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Scooter Charger: Job Description, Income & Salary, & How To Become

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Are you seeking one of the best part-time gig economy jobs but don’t know where to apply your talents?

The good news is you don’t have to be a tech guru to score a freelance position that rocks.

Countless people are out and about looking for additional ways to earn some easy money.

One of the best ways is to collect and charge scooters.

Becoming a scooter charger has never been easier, and we’ll show you how easy it is!

What is a Scooter Charger?

A scooter charger is a freelance employee who goes around the city collecting electric scooters at the end of the day.

The scooter chargers then take as many scooters as they can collect back to their home, where they plug them in and allow them to charge overnight.

The following morning, the scooter chargers place the scooters in new locations across the city so customers can use them at their pleasure.

Each scooter company has its unique process, but this is generally the way the job works.

Scooter chargers make their schedules and determine how many scooters they can charge.

What Does a Scooter Charger Do?

A scooter charger goes searching for used electric scooters that require a charge.

They ensure that the scooters are well-maintained and ensure that each scooter gets an adequate charge.

Then they return the scooter to the streets so paying customers may use them once again.

Oftentimes, the scooter charger makes their schedule.

This freedom of time makes this position one of the best side jobs.

What Does a Scooter Charger Usually Focus On?

A scooter charger usually focuses on the number of scooters they can charge.

This quantity depends on how many charging stations they own at their home or wherever they charge.

They also focus their energy on creating and sticking to a route that will guarantee they find and collect as many scooters as possible.

The more scooters they adequately charge, the more income they receive.

Scooter Charger Job Description

The scooter charger is responsible for collecting, charging, and returning scooters each day.

The charger is the sole caretaker for the scooter during hours when scooters are not allowed to be used or have exhausted their battery life.

The scooter charger reports directly to the company for any inquiries regarding maintenance, charging issues, or other queries as they arise.

Depending on the company the scooter charger works for, they may hold different standards or expectations.

The scooter charger must familiarize themself with all their duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Top Scooter Charger Jobs and Careers

As the market for rentable electric scooters heats up, a few companies seek the best candidates to fill their roles.


Lime has become a well-known name in the scooter and bike market due in part to their attractive, lime-green colors.

Lime refers to their chargers as “juicers” and the process of collecting scooters as “harvesting.”

After the Lime scooters are harvested, the juicer ensures they receive at least a 95% charge before returning them (known as “serving”) to a new place.


Bird is another beloved and well-known name in the transportation market. Their sleek, black scooters have been in cities across the country for years.

The process to charge Bird scooters is very similar to Lime. Harvesting and serving are terms once again found here. Bird, however, has specific locations to serve scooters to, known as “bird nests.” The cost of Bird scooters is relative to their competition.


Spin Scooters have been serving the scooting market since 2016. They, too, offer rental electric scooters across the country.

Spin markets itself as a company committed to both customer and employee satisfaction.

Their charging process is similar to the competition.

Though perhaps lesser-known than the previous two competitors, their products are worth their customers’ time.

Where Can a Scooter Charger Work?

Scooter chargers do most of their work at home.

They connect harvested scooters to chargers they own at home and allow them to charge overnight.

Aside from this, they must drive around their city to harvest and serve the scooters.

What It’s Like to be a Scooter Charger

Every job comes with expectations and requirements.

Let’s look at the things that prospective employees need to consider.

Is Being a Scooter Charger Hard?

Being a scooter charger is not a difficult job, but it is not without its difficulties.

The scooter charger must always plan.

They need to know where to find the most scooters to ensure maximum earning potential.

They also need to navigate to and from those areas with ease.

This task can be difficult depending on location and how busy those areas may be.

Is a Scooter Charger’s Job Stressful?

Several of the aforementioned job characteristics may cause stress for any potential employee.

Commuting to and from harvest and serve spots can be stressful, depending on traffic and road conditions.

There’s also the uncertainty of competition.

