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15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Pawn

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We often associate going to the pawn shop with high-value things like gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and electronics.

However, you may not be aware that you can also pawn other items, even golf clubs, workout equipment, power tools, and sometimes unused makeup collections.

A pawn shop will let you quickly convert valuables like rare antiques and unique collectibles into quick cash.

This article will discuss the unusual goods you could offer to a pawn shop.

15 Items You Had No Idea You Could Pawn

While we can’t cover all the old stuff you can exchange for extra money, here are several things you didn’t know you could pawn or sell:

1. Musical instruments

You should know the worth of your instrument before deciding to pawn or sell it.

So make sure to investigate its current market price.

Note that the better your instrument’s sound quality and condition, the higher the remuneration you can expect.

Broken instruments and musical equipment or those that don’t work properly may fetch a lower price in pawn shops.

A pawn shop will provide a return based on the item’s condition, brand, and rarity.

So while a standard guitar may only cost a few hundred dollars, a high-end one could sell for several thousand.

2. Video Game Consoles

Depending on their condition, you can pawn gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with their accessories and any games that come as accessories for gaming systems.

Most pawn shops accepting video gaming consoles will also accept other electronics like laptops, cell phones, and phone accessories.

To make decent extra cash, ensure the console and the accessories are clean and functional.

If you have a console that’s in perfect condition, then you can increase the asking price to a couple of hundred dollars.

The more vintage consoles may fetch you even more money.

3. Weaponry

Ensure you’ve registered your firearm and that it’s in your lawful possession.

The purchase of guns must adhere to certain rules and regulations that pawn shops must follow.

Price estimates for rare and exceptional antique rifles range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

4. Designer Handbags and Purses

Designer handbags often fetch a premium price due to the strong demand for them in the marketplace.

When pawning a designer purse, checking that the item is genuine and acceptable is essential.

Remember to hang on to authenticity cards or invoices with the bag since these items may significantly boost the price.

Keep in mind that the prices for bags in excellent condition and still have their original accessories and packaging might be much higher.

You’ll get a much lower selling price if the bag comes even with the slightest deformations.

5. Collectible Figurines and Toys

Figurines and toys that many consider collectible might include anything from antique action figures to characters from rare comic books and movie-related merchandise.

These items are often in great demand among collectors.

Consider visiting a few pawn shops and obtaining price estimates on your collectible figurines and toys, which will help you receive the most money possible for them.

As a rule of thumb, the highly sought-after figurines and the rarest ones may sell for thousands of dollars, while more common figurines may only bring a couple of dozens of dollars.

6. Comic Books

The market for comic books is a vibrant business, and comic book collectors and fans are constantly looking for titles that are particularly in demand.

You may get a return on your comic books by pawning them, and the amount you get will depend on how rare they are, the state of the paper, and whether or not the comic books come in sealed packaging.

Rare issues have the potential to sell for several hundred dollars each.

7. Sculptures

If you own a costly or rare sculpture, it may be worthwhile to consider pawning or selling it.

Collectors and people passionate about art often desire to purchase sculptures, which come in various forms and styles, from ancient bronze statues to modern art installations.

The item’s full price depends on the materials used, the artist, and the size of the piece.

Do your homework to guarantee that you’re receiving a reasonable offer.

Look for pawn shops that focus on art and provide much higher prices than other establishments, ask in museums, consult other art dealers, and check out catalogs.

8. Fine China and Porcelain

These items range from antique plates and tea sets to modern decorative pieces.

Factors such as brand, type of material, origin, and rarity can all affect the worth of your item.

High-quality items, especially vintage China from well-known brands, can fetch thousands of dollars.

9. Historical Letters

If you have a precious or rare historical letter, you may be able to get a sweet deal on it.

Collectors and historians adore handwritten papers from historical individuals and personal letters written by well-known writers or artists.

Your letter’s price depends on various elements, including its author, subject matter, whether it’s in good condition, and its rarity.

Look for pawn shops that give greater rates than others yet specialize in historical papers.

Rare items may fetch upwards of a few hundred dollars from some buyers.

10. Old Books and Manuscripts

Rare books and manuscripts, which may include anything from ancient first editions to copies with a personal signature by the author, are a great way to thicken your wallet.

The pawn shop will evaluate your book’s or manuscript’s worth based on several factors, including the author, edition, quality of the paper and cover, and how rare the item is.

Always ask for quotes from different pawn shops to ensure you get the most for your money since some rare books can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

11. Rare Stamps

You may have a goldmine if you have a valuable or unusual stamp collection.

Stamp collecting is a popular pastime, and collectors continuously search for unique and one-of-a-kind stamps to add to their collections.

The collection’s price depends on various factors: demand, rarity, condition, margins, perforation, and color soundness.

It’s important to remember that the most expensive stamp ever sold for more than nine million dollars.

12. Autographs

Knowing the price of an autograph before you pawn is essential.

The item’s value depends on the signer, the signed item’s condition, and the autograph’s rarity.

Remember that most pawn stores that take autographs also take unused gift cards, vintage board games, and trading cards.

Signatures of less notable people may only bring in a few hundred dollars, in contrast to the thousands of dollars you can make with high-quality autographs from famous people.

13. Vintage Signs

Vintage signs can range from antique advertising to vintage street signs that many would pay handsome money to have on their wall or in their collection.

Most pawn stores specializing in vintage signs will likely accept vinyl records, watches and clothing, and other vintage items in good condition.

The local pawn shop will look at age, design and color depth, condition, rarity, and size. High-quality items with rare graphics or wording can fetch thousands of dollars.

14. Old Cameras

Photography is a popular hobby; collectors always look for old, rare, and unique cameras to add to their collections.

When pawning an old camera, it’s important to understand its potential price. Cameras are like watches or sports equipment; the pawn shop will always look at the brand, age, condition, and rarity.

Depending on these variables, you can fetch several hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars.

15. Coins

The procedure of pawning gold coins may be a rather straightforward one.

To begin, research the worth of your coins to increase the likelihood that the pawn shop would make you a reasonable offer.

Because the value of gold coins is susceptible to shifts in response to market conditions, it’s essential to be aware of the current market pricing.

When you have a general notion of how much your coins are worth, you may bring them to a pawn shop and ask for an evaluation of their worth.

Because the pawn shop has to account for the risk they take by offering a loan, the loan amount will typically be less than the full value of the coins.

Wrapping Up

Pawn shops can consider various objects for purchase, including instruments, rare collectibles, and other unique items such as camping gear, fishing gear, pet supplies, baby items, and even some household and handmade items.

However, before you pawn or sell anything, you should ensure you’ve done your homework, understand the conditions, and are confident in your ability to repay the loan and retrieve your item.

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