

Taking care of pets will sometimes require you to have animals hop in your back seat. Right off the bat, your seats will be coated with a thick layer of doggy fur. Let’s hope they don’t have muddy paws too, as this will immediately dirty every crevice, seat, seat belt, headrest, and window. The odors may also be aplenty if you’re on your way to the groomer. At least you can protect your truck from some of these inconveniences with a specialized pet seat cover.

Package Delivery

Delivering packages requires you to load up your vehicle with boxes and parcels on a daily basis. Some of these packages may be heavy and awkward to handle. This could cause rips and snags on your seats. Packages may also not be clean. You’d never want to get a mystery stain from a package after plopping it in your vehicle. A nice set of seat covers will provide a barrier between your vehicle and the many packages you’ll be hustling to peoples’ homes.

Scooter Charging

Scooter charging is one of the less common gigs out there, but it’s still a great way to make cash on the side, especially if you have a truck at your disposal. Since you’ll be collecting scooters around the city, you’ll need to hop in and out of your vehicle all day. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to protect against this wear and tear.
You should also think about whether you’ll need to throw extra scooters in your back seat. Scooters can be wet, dirty, and dusty after being used. You wouldn’t want all that grime caking your back seat, so invest in some good truck seat covers.

Seat Cover Options

Two guys in a vehicle looking at the dashboard
When shopping for your seat covers, you’ll have several decisions to make. Among them are the style, material, brand, and price range you’d like to stay in.


First, you’ll have to figure out which style of seat cover you want. You’ll have the option of getting front seat covers, back seat covers, or both. This will also depend on whether or not you have bucket seats. Some seat covers will be universal and will fit nearly any vehicle you put them on. Other seat covers will be custom and will fit snugly.
Custom seat covers will fit your seats nicely and won’t slip off when passengers get in and out of your vehicle. To get the right custom seat covers, you’ll need to know your vehicle year, make, model, and body type. You can also opt to get specific pet seat covers or even heated seat covers that give additional comfort during the cold months.


There are many different materials and patterns of truck seat covers you can choose from. If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, you can opt for canvas or camo seat covers. There’s also leather, polyester, nylon, suede, vinyl, and other water-resistant materials. You can even splurge and go for neoprene, which will fit your seats like a glove.


Some seat covers may be a no-name brand with a universal fit. Others may be geared towards particular makes and models, like a Ford F-150 or a Toyota Camry. You can even go for a rugged brand like Carhartt, Mossy Oak, or WeatherTech, which are durable and will hold up for years to come. This will be your personal preference, depending on how much you want to spend and what type of quality you’re looking for.


The price of seat covers varies widely. You can go the cheap route and buy universal seat covers for as low as $25. Saddle blankets, which loosely fit your rear bench seat, are also a cheaper option for people who want to easily slip on and off their seat covers. These are perfect if you need quick protection, like taking your pet to the groomer. If you’d rather get custom-fit seat covers, you can spend anywhere from $100 to $800 or more. The type of material, brand, and fit are the main variables that will drive the price up.
Now that you know the different options you can choose from, let’s see where you can start shopping for your new seat covers.

Where to Buy Truck Seat Covers

There are plenty of places you can buy seat covers online. Some of the best and most reliable sites we’ve come across can be found in the list below.

Each site will have a different selection and prices, so make sure to cross-shop and figure out where you can get the best price. You can also find additional vehicle products on these sites.

Additional Vehicle Products

Beyond seat covers, there are several other products that will make your life easier as a gig worker. Sure, it’s important to keep your car clean and tidy, but there are additional tools that will help you during shifts and even help you make more money.
Below are a few more products you can look into buying if you’re interested in customizing your vehicle to be a money-making machine.

  • Floor mats
  • A tip and rating recommendation sign
  • Cleaning supplies
  • A phone mount
  • A car charger
  • A cargo snack container
  • A steering wheel cover

Things like phone mounts and chargers will help you safely set up your mobile device so you can keep your eyes on the road. A tip and rating recommendation sign will remind riders that they can tip and should rate the ride after.

Get More Life Out of Your Seats

The life of a gig worker can be rough around the edges. Your vehicle is sure to take a beating in one way or another, so it’s a good idea to find ways that extend the life of your vehicle as long as possible before buying a new one.
Equipping your vehicle with seat covers and floor mats is a great way to prevent spills, dirt, grease, and general wear and tear from ruining the interior of your vehicle. It will be an investment you won’t regret.

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