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MasterClass Review – Is MasterClass Worth Your Time? (Insider Review)

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You’ve likely heard or seen MasterClass advertisements all over the place, but have you ever asked yourself this question: is it worth the money and time?

A MasterClass is an online platform where experts in a specific profession offer tailored insights through videos, helping you to learn essential life skills from some of the smartest minds in the world.

So what is MasterClass, more precisely? How does it work, and what are the costs? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

In this review, you can find many answers to your doubts or questions that can probably help you see more clearly beyond this platform and start thinking out of the box.

MasterClass Review Summary

A Quick Review of MasterClass

MasterClass has dozens of courses from some of the most famous and experts in a range of fields. You can learn Tennis from Serena Williams, or writing from Malcolm Gladwell.

You can buy a single course on MasterClass for $90 or you can get a full membership for $180 a year. This isn’t a bad price if you’re looking to get more than one course. The more courses you’re interested in, the better the price.

Ease of use:
MasterClass is incredibly easy to use and navigate. The courses are simple and broken down into smaller, bite-sized chunks that are easy to watch

What we like

  • Quality courses
  • A huge PDF that comes with the course and has activities
  • Presented by the world’s best
  • Production quality is absolutely top class

What could be improved:

  • Quite expensive for the number of courses on offer
  • It looks like the activities are kinda thrown into the PDF guide as they’re not mentioned in the courses.

Summary: MasterClass has a range of courses offered by the best in the world. You get a lot of insights in well-presented courses at a reasonable price (as long as you’re interested in using the subscription a lot).

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

Before The Review: What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is a comparably new practical and virtual learning channel. Thus, its success is increasingly growing and blowing up. Created in 2014 by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen, MasterClass has already provided its online courses to more than a million students. The online learning is designed for creative experts based in San Francisco. However, if you want to learn a new skill, you don’t have to fly to San Francisco to take MasterClass classes.

Additionally, MasterClass advertising is commonly widespread on social networks, and maybe even in your workplace.

Also, MasterClass courses have high-profile instructional lessons that are engaging and captivating in tone. Each class begins with a workbook-based curriculum and has a network of other learners that you can add to on-site platforms.

Several genres divide lessons from many lecturers into short and useful classes. You can learn how to make scrambled eggs in many ways, get started on a productive pathway, or open up your career in exciting ways with more meaningful synergy.

If you are interested to know about cooking under Gordon Ramsay‘s guidance, but frightened to be shouted at in person, then you’re going to love MasterClass courses. You’re never going to see a platform with so many high-ranking professors who teach crafts you can’t get anywhere else.

If you don’t need to join a class, you can follow the highlights of the famous courses in the shortcut section or get a quick glimpse tutorial under Snapshots.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

How Does MasterClass Help?

According to a scientific study conducted by Business and Personal Development Institute, it has revealed that, on average, people who seek creative classes by trying to learn new skills, even if that knowledge has little to do with their career, have higher personal performance and successful outputs than those that don’t. So, it would be best if you always learned to broaden your horizons in different areas of interest or expertise.

MasterClass is one of the leading online education and training tools. Since 2004, it has offered insightful and direct video-based leadership to people who need it. It has joined learning pathways to encourage students to gain new talents from prominent professionals.

The videos let you work and study at your speed. Also, the platform is intended to keep track of what you need to know and what you’ve already learned. The MasterClass program is outstanding for teaching and learning specialized skills and knowledge, such as photography, cooking, and writing. If you need to build skills more efficiently, MasterClass is a source of high-quality results.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

For years, MasterClass has been an on-demand online training platform in the form of video courses and sessions from world-class talent in many disciplines. At the same time, it is binge-worthy, insightful, and inspiring. The quality alone leaves you speechless and wondering, “How amazing is this?”.

The cast, or rather the expert, is a lineup of the A-list proficiency, no matter if the theme is basketball (Steph Curry) or the culinary skills (Gordon Ramsay). The platform allows you to get in touch with stars that are usually inaccessible. The lineup of lecturers has grown to include more top renowned talents from all over the world. This is a hopeful sign as the community keeps growing and developing over the years.

What Makes MasterClass Unique?

