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Resell Supreme: Buy and Flip Streetwear For A Massive Profit

Supreme is a streetwear clothing brand that releases a low supply of items that generates high demand.

If you manage to get your hands on their exclusive products, you’re in a good position. Supreme resell products have a high price tag for interested buyers.

Have you considered reselling Supreme items but aren’t sure how to approach it?

Becoming a Supreme reseller is a great way to make extra money, especially if you figure out how to streamline the process. 

Before you jump in, check out this guide to learn how to resell Supreme to make a profit.

Is it Possible to Resell Supreme Items?

Supreme items have a massive place in the clothing resale market as one of the top streetwear brands. However, the culture of Supreme does discourage reselling, as it adds another link between the business-to-consumer chain.

Still, most buyers understand that it’s the only way to get their hands on any item, and there is nothing illegal about it.  

What Kinds of Supreme Items Sell Well?

The success of reselling will depend on the type of item. Some items can sell for ten times more than their original price, while others maintain their original value or even decrease in value. 

The best items to look out for are:

  • Their classic and famous box logos (can sell for 40x the retail price)
  • Photo tees
  • Limited runs (artist or brand collaborations)
  • Skateboard decks
  • Accessories
  • Stickers
  • Exclusive items
  • Old releases
  • Samples 

What is the Value of Supreme Items?

The resale value of Supreme items varies based on the demand for that item. To give you an idea, here are some recent values:

As you can clearly see from the examples above, if you get the chance to resell Supreme items, you can make a pretty penny.

Does Supreme Lose Value Over Time?

It depends. Supreme items generally hold or increase in value over time. Their famous box logo is a great example of this, as it continues to sell for at least four times its retail price.

In some cases, the value can go down. The quickest and easiest way this happens is if the product is damaged.

Also, items that are in unwanted colors or styles may lose popularity. This is why it’s best to buy timeless pieces for resale. 

Things to Consider When Reselling Supreme

The resale market is finicky. People look for specific things when buying, both in the product and the seller. Keep these things in mind before jumping into the market: 

1. Keep The Condition Good 

Keep the product in pristine condition to hold its value. Used gear will lose a significant portion of its worth. 

To ensure you maintain the pristine condition, keep products in their original package. It’s also best to keep them in safe places, away from the sun or anything that could stain them. 

You’ll need enough space to hold all the items in safe places. 

2. Stay Organized 

If you’re purchasing multiple pieces to resell, ensure you keep track of what collections they come from and any other important details. Buyers want to know as much information as possible when purchasing gear. Keeping receipts to prove authenticity is a good idea. 

3. Get The Latest Drop

Supreme releases clothing collections on specific days, called drop days. The release happens both in person and online, and you’ll want to try your best to buy on these days. 

The online drops happen every Thursday at 11 AM EST. That’s when the best sizes and items sell quickly, like the S and M box logo gear. 

You’ll need a bit of luck and skill, as well as preparation to buy on the drop day. 

4. Be Professional 

If you want to make a resale business out of this, you’ll need a good reputation. Stay professional and communicate clearly with any potential buyers. Honesty and being timely will pay off when working with people in this industry. 

5. Sell Quick  

Sitting with your stock isn’t a good idea. The demand is high immediately after drop day, and people are willing to pay the most during this time. If you get your hands on gear, sell it quickly. 

6. Know The Market Has Changed In The Last Decade  

If you’re familiar with Supreme, it may be because of the hype that started back in the mid-2010’s. While Supreme remains popular, you should know that it’s decreased in popularity since these times. 

Some experts predict this is due to the brand selling in 2020 and losing its reputation. Others blame the economic conditions– people have less money to spend on luxury items than before.

Despite this, Supreme still flips and sells significantly higher than the retail price. The demand is still there, just less than its peak. 

Where to Resell Supreme

There are tons of websites for reselling things, but it’s typically best to use streetwear-focused sites for reselling Supreme: 

1. StockX

a screenshot of the stockx homepage

StockX is an online marketplace for clothing and gear, mostly streetwear and sneakers. It’s one of the most popular resell pages for Supreme, offering hundreds of items at any given time. 

What Makes This Option Great

StockX verifies the items that sell. Once a sale is made, the item is first sent to StockX to have an expert review if it’s legit before the buyer receives it. This is why more buyers are on StockX than other sites. 

For this reason, you should be certain that your product is legit. If you get caught selling a fake item, then you won’t be able to sell on the site again. 

Buyers and sellers both remain anonymous through the process, as well. 

  • Fees/Commission: 9% seller’s fee, but this will go down if you sell more. 
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, debit card, Venmo, or bank transfer. 

2. Grailed

a screenshot of the grailed homepage

Grailed is a specialized platform for men’s fashion with a focus on streetwear. It gives buyers and sellers a marketplace to trade. 

Buyers can make public offers, which other buyers can see. This may affect the worth of the item by making the demand transparent. You always will have the option to deny an offer. 

What Makes This Option Great

The fees are less than popular sites like eBay, and they use PayPal-certified selling to prevent scammers. You’ll feel safer making a sale here compared to Instagram or other sites. 

Grailed is also one of the top sites to find Supreme gear. The reputation brings buyers in regularly, so the gear will sell fast. 

  • Fees/Commission: 9% seller’s fee and around a 3.49% + .49 USD processing fee for PayPal. 
  • Payment Methods: PayPal account. 

