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14 Best Model Gigs In (2024) [& Where To Find Openings]

Have you been thinking about modeling opportunities and are curious if any are right for you? You should be and there probably is!

There are many modeling jobs out there that demand diversity. You don’t need to be a conventional supermodel.

You just need to know where to look if you’re entering the industry without any prior experience. It’s completely possible and can be a fun process to start! 

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Model

With advertising only increasing around the world, there will be a need for more models in the next decade. Getting in now could result in a great consistent side income, or even possibly become a main income.  

Many brands are moving away from using high-end models and using more relatable people that want to give it a go. It’s not as easy as just signing up, but with a bit of work, you’ll be landing your model gigs in no time. 

14 Types of Modeling Jobs: Overview

The modeling industry is beautifully diverse. If you don’t feel like the runway models on fashion week, have no fear! There are plenty of opportunities for anyone to get involved with modeling.  

Here’s a quick list of different types of models:

  1. Catwalk (Runway) 
  2. Fashion (Editorial) 
  3. Catalog Shoot 
  4. Commercial 
  5. Fitting  
  6. Plus Size 
  7. Petite 
  8. Body Part 
  9. Fitness 
  10. Child 
  11. Mature 
  12. Glamour 
  13. Swim and Lingerie 
  14. Pregnancy Models 

Top 4 Places to Find Model Gigs 

The first step to living your modeling dream is to land your first model job. You have a few options for how to approach this, and it will depend on the type of modeling you’re interested in doing. 

1. Modeling Agencies  

One of the first things to decide is whether you want to go through an agency or be independent. Signing up with a modeling agency can help you connect with the right clients without much work on your end. It can be tricky to get a modeling agency to accept you, though. 

Look for modeling agencies in your local area through a simple Google search. You’ll see that each requires you to send different details, such as your comp card, measurements, photos, and more. 


  • Fewer hours spent searching for jobs: Once signed with an agency, you won’t need to spend hours tracking down your own gigs and applying. Your agency will connect you with the opportunities. 
  • Reliable work: Your agency can often find you more reliable work than if you were independent. 
  • Networking: Agencies work with big names, brands, photographers, and more. You’ll be exposed to a fantastic network that may help in developing your modeling career.  


  • Difficult to get signed: It may be difficult to get signed by an agency. The smaller ones receive thousands of applicants per year, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t get one of the sought-after spots. 
  • Limited to their contracts: You sign contracts with your agency that may limit the other work you can do. 
  • Less choice in gigs: Your agency will assign you the model gigs that they think are best for you, instead of allowing you to choose which ones you’ll be interested in doing. 
  • Commission: Agencies often take a 20 percent commission fee.

2. Backstage 

a screenshot of the backstage homepage

Backstage is a platform dedicated to connecting talent with those seeking talent. Backstage has 60 years of reputation behind them and works with many top brands. They offer plenty of modeling casting calls around the world.

It can be thought of as a job board posting site for talent. 


  • Variety: There’s a massive variety of model gigs on Backstage, ranging from Netflix support in video to social media campaigns. You’ll be exposed to the entire industry and may find exactly what you enjoy doing. 
  • Apply to what you want: You apply to jobs knowing exactly what they are, so there are no surprises when you show up for a job. It’s more fun to choose the ones that sound like what you’d want to partake in. And you even get unlimited applications with them!
  • Flexibility: If you’re traveling or have a busy life, no worries, you can choose when you want to apply for jobs or take a leave from it all. You can have full control over your schedule. 
  • Big brands: Brands like Disney, Netflix, AMC, HBO, and more use Backstage to cast, it could be a great way to get big names in your resume/portfolio.


  • Limited locations: The platform only posts job listings in 20 cities around the world, but most of them are US-based.  
  • Competitive: With over 100,000 members signed up to Backstage, you’re competing against a lot of talent. This doesn’t mean you won’t get jobs, but know that it is a harsh landscape in the modeling world. It may be difficult for a complete beginner. 
  • Subscription fees: You do have to pay a fee to join and access all of the job postings. The cost varies around $16.66 – $24.95 per month. They do have a six-month free trial, though. 
  • Spam emails: It’s important to note that some people complain of getting spam emails from Backstage and are unable to unsubscribe. 