MasterClass is different and unique for two key factors. Firstly, the quality of the tutors is worth every penny. The most outstanding people in the world give lectures about what made them successful. Gordon Ramsay is teaching cooking art, and Neil Gaiman offers practical training in writing. Also, you can see Helen Mirren showing her acting abilities to people. All instructors are well-known and famous in their fields. Secondly, the quality of video production is breathtaking and out of this world. The online course consists of 3 to 15-minute video presentations. The official Hollywood-level production of these MasterClass videos creates a lifelong learning experience.

You can attend MasterClass courses on your laptop or phone and have access to the content at your convenience. Just open your online class and get ready for a new experience of learning.

As a student, you can learn to write thrillers from the master class of James Patterson. If you are engaged in studying more about comedy, who is better than Steve Martin? Not only can you learn about dramatic writing by David Mamet, but also you get the best teachings about screenwriting by Aaron Sorkin, acting by the famous Samuel L. Jackson, and directing from the great Ron Howard.

This is more than just schooling. It’s a twist of entertainment and pleasure. You can watch the MasterClass online stream just as you did with Netflix. But instead of paralyzing your mind, you ‘re going to learn some unbelievable skills and knowledge along the way. Now that many of us are going to sit at home for a long time, MasterClass is the best way to spend your time efficiently.

Most of all, it’s a perfect online learning opportunity from top artists that you wouldn’t usually have access to in real life.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

What Does MasterClass Include?

MasterClass develops each of its online courses through a collection of video lessons alternating from 5 minutes to more than an hour. One course consists of 10-30 lessons and is supported by a PDF workbook that helps you study on your own time. The videos are very magnificent and brilliant.

The total time of each “class” is around 2-5 hours. However, the information and skills you gather from the online classes can easily last for years. Moreover, each type has a beautiful community interface where you can comment, ask a question, and interact with your peers. It’s very diverse and robust.

In short, MasterClass is a platform where celebrity instructors organize hours of video classes that you can take to enhance your understanding and proficiency of any given topic that satisfies your needs.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

What Is Inside MasterClass?

These days, Masterclass covers a variety of sections, such as:

  • Culinary arts
  • Film and TV
  • Music and entertainment
  • Writing skills
  • Sports and games
  • Design, photography, and fashion
  • Business, politics, and society
  • Science and technology
  • Lifestyle

Celebrity instructors in these disciplines are the salt of the earth and famous names. For instance, you can take one course from Chris Voss explaining the art of business or Ru Paul teaching self-expression and authenticity. If you want to develop technological expertise in filmmaking, Spike Lee is your future instructor. Also, Hans Zimmer is giving lectures about film scoring.

In the section on science and technology, you can discover two great courses. One of them is taught by the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on space exploration. The other is Neil DeGrasse Tyson teaching science and communication.

Also, MasterClass does not offer certifications at the end of each “course.” They are fully aware that it is not with only 2 or 4 hours of courses that one can prove one’s knowledge in this or that field.

Acknowledgment, in terms of representation, has improved since the last MasterClass review. Indeed, some change has been made lately. Simone Biles has been listed as a gymnastics specialist. Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana are now teaching mixology. Anna Wintour has a creativity and leadership class.

It’s also surprising not to see more women on the list. Many of them are leaders in various fields, such as creative writing, music, and entertainment. However, it’s steadily improving year after year, and MasterClass promises to bring in many others ultimately.

MasterClass tends to invest in and create new material to the platform regularly so that you can work through a class without running out of anything left to discover.

Most instructors are rewarded for educating MasterClass people. Nevertheless, they’re not doing it for the love of money. Sharing knowledge has no price and no boundaries. You get the impression that they’re both sharing the inner work of their expertise with you as you are watching it.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

Who Is MasterClass For?

MasterClass is developed for people who have an interest in learning a range of exciting, realistic, creative talents from some of the best minds in their respective domains.

Would you need to learn acting from Natalie Portman? Would you like some essential comedy instructions from Judd Apatow? Then, the great courses of MasterClass are waiting for you.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

Perfect Online Learning Platform

The online learning platform is also designed for authors, photographers, musicians, architects, singers, artists, and content creators. It’s perfect for students who can learn with a laptop at their own pace. As opposed to Lynda or Treehouse, MasterClass is ideal for writers and creative professionals.

MasterClass is not suitable for people who excel in classroom environments and want a more direct method from instructors. The courses are not for someone who is used to live teaching or schooling.

These classes are all pre-recorded and do not deliver Q&A sessions, check-in training classes, or a 1 on 1 tutorial. You’re not going to communicate directly with the instructor.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

MasterClass seems to be so successful in that it is essential to feel one-on-one with people. Also, it is not for someone who prefers to use these ways to consider replacing college-level classes. These are not certified courses and should not be mistaken with them.

