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It Takes Two: 5 Best Side Hustles for Couples

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Making money together brings you closer! We’ll look at the top side hustles for couples, with tips and resources for getting started.

The couple that hustles together stays together. Why limit yourselves to only one income stream when you can partake in a side hustle as a twosome? Double the work means double the money!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the best side hustle ideas for couples. Whether you’re interested in active or passive income or remote or in-person gigs, we’ve got plenty of suggestions to make some extra money. 

Why You Should Consider a Couple’s Side Hustle

A couple’s side hustle could be just what the doctor ordered. Here are some great benefits you lovebirds can reap.

  • Extra income: Working together and combining your income will put more cash in both your pockets. You might generate enough cash from your side gig to make it your main job or enjoy the more comfortable lifestyle extra money can bring.
  • Spend more time together: Do you wish you had more time for your sweetie, but work always gets in the way? When you two work together, you’ll see more of each other, and have cash for date night. 
  • Grow your empire: A partnership is about more than sharing hoodies. It’s about interlocking your lives. Starting a side hustle together sets up a solid foundation for a home, car, and maybe even a wedding or baby in the future. 

The 5 Best Side Hustles for Couples

Are you and your other half ready to get to work? Here is a selection of side hustles to explore together. 

1. Dog Walking 

vector graphic showing an illustration of a lady walking dogs to show how to start a dog walking business

Many side hustles are primarily indoors, but not this one! You and your sweetheart will enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D by walking dogs around your neighborhood.

Your clients will put you in charge of their canines, telling you where to walk them. This job also requires playing with the dogs, cleaning up after their waste, feeding them, and possibly taking them to the vet if required. 

Walking dogs full-time can generate $11,500 to $53,500 per person per year, with an average salary of $34,539. 

What You Need to Get Started 

  • A love of animals, especially dogs
  • Professional animal experience
  • Training on pet care and safety 

Best Sites to Find a Gig as a Dog Walker

Pros of Dog Walking

  • There is no need to hit the gym when you’ll get exercise walking dogs all day.
  • Animals can alleviate stress and improve your mental health
  • You get to spend your day with dogs and each other – what could be better? 

Cons of Dog Walking

  • Dogs must be walked, come rain or shine.
  • You might have to deal with the stress of vet appointments. 

2. Teaching or Selling Online Courses

vector graphic showing an illustration of how to sell online course

Share your breadth of knowledge with the world when you teach an online course. Select a topic people want to learn more about, write the curriculum with your significant other, and open registration.

If you’d rather not teach the course live, you can always pre-record and sell it. 

Depending on how many courses you make and sell, you can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month, making this a lucrative side hustle.  

What You Need to Get Started 

  • Deep topic knowledge
  • A good video-recording tool
  • Video-editing software
  • Marketing chops to sell your course

Best Sites to Sell Your Courses 

Pros of Teaching or Selling Online Courses

  • As an online course teacher, you can share your knowledge with others and get paid for it.
  • You can continue monetizing your courses by selling transcripts or video lessons.
  • You choose how often and where you work. 

Cons of Teaching or Selling Online Courses

  • It can be tough to start, as many people want to sell their courses online. 
  • You can’t rest on your laurels long, you should begin the plans for your next course once you sell the prior one. 

3. Pet Sitting/Babysitting

vector graphic showing an illustration of a lady with many hands with babies graphics related to babysitting jobs

You and your special someone can also get into pet sitting or babysitting, helping pet owners and parents. You’ll visit the homes of your clients and manage their pets or children all day.

This can be recurring work if your clients are pleased with your services. Babysitters can pull in $49,267 per year working full-time, while professional pet sitters can earn $40,096 per annum. 

What You Need to Get Started 

  • Animal experience
  • Childcare experience
  • A positive reputation 

Best Sites to Find Babysitting and Pet Sitting Gigs

Pros of Pet Sitting/Babysitting

  • You won’t have anyone breathing down your neck if you choose a sitting gig. 
  • You and your partner can work together for doubly effective care. 
  • You will sometimes get paid to sit around, especially when pet-sitting. 

