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Canon EOS Rebel T6i Bundles: Should You Get it in (2023)?

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A bundle is an essential addition to the camera body.

It is a wise choice that would give you all the things you need to kickstart your photography journey.

But with the availability of a company’s bundle and third-party Canon T6i bundles, it becomes difficult to choose one.

Moreover, the company bundles have limited items, while the third-party bundles give you a full package.

Thus, you can choose what you need based on your preferences for the type of photo/videography you would do.

A company bundle usually has a lens or two, a bag, and an SD card. This is good enough for amateur photographers.

While the third-party camera bundles include items like a tripod, filters, a cleaning kit, and an additional lens come into the picture.

These are better suited for advanced users who know how to operate the camera with different accessories.

If in doubt, an external bundle is always better as you would have extra things and not miss essential items.

Now, before diving into detailed reviews of the handpicked bundles of Canon T6i camera, let me lay out some of the important accessories you should always look for:

  • Flash: It is included in most of the bundles. DSLR cameras need a large flash that fits onto the camera body. It is powered by AAA-size batteries.
  • Remote: An extremely necessary accessory. It is particularly useful when you need to wait for a long while and your equipment is set up and ready to click.
  • Tripod: If you want to keep the camera steady, a tripod is far better than an image stabilizer system. A must-have piece of hardware if you like outdoor photography.

Best Canon T6i Bundles in (2023)

the best canon rebel t6i bundles

Whether you have just got this camera or have had it for a while, accessories have become an absolute necessity for people who take their photography seriously.

And thus, it makes more sense to purchase a Canon T6i bundle kit instead of getting each gear individually.

Hence, here I cater to you the 3 best kits you can consider.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i All-Rounder Kit
  • 18-55mm & 75-300mm Lens
  • Tripod, Flash, Filters, 64GB Card
  • Tele/Wide Lens Kit
  • Case (Camera backpack)

This all-rounder Canon T6i camera bundle consists of Basic camera items, SD card, Card Reader, Tripod, Macro lens, Zoom lens, Filters- UV, polarizer, and ND, Flash, Remote control, HDMI cable, Bag, 75-300mm III Canon Lens, 18-55mm Canon lens, SD card case, Cleaning kit

This bundle is an exciting culmination of everything you need for photography.

It has a tripod, flash, and other fantastic things like remote control and a cleaning kit.

It not only facilitates the photo capturing process but also helps you in maintaining the camera.

The variety of tools is great and this bundle is recommended for anyone who wants to buy a one-shot collection with a camera.

The all-rounder lenses are the well known and trusted 18-55mm and the 70-300mm ones.

They are great for the price range and they provide exceptional image quality.

The filters for this canon camera are all three- UV, Polarizer, and ND filter.

UV for protection of the lens, ND is to neutralize the color, and the polarizer to control the light entering the camera. 

The filters are okay and not the best in range but they do give you a hang of what it is like to have a filter and how to use it.

There are also two additional lenses that help in giving the extra edge to the camera.

One is the telephoto lens while the other is the wide-angle lens.

They both are okay.

They lack stabilization and need to be focused manually.

They are something that could have been given a skip instead of adding it for the sake of numbers. 

There is a full professional tripod that would allow you to easily take some sturdy photos and videos.

It is quite stable and does the job, it is foldable so you can easily slide it in a tripod bag.

There is an IR remote control from Canon.

Although it works perfectly, it would only work when the camera and the remote are in one line.

Even a bit of angle change would make it useless.

The bag is from another company and not from Canon.

It is a good bag though with organized sections that you can change.

It is big enough to fit in the camera with the two lenses.

Anything big would not fit in but you can put small things like the SD card and its case along with its filters in the chain pockets.

The bag is a nice choice.

The flash in the bundle is the most disappointing item of all.

There is no option to change the brightness or move the head.

It is basic at its best and harsh if you do not diffuse it.

The SD card is perfect.

It is a 64 GB Transcend Class 10 card.

It is fast and processes the images fast and transfers them quickly.

No complaint in the card section.

There is also a card reader accompanying the SD card which works very well. 

The inclusion of a full cleaning kit is delightful.

It consists of a blower, buds, lens tissue, brush, microfiber cloth, and a cleaning solution.

There are also LCD screen protectors included which are definitely surprising as most bundles give it a miss. 

The package is an excellent choice because of the versatility it offers.

The SD card, zoom lens, filters, and the case are perfect.

The cleaning kit and the screen protector are a pleasant surprise.

It could provide better flash and lenses though.

  • Good camera case
  • 64 GB Transcend Case
  • Cleaning kit
  • LCD protectors
  • Pathetic flash

2. Canon EOS Rebel T6i Video Creator Kit

Canon EOS Rebel T6i Video Creator Kit
  • 18-55mm Lens
  • 32GB Class 10 SD Card

This one is a basic bundle for videographers and vloggers who like to take videos and want good recording quality.