Most importantly, classes are enjoyable, and some courses are genuinely joyful. Still, the main appeal of MasterClass is to learn new things. However, you should keep in mind that learning requires engagement, effort, and dedication.

What Makes MasterClass Different?

MasterClass has two distinguishing features that place it apart from any other online learning structure. Creativity and talent come first. As mentioned earlier, MasterClass hires A-listers as instructors. For instance, the world-class professional tennis player Serena Williams is lecturing about tennis skills. Frank Gehry teaches architecture and design.

Second, the classes belong to the highest quality in both the value of output and the video content. You can quickly notice that the MasterClass team spent a tremendous amount of time and energy, coordinating with the instructors to create a plan and sequence for each course. Consequently, most people, and especially students, can receive the correct information at the right time.

MasterClass has fewer courses and a small range of materials, compared to other online learning pages. Skillshare, for example, includes almost any skill you can dream of. It has also recruited a few eminent names, such as Roxane Gay on creative nonfiction and Ashley C. Ford on college essays.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

You may also find people who train skills in different fields or specialties. For instance, how to improve your visibility as an e-commerce retailer in social media. However, there is no consistency in the video quality or the class system.

Today, you can’t learn how to cook vegetables properly without first understanding the kitchen equipment. As far as MasterClass courses are concerned, the quality of the sequence, the lighting, and the sound are incredibly high and steady across all levels. You immediately feel comfortable when you sit down and watch a lecture. It’s a pure pleasure to be in the whole scene.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

How Much Does MasterClass Cost?

MasterClass provides two payment packages, one of which is a $180 a year all-access pass. You can also buy a standard class pass, which costs $90.

You can see the whole collection of content on any screen at any time with an all-access pass. The company includes one extra all-access pass to share with a friend at that cost.

A single class comprises of several hours of video, plus some other textbooks and additional tools that come with the course you select. Looking at the price, you are strongly encouraged to purchase an all-access pass instead of paying for classes on an individual basis. Previously, the company also decided to sell a monthly subscription, but this has been canceled since then.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

Is MasterClass a Good Value?

Considering the success of each video produced, and the quality of the instructors themselves, the MasterClass price is still a great value.

However, no free trial is accessible for MasterClass. In the past, the online platform used to offer a free trial, but this feature was withdrawn in August 2018.

If you notice such a thing in any given review or see websites giving MasterClass free trial, they’re fake.

Nevertheless, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel like you are disappointed about the content.

MasterClass does not tend to offer reductions on the original price. To put it simply, they don’t give student discounts. When you see reduced discount codes on the internet, they’re fraudulent again, and don’t try using them. However, a special offer with a 2-for-1 deal is conducted many times during the year by MasterClass. It means that you can buy one all-access pass and offer another pass for free to someone else.

Non-profit organizations may apply for grants to get access to MasterClass materials free of charge. You can find all the necessary information on the website. More importantly, there is a community discount of between 20% and 50% for other companies that obtain 20 or more memberships at a time.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

How Does the Pricing Compare?

Skillshare may not have the heavy hitters of the MasterClass, but they have more classes. Also, they have a more realistic view of their online education. In comparison to MasterClass, you can explore Skillshare with a 2-month free trial with restricted access.

You can switch to full access for $19 a month or $99 a year. Therefore, you can gain creative skills and build meaningful knowledge in many disciplines such as “illustrated texts” and “creative writing.”

On the one hand, Coursera has a different approach and great courses. The advertised price is free admission to the world’s best universities. You can also get your certificate from Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. However, the rates and service packages can be a little complicated. Usually, you get access to a 7-day trial for each high-level course and then pay $49–79 a month for 4–6 months.

On the other hand, you also have the option of fewer educational websites, such as Ideapod. If you sign up for an online class, the quality of video production is not as good, but you get a more personal connection with the instructors. It’s more about making a positive impact on your academic and professional life.

The Great Courses offer its classes on an individual basis, so costs differ. Many of them are about $50. Also, the Khan Academy is fully available, although it focuses more on scholars and academics. If you are inspired, you might have worked your way through the whole collection in a year. There are dozens of classes. You can get through a lot of content with an all-access pass in a matter of weeks or months. Although, The Great Courses Plus offers a membership program that is less expensive than MasterClass. You can read our Great Courses Plus Review, or learn more about how Masterclass stacks up against Great Courses Plus with our comparison article.

