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6 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women to Earn from Home

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When having a baby costs thousands of dollars per year, but pregnancy limits the ways you can earn, soon-to-be parents are often left in a financial bind — especially if they don’t have enormous savings to pull from.

However, while a traditional career may cause too much strain, there are still opportunities for you to earn.

As long as you know where to look, you can snag one of many jobs for pregnant women that will let you earn money in comfort.

Every woman in the U.S. is legally granted at least 12 weeks of maternity leave, but there’s no set expectation for employers to offer any payment for parental leave.

This can make it extremely hard to pay your bills (including upcoming hospital bills) without returning to work too quickly.

Finding a remote job that fits your mid to late pregnancy lifestyle is the perfect way to make an income with less stress.

Once your newborn arrives, you can continue earning from home until you’re ready to return to the office — or fully turn your new gig into a stay-at-home mom job.

This article will guide you through six great jobs for pregnant women that you can take on full-time or part-time.

Jobs to Avoid When Pregnant

Any job that exposes you to potential toxins should be avoided throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Common chemicals that can cause damage when breathed in or absorbed can be found in pesticides, paint, car exhaust fumes, and even cleaning products.

These types of chemicals are very widely used in house cleaning jobs, so that is a category you’ll probably want to stay away from while pregnant.

If it isn’t possible to avoid continuous exposure to high-risk materials, it’s always best to find a different career or request a temporary role change.

In the latter half of your pregnancy, doctors generally recommend avoiding careers that put a strain on your body.

Any form of heavy lifting, as well as long periods of standing, should be avoided at this point.

These activities can not only harm your child, but they can also cause health issues for you.

If you’re ever not feeling well while performing your work duties, it’s always best for you and your baby to sit out until consulting your doctor.

Every woman’s body is different, so some may need to reduce strain earlier on than others.

6 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

The ideal jobs for pregnant women are low-stress desk jobs that offer flexibility and allow you to work from the comfort of your home.

This makes it possible for you to take a rest and head to appointments whenever needed, as your health should be a priority, especially during pregnancy.

Below are six of the best legitimate work-at-home job opportunities you can find online.

1. Virtual Assistant

typing at keyboard

As many business operations move online, companies everywhere are seeking virtual assistants (VAs) to help them complete everyday tasks that don’t require prior experience.

These tasks commonly include appointment scheduling, data entry, or taking basic phone calls and emails.

Your role can be described as that of a secretary or administrative assistant, only you don’t need to be located in the same place as your employer.

One way to find VA jobs is to apply to join VA services like Fancy Hands, which allows you to skip searching for clients and get paid per task you complete.

You can also perform a standard job search and apply directly to companies that are seeking VAs (usually part-time opportunities).

Alternatively, you can offer your virtual assistant services on freelancer sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

This allows you to have greater control over your preferred pay and who you’re working for.

If you already have experience as a secretary or executive assistant, this is a great way to find better clients who are willing to pay more for your experience.

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing comes in many forms, which means there are plenty of opportunities for expectant mothers to find great gigs in a field they’re passionate about.

Business owners in almost every industry are seeking freelance writers — including copywriters and blog writers — to help them boost their online and offline brands.

A full-time writing position may require more experience, but any writer can build their freelance writing clientele by compiling writing samples and reaching out to their network or posting on freelancer sites.

To target clients better, you may want to find a niche, such as an audience or topic you focus on.

Having a niche can help you make even more money, particularly if you have experience with technical fields like health care or software.

  • View a full list of freelance writing jobs here
  • 3. Proofreader

    Jobs for Pregnant Women: woman at laptop

    If you’re not exactly a writer, but you have an eye for grammar, you can find flexible work as a proofreader instead.

    Proofreaders are responsible for editing anything from books and blogs to documents and resumes.

    Much like our previously listed jobs for pregnant women, this type of work doesn’t usually require a degree (though you may need to complete a proficiency test).

    In most cases, you don’t have to select a niche either, which means the job market is wide open for you.