3. Instagram

vector graphic showing an illustration of ladies posting images to show how to become an instagram influencer

Instagram is best for networking and selling. It’s more independent than the specialized sites, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the approach you want to take. 

If you’re looking for an occasional buy and sell, it may not be the option for you. Instagram is best for those who want to create a consistent stream of income, build a reseller business, network, and find repeat customers. 

What Makes This Option Great

Instagram can be a fantastic way to gain a following of consistent buyers. You can customize your page and how you present the items, which is a way to market items to stand out against competitors. 

It’s also good to avoid any fees associated with those other sites. You’ll receive the full amount that you sell for, but you should be wary of scams without the extra protection.

  • Fees/Commission: None.
  • Payment Methods: Your choice, but PayPal and Venmo are popular options for convenience. 

What You’ll Need to Resell Supreme

To get your resell business set up, you’ll want some basic items. Ensure you’ve got these before you make your first purchase: 

  • Camera: You need to take high-quality photos of all of the pieces. People want to see the quality, condition, and authenticity before purchasing. Poor photos will not help you sell well. 
  • Buying bot: A bot may help you beat out competitors and buy the highly sought-after items on drop day. But it does cost money. 
  • Reselling platform accounts: You’ll want accounts on the resale platforms you plan to use. Set up your accounts to look authentic and reliable. 
  • Storage: Keeping the gear you buy safe and clean is important to maintain its value. 
  • Social media: Networking with buyers and resellers often happens on Instagram or other social media platforms. You’ll benefit from having an established account to network.  

How To Resell Supreme: Step-By-Step Instructions

Starting a resale business doesn’t have an exact formula. Much of your success will come from putting in the time to get the right items and selling them for the right amount. To get you started, follow these steps. 

STEP 1: Buy Supreme Items

To sell Supreme items, you’ll need to buy Supreme items. You have three choices for this: 

  • Buy in person at the store. 
  • Buy online directly from the store. 
  • Buy a resold item. 

Your best option will always be to buy on drop day, which is at 11 AM EST online or at the stores opening on Thursdays.

If you’re buying online, you’ll want to be prepared and on the site before 11 AM. Don’t refresh too often because you may get tagged as a bot and kicked off. Refresh a minute or so before, add items to your cart and check out. 

There is a chance you may not get the items you want, as you’re competing with people around the world. One of the ways to help your chances is to install a good bot. Research these before downloading or using one, as some are much better than others. 

STEP 2: List Supreme Items 

Once you have your items, you’ll want to keep them in good condition. Take photos immediately with a good camera. 

Choose the platform you want to sell on and post the item. Include as much details as possible, such as the collection that it came from and the condition that it’s in. 

Buyers will bid, and you can decide how much you’re willing to take for it. Checking other similar websites may give you a good idea of how to price your item. 

STEP 3: Ship Your Items

Shipping your items will depend on the platform you sell them on. If you’re using a verified platform, they’ll have specific instructions for you to follow.

If you sell on Instagram or another platform, you’ll want to avoid scammers. PayPal offers great services for exchanging payment that protects both the buyer and seller. 

STEP 4: Consider Building An Exclusive Network

Experienced resellers won’t sell on the standard platforms. They have a following and build exclusivity within their network. Many will copy the most exclusive items, then only reach out to a select network to offer them up. This is where the highest profits are made. 

If you want to join the ranks of these top resellers, consider networking on social media with them. There are messaging groups you may join and learn from. It won’t be easy to infiltrate, but with focus and passion, you can get there. 

Can You Make Money Flipping Supreme?

Yes, a majority of Supreme items sell for significantly more than their original retail price. 

What is a Supreme Resale Business?

A Supreme resale business buys Supreme clothing and sells it for a higher value. Some people make their primary income from doing this. 

You can check out the interview by Complex on people who make $100 a day from reselling Supreme.

Is Reselling Supreme a Good Way to Make Money?

Yes, it’s a great way to make money if you can successfully flip the right items. 

There is always the danger of purchasing items and not being able to sell them, which leaves you in the negative and still with your items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Supreme Banned Reselling?

No, Supreme cannot ban reselling. The Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that reselling is completely legal, as you have the right to do what you want with an item that you purchase. 

Why Are The Prices of Supreme So High?

Supreme releases a low supply but has a high demand from customers. Their constant release of new items allows this pattern of demand to stay consistent.

Many people also create collections out of the rarest items, such as the Louis Vuitton or North Face collaborations.

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

Consider diversifying what you sell to maximize your profits. If you’re already using resell platforms and understand the basics, it’s easy enough to sell other items as well. 

  • Resell Jordans: Jordans are similarly exclusive within the streetwear community. You’d use some of the same platforms that Supreme sells on. 
  • Resell designer clothes: Designer clothes can rack up profits from reselling as well. There’s a greater market than solely focusing on Supreme items, but often a greater risk. 
  • Resell Diamonds: Diamonds are a different market than clothing but are a safer investment as they hold their value well for longer. 

Wrapping Up

Having a side hustle reselling clothing provides a great source of income. You can build the business on your time and to the size of your liking. Flip a few items every month or build a following by constantly flipping gear each week. 

Remember the importance of keeping yourself organized and the gear clean. It’s easy for Supreme items to lose their worth if not taken care of properly before selling. 

If this article helped you to build a path to resell Supreme, then share or comment your thoughts below. 

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