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10+ Side Hustles With No Experience in 2024

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Looking for profitable side hustles with no experience?

You aren’t the only one. Many people want to make some extra money but don’t have the experience or the time for a second job.

The best thing about these side hustles is that you can set your working hours and work according to your availability. And this article will tell you all about the best opportunities to consider.

Getting Started With Side Hustles With No Experience

The latest statistics show that there’s currently an unemployment rate of 3.8%. This means that many people in the market compete for jobs available.

Business owners usually look for people with the best talents and skills in the market. But in some cases, they post jobs and gigs for those who don’t have any experience.

These opportunities are great for college kids with no experience and can work for you if you are between jobs. They can also suit you if you don’t need the commitment of a second job, as you’re just looking to make some extra money.

What are Side Hustles With No Experience?

These are no experience jobs that can already be tweaked and scheduled around your existing commitments and obligations because of their flexible hours.

They don’t require special skills or education, so they will work for you if you’re still studying or lack the needed experience to secure an excellent job in a competitive market.

Some view these side hustles as an opportunity to break free from their traditional jobs. You can try one to explore your passion and see how it works. In this case, you don’t have to quit your job and can still do something you like.

Business owners or employers usually post these side hustles or gigs on gig market companies or platforms and determine the pay or hourly rate according to a contract. Once the task is done, you are no longer committed to this employer.

Some gigs, like becoming a virtual assistant, social media manager, or copywriter, can turn into full-time jobs.

Why Should You Consider a Side Hustle With No Experience?

There are several reasons why everyone should consider a side hustle, especially if it requires no professional experience.

  • You can make some extra money that can come in handy in case of an emergency.
  • Multiple income streams will help improve your standard of living and stabilize your finances.
  • You can make good use of your spare time.
  • Side hustles allow you to explore different areas of life that you might not have access to when you have a regular job.
  • You can learn new skills and gain experience in other industries and markets.
  • You’ll work according to your availability, thanks to the flexible hours.

Overview: Our Top Picks

Side hustles remain a popular way to make extra cash. Studies show that about 50% of Americans have side hustles or gigs regardless of their primary income.

About 62% of those who make more than $100K per year reported having one side hustle or gig.

The Best Side Hustles With No Experience at a Glance

Do all side hustles require experience? The answer is no. Some don’t require special education and can work for you even if you’re still studying.

What is the Best Side Hustle For People With No Experience?

Rideshare driving is one of the best side hustles for people with no experience. It also works if you have other commitments like studying, a primary job, or taking care of your family.

What is the Best Way to Earn an Income With No Experience?

Renting out bandwidth is one of the best ways to earn extra money without experience. It’s a good source of passive income with no effort required.

The Best Side Hustles With No Experience

Luckily, there are numerous work opportunities to consider if you don’t have enough experience to compete in the market. They will also work for you if you want profitable yet flexible gigs to secure additional income.

1. Data Entry

Most companies hire freelancers or gig workers for data entry tasks. Although the data entry market is competitive, there are many tasks to consider, and they require no skills or experience. Studies show that you can make an average of $28 per hour while entering data, although some jobs can pay more than $46.


Data entry refers to handling clerical work and entering data from audio and written files into other formats. Your job might also involve sorting, reviewing, and editing data to make it more accessible to those who use it. It can also be part of your job as a virtual assistant.

Although this is a time-consuming and monotonous job, you can have a secure source of income because there are many data entry gigs on the market. You can also work remotely, so it will work for you if you’re studying or have another job.

Costs to Get Started

If you already have a computer or laptop and internet access, you can start immediately with no-experience required when working from home. If you have to buy a laptop, you might need to pay around $1500 for a good one.

You can start working in data entry on the spot, although some people prefer taking courses that can cost up to $500. Most websites allow you to look for data entry gigs for free, although you can set up a website to advertise your services, which might cost up to $1000.

Where to Find Data Entry Gigs

You can find data entry gigs independently at local businesses like lawyers, service providers, accountants, and retail companies. You can also find good opportunities on gig economy market companies like Fiverr, Upwork, ClickWorkers, and FlexJobs.

2. Pet Sitter

Caring for pets involves caring for them at your house or their owners’ house. You can also offer pet walking services, making between $1000 and $3000 per month.


It’s a lucrative side hustle with the potential to make decent money, depending on your availability. It’s one of the perfect side hustles if you love pets and enjoy spending time with them.

Pet sitting is a temporary side hustle that you can do for a few days or weeks if someone is traveling. It can also be scheduled as a recurring gig if you care for a pet while its owner is at work. You might also offer other services like grooming or designing pet costumes.

Costs to Get Started

This side hustle has low setup costs, usually less than $100. To offer grooming services, you should buy a professional grooming kit that costs between $500 and $1500.

Pets’ nutrition can cost between $300 and $1000, but these expenses are usually paid by your clients or are included in your packages. If you want to offer professional pet-sitting services, you have to apply for a license.

