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Everything You Need to Know About Listing or Renting With Outdoorsy

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Outdoorsy is an online platform that allows qualified drivers to rent RVs, campers, and other recreational vehicles.

For friends and families looking to have an unforgettable travel experience, the site can give you access to the RV life without having to invest thousands upon thousands of dollars to purchase a camper.

In this article, we’ll give you a brief guide to Outdoorsy, and how its fee structure works.

We’ll also show the benefits of listing with the service if you happen to own a recreational vehicle and are interested in renting it out.

We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide to renting a vehicle on the platform.

Finally, we’ll get to some frequently asked questions about the site.

By the end of the article, you should understand how Outdoorsy works, and if it’s the right fit for your next vacation.

What Is Outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy is an online platform that connects RV owners (including Airstreams, travel trailers, and motorhomes) with people who want to rent them.

Think of it as the Airbnb of RVs.

Owners can set available dates, review applications, and rent out their vehicles stress-free knowing that every rental is insured through Outdoorsy.

Founded by Jeff Cavins in 2014, the company is based in San Francisco.

Cavins, a serial entrepreneur who has led seven previous companies, says he was inspired to start the company when he found that 35 million people every year look to rent an RV, with nearly 40% of those people being millennials.

There was demand, but little supply — according to TechCrunch, there are fewer than 100,000 commercially owned RVs available out for rent.

Most RVs are owned privately, and most RVs are only used a few times a year.

That’s where Outdoorsy comes in.

The company has set up a system where people can rent and pick up RVs, Airstreams, and many other types of campers that are otherwise sitting unused.

What’s more, the company also provides insurance and roadside assistance to make a road trip fun and safe.

The site also works with RV rental companies, using a separate product called Wheelbase, which lets professional companies manage inventory and get covered by Outdoorsy’s RV insurance.

To learn more about this coverage, visit the “About Outdoorsy” page.

Fee Structure

Once a reservation is finalized between the owner and the renter, the renter is charged a deposit.

The only exception to this is if the rental is within 14 days, in which case the renter must pay the full amount for the rental up front.

Outdoorsy holds the funds until one day after the rental begins, then deposits the money via the owner’s checking account.

(This can take 3-5 business days to show up in an owner’s account.)

Outdoorsy says that RV owners get “75% to 80% of the total reservation cost and any add-on charges,” with the rest going to the company for administrative and hosting fees, as well as insurance.

Renters also are charged a service fee, which is a $10 daily minimum for camper vans and truck campers, and a minimum $15 daily fee for larger RVs — that’s in addition to the agreed upon rental fee.

In the event of damage to the RV which results in a security deposit claim, Outdoorsy takes a 2.95% payment processing fee of whatever the total claimed amount is.

Listing With Outdoorsy

Screenshot of how much you can make renting your RV or camper on Outdoorsy

If you own a recreational vehicle of any type, you can start earning extra money by renting it out on Outdoorsy.

The platform gives you a lot of control over the rental process by letting you set daily rates, mileage limits, and more.

They also conduct DMV checks of all drivers who rent with them, so you can have peace of mind knowing that someone with multiple driving offenses won’t be taking the wheel of your prized RV.

Even after that, every rental is subject to your approval.

You will get the chance to chat with any potential renters and size them up for yourself before deciding to rent.

To get started, visit www.outdoorsy.com/list-your-rv, and from there you’ll be able to enter information about your vehicle type, make, model, and year.

You’ll receive an instant estimate of what you can earn with just one trip.

From there, click on “Start renting and making money” and you’ll be able to set up a profile listing your vehicle type, post photos, and select the available dates.

How to Rent With Outdoorsy

Want to book an RV for your next outdoor experience?

First head to www.outdoorsy.com, and then at the top of the page select “Rent an RV.”

You’ll immediately be taken to a page that has listings near you.

If you’re looking to rent something locally, that’s great, but Outdoorsy also allows you to search wherever you may be traveling.

To select another location, just click on “Where” and then type in wherever you want to go.

You’ll also see available dates, which will limit your search results to vehicles that are available when you’re traveling.

For the purposes of this article, let’s say you’re traveling to Denver in September.
Screenshot of the Outdoorsy website
As you can see, you have multiple options.

If you want to see what’s available near the airport, you can use the map on the right to scan around, and if you click on “Search as I move the map,” you’ll be able to see results pop up in real time.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see that you have plenty of options for filters to narrow down your search.

You can select by price, vehicle type, amenities, and a lot more.

Once you’ve found the vehicle you like, it’s time to request a booking.

Clicking on a vehicle will take you to a booking page, where you’ll be able to review the price per night, total price, mileage limits, and more.

It will look like this:
How to request an RV or camper rental on Outdoorsy
If you’ve found something you like, it’s time to request a booking.

Remember: This isn’t actually confirming the booking.

This is merely a request.

The owner will have time to review and accept (or reject) the booking.

Once a request is confirmed by the owner, you will be responsible for a deposit at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a few questions about renting a camper?

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Outdoorsy and its policies.

How do I contact the Outdoorsy’s support team?

Customer support can be reached anytime via email at [email protected] or by calling their toll free phone number (877) 723-7232.

They also have a live chat feature — it’s located in the bottom right corner of every page of the site.

They also say you can reach out via social media if you have a question.

How does Outdoorsy insurance work?

Outdoorsy gives renters multiple options for insurance.

Every trip is protected by the service with liability insurance for $1 million for both driver and renter.

They also offer trip insurance for renters, which allows renters to purchase cancellation insurance in the event they have to call off the trip.

These coverages come in differing packages, and can include trip cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance, and emergency assistance insurance.

Does their insurance cover damage to a third party in the event of an accident?


Outdoorsy’s $1 million liability insurance covers damage to a third party as long as a verified driver is driving the vehicle at the time of the incident.

For owners, they just remind you that you still need a personal policy when you’re driving your own vehicle.

What determines mileage limits?

Owners can set their own mileage limits, as well as set penalties for renters who break those mileage limits.

Renters must review and agree to mileage limits before renting the vehicle.

Get Ready for Your Vacation

Outdoorsy saw a need in the marketplace — people looking to rent RVs for vacations and having nowhere to do so — and built an easy-to-use platform to address that need.

Owners have control over when renting can occur, and to whom, and can rest easy knowing that Outdoorsy provides $1 million of liability insurance to protect both owners and renters.

For qualified renters looking to make the most of a vacation, Outdoorsy can give you the ability to take the trip of a lifetime, without the huge initial investment of buying an RV.

So get out there and hit the open road in style.

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