There are bound to be other scooter chargers out on the hunt for scooters, and they will want the same thing you do.

The requirement of ensuring all scooters you collect receive an adequate charge can add stress.

Common Scooter Charger Work Day

A scooter charger follows a similar pattern day after day.

Their work doesn’t begin until late evening, typically around 9:00 PM.

The scooter charger uses the app for the company they work for to find scooters around the city.

The employee collects as many scooters as they have charging capabilities for and takes them home to charge.

The following morning, usually by or around 7:00 AM, the charger delivers scooters to locations around the city.

This pattern repeats as long as they desire.

Scooter Charger Tasks & Duties

The task and duties a scooter charger follows are pretty straightforward.

They must collect and charge as many scooters as they can charge.

The charging process takes place overnight and can be completed while the scooter charger sleeps.

They return the scooters to the streets the following morning, ensuring they have a full charge and are ready for use.

Scooter Charger Work Hours & Schedule

There are hours and schedules when they are required to collect, charge, and deliver scooters.

Aside from these hours, scooter chargers live a pretty open and free lifestyle.

They work other jobs and keep themselves busy as they see fit.

They do not need to collect and charge every night, but the more they do the more money they earn.

Does This Career Field Embrace Work/Life Balance?

It’s safe to say that this job is perfect for balancing work and personal life.

Chargers decide when they do and do not wish to charge and can adjust their schedules accordingly.

Do Scooter Chargers Make Good Money?

vector graphic showing an illustration of a scooter getting charged

This depends on your definition of good money.

There are plenty of ways to earn good money with scooter companies.

Charging scooters is not something that will provide a steady means on which to build a life.

However, the job does pay enough to give any income a slight boost.

The boost you receive depends on your level of commitment to the job.

How Much Do Scooter Chargers Make?

On average, scooter chargers can make around $5 per scooter they charge.

By doing the math, if a scooter charger plans to earn $100 per night, they would need to collect and charge around 20 scooters.

How many scooters they can charge depends on how many chargers they own at their home.

How Do Scooter Chargers Get Paid?

Scooter chargers use the corresponding company app to communicate which scooters they collect and where they deliver them.

They also record how much of a charge each scooter received while in their care.

Provided they follow all requirements, the company sends the employee their payment.

Payments post via the app, usually immediately following confirmation of delivery.

The employee can cash out their earnings as quickly as they’d like.

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Scooter Chargers

As with any career path, it’s important to know and understand what level of skill and education you should possess to do well.

Let’s look at what those requirements are for scooter chargers.

Who Should Consider a Scooter Charger Career Path?

Anyone who wishes to make money doing something relatively simple is a good fit.

You can determine which evenings you’d like to charge and go from there.

Self-discipline is a must-have for any hopeful charger.

The scooter charger must stick to the hourly requirements of the company.

Who Should NOT Consider a Scooter Charger Career Path?

There are, of course, several people who would not find this job a good fit.

Those who do not possess good self-discipline would be wise to stay away.

The job does require a turnaround of late night to early morning duties.

This type of schedule is not for everyone.

Additionally, proper transportation for scooters is a requirement.

Chargers will need to have either a minivan or pickup truck to haul scooters to and from home and street locations.

Is It Hard to Become a Scooter Charger?

Each scooter rental company has made it relatively easy to become a charger.

The potential charger should download the app for the scooter company they wish to work alongside.

They will then follow the prompts in the app to sign up.

What Do I Need to Become a Scooter Charger?

To qualify for and be successful with charging scooters, you’ll need a few things.

First, you’ll need a quality smartphone to download and use the app for whichever company you work with.

Second, you’ll need proper vehicular transportation.

While a small sedan might work, a minivan or a pickup truck will provide the best opportunity for additional scooters.

Lastly, you’ll need to invest in plenty of charging cables and cords to give the scooters the charge they need.

