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Nikon D5500 Bundles: Should You Buy Them in (2024)?

The Nikon D5500 is a very capable DSLR.

But that is only if you also have the right lenses and accessories for your Nikon D5500.

To use a DSLR at its full potential, you need to buy a camera bundle.

These extra pieces of items range from different types of lenses to filters, hoods, tripods, and camera bags.

Another necessary item is a high-speed SD card.

Each hour of video requires several gigabytes of space.

Each photo needs about 5 megabytes.

To store all of it, you need at least a 32GB SD card.

Buying a dedicated D5500 bundle saves a lot of hassle and is usually cheaper than buying each accessory individually.

Thus, it makes sense to buy it all as a pre-packaged bundle.

The Nikon D5500 boasts some great specifications, including a 24.2MP sensor, 5FPS burst mode, WiFi connectivity, and a better ISO range.

The sensor is capable enough to get some amazing shots.

To further improve your photography, you shall consider getting a good bundle, and that is what you’re going to find with the help of this article.

Nikon D5500 Bundles in (2024)

Best Nikon D5500 Bundle

I met about 25 photographers and content creators who use Nikon D5500 as their primary camera.

It turns out each one of them uses some of the other extra accessories.

But almost half of them struggled during shoots without a proper camera kit.

I also tested the D5500 bundles available in the market and, this article is a result of all the experiments and research.

Here, I list only two bundle products that actually add value to the camera and are worth your money and time.

High-Power Telephoto Lens + Tripod + Backpack Bundle
  • No of items: 14
    List of items:
  • High-Power 500mm telephoto lens
  • Nikon T-mount  
  • 2X Converter
  • Deluxe SLR Backpack
  • 60-inch Tripod

The dream of every photographer is to own a long super-telephoto lens.

Unfortunately, they are prohibitively priced at over $1000.

But you have a chance to own one – a 500 mm telephoto that fits on almost every Nikon – at a very low cost.

Made with the best technology, this sturdy Nikon lens is capable of taking pictures from a mile away, literally.

In my tests, I found that though it was priced affordably, the lens did not skip on features

The manual focus ring feels solid and turns without any jerk.

The f/8 aperture means you can take photos even when it is cloudy.

But, of course, no one uses a telephoto lens indoors, so do you really need one that is f/4?

Probably never.

To increase the focal length to 1000mm, you get a 2X Vivitar teleconverter.

Amazingly designed, you do not lose any depth of field due to its use and could probably take it along on a safari and use it to good effect.

These Nikon d5300 bundle deal items are packed into a deluxe camera backpack made of nylon mesh and synthetic cloth.

In addition, there are umpteen pockets and pouches where you can tuck in your DSLR, the lens, teleconverter, filter kit, and still have lots of space left over.

The full-length tripod is one of the best accessories that this bundle offers.

It would free you from holding a heavy lens like the 500mm one that the bundle offers.

Therefore, it is handy for capturing pictures of sports and wildlife.

It would also reduce the burden on your hands.

This bundle for Nikon D5500 is an affordable choice for people who want to start with sports photography.

It is a reasonable option, but the lack of autofocus can be a hassle to deal with.

  • Really affordable telephoto lens
  • A well-made bag that is ideal and easy to use all-day
  • Reliable teleconverter for 2X magnification
  • It does not have autofocus
  • No warranty is included
Nikon D5500 Dual Lens Bundle
  • No of items: 11
    List of items:
  • Camera items
  • 18-55mm Nikkor lens
  • 70-300mm Nikkor lens

The Nikon D5500 2 lens bundle ships with the primary camera body and two excellent lenses – 18-55 mm and 70-300 mm.

This model is an excellent entry-level DSLR.

Please note that entry-level does not mean that it cannot take spectacular pictures but that it has a cropped APS-C sensor and cannot sustain a burst speed of 10 fps.

But as a hobbyist photographer, you don’t need these features.

The 24.2MP sensor is housed in a lightweight body that weighs just under a pound.

In addition, there is a 3.2-inch tilting touchscreen that allows you to navigate through the menu.

The Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens features the latest stepper motor, which is more advanced than the older Silent Wave.

As a result, the lens is lightweight and compact.

Though mounting thread and body is plastic but feels solid and well built, image stabilization would help you take long-distance photos.

Two aspherical elements add to its superior optical design.

It is paired with a Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED lens.

A medium telephoto lens is a must-have even for beginners.

This Nikon lens would go a long way to introduce you to nature photography.

The superb zoom would bring the farthest objects really close while using other Nikon 5500 kit items.

  • Good bundle with camera and lens covering 18-300 mm focal length
  • Reliable lens systems that produce sharp images in low light
  • Lightweight and high-quality manufacture
  • The 18-55 mm lens has some distortion at 18-25 mm focal length since it is not a Macro lens
  • The 70-300 mm lens has only a 5° angle of view at full focal length and is restrictive

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nikon D5500 a good camera?

The Nikon D5500 is a stellar choice for people who are looking to buy their first DSLR.

It provides some exceptional performance for capturing pictures or want to live stream videos.

In addition, it is a versatile camera for amateur photographers who are just starting their journey.

Is it worth getting a bundle over individual accessories?

The camera does the best photography with the right accessories, and the bundle includes a bunch of items like a tripod, lens, backpack, etc.

It’s always worth it to get a bundle over individual accessories.

You need not invest more time finding different items and check their compatibility as the bundle comes with compatible items only.

Why do I need multiple lenses for Nikon D5500?

The different types of lenses are for different kinds of photographs.

Cameras do not see as our eyes do.

It would be best if you had special macro lenses for close and zoom objects for things that are far away.

There is also a wide angle that lets you capture a full field of vision.


This Nikon D5500 bundle list is a perfect conglomeration of all the accessories that provide great value for your money.

The list has a bundle for all of you, whether you are a sports photographer or a portrait shooter.

  • The very best all-rounded bundle is the Telephoto Lens + Tripod + Backpack kit from High-Power.
    This ensures that you have an all-around versatility to capture all types of photographs.
  • The runner-up choice would be the Dual Lens Kit for Nikon D5500.
    You should have it if you plan to do even some bit of photography that requires you to zoom in, whether at events or on a playground.

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