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Best 5 Remote Airline Jobs That Are in Demand in (2024)

Have you been looking for remote work but can’t seem to find any luck with popular websites like Upwork? What if we told you there’s a particular industry that’s looking for remote employees and is willing to give awesome benefits? 

That’s right! The airline industry is waiting for you!

We’ve compiled the five best remote airline jobs you should check out this 2023. Find out what these positions require, their pros and cons, and which companies are hiring.

Why You Should Consider a Remote Airline Job

These jobs offer several advantages. There are a lot of interesting opportunities available, and they’re not limited to individuals with airline-specific skills.

Here are some perks of working remotely for airlines:

  • Higher Pay: Statistical research showed that, on average, remote employees make an additional $19,000 compared to their in-office counterparts.
  • Diversity: You’ll get to enjoy greater inclusivity and diversity, unlike on-site positions that may require people to have specific physical attributes or be of a certain age.
  • Benefits: You’ll likely enjoy numerous benefits similar to those received by on-site airport workers. This includes medical insurance, paid leaves, and training programs.
  • Travel Perks: One of the most exciting privileges is free space-available travel. Your family may also enjoy this, depending on the company.
  • Convenience: Remote employees don’t have to rush every day to the airport and enjoy more time with their families.

Best Remote Airline Jobs

Now, let’s dive into each job in detail.

1. Customer Support

This job entails interacting with customers in a friendly, professional manner. 

Customer service agents are responsible for attending to passengers with inquiries about scheduling, flight ticket issues, baggage concerns, and refunds. You also need to channel recurring member inquiries related to loyalty programs and other topics.

Remote customer success agents often communicate with passengers via email or phone calls. You can also work as a chat support employee for their website.


  • Inclusive: Usually, airlines aren’t strict with the requirements for this position. Some airlines only need you to be at least 18 years old, have some experience with systems, good communication skills, and a valid driver’s license.
  • Equipment: Airlines also provide the equipment once you get hired. You don’t have to invest in a computer, headset, or any other devices.
  • Incentives: Another advantage is that you get commissions and bonuses depending on upsells or team achievements.


  • Shifting Schedules: Airports are open 24/7, and so is their department of customer support. You may be scheduled during night shifts for a couple of weeks and then scheduled back to morning shifts. This may be an issue for those who need to maintain a specific sleeping schedule.
  • Irate Customers: It’s inevitable to receive complaints from irate travelers whose issues you can’t solve.

Top Airline Companies to Find Remote Customer Support Jobs

  • American Airlines
  • Surf Air Mobility
  • Third-party companies
  • Southern Airways

2. Crew Resources Analyst

Your main job is to plot the schedules of crew members. This includes flight attendants, pilots, and other personnel involved in flight operations. You have to ensure team members and crews comply with Federal Aviation Regulations.

You may also be tasked to maintain budget plans. This involves communicating with hotel partners and finding reasonable accommodations for crew members.

As this is a remote airline job, you’ll have access to crew scheduling software, company playbooks, and policies. 

You’ll play a crucial role in ensuring that the airline’s flights are adequately staffed with qualified and available crew members.


  • Competitive Pay: Airlines can pay up to $22 per hour. Payment increases yearly, and you could expect to earn $25 an hour over time.
  • Company Benefits: You’ll get to enjoy paid personal time off (PTOs), health incentives, and training.
  • Growth Opportunity: You’ll be part of large communities of different personnel and learn the ins and outs of aviation regulations. Crew schedulers can also hone their critical thinking skills on the job. 


  • Experience: You may need to have experience using a crew scheduling program to get this position.
  • Expectation: Interested applicants should be ready to study the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) extensively to avoid safety and legal risks.
  • Conflicts: You need to resolve scheduling conflicts. If there’s even one attendant who fails to join the flight, you should find a replacement to ensure the flight won’t be delayed.

Top Airline Companies to Find Remote Crew Scheduler Jobs

  • Breeze Airways
  • Frontier Airlines
  • SkyWest Airlines

3. Account Manager for Private Jet Services

If you want to pursue a career in sales, this job may be for you. You need to search for possible clients and manage air charter or unscheduled flights for them. This includes choosing the right aircraft, date, flight crew, and other services while considering customer needs and budget, whether they’re traveling from Miami to Palm Beach or Denver to New York.