Cons of Pet Sitting/Babysitting

  • These gigs don’t pay a lot. 
  • You will have your fair share of difficult clients. 

4. Starting a YouTube Channel

vector graphic showing an illustration of a hand pressing play on a computer screen with money coming out - to illustrate how much do youtubers make

Do you and your partner have an infectious passion for a subject? Perhaps you have an interesting daily life and think others would enjoy watching your daily exploits. In that case, consider starting a YouTube channel together.

Your channel can be about anything you want but research the channels out there to develop an original concept. Record your videos, edit and polish them, and upload them.

Once your Shorts acquire 10 million public views in 90 days, your main channel has 4,000 hours of view time in a year, or you have 1,000 subscribers, your channel is eligible to be monetized on YouTube, opening the door to earning from video ads.

The average YouTuber makes $1.61 to $29.30 for every 1,000 views

What You Need to Get Started 

  • Original ideas
  • A camera (even your smartphone suffices)
  • Good lighting
  • Video-editing software 

Pros of Starting a YouTube Channel

  • You can become a celebrity if your channel becomes popular enough. 
  • You and your partner can make content about topics you enjoy and know a lot about. 
  • You have many revenue streaming options from within YouTube, whether selling courses, joining the YouTube Partner Program, licensing your content to media organizations, making sponsored content, selling merch, receiving payments from fans through the platform, or becoming an affiliate. 

Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel

  • The YouTube market is oversaturated, making it hard to get a foothold on the platform. 
  • A lot of the behind-the-scenes work, from planning videos to editing and tracking views, is tedious and tough. 

5. Event Planning

vector graphic showing an illustration of a person planning a party graphics related to how to become a party planner

If you and your significant other are known for your soirees, you can take that experience and apply it on a professional level. Your skills can help people celebrate major milestones like weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and holidays. 

Clients will seek your services when they have an event to plan. You’ll review the details of what they want, secure vendors, find a place for the festivities and ensure the event goes off without a hitch.

You can make $55,560 per year if you work this gig full-time. 

What You Need to Get Started 

  • Event-planning coursework 
  • Successful party planning experience
  • People skills

Best Sites to Find Event Planning Gigs 

Pros of Event Planning

  • You can use your creativity often as you bring your vision to life. 
  • You always get to meet new people and build your network (which could make it easier to find your next client).
  • You don’t need a degree to get started. 

Cons of Event Planning

  • It’s a stressful job environment, especially compared to the other options on this list.
  • You must travel a lot, which chews into your income. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It a Good Idea to Work with Your Partner?

It depends. While it will allow you to spend more time together, you two will experience more of life’s daily work stresses together, and you will begin having frank conversations about money, which can add pressure to the relationship.

Can You Start a Business with Your Partner Selling Used Items?

You can! From thrift stores to Facebook Marketplace, there’s money online to be made by selling used items and having an extra pair of hands should help. You can sell in your free time and enjoy your earnings together. 

Related Gigs

If you and your special someone are still seeking a side income or a full-time job, the following gigs will help you earn more.

  • Real estate investing: Learning which real estate investments are worth it can help you and your partner achieve financial freedom. This is a great side hustle idea if you want to make big bucks. 
  • Flipping houses: Use your real estate chops to get into flipping houses. You purchase a home, fix it, and sell it for extra cash. You can make five or six figures per home.
  • Taking online surveys: Although online surveys are purely for fun and a bit of beer money, they’re a great way to share your opinions and thoughts on products, services, and brands. 

Wrapping Up 

Side hustles for couples inside and out of the home are quite appealing. You can make more money and spend meaningful time together. From running an online business to social media and babysitting people or pets, you have plenty of great side hustle options to explore.

Have you ever considered working with your partner in a side hustle? Will you try it now? Let us know in the comments below.  

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