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Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

Anything you want, anytime you want it, and anywhere you’re at.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, that’s what Postmates brings to the table.

Postmates is a delivery service that will bring nearly anything to your door.

The service is without a doubt convenient for those who don’t have the time or are unable to pick up items themselves, however, sometimes things may go astray.

That’s where we come in. If you need to solve a Postmates issue or reach out to Postmates customer service, look no further.

We’re here for you when things don’t go as planned.

Let’s get right into it.

What Is Postmates?

Postmates is an all-in-one delivery platform that will bring you takeout orders from restaurants, groceries from the market, or alcohol from the corner store.

Screen Shot 2018 12 02 at 10.01.59 PM

It’s an on-demand product, alcohol, and food delivery service that simplifies urban logistics for customers who need to get their hands on everyday goods.

Postmates — launched in San Francisco, California in 2011 — is like Instacart, GrubHub, and Doordash all mashed up into one platform.

Serving 550 cities across the United States, Postmates covers 60 percent of all households.

Instead of driving to the store, you can now use a delivery service like Postmates to get groceries and other everyday items delivered right to your door.

After signing up for Postmates, you simply log on to the app, find the local store you want to shop from, fill out your item list, and a Postmates delivery driver will pick up and deliver your order to wherever you’re at.

If you’re trying to contact Postmates, you likely already know what it’s all about, so let’s get straight to the point.

Postmates Phone Number

Postmates doesn’t currently have a customer service phone number that you can call.

Instead, Postmates provides customers with online help forums and a way to reach out via an online portal at Postmates.com.

This may possibly be one of the most frustrating aspects of Postmates.

As a new Postmates customer, it’s comforting knowing that if a problem arises or you have an immediate issue you’re able to make a phone call and resolve things quickly.

But instead, Postmates is lacking a way to talk to a real person over the phone and redirects you to an online support team.

We see this as a huge miss for Postmates, but also a prime opportunity for improvement.

In this day and age, customers expect a high level of customer service and Postmates seems to have missed the mark.

Since you’re not able to contact customer service via phone, let’s look at all of the ways you can begin to solve your delivery issues.

Contact Online Customer Support

The recommended way to contact Postmates customer service is through the Postmates help page.

From there you can choose between several general help topics which funnel you down to an appropriate contact form for you to fill out.

In some cases, Postmates will want you to log in to receive more speedy and customized service.

Also, along the way you’ll be provided with helpful content to solve your problem on your own.

If you’re unable to answer your own question, you can proceed to the contact form.

Let’s walk through an example of how you would report a problem and get in contact with Postmates support if you received multiple charges on your last order.

First, you would head to this Postmates page.

You would then see a selection of options that you could choose from.

Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

Since our problem has to do with charges, we’ll select that option.

Next, you would provide further detail to narrow in on what you’re looking for.

On the “Tell us more about your issue” page, we’ll select the “Multiple charges” option.
Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support
As mentioned above, the next page will provide ways for you to solve your problem on your own.

Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

In our case, we can choose between topics like “Questions about pending charges” or “Final total different than expected.”

If these options help you solve your problem, then great, you can move on with your day.

But if they don’t, you can proceed to fill out the contact form.

In this instance, you need to provide a comment describing your problem, your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and country in which you reside.

Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

After you tap the “Report issue” button, you can expect to hear back from Postmates customer support within a few days.

Beyond this contact page, there are a few other associated help pages that provide ways you can troubleshoot on your own.

Troubleshoot on Your Own

As mentioned above, Postmates aims to enable you to solve common issues on your own before directing you to reach out to them.

These pages include a Postmates help forum as well as a Postmates Help Center.

We aren’t entirely sure why there are two different locations for help content, but I guess the only thing that matters is that you solve your issue in a speedy manner.

The first option, the Postmates help forum, is an FAQ-style page.

Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support
Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

You can log in when you land on this page to get customized help, but if not, you can still browse articles and go through additional information that will link out to the contact forms we walked through above.

For example, if you’re having trouble applying a Postmates promo code to an order, you can browse through the “Popular answers” section and land on an answer to your question.

Your second option is the Postmates Help Center.

Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

This is also an FAQ-style portal that connects you with answers to questions you may have.

The categories of support options presented to you on this portal are as follows:

When you choose one of these options, you’ll be redirected to a list of FAQ options that aim to solve your issue.

But what if your problem needs to be solved right now and you don’t have time to poke around through articles trying to solve your issue?

What if you need to contact your Postmates shopper immediately regarding your current order?

Contact Your Current Postmates Shopper

As a Postmates customer, you’re able to contact your current Postmates shopper regarding ongoing deliveries, but only after they pick up your order.

This means that at this time, you won’t be able to add items to your delivery request.

However, you’re able to contact your driver with additional details like directions to the drop off location or instructions once they arrive.

For instance, this could be necessary information like a code to enter the gate when he or she arrives at your apartment complex.

If you want to contact your driver, you can open your app and navigate to your current order.

Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support
Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

Once you locate your driver’s name, tap the “Help” button to the right.

You’ll then need to tap “Contact Driver” and choose between either calling or messaging your driver.

This will help you solve any current delivery issues, but what about problems you’d like to report after a delivery is already completed?

Report Problem With a Completed Delivery

In order to report a problem that occurred with a previous delivery, you need to contact order support through the Postmates app.

The first step is to open the app and tap the clock in the top right corner.

Then you need to navigate to the applicable merchant that you placed the order with to access your delivery detail page.

Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

After that, you can tap “Contact support” to report your problem to Postmates Fleet support.

It’s best to report your problem as soon as possible.

Postmates prioritizes complaints that are submitted within 48 hours of the delivery date.

If you pass this 48-hour period, you can still submit your request, however, you’ll be subject to stricter criteria when it comes to refunds and other assistance.

Social Media Support

Lastly, you can always try to contact Postmates through Twitter or Facebook to solve your customer service issues.

The Postmates customer service Twitter handle is @Postmates_Help and the Facebook page is Facebook.com/Postmates.

Both Twitter and Facebook are great options if you want to be connected with a chat representative, however, if your question is slightly more complicated then you should expect to be passed along to the appropriate team who will further handle your issue.

If you decide to use the Postmates customer support Twitter handle, you can browse through questions that other customers have asked to see if you can find an answer to your problem.

If not, you can either tweet your question to Postmates or send a direct message.

If Facebook is more your style, then head to this page to begin the process.

Postmates Customer Service: No Phone Number? Here’s Online Support

The Postmates Facebook page is more of a social media depository that houses community outreach, promotional materials, and branded content, however, what we care about is the Facebook Messenger feature.

If you use the Facebook Messenger chat box, you can ask anything you want and you should expect to receive a speedy response.

Judging by Facebook’s customer service gauge, it looks like Postmates will likely respond to your inquiry within minutes.

Again, it’s important to note that Twitter and Facebook are a slower form of customer service as you’ll likely just be vetted and passed along to another customer service staff member.

However, it does cut out the process of you having to scour through the self-help pages trying to figure out where you need to submit your problem.

So maybe it might not be a bad choice.

No Phone Number, No Problem

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you can get your problem solved and have peace of mind that you won’t be charged some exuberant fee on your Postmates order.

Even though Postmates customer service needs some work before we can fully get behind it, the resources above should at least get you on the right track to solving your issue.

Until then we can patiently wait for Postmates to launch a customer service phone number.

Good luck to you!

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