3. Model Mayhem

a screenshot of the modelmayhem homepage

Model Mayhem is a more casual platform for photographers to connect with talent. It’s more like a networking site, where you build a profile and connect with others to meet up for shoots. 


  • Tiered Pricing: From a free membership to a VIP subscription for $10/month, you can choose which is the best deal for your circumstances.  
  • Networking for beginners: It’s a great platform for all experience levels. For those just trying to enter the scene, you can connect with photographers that will take headshots and photos of you to build your portfolio. 
  • Reviewed users: After completing work with someone, you’ll be able to leave a comment on their profile for people to see. This helps the community better understand who they’re working with, but always proceed with caution when meeting new people. 


  • Safety: Model Mayhem doesn’t personally vet the models or photographers that they connect. Therefore, you need to do that work yourself. You must look into anyone that reaches out; contact the previous models they’ve worked with. You should probably bring a friend with you on any first meeting. 
  • Not all are paid: Many of the Model Mayhem opportunities are “TF”, which means you’ll trade your time for photos and not be paid. If you’re looking for paid work, ensure you double-check this. 

4. Instagram: #castingcall

a screenshot of the instagram castingcalls homepage

Instagram has taken the modeling industry by storm. It provides a platform to share photos, tag talent, find jobs, and network. Many industry professionals have moved to Instagram as one of their main ways to find jobs. 

Fashion companies, photographers, and even agencies will post casting calls on their pages. It’s a good idea to constantly look up the hashtag “#castingcall” and follow profiles that post about opportunities in your area. 


  • Vast reach and flexibility: With users all over the world, you can find opportunities anywhere and anytime if you know how to best use the platform.
  • Free: Instagram is free, so you don’t need to worry about paying commissions or monthly fees. 
  • Networking: The platform is set up in a way that allows you to network well. If you find a page or model you like, check who they follow that has the word “agency” or “casting” in their username. The tagging feature also allows you to build a reputation as you start working with more photographers that have a following. 
  • Big companies: Recognizable brands often use Instagram to find talent, not just local photographers. These are great names to get on your experience list. 


  • Safety: Finding anything on social media must be paired with precaution. Before meeting up with anyone, make sure you vet who they are. You can do this by finding previous models they worked with or searching online for any more information you can find. 
  • Competition: Instagram is an international platform with billions of users, so the competition to stand out can be difficult. With a few tips and tricks, your profile and technique to land jobs can do it. 

What You’ll Need To Be a Model

To be a model, you’ll need strong motivation to start. It’s not an easy industry to break into, so it’s truly something you need. 

Once you’re sure you’re up for it, create your comp card. This is a portfolio for models that shows your measurements, headshots, full-body photos, and more. 

Tips To Succeed at Being a Model 

  • Keep your head up: There may be times when it’s hard to find model gigs but keep trying different platforms and methods. Once you start, it only gets easier. The hardest part is starting with no previous experience, but everyone had to do it at one point. 
  • Network hard: The model industry is large but feels small. Opportunities can travel by word of mouth easily, so once you have a network, you’ll know of more jobs and can get recommended easier. 
  • Be you, confidently: Photographers and brands want confidence in their models. It shows on the camera and is much easier to work with. Just know that your confidence will grow over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are a Model’s Job Responsibilities? 

A model’s main job is to pose for photos or video. The style of the shoot varies depending on the client and the campaign they’re creating.
You should research the types of modeling to determine which one best fits your skills and interests.

What Models Get Paid the Highest?

Supermodels that do editorial and runway will be the highest-paid models.

For commercial modeling, expect anywhere from $25-$200 per hour. Backstage states that models can reasonably expect $500 for a half day of work and $1000 for a full day. 

Wrapping Up

To find model jobs, you should consider your previous experience and the type of work you’re interested in doing.

For those wanting to pursue modeling as a possible profession, agencies can be great to get your foot in the door for networking.   

For more casual model gigs on the side, consider searching for your first casting call on the platforms mentioned. 

It’s a fun journey to being a model, so enjoy the process. Hopefully, this article helped begin that journey for you, comment or share if it did! 

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