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Peapod coupons: a grocery store produce section

Peapod Coupons for New and Existing Users: Save $20 on Groceries

Last updated: March 25, 2020
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With grocery delivery services popping up all across the country, every major platform is aiming to make you their next loyal customer by offering the best discounts. However, once you’ve exhausted your Shipt or Instacart promo codes, you’ll need to find a new way to save on convenient grocery purchases. With Peapod coupon codes, your next discount is right around the corner.

Peapod may be a lesser known service nationwide, but the company is making customers’ lives easier throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Whether you’re constantly busy with work, your child, or even your dog, you can use the platform to eliminate the time-consuming burden of shopping in-store after a long day.

If you’re interested in transforming grocery shopping from a boring chore to a money-saving online experience that doesn’t require hours of coupon clipping, keep reading to learn all about Peapod delivery. Stay tuned to the end to get active Peapod coupons to use on your first order.

What Is Peapod?

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Founded in 1989, well before the modern internet age, Peapod is known as the oldest grocery delivery service in the United States. Since becoming the original grocery delivery platform in Chicago, Illinois, the company has successfully expanded to New York, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, Virginia, and over 10 more markets in the region.

The Peapod platform functions similarly to other companies in the market. You can use the desktop website or mobile app to shop the company’s digital aisles, which are stocked with everything from plums and nectarines to toothpaste and detergent. Because the company completes your orders straight from their own warehouses and grocery stores it has exclusive partnerships with, you know the items listed are always in stock at the exact, affordable price listed. Then, all you need to do is schedule your delivery time and check out.

Peapod also offers a pick-up feature that allows you to drive up to a Peapod-designated parking space at your local grocery store, call a provided number, and get your groceries handed to you by an employee.

How Does Peapod Help Me Save Time and Money?

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As we just mentioned, Peapod functions as both a website and an app. The platform allows you to shop at anytime, though there are some time frames to keep in mind:

  • Delivery drivers can drop off your Peapod order any day between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. in your local time zone.
  • The latest order you can submit is at 8 p.m. the night before a next-day delivery.
  • The earliest you can make an order is two weeks before your scheduled delivery.

Once you place your order, an employee will handpick your groceries for the freshest products ahead of your order pick-up. Even if you purchased heavily discounted items, thanks to Peapod’s everyday deals in every digital aisle, Peapod states that quality is their priority.

If you’ve chosen the pick-up option, you can pick up your order once it’s ready. Otherwise your delivery driver will pick it up, and you’ll receive your groceries right at your door.

The main difference to note about Peapod, compared to similar services, is that it does have a minimum order of $60. However, fees are extremely affordable — only $2.95 for pick-up and as low as $7.95 for delivery orders of over $100 — making it perfect for large families, businesses, and anyone who wants to stock up for the month. Gas fees are typically only a handful of cents.

Plus, the company frequently offers Peapod coupons to customers to help you cut back on your spending. We’ll dive further into how you can find these coupons below.

Using the Peapod platform in general can help you limit the amount of impulse purchases you make, reducing your spending on display items and candy bars in the checkout aisle, as you can simply search for what you need and save time. In addition, you can purely search for weekly specials to ensure you’re always saving and never shopping for full-price items.

Signing Up for a Free Peapod Account

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Unlike Amazon Fresh and Shipt, Peapod is not a subscription-based service. This means signing up for an account is completely free, and you’re never obligated to make a purchase, though providing your credit card information is required upon signup.

If you’re a business owner, you can even sign up for free with your business account, so you don’t need to provide personal payment information when saving on office pantry supplies.

The process to sign up is extremely easy and only requires the following steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your delivery zip code in the space provided. Then select whether you’re shopping for home or for your business, and tap “See Local Items.”
  3. Choose between Peapod’s delivery and pick-up services for your first order.
  4. You can start shopping even before you’ve created an account, but if you want to create one immediately, select the “Guest” icon in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Select “Create Account.”
  6. Follow the prompts by entering your email, password, delivery address, billing address, and credit card information.

Once you’ve completed the signup process, you’ll be able to make and track purchases and savings at anytime. While Peapod doesn’t have a referral program to immediately help you save upon registration, you can get $20 off when you’re making your first order — get the code in our next section.

Peapod Coupons for Your First Order

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Online grocery platforms like Peapod know it’s hard to fall in love with a service when you need to pay full price just to give them a shot. Because of this, the company consistently offers Peapod coupons for your first purchase.

Until June 30, 2020, you can use the promo code “60DAYSFREE” to receive $20 off your first order of $75 or more, plus free delivery. This Peapod coupon will additionally provide 60 days of free delivery for any purchase exceeding $60.

You can also check out discount websites like RetailMeNot and for Peapod promo codes. Codes from these websites are sometimes hit or miss, but frequently, you’ll find discounts larger than those promoted by Peapod itself. Currently, there are active, working codes listed for new customers for a total offer of up to $30 off, plus free delivery.

Peapod Coupons for Existing Users

Once you’re an existing user on Peapod, the discounts don’t disappear. On the front page of the Peapod store, you can almost always find weekly specials and free delivery offers for a wide variety of products or for your order in general.

Peapod offers a generous amount of deals, as long as you continue receiving emails as an existing user or checking in on the platform. Getting $20 off orders, like with your original Peapod coupon code, isn’t as rare as you may expect.

Again, you can also use coupon sites like those listed above to find Peapod promo codes. However, these are less likely to help you get codes that are as reliable as or unique from those offered directly by the company itself.

How to Apply Your Peapod Promo Code

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Once you’ve found a Peapod coupon that you want to use, it’s time to apply it to your account. Peapod makes promo code entry a seamless part of the buying process, so you can start shopping before you worry about applying your coupon. Once you’ve added all the items you want to your cart, follow these steps to apply your promo code:

  1. Tap the green cart button with your order total in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Tap “Checkout.”
  3. Select “Pick-up” or “Delivery.”
  4. Schedule your delivery or select a store to pick up from.
  5. Follow the prompts until you hit the “Order Summary” page. Then enter your code in the “Promo Code” section and hit “Apply.”

Once you’ve made sure your discount is reflected in the order total, select “Place Order.”

FAQs About Peapod Coupons

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Using Peapod coupons is the smart way to grocery shop online. To help you figure out the best way to save, here are our answers to a few common questions.

1. Can I use my Peapod coupon to receive free meal kits?

Yes, while most Peapod promo codes are for the grocery delivery service in general, you can add Peapod meal kits to your cart as you would any other grocery item. To quickly find fresh meal kits that can feed up to six people for as little as $4.17 per meal, simply search “meal kits” in the search bar while shopping on Peapod.

2. Will I receive Peapod discounts if I become a Peapod driver?

Peapod does not specify whether it offers delivery drivers discounts on their services. However, because the company’s drivers are classified as traditional employees, unlike drivers for newer gig economy apps, you’re likely to qualify for some type of benefits.

Another plus of becoming a driver: Peapod is currently offering a $2,500 hiring bonus for select locations, which is enough to get you plenty of food. You can find and learn more about open driver positions on Peapod’s careers page.

3. If my 60 days of free delivery is still active, can I use other Peapod coupon codes with the offer?

The 60 days of free delivery offer for first-time orders cannot be combined with any other offer. To get the best savings, choose the coupon that will get you the most off your order.

Get Groceries Delivered to Your Door

Peapod is an affordable grocery delivery service that’s perfect for any family or business that frequently needs large orders but has little time to shop on their own. The company led the way for this innovative service but still continues to hold strong in a modern, competitive market, distinguishing itself from many other online grocery stores. With a money-saving Peapod coupon, you can try it out for yourself.

Looking to save on a smaller order? Learn how to get free delivery on Instacart, a delivery service that allows you to spend as little as $10 to get the convenience of groceries at your door.

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