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Textbroker Review: A Writing Platform for Remote Workers

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If you’re a freelance writer, you may struggle to find sustainable clients and work.

One of the ways you can make money is by applying for a content writing company, otherwise known as a content mill.

These companies serve as a middle-man between businesses and writers, connecting the two.

One such platform is Textbroker.

According to textbroker.com, businesses can sign up and pay to receive custom content for their: SEO strategy, online store, blog, social media campaign, or website.

The company site says, “With the world’s leading digital content platform, you have direct access to thousands of verified US authors.”

Will Textbroker meet your freelancing needs?

This article contains a complete Textbroker review so that you can determine whether you should submit a writing sample and begin producing content for this company.

What Is Textbroker?

Textbroker is a content creation platform based in Las Vegas, NV.

The platform connects clients and authors.

The company website says, “No other article writing service makes buying content this quick and simple.”

Textbroker relies on a star-rating system, using authors ranked between two and five stars.

Clients can then place direct orders for content based on their needs and choose the authors they want to work with.

The company says that it has served more than 53,000 clients who have placed more than 10 million content orders.

Textbroker says that there are more than 100,000 authors currently writing on the site.

Textbroker also says that its authors can write in numerous languages, not just English.

Companies can request original or translated content in any language.

Clients can register on the site for free.

Upon registration, they can begin ordering, reviewing, and editing content.

There are no monthly subscription rates for clients.

Instead, clients pay for each piece they request.

Once a piece is complete, clients can easily export the article to their WordPress account.

How Does Textbroker Work for Writers?

Textbroker: the company's homepage

If you have copywriting skills, you could use Textbroker to boost your freelancer profile.

If you’re approved to write on the platform, you’ll find that there are different types of projects you can work on, based on your rating within the company.

One of the primary components of the service is the star-rating system, basically Textbroker reviews you.

The company wants to ensure they’re continually receiving high-quality content.

An editor regularly proofreads your work and adjusts your rating based on your submissions.

You’ll receive feedback on your work to help you improve as a writer.

So if you have a low rating to start, rest assured that you can work to improve your standing with the company.

Similarly, know that a five-star rating is not guaranteed and that you can drop down to a lower level at any time if you don’t continually produce high-quality work.

The company says that it rates content based on:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Style
  • Structure
  • Readability
  • Order compliance (whether the piece meets the client’s specifications)
  • Other factors

In addition to direct feedback on your work, Textbroker also provides resources like blogs, tutorials, videos, case studies, and e-books.

You can use these tools to boost your writing skills.

Additionally, you’ll have access to the Textbroker Community, which includes social media pages and forums. Here you can connect with other authors for tips and pointers.

Lastly, the company has also implemented Textbroker University, “a program designed to help authors move up.”

Once in the Textbroker platform, you’ll notice that there are three different types of projects you can work on.

Open Orders allow you to choose from thousands of projects at your quality level. Yes, there are still projects for 2-star writers.

A client may be more concerned about low pay than high quality, so opportunities remain abundant.

Textbroker says that Open Orders are best for those with a flexible schedule who would like to choose projects whenever they find it convenient.

You can also receive projects directly from a client thanks to Direct Orders.

Here clients can send projects to your inbox, which you’ll find on your author profile.

Direct Orders tend to work best if you’ve developed a relationship with a client through Open Orders.

The company says that Direct Orders are best for those who would like to work with a few clients exclusively and receive steady work.

Lastly, you can obtain work through Team Orders.

There are hundreds of teams available.

So you can choose to work for a group that suits your writing style.

Textbroker says that Team Orders are best for those who only want to work for specific companies or projects.

How Much Does Textbroker Pay?

Textbroker: The pay scale on the Textbroker site

The pay rate for Textbroker depends on your star level and the type of order the client places.

The total amount that you earn also depends on the word count of the piece.

Consider the following pay rates for an Open Order:

  • 2-star writer: 0.7 cents per word
  • 3-star writer: 1.0 cents per word
  • 4-star writer: 1.4 cents per word
  • 5-star writer:  5.0 cents per word

If you have a higher pay rate than that, you’ll want to work only with Direct Orders.

Direct Orders allow freelancers to set their rate per word, regardless of the quality level.

Authors must set a minimum price of 1.78 cents per word when bidding on Direct Orders.

Textbroker says that a 4-star writer makes an average of 3-5 cents per word on these types of projects.

When working on a Team Order, you can accept assignments on a first come, first serve basis.

The client is responsible for setting the rate for the project, although the price cannot be lower than 1.56 cents per word.

Textbroker says that a 4-star writer makes an average of 2-5 cents per word on these types of projects.

Textbroker pays through PayPal.

You can request that Textbroker send funds to your PayPal account so long as your total balance is more than $10.

Textbroker issues payouts weekly.

The company considers its authors independent contractors.

This means that as a Textbroker writer, you’re responsible for paying taxes on your earnings.

How to Sign Up for Textbroker

Fortunately, it’s easy for new writers to sign up for Textbroker.

The sign-up process is free and straightforward.

To start, you’ll create an account and verify that you’re a citizen of the United States.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to submit a writing sample.

Textbroker editors will review your writing sample and provide you with a star rating.

Textbroker recommends that you submit a writing sample on a topic that you’re comfortable with.

The writing sample must be at least 200 words.

You’ll receive your rating within a couple of days.

After receiving your star rating, you can finish setting up your author profile.

Once your author profile is set up, you can start writing.

The author profile is crucial to your success on the platform.

Many clients request their favorite writers or find authors through searches for Open Order projects.

Your author profile allows you to stand out from other freelancers.

When compiling your author profile, you should include a complete description of your interests and expertise.

You can also rest assured that your profile is not public.

Only clients and employees of the company can see your profile.

Working for Textbroker Review

If you’re a good writer, you can make money working for Textbroker.

Textbroker is not a scam.

The company connects real clients with real authors.

They pay on time and have a user-friendly platform.

The one issue with Textbroker is the low pay.

You’ll need to put in a lot of work if you wish to make substantial money from the site.

Unless you write for 40+ hours per week, it’s probably not possible to earn a full-time income while writing for this content marketing company.

However, if you’re looking to make money on the side, Textbroker could be worthwhile.

According to the Textbroker review on Indeed, the company has a 3.6-star rating.

Although the company earned a 3.8-star rating for work-life balance, it received a 2.5-star rating for pay and benefits.

The Textbroker reviews on the site were mixed, but most people agreed that the pay rate was too low.

Looking for Freelance Writing Gigs

Textbroker: over the shoulder view of a man writing in a cafe

If you’re interested in writing for online platforms, Textbroker could be a useful option to get started.

You won’t earn much, but you’ll have access to ample resources to help you improve as a writer.

Once you develop your skills, you may find that you can make more money writing outside of Textbroker.

If you’re looking for a bunch of freelance writing gigs that are all compiled in one location, be sure to check out our Freelancers section.

Our Complete Guide to Freelancing provides a complete listing of the latest writing jobs and tips, allowing you to make money online.

You can find blogging and content writer positions that pay well and enable you to put your writing skills to good use while you work at home.

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