Most companies will provide these for you for a fee, but you might be able to find the same cords online if you look in the right places.

Requirements for Becoming a Scooter Charger

Most companies require little of the people who charge their scooters for them.

The main requirement is that you are 18 years old and legally authorized to work for a company in the United States of America.

You will also need a valid U.S. driver’s license.

What Skills Does a Scooter Charger Need?

A prospective scooter charger needs the skill of time management.

This job isn’t very demanding, but the charger needs to pay attention to how long the scooters need to charge.

This attention will increase their chances of earning as well as job satisfaction.

Navigating to the best areas to harvest and serve scooters is an additional skill requirement.

What Education Does a Scooter Charger Need?

No educational requirements are necessary for scooter chargers.

What Experience Does a Scooter Charger Need?

Scooter chargers need little, if any, prior experience.

The scooter companies will probably briefly look at your driving history to determine if you are a good fit to transport their product.

Aside from this, experience is something you won’t need to worry about!

How to Become a Scooter Charger

There are a few steps to becoming a charger with one of the many electric scooter companies.

Where to Find Scooter Charger Opportunities

First, you must live in a city or area served by one (or a few) of the various scooter companies.

A few of the cities that Lime services are:

  • Washington D.C.
  • Indianapolis
  • Baltimore
  • Columbus
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Nashville
  • Denver
  • Orlando
  • Atlanta

Be sure to check if there are scooter opportunities in your city.

Applying for the Gig

Thankfully, applying for the gig of a scooter charger is a simple task.

Any hopeful employee only needs to download the app for the company they wish to work alongside.

They will find prompts in the app to sign up to charge scooters for them.

By following the prompts in the app, signing up and applying is a breeze.

The apps require very little information about their applicants.

Interviewing for the Gig

Depending on the company you apply with, there may or may not be an interview to conduct.

Bird is known for calling their applicants to get to know them and understand why they want to charge their scooters.

However, most companies will only require the necessary information from applicants before conducting background checks.

How Do I Prepare for Scooter Charger Gigs?

The best way to ensure your new gig will be fruitful is to ensure you have proper transportation and charging ability for scooters.

Establish a good place to charge the scooters when you bring them home.

On top of that, be sure to have an adequate amount of chargers.

Similar Careers to Check Out

While charging scooters is a great way to earn additional income on your time, there are plenty of other careers which might also be a great fit!

Here are a few good ones to check out.

  • Rideshare Driver: A rideshare driver is a driver who picks up people or items and drops them off at a requested location.
    This job is a similar career path due to the need for pickup and drops off, and the flexibility of hours and days.
  • Spinning Instructor: A spinning instructor is a fitness professional who leads cycling classes to groups of people on a stationary bike.
    While it may seem like a stretch, those who love cycling or modes of individual transportation/exercise will find enjoyment and fulfillment in this position.
  • Selling Stuff Online: There are plenty of online hubs where sellers can post their possessions and items of value on the market for others to purchase.
    This job is similar to the scooter charger career in that you can make your schedule and make money in a relatively easy manner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly found questions regarding charging scooters for a living.

How Much Does Charging a Scooter Cost?

A scooter charger needs to factor in gas prices to get them to and from scooter locations and homes.

They also need to be willing to invest the money upfront for the cords and cables needed to plug in the scooters once they arrive at the charging place.

What Chargers Do Scooters Use?

The charger most commonly associated with electric scooters is a 42V 2A charger.

While each scooter probably has its requirements of what will charge the most efficiently, this charger seems to be the best and the most commonly used.

Wrapping Up

Transportation is something that every person does a little bit differently than others.

Electric scooters have given us an exciting way to get from place to place.

Each company provides cities with scooters that have helped people come together and do so in a safe and fun manner.

By joining the community of electric scooters, scooter chargers help continue and evolve the process of bringing people together.

They ensure that people can get where they need to go with ease.

Check out each scooter company and see which is the perfect fit for you!

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