Since you need to organize unscheduled flights, your schedule as an account manager may vary and require flexibility. Most airlines are looking for employees that can work weekends and at night.


  • High-Paying Opportunity: You’ll receive a monthly base payment plus commissions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Working with high-profile clients and industry professionals opens doors to valuable opportunities. You get to expand your connections and potential business prospects.
  • Lenient Requirement: Airlines are open to working with employees from all backgrounds.


  • Complicated Schedule: You need to be amenable to work on weekends and night shifts.
  • Payment Assurance: While this position can give you the opportunity to earn six figures, it will still depend on your performance and the number of deals you close.
  • On-Site: You may be asked to report to certain locations from time to time.

Top Airline Companies to Find Remote Account Manager Jobs

  • Fly USA
  • Air Partner PLC
  • Omni Air Transport

4. On-Demand Experience Representative

Working for airlines doesn’t only include scheduled inflight services. Sometimes, airlines offer on-land packages and personalized trips, too.

As an On-Demand Experience Representative, you’ll be the airline’s main point of contact for these on-demand flights, ensuring clients receive luxury treatment. 

You play a vital role in providing post-trip services as well. This includes coordinating high-profile clients’ inflight catering, ground transportation, and luggage shipments. You’ll work with brokers, flight crews, and suppliers to make sure clients have an enjoyable journey.

This role could be for you if you have past work experience as an appointment setter or travel event organizer for high-profile clients.


  • High Paying: You’ll receive commissions aside from competitive base pay.
  • No Past Experience with Airlines: You’re welcome to apply as long as you have sales experience.
  • Ability to Provide Ideas: You get to work closely with different clients and directly hear feedback. This can help you pitch ideas for the business, which can lead to career growth.


  • Demanding Work Schedule: You don’t have any control over your schedule. Depending on the trip, you need to work on holidays, evenings, and weekends.
  • Huge Responsibility: You need to be proactive and tend to the client’s needs remotely. For instance, you should always cater to clients who have medical concerns or who prefer different accommodations.

Top Airline Companies to Find Remote On-Demand Experience Representative Jobs

  • Surf Air Mobility
  • United Airlines

5. Compliance Analyst

You’ll work for ticketing agencies and airlines to ensure they adhere to the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) and Industry Agent Handbook (IAH). Attention to detail is a highly-sought after as you’ll need to escalate areas of concern to the management to avoid complications.

You’ll also need to help in resolving disputes raised by customers. From time to time, you’ll be tasked to back up the company’s Revenue Integrity department. You may want to apply for this highly secure position if you have great negotiation and interpersonal skills.


  • Competitive Pay: Companies offer a competitive package and impressive benefits for this job.
  • Work-life Balance: This could be the best online job for you if you want to work exclusively within office hours.
  • Training Provided: You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of industry policies. Companies will also train you to use their systems.


  • Heavy Compliance: You need to deal with strict adherence to industry policies and regulations. This includes ensuring you’re updated with any changes.
  • High Qualifications: Companies are usually looking for those with an associate’s degree and three to five years of prior experience in the same industry.

Top Airline Companies to Find Remote Account Manager Jobs

  • Airlines Reporting Corporation

Similar Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find Remote Airline Jobs Online?

On any browser, enter ‘remote airline jobs’ in the keyword search box. Or, if you’re eyeing a specific company, you can go to their site where you’ll find their open relevant positions on their careers page, or subscribe to their job updates.

Do Airlines Hire Non-US Citizens?

It will depend on their selection process. Some positions may require employees of different nationalities.
For instance, certain customer accounts need a multilingual team to cater to diverse international passengers. In such cases, airlines may actively seek non-US citizens who are fluent in specific languages.

Is Having Remote Work for an Airline Secure?

Airlines are increasingly recognizing the value of remote work since the pandemic and are providing secure employment opportunities for different positions.

What’s even better is that airlines can provide better benefits to remote workers than other companies.

Wrapping Up

These are just five of the best remote airline jobs for 2023. As airlines continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic and offer more frequent flights, we can expect more remote work opportunities to be available soon.

What do you think about these positions? Will you give them a try? Let us know in the comments below and share this with your friends if you found it helpful!

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