In a nutshell, MasterClass has such exceptional content and you get exclusive deals. The performance of the video output is unprecedented. Also, the instructors are among the most successful people in the world. Although MasterClass doesn’t have as many video lessons and classes available as other online class platforms, it still has an extensive course and class base. You shouldn’t forget that MasterClass is more affordable than its competitors. If we consider the price, it is worth the money, and the quality speaks for itself.

How To Use MasterClass

When you sign in to a MasterClass course, it is all incredibly normal and easy to understand. Most of the classes have 20 to 25 video lessons that you can watch and learn from. You can also upload workbooks and other materials to assist you in studying alongside your instructors.

You can watch MasterClass classes and lessons at your own speed. They’re relatively short, so you can never be confused by the instructors’ knowledge and stories. You don’t have to commit to watching for hours at a time, unlike other educational channels.

If you want to know more about how MasterClass works, read our MasterClass FAQ Page.

In certain instances, the instructors address directly to the camera. Some classes also contain selections from the work of the instructors. The class workbook helpfully examines the critical points in each video. Plus, the worksheet offers supplementary reading resources and space for writing notes.

Even if MasterClass does not provide membership for lifetime access, it always allows students to have access to many textbooks for each of the classes.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

Can These Classes Turn You Into a Successful Person?

You never know as the expression goes, ” Only time will tell.” However, that is not the main idea. MasterClass doesn’t undoubtedly turn you into an academic lecturer whose reputation is all over the place. Dan Brown’s thriller writing class doesn’t promise that you are ready to start writing a best-selling novel next month. Taking the acting quality of Helen Mirren can not build up for a great career in Hollywood.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

Likewise, if I watch Steph Curry’s MasterClass, I’m not going to start shooting NBA 3-pointers.

A lot of people don’t enroll in MasterClass hoping they’re going to become famous someday. The MasterClass is more valuable to people seeking inspiration or a starting point to explore their own talent further. You get an editor’s sense of what it takes to be successful. Also, there are several directions that you can adapt these insights to your world.

The MasterClass App

Indeed, MasterClass has a mobile app. You can do everything on the website app. The MasterClass help desk support claims you can change to full-screen mode, but you should be using MasterClass with a laptop.

The mobile app works fine. If you can get it running with a full-screen, you should enjoy using it. Even if you cannot take a full-screen glimpse, the pleasure and the knowledge remain the same.

The class videos appear to be smooth and updated. The app operates on an Android, an iPhone, and even an Apple Screen. You can slow down or speed up your videos and watch them at your speed. It maintains shut captioning or subtitles.

You can either choose to watch MasterClass or listen to recordings. The MasterClass can indicate whether a particular class is ideally suited to videos or audio formats. Sometimes, it depends on whether the tutor is explaining something in front of the camera or talking to the camera.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

What Are Some Great Classes Available On MasterClass?

For the last few years, MasterClass has reached out to other industries beyond writing and the visual arts. For example, you can find Werner Herzog and Martin Scorsese teaching filmmaking to young students. Also, Annie Leibovitz introduces photography to young artists. Chris Hadfield teaches space exploration, or Garry Kasparov explains the chess game.

This is one of the MasterClass problems. It is hard to believe that a learner can be engaged in all these MasterClasses, no matter how excellent the subjects are.

If you are a young author, you should consider going through the works of James Patterson, and whether you want to write thrillers before you enroll for his class. Although you could take the James Patterson writing class, MasterClass, without knowing a lot about his novels, you can acquire far more if you’ve studied some of his thrillers.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

What MasterClasses Should You Take?

If you want to learn some golden tips for effective leadership, Anna Wintour is the best instructor. She is an internationally recognized leader that makes individuals rise and take an interest. MasterClass has created a method called snapshots, which portrays one class from the preferred MasterClasses directly in the app.

It can give you a better understanding of what the MasterClass sounds, and whether the professor is right for you before you decide to spend minutes long of your time in a MasterClass.

One specific snapshot worth looking at is creating the impression of influence by Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator. You can also explore courses by structure, discipline, or subject.

If you are interested in writing classes, you should sign up for Malcolm Gladwell’s writing MasterClass. It is a pure delight, and the learning is meaningful. You are going to get ideas and hints about creating your story, and you are going to learn in Malcolm’s lecture that your tale is bound to evolve as you keep improving it. After these lessons, writing thrillers shouldn’t seem like a challenge anymore.