It consists of basic camera items, 18-55mm standard Canon lens, Rode VIDEO MIC GO, Sandisk 32GB SD Card.

A microphone is a specific need, so it is highly recommended for vlogging.

The basic camera lens is good enough for everyday needs.

However, the lens does give you some exceptional video quality and the camera supports full HD video recording so you are ensured that you would get the highest quality of videos with this one.

The zoom will also be helpful when you want a close-up shot of your subject.

The Rode VIDEOMIC Go is a great mic and definitely a must-have to the kit of any videographer or vlogger.

It has very sensitive noise capturing abilities that would also capture the faint whispers and faint sounds.

This would be useful when you are making your short film and need to have some great audio quality. 

The 32GB SD card from Sandisk is a top-notch memory card to use with Canon T6i.

It is simply an awesome and flawless card that needs no improvement or additional features.

It has a high transfer speed and can process the images in a jiffy.

Overall, the combination is a very good one, but it is exclusive for vloggers.

If you are planning to start a YouTube channel, this is just for you.

A tripod would have been the cherry on the cake, though.

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • 1080p Full HD recording
  • Fast and big SD card
  • No tripod

3. Canon EOS Rebel T6i Event & Travel Kit

Canon EOS Rebel T6i Event & Travel Kit
  • 18-55mm & 55-250mm Lens
  • 2 x 32GB Class 10 SD Cards
  • UV Filter, Camera Case
  • Digital Flash
  • Memory card reader
  • Wireless remote
  • 2-in-1 Lens Cleaning Pen

This bundle is specially designed and compiled for people who would like to increase their hold on events and travel photography kit.

It is a well-rounded bundle that fits perfectly for the purpose mentioned and leaves no stone unturned to give you the best experience while shooting photos for an event or on a trip.

The two lenses take care of wide-angle and zoomed-in photos.

The wide-angle 18-55 is suitable for travel and events whereas the 55-250mm gives you the much-needed versatility to capture events.

They are equipped with image stabilization technology that makes them a great immediate result giver.

There is a UV filter for protection which does the job perfectly and leaves no scope for complaint.

There is a commander wireless remote control, which also runs on IR radiations.

It is okayish, and frankly, I would rather not use this because it’s an annoying straight line the only function.

A canon bag is good enough to house the camera and the lenses, so there is no worry of getting an additional bag.

Traveling and sports would want you to be light, and the bag serves that purpose. 

The flash is something unlike what I have seen in the bundles.

It is robust and comes with the flexibility to change the direction of the light. This is a welcome change, and I was highly impressed with the flash.

It has a brightness control that helps a lot for the situations you would shoot in for events and travel.

There are two 32GB class 10 cards from Prospeed company.

The company is not one of the best for SD cards or storage, but these are decent enough for general usage.

The cleaning kit is fully equipped with a brush, blower, solution, microfiber cloth, and buds.

The bundle does give the screen protector a miss which is a must for travel or sports as you are dealing with dust and water all the time. 

Overall, the bundle is great for travel and events photography.

There are only a few minor things that concern us but they can be solved with an additional purchase or later when you need that thing.

The remote and absence of screen protection are two major ones

  • 2 32 GB SD cards
  • Good flash 
  • 55-250mm lens is versatile enough
  • Bad remote control
  • Misses on screen protectors

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the bare minimums to have in a Canon T6i bundle?

Any bundle should have a lens or two, an SD card, and a camera bag to get started with.

Ideally, a good bundle would have a tripod, cleaning kit, adapters, and filters along with the above-mentioned items to get the best deal.

Just make sure you check the list of items and select the one with accessories that add value to the Canon T6i.

Why pick a bundle instead of a T6i camera body only?

A bundle would have all the things that you would need sooner or later in your photographic journey.

The bundle will not only provide a one-stop solution for all your future and present needs but also give you a better package in terms of cost and quality of equipment.

Also, a body-only camera misses out on a lens without which you cannot capture any photo.

Should I not rather opt for everything Canon instead of different companies?

It is a very good idea to have everything from the same company as it sounds logistically correct but unfortunately, Canon does not manufacture all the things you would need.

A bundle conglomerates accessories of various companies and gives you an overall decent package.

You might get excellent cameras and lenses from Canon but you would need to have a good Sandisk or Transcend SD card for memory.

A bundle cuts the hassle of looking at things separately.


Since T6i is an old DSLR camera, there are limited bundles available in the market.

However, I still found a few and tested them personally to recommend them for this article.

Now, if you ask me my personal favorites, I’d like to list them below:

  • The all-around excellence crown is proudly held by the Canon EOS Rebel T6i All-Rounder Kit and you can’t go wrong with this one.
    So go ahead and make your mark in the photographic industry.

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