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9 Best Side Hustles for Nurses to Make More Money

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Are you a nurse looking to make extra income? Smart idea; it’s a great profession to do so. Experienced nurses have valuable knowledge that is in high demand.

Whether you like to talk to people, write articles, or do administrative work, there is a great way for you to make money. Most of them don’t require any extra training, either.

Check out this list of the best side hustles for nurses.

1. Telehealth Nurse

As online medical services become more popular, the demand for telehealth health nurses is increasing. A telenurse works with patients during online appointments via phone, email, messaging, and video. Both you and the patient can be at home during the appointment. 

The hours range from part-time to full-time, depending on the contract. It doesn’t require any special education beyond your nursing degree. You can find great opportunities by looking on The Remote Nurse job board

Registered nurses who work in telehealth make an average of $29 per hour. Those with more experience in nursing will be able to make more money. 

2. Tutor Nursing Students

Nursing tutors help students become registered nurses by providing study tips and explanations for complex topics. You’ll work with a flexible schedule that agrees with you and your students. 

All you need to become a tutor is a nursing education. Students will want to be taught by those who understand the challenges and concepts. It’s a great gig for those freshly out of school who need to supplement their income. 

Tutoring rates are around $16 an hour, but you can charge significantly more once you build your reputation. The best way to find students is to reach out to local nursing schools and post your services on their bulletins or websites. 

3. Coach

Many medical professionals become health coaches, and nurses are no exception. You know most of the important information for people to stay healthy, and it can be done on your schedule while working your full-time job. 

Health coaching is possible without credentials if you’re a registered nurse, but you may want to get additional certifications. These programs will also help you with the information not covered in nursing school and make you a better provider for your clients. 

The average health coach makes between $29 and $39 an hour. If you’re doing this as a side hustle, you’ll likely need to find your clients as an independent coach. Some local groups may be interested in bringing on a part-time coach, too. 

4. Medical Transcriptionist 

Becoming a medical transcriptionist is an easy process and is something you can do in your spare time. You won’t need to work with people; you’ll only need to transcribe recordings. The work is easy to fit into any schedule, and you only need a quiet space and a computer. 

You can find medical transcription jobs on freelance sites, like Fiverr or Upwork, or transcription sites like TranscribeMe. Typical rates fall around $18 an hour, but this varies greatly depending on the project. 

You won’t need any extra credentials to do medical transcription. 

5. Freelance Writing 

Medical articles need to be written by qualified healthcare professionals, so many nurses become freelance writers. You can write whenever it fits into your schedule. 

You can work for an agency for consistent work or find freelance health writer gigs on sites like UpWork and Fiverr. You’ll likely need some writing experience to get gigs, especially as a freelancer. Consider starting a personal blog if you need to build a portfolio. 

Freelance writers make around $39 an hour. Agencies will often pay by the word instead of by the hour. You’ll create web, educational, and blog content. 

6. Immunization Nurse 

Immunization nurses are always in high demand as vaccines become more prevalent. These nurses work seasonally, like during flu season or on-call. It’s a great short-term commitment to make extra cash. 

You can find such jobs on local job boards mostly. You’ll need to work in healthcare facilities and on a schedule, but you can usually fit this around your primary career as needed. It’s a great job to do while traveling, as well. 

Immunization nurses make around $43 an hour. Keep in mind you’ll still be working with patients, but they will typically be short interactions. 

7. First Aid Instructor 

Becoming a first aid instructor as a nurse is easy and doesn’t require any extra training. You’ll be able to work a few hours a week or a few hours a month, depending on the gig. This may be combined with being a CPR instructor. 

Some first aid instructors work from home, while others need to teach classes in person. You can find these jobs on traditional job boards or through the main First Aid companies, such as the Red Cross or the American Heart Association. 

Expect around $21 an hour when you start out instructing. 

8. Medical Surveys 

Surveying companies seek healthcare professionals to answer questions on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, treatment, and new technology. They pay per survey, and it’s an easy way to make extra money with little commitment. 

Some of these surveys may be online, while others are in-person focus groups. They typically pay between $100 to $300 for an hour of your time.  

9. Maternal Care Provider

Working with moms as a nurse is a great side hustle that can be fun and fulfilling. It involves work like being a lactation consultant or even a birth doula. Moms need advice throughout the birthing and postpartum process. 

This kind of job is best for a labor and delivery nurse or someone who has experience working with babies and mothers. 

The average hourly rate is $26 an hour. You may start a business or work with local agencies that will contract you. Having your company will allow you to charge more, but it requires more experience. It can easily become a full-time gig as well.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have to Be a Registered Nurse (RN)?

No, many of these jobs also accept certified nursing assistants (CNAs). You’ll need to read the job description before applying, as some are reserved for RNs only. 

What Side Hustle Pays the Most?

It depends on the gig you get. While these medical surveys may pay the most hourly, you can do only a few at a time. More consistent work like freelance writing or being an immunization nurse pays great and offers more hours. 

Are Side Hustles for Nurses Remote?

Many of these jobs are remote, making it easy to fit around your nursing shifts and earn extra income from the comfort of your home.  

Other Side Hustles to Consider 

Your nursing background is valuable to find a side hustle, but you may find other opportunities beyond your profession. Check these out! 

  • Side hustles for women: There are some great ways to make extra money as a woman. Check out your options in this guide.
  • Side hustles for doctors: Nurses and doctors can do similar side hustles in the medical field, so discover some great gigs doctors do to make extra money. 
  • Side hustles for moms: If you’re a mom, consider any of these side hustles that won’t take you away from your kids but will help you generate a sizable extra income. 

Final Thoughts

A nursing career opens many doors for making extra money, as healthcare professionals will always be in demand. Depending on your interests and experience, you should be able to find a great side hustle. 

You’ll want to consider the commitment you’re willing to make, your skills, and whether you want to work from home. From there, you can narrow down the type of side hustle that is best for you. 

Comment and share the article if it helped you find your nursing side hustle. 

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