    You can find proofreading jobs on standard job listing sites like Indeed, as well as on freelancer sites.

    Alternatively, you can join a proofreading service like Scribendi as an independent contractor to avoid searching for clients yourself.

    4. Tutor or Teacher

    Online tutors and teachers can make a considerable amount of money by helping kids and teens learn.

    However, your role will typically require a degree or instructional experience.

    This makes tutoring or teaching a great summer job for teachers.

    You can also expect to go through a job interview and background check process since this type of work often deals with minors.

    While you may need to get on video to record lessons or work directly with students, online tutors and teachers can complete their entire job while sitting down in front of a computer.

    If you do this enough, you might even be able to compile your videos and turn them into a Udemy course and profit from that.

    It’s a perfect way for teachers to continue doing what they love and put their certifications to use without straining themselves in the classroom setting, especially during the latter half of their pregnancy.

    You can find opportunities to teach English online or find online tutoring jobs with our guides, or simply head to job listing sites to seek opportunities on your own.

    5. Social Media Manager

    checking phone at laptop

    Expectant mothers with a knack for marketing and a passion for social media can find plenty of remote job listings for social media management all over the web.

    These positions will typically require you to create and schedule content, as well as engage with and grow your company’s following.

    Social media management gigs can be found on just about any job listing platform.

    In addition to social media management positions, which often require some relevant experience, social media moderator positions can make great jobs for pregnant mothers.

    Moderators are usually in charge of reviewing posts within a community or for a whole platform to ensure they fall under a set of guidelines.

    You can find most social media moderator jobs for specific platforms through job listing sites, or you can more flexible remote opportunities through moderation services alike.

    6. Transcriptionist

    Closing out our list of the best jobs for pregnant women is also one of the most relaxing.

    Transcriptionists work behind the scenes to accurately transcribe audio or video for companies.

    That said, all you need to do is listen and type, sometimes following a format specified by your employer.

    This role is most often needed when clear records are legally required, like in law enforcement and hospitals, though some businesses hire transcriptionists to make their content more accessible to people with disabilities.

    Transcribing is a highly flexible gig that can be taken on as a full-time or part-time job.

    It also pays fairly well and doesn’t require a degree, although a reputable course provider like Transcribe Anywhere may help you land more gigs.

    This makes it a great option for pregnant women who don’t have lots of savings to dig into.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    pregnant woman holding flowers

    Jobs for pregnant women can be found throughout the web on any given day.

    Now that you know what types of jobs you can look out for, here are our answers to frequently asked questions for further guidance:

    1. Can I perform these suggested jobs for pregnant women if I’m put on bed rest?

    Most of these jobs are generally OK to perform during bed rest as long as you can adequately work while lying down.

    However, it’s important not to stress yourself, especially if you are on bed rest due to high blood pressure, so decreasing your working hours and focusing on yourself is recommended.

    Always consult your doctor about any activities you want to do while on bed res

    2. Are there job boards dedicated to online jobs that I can browse?

    Absolutely! With the popularity of remote jobs among employers and employees, there are plenty of niche listing sites out there.

    You can find great online jobs on popular freelance platforms like Flexjobs.

    3. Is it OK to only take these jobs on during my maternity leave?

    Other than teaching, most of these jobs are fairly low-commitment and fine to take on for short periods of time.

    If you plan to go back to your main job after your maternity leave is over, we do recommend informing your clients or employers of your plans or seeking out one-off or temp jobs.

    Find the Job That Works for You

    When you’re an expectant mother, keeping you and your baby healthy is the most important thing.

    In order to do so, you may need to limit your activity, especially during the later stages of your pregnancy, to decrease strain and keep your blood pressure low.

    With our list of best jobs for pregnant women, you can find a fantastic desk job that doesn’t even require a commute.

    Once you nail down a comfortable job for your pregnancy, you can start thinking about the next step.

    Your child is almost here and the possibilities for your future are as endless as theirs.

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