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5 of the Best Side Hustles for Introverts In 2024 

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Are you an introvert? Your quiet side has many benefits, including creativity, connecting with your thoughts and needs, and being a great listener. 

But if you’re interested in pursuing a side hustle, all the options out there seem catered toward those who thrive on long conversations and hours of face-to-face contact. 

Don’t fret: the internet has opened the door for introverts to find their next gig. This article will showcase the top side hustles for introverts.

Why You Should Consider a Side Hustle for Introverts

You might have to recharge your social battery more than most, but that doesn’t exclude you from making a few dollars here and there. 

Here are some reasons to consider taking on an introvert-friendly side gig:

  • Comfortable level of socialization: Making money through online businesses or other avenues where you aren’t face-to-face with others is right up your alley. You can work within your comfort zone, and the job will be more enjoyable. 
  • A good way to make extra money: A side hustle is a fantastic way to earn money in your spare time. Padding your bank account with the extra cash gives you financial leeway and reduces day-to-day financial stresses. 
  • Could turn into a full-time job: You could find a job you’re great at through your side hustle that you never would have tried otherwise. You might consider a career shift to dedicate more time to your newfound skills and earn more money. 

The Best Side Hustles for Introverts in 2024

Making extra money as an introvert is easy when you consider the following gigs:

1. Freelance Writing

vector graphic showing an illustration of a lady with a laptop seated on a stuck of money graphics related to how to get paid as a writer

Working as a freelance writer is the ultimate gig for introverts. You will spend your days writing about various topics, producing content that informs, educates, and entertains your audience. 

You can produce content as a ghostwriter or get published under your bylines. You can also work for freelance clients or make passive income through your affiliate blog. Freelance writers can earn $73,150 per year, but the revenue in this role fluctuates wildly. 

What You Need to Become a Freelance Writer

  • Computer
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Writing skills
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • A website with a portfolio 
Pros of Freelance Writing

You can do your job from anywhere, whether from your bed at home or on a sunny beach.

You have more say over how much money you make than most jobs. 

You can work on your own schedule. 

You’ll become a jack-of-all-trades, able to share knowledge and tidbits about all sorts of topics. 

Cons of Freelance Writing

You don’t get paid if you take time off, whether because you’re sick or on vacation.

You might always hustle to find new clients.

You can work long hours since you don’t have a set nine-to-five schedule. 

Top Places to Find Gigs 

2. Bookkeeping 

vector graphic showing an illustration of a person sited on a stack of books besides a calculator and files to show to become a bookkeeper

Bookkeepers manage a company’s financial records. You will balance financial books, track payroll, create company invoices, post credits and debts, and record ongoing transactions. 

You’ll file the company’s tax returns when tax time rolls around. This role also requires you to review company financial reports to determine their accuracy. Bookkeepers make $45,560 per year on average. 

What You Need to Become a Bookkeeper 

  • Math skills
  • Analyzation abilities 
  • Business study skills
  • Economics skills

You don’t need a certification to get this job.

You can work as a bookkeeper even if you have a non-financial educational background. 

You can often do your job remotely. 


You might have to come into the office on occasion.  

The job can be monotonous.

You will likely have set hours to work. 

Top Places to Find Gigs

3. Online Surveys

Do you have opinions you’re eager to share, even if you’re disinterested in face-to-face discourse? Become an online survey taker and make money online. 

This job requires you to seek out and answer surveys on topics you care about. You will receive a payment or gift card for your time. 

The top earners make a full-time salary of $53,000 per year, but most people make several dollars an hour. 

What You Need to Take Paid Surveys

  • A good internet connection 

This side hustle doesn’t feel like work.

You can get started today by registering for a survey site.

You don’t need any skills or specific educational background to do this job. 


You will likely earn little money unless you dedicate lots of time to completing surveys.

Many platforms limit how many surveys you can take. 

You must often meet a minimum threshold before you can receive your payout. 

Top Places to Find Gigs 

4. Social Media Management 

Introverts often prefer text-based communication over voice or face-to-face interactions. Your social proclivities might have made you a pro at navigating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You might even have amassed a social media following.

As a social media manager, you can showcase your knowledge and help companies increase their online visibility and engagement. 

You will review the company’s current social affairs and recommend strategies to attract more likes and views. Your job requires you to launch social media campaigns, publish content, and track metrics. You can make up to $138,730 annually if you work full-time.

What You Need to Become a Social Media Manager

  • Social media knowledge
  • Computer or laptop
  • Good internet connection
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, marketing, or business 

You’ll get paid to do what you enjoy: posting on social media. 

You’ll feel prideful when you help companies achieve their social media goals, especially if your content goes viral.

You’ll continually improve as you receive feedback in real-time. 


Even a small mistake can harm your reputation and the company’s. 

You can get burnt out on social media between your personal and professional life. 

Receiving feedback can be difficult if you’re not thick-skinned. 

Top Places to Find Gigs 

5. Sell Stock Photos

Do you have an eye for photography and a knack for taking the right shot at the perfect moment? Perhaps you have a portfolio of photos you’re sitting on. 

You can make money off your photography skills by selling stock photos. You set the price and wait for stock photo websites, news agencies, blogs, and media organizations to purchase them. 

You can earn $0.10 to $99.50 (or more) per stock photo.  

What You Need to Sell Stock Photos

  • A professional camera
  • Photo-editing software

Your photos could end up on the cover of a newspaper or online publication for the day’s big news headline. 

Some websites that buy stock photos will pay you royalties each time your photo gets used in print or publication. 

You can photograph many unique subjects and build your portfolio. 


You must wait for interested buyers to bite, and there is no way to know how long it will take.

You might only make cents per photo, which isn’t enough to pay for the gas you spent to get to the photo site. 

It’s expensive to get started, and the market is competitive. 

Top Places to Sell Your Photos 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Side Hustle Is the Most Profitable?

How much you can earn working a side hustle depends on many factors, including where you live and how often you work. Freelancing and being a business owner are two high-earning options for making money online. 

Is Working as a Dog Walker a Good Gig for Introverts?

Dog walking is another introvert-friendly gig. You will have some face-to-face time with dog owners but primarily interact with man’s best friend. You’ll also get great exercise and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. 

Similar Gigs

The following side hustles for introverts require more face-to-face interaction but are still a great way to make bank in your spare time.

  • Food Delivery: You’ll collect orders through an app, drive to the restaurant to pick up the customer’s food, and then deliver the food. You need a vehicle, but not necessarily a car. Although it’s harder, you also use a bike or scooter for your food delivery gig.
  • Data Entry Jobs from Home: If you’re highly organized and aren’t afraid of staring down at spreadsheets, a remote data entry gig can help you make more money from home.
  • Transcription Jobs: Put your listening skills to good use and earn a side (or full-time) income by transcribing audio files.

Wrapping Up 

Introverts have many creative side hustle opportunities to explore, whether taking surveys, doing freelance work, teaching online courses, or bookkeeping remotely. These jobs minimize or eliminate face-to-face contact so you can work comfortably.

Hopefully, you’ve found a gig you’re interested in pursuing, whether you want to pocket some extra cash or find a new career path. 

Have you worked any of these gigs before? Are there any you’re eager to try? Let us know in the comments below! 

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