Most students are not interested in the science & technology classes. If you are still uncertain about what MasterClass to purchase, ask yourself, “Do I admire this lecturer and his or her approach to teaching?”.

Check out MasterClass Full Offerings

Neil Gaiman Review: The Art of Storytelling

Neil is a successful and internationally experienced storyteller who published notable books such as “Coraline” and “American Gods.” He brings his signature fantasy and shares his rich experience in an international-building course to his MasterClass, where he presents you 19 lessons on writing as varied as “reality in fiction” to deal with the writer’s problem. It would be best if you enjoyed the writer’s duties lesson. He also stresses that you should write as you pay for every word, not the other way around!

The overall average class is between 14 and 25 minutes long. They also arrive with available for download PDFs, writing activities, and additional learning material.

If you need to start writing a novel, refine your writing style, or enjoy Neil Gaiman’s speaking voice and concepts, the class is the key to your ambition.

Check out Neil Gaiman’s Storytelling MasterClass

Dominique Ansel MasterClass

Dominique Ansel is recognized for his creative variations on classic desserts. He is the creator of Cronut and the winner of the James Beard Award. Ansel has been appointed as the “World’s Best Pastry Chef.” In his MasterClass, Dominique explains in his course his critical skills for the ideal pastry. Therefore, you learn his efficient technique, add classic ingredients to your style, and discover new feel and taste inspirations that can delight your friends and family with your own tasty desserts.

Dominique provides hands-on croissant-making class videos that address a few main methods that include a variety of demanding professional segments. While you don’t have keys to the cronut recipe, you still have a lot of valuable knowledge about it. With 17 lessons, you can understand the basics of French pastry in this MasterClass. If you like cooking food, you should indeed find something you like from the famous Dominique’s mini madeleines to the fruit tarts, the chocolate cake, the sweets, or even the ideal croissant.

Check out Dominique Ansel’s Storytelling MasterClass

David Lynch MasterClass

There’s no wonder that David Lynch has a unique way of looking at the universe. He has a remarkable mind, and he is very imaginative. Having the chance to look at this fantastic filmmaker’s class is an enormous pleasure. You can’t make a story without ideas. This is the case whether you’re writing a film, a novel, or a short story.

He includes topics such as developing ideas, creativity, the writing manner, and staying through to your designs. Ideas are everywhere. However, it would be best if you learned to go where the ideas exist. There are thousands of ideas out there, and we probably don’t consider any of them. Learning how to use your instincts can make it possible for you to see something that most students overlook. David teaches you how to find these ideas so that you can write something new and exciting. Please write it down when you have a plan.

David inspires his students to learn how to make films by doing so. Even if you don’t want to be a filmmaker behind the camera, a few scenes can still teach you a lot. It allows you to understand better what is possible and how to write on the screen.

If you’re a fan of David’s work, you’re going to find this course fascinating. The same is true if you’re looking for some insight into the craft of filmmaking. But, if you’re someone who’s starting in the industry, this course does not go into enough bottom for you. In particular, if you’re involved in the manufacturing side of things. This course is too short to allow David to discuss stuff in detail.

Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass

If you don’t know Gladwell, it’s time to get familiar with his name. He is a New York writer and best-selling author. In his course, he recommends writing in order to make the elements match and fit coherently. When you write non-fiction, you do it mainly to give information. Nevertheless, it would help if you got the learners’ attention before you can do that. That’s where the twisted logic comes in.

In his class, Malcolm describes how he utilizes facts and data to draw his readers’ attention. If you use the data that your students are actually interested in, they can consume it and want to continue reading. Although there is a lot of data and it seems confusing, you need to break down the evidence into easy pieces so that your students understand your point.

>Malcolm Gladwell’s MasterClass also shows practical ways to bring the reader along with you so that they can follow your chain of logic. Before you write a non-fiction article, you should do some in-depth research. Still, you don’t want to repeat the most important stuff. You want to bring something new to the table as a writer. Malcolm shares the sources of information that helped him come up with something unique and original. The public library comes first. Secondly, make sure to follow the footnote. Finally, you have to go out and learn to talk to strangers.

It is vital to explore all avenues far beyond the internet. After all, if you stay online, you are going to skip almost all that was written before the 1980s.

Garry Kasparov MasterClass

Garry Kasