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This Shipt Promo Code Will Save You Big Money On Grocery Delivery

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In this article, we’ll give you a brief guide to Shipt, and how to sign up for the service using a promo code to save serious cash.

We’ll share two promo codes, one that can land you $20 off first order, and then a special promo code that can knock an annual fee down from $99 to $49.

Signing Up for Shipt

You can sign up for Shipt either on their website, Shipt.com, or on the Shipt app.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to use screenshots from Shipt.com, but the process is very similar on the mobile app.

To start, you first need to go to Shipt.com and enter your zip code.

Shipt promo code: the website's homepage with zip code search bar

A pop up will then come up, letting you know if Shipt is currently operating in your area.

They’ll also let you know what stores are available in your area, and for annual new memberships, they’ll offer you two weeks free just for signing up.

If you want to keep going, tap “Get Started.”

Shipt promo code: The websites "Try 2 weeks free" offer

On the next page, you’ll provide your email address and zip code.

Enter those. Then pause … you’ll notice at the bottom of the box there’s a link asking “Have a promo code?”


Tap that, and you’ll be able to enter any of the promo codes listed below.

Skip that, and you won’t be able to enter any promo codes later in the process.

Shipt promo code: the app's account signup page

After you’ve safely passed the promo code test, you’ll be prompted to choose the plan you want.

They have a $99 plan, billed annually, which will work out to $8.25 a month.

You can also choose a $14 monthly plan, billed monthly.

Shipt’s membership plan is very similar to Instacart Express, another membership-based grocery delivery program.

Both can be cancelled at any time, but the annual plan doesn’t give prorated refunds.

If you pay for an annual membership and cancel two months in, your membership will be active for the remaining 10 months.

If you want the two-week free trial on top of your promo code, you’ll have to select the annual $99 plan.

Shipt promo code: the two pricing plans on the Shipt website

Once you’ve selected your plan, you’ll need to provide your full name, a password, and a credit card for the company to store.

This card can be changed later, but they will need a card to activate your account.

Shipt promo code: The Shipt app's account info page

Provide that info, and you’re done.

By signing up, you’re agreeing to the company’s terms and conditions.

You can click on a link at the bottom of that page to review these.

Shipt Promo Codes to Get You Started

As Shipt is eager to get into the grocery delivery space, they are offering lots of promos and coupon codes to entice users to download the app and sign up for a membership.

The free two-week trial is available to anyone who signs up for the app, but there are other Shipt coupon codes available to save on groceries.

Remember, when entering your promo code, it will ask you to do so right at the start of the sign-up process.

If you’ve already selected a plan and have offered payment info, you’ve gone too far.

Tap back on your internet browser, and you can enter the promo code where you first entered your email and zip code.

Below are some Shipt promo codes to save, these codes are up to date as of 2020.

$50 off Your Annual Membership and $25 off Your First Order

To save $50 on membership fees and save $25 on your first order, you’ll need to sign up for a yearly membership and be a first-time user of the service.

This promo code will also include the free 2-week trial that everyone gets with an annual subscription.

To use this promo, type in “ppHhW” when signing up. 

You’ll see your savings for the membership fee when you complete your member order.

You will see the $25 off your first order when you make your first purchase with the app.

Again, this offer is only good for first-time shoppers who sign up for a yearly membership.

$20 off Any Order

If you aren’t springing for an annual membership, you can still save $20 on any order by using a special promo code that will apply to monthly memberships as well.

Again, this promo code needs to be entered when signing up.

To use this promo, type in “ppHjb” when you sign up.

Remember that by not signing up for the annual membership, you won’t be eligible for the two week free trial.

Saving With a Shipt Promo Code

Shipt is a grocery delivery service, owned by Target, that’s rapidly expanding across the country.

As they look to bring more customers to their service, they’re offering some pretty fantastic promo codes for new members.

From following along with this article, you know how to sign up for the service, and how to enter a special promo code that can either save on one order or give you a major discount on an annual membership fee.

Taking advantage of that promo code can get you free grocery delivery on orders over $35 for just over $4 a month.

This may be the best deal we’ve seen in the grocery delivery space.

Take advantage of that coupon code and save on shopping with Shipt.

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