Where to Find Pet Sitting Gigs

You can independently find pet-sitting gigs by posting your ad in the local newspaper or sharing TikTok and Instagram videos where you advertise your services. You can also find pet walking and pet sitting jobs on websites like Wag, Rover, and Craigslist.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog where you talk about a unique niche, you can make some extra money from cooperating with other websites while publishing your content.


You can link products from Amazon and other websites to the posts published on your blog or social media accounts. You can choose products that relate to your niche and can be useful to your audience.

Many people consider this digital marketing gig because it’s highly accessible, as studies show that about 81% of global brands currently offer affiliate programs. The latest statistics show that affiliate marketers usually make over $55K annually, but some can make more than $100K.

Costs to Get Started

This is a low-cost gig because you need nothing but high-quality content to attract brands. You can enroll in affiliate marketing programs for free, and you just need a laptop to publish your posts and a phone or camera to post videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Gigs

You can find affiliate marketing programs on several platforms like Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network. You can also find good opportunities on gig companies like Fiverr and Upwork.

4. House Sitting

This side hustle is suitable for people with no experience. You can earn more than $1000 per month, depending on how much time you spend.


This is a good gig for someone who enjoys doing house chores. It involves spending time at someone’s house when they’re away so you can get their mail, water their plants, feed the pets, and clean the house.

Many students consider this side hustle because of its flexibility. It might also offer travel opportunities. The amount of money you make depends on the location of the house, how big it is, and the presence of pets you might need to take care of.

Costs to Get Started

There are no costs involved in starting your business as a house sitter. You just need to have internet access to find house-sitting gigs. Sometimes, you must pay for your transportation, which might be included in your fees.

Where to Find House-Sitting Gigs

Most people depend on word of mouth to find house-sitting gigs because people need someone trustworthy to take care of their property and belongings. You can also find house-sitting opportunities on websites like House Sitters America.

5. Selling Printables

You can print and sell printables on an online marketplace or send them digitally to your clients. It’s a good gig if you have some time, a printer, and an internet connection.


This enjoyable side hustle will suit you if you have artistic or good research skills. You only have to wait for an upcoming event or holiday and think about printables that people might use.

These include lists, spreadsheets, stock photos, e-cards, stickers, and calendars. You can draw and print them or digitally send them to your clients.

Good printables can generate good passive income for an extended period, although you must first invest time in creating them. You can also create a website to sell your work.

Costs to Get Started

If you already have a printer, you need nothing but a drawing software. Canva.com is a free website you can use to create your designs. You can also find good online designs and directly send them to your clients. This is a low-cost gig that can cost less than $100.

Where to Find Selling Printable Gigs

Etsy is one of the best places to sell your printables. You can also set up an online store on Etsy to sell stickers, but you need sticker paper and a cutting machine.

6. Join a Focus Group

Paid focus groups represent an exciting side hustle that allows you to experience different products and services while making extra money. Some specific focus groups will pay $450 per session.


Market research companies set up online and in-person focus groups to test various products and services. People are chosen according to specific criteria that might be related to their age or location, and they’re asked to share their honest opinions.

When you join a focus group, you might be asked to answer questions or fill in questionnaires to express your opinion. Some sessions can take a couple of hours, while others can last for a few days. Companies consider these opinions and improve their products and services.

Costs to Get Started

You don’t have to pay anything to join a focus group. Companies post focus group opportunities, and you can fill in an application. The marketing department will contact you if you match the company’s profile. You might have to pay for your transportation if it’s an in-person focus group.

Where to Find Focus Group Gigs

Some websites specialize in announcing focus group gigs, like Focusgroup.com. You can test new technologies and digital products on Tech Research Studies and check AcurianHealth for paid clinical studies.

7. Hosting an Airbnb

This side hustle allows you to make money from the unused extra space at your property for a commission. It’s a fun and effortless gig that will enable you to secure a full-time income stream while interacting with different people.


You can become an Airbnb host by renting out your entire space or part of it. The website manages all the reservations.

You can make more than $10K per month, depending on the location and condition of your space. But income depends on the season and competition.

Many people love this side hustle for cultural exchange and interacting with different people. Yet, there are some taxes and hosting restrictions in specific locations.

Costs to Get Started

You can start renting your place immediately, but you might need to do some renovation work to get it in shape. You’ll also have to do maintenance work, but you can charge tenants for cleaning services. You might spend between $500 and $5K to start this business.

Where to Find Airbnb Hosting Gigs

These are found on the website. You register as a host and post pictures of your property with a clear description of the amenities. Then, you set your rate per night and accept payments when someone shows interest in your property.

8. Babysitter

Babysitting is a good gig for those who love dealing with children and want to support families in their communities. It’s a good choice for people who want immediate cash, although some gigs pay monthly. But it can be a physically demanding side hustle.


Your role as a babysitter involves taking care of children when their parents are busy or not home. Many people start this side hustle by working with their neighbors and members of their family because people will hire people they trust.

Your responsibilities involve taking care of kids, helping them with food and going to the bathroom, watching and playing with them, and putting them to bed.

Costs to Get Started

You can become a babysitter without spending any money. Some parents will require a background check that costs up to $500. Taking a first aid course will improve your hiring chances, and it costs around $50.

Yet, if you want to start a professional business, you can spend up to $1000 to get your business registered and licensed.

Where to Find Babysitting Gigs

You can independently look for babysitting gigs by asking your neighbors, friends, and relatives.

You can also check community centers, local social media groups, parent groups in your neighborhood, Facebook ads, and the ads on Craigslist. Some gig companies like UrbanSitter and Sittercity offer babysitting gigs.

9. Staging Houses

If you’re interested in interior decoration and want to learn more about real estate, you can try this side hustle. Your monthly income can be between $2500 and $5000.


It involves transforming ordinary spaces into tempting homes that buyers would be interested in. You should have good taste and the creativity to change your vision into reality.

People choose this gig because of the expected high return on investment and flexibility. Yet, you should invest in pieces of furniture and decoration to elevate the space. The gig can also be physically demanding as you get the place ready for potential customers.

Costs to Get Started

You’ll need maintenance workers and professional cleaners to prepare the space. You might also have to buy different pieces of furniture and decorations, but you can get these from a thrift store or Facebook marketplace for a discount.

Your costs to start this business can be between $1000 and $2000, depending on the condition of the property you want to sell.

Where to Find House Staging Gigs

You can look for gigs on Craigslist and local Facebook groups. You can also check with local realtors and real estate agents and offer your services.

10. Freelance Writing

With no experience, you can find several freelance writing gigs where you can write blog posts, articles, copies, social media posts, product descriptions, and eBooks. Your hourly rate can be between $15 and $80, according to your skills and writing experience.


There are different gigs and many niches to explore, so you can focus on topics that interest you or relate to your studies. Some niches like technical and medical writing will allow you to earn more money.

Because of its flexibility and profitability, many freelance writers quit their permanent jobs and become full-time writers.

But, self-promotion is essential in the competitive market of this online side hustle. You might also face rejection until you can have some recurring clients.

Costs to Get Started

A college degree or similar education will improve your chances while looking for writing gigs. You need a functional laptop, writing software, and internet access to get started.

These can cost anything between $1000 and $2000. Some writers prefer taking online SEO and digital marketing courses to improve their hiring chances.

Where to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

Many writers look for writing gigs by joining content mills, but they usually offer low rates. You can also create a blog where you post your articles and offer ghostwriting services. Many writing gigs are available on gig companies like Upwork and Fiverr.

How to Start a Side Hustle Without Experience

Most side hustles are easy to start. But with a lot of competition, you might not be able to succeed. Here are some tips to help you stand out.

1. Choose What Matches Your Skills

Even if you have no experience, you should choose a lucrative side gig that matches your skills and interests so you don’t get bored. You won’t be able to commit to something you find boring, and you’ll need to study and practice a lot before you can make money off something you know nothing about.

2. Set Your Schedule

Many freelancers struggle with time management. So, you should determine your availability. You can’t expect to work all your free time because you have other personal commitments and need time to rest. So, set realistic expectations. 

3. Evaluate Profitability

Think of how much money you want to earn and pick a business idea that matches your expectations. Some freelancers quit because of having unrealistic expectations.

With practice, you’re expected to make more money. If the gig you’ve picked doesn’t provide enough money, you might need to reconsider your job search.

4. Create a Business Plan

Determine what you’ll do and how you’ll do it. You might have to change your plan or business practices. You should also identify your target audience and the best way to reach it.

Finally, you should research your competition and find something that makes you stand out.

5. Research the Law

Before you start, you must check all laws and regulations. Do you need to apply for a license? Do you need insurance or a background check?

Having all these sorted out will allow you to focus on making money from your side hustle.

Wrapping Up

Luckily, there are many side hustles to explore, and some are straightforward to start with high profitability potential.

Data entry jobs are suitable for those who have lots of free time, and there are lots of gigs to explore. Becoming a pet sitter is one of the best gigs to consider if you love animals and have no experience.

It’s essential to pick a side hustle that matches your skills and interests. So, list those and see how you can turn your passion into a money-making opportunity.

Similar Side Hustles to Check Out

There are side hustles you can try if you aren’t satisfied with the ones we discussed in this article.

  • Typing Side Hustles: Typing gigs can help you secure a steady income whenever you have some spare time.
  • Side Hustles For 13-Year-Olds: Teens can make money in their spare time from cleaning, walking dogs, babysitting, and other side hustles that require no experience.
  • Side Hustles From Your Phone: Using your phone, you can make money by answering surveys, posting reviews, selling photographs, participating in rideshare driving, delivery jobs, and working as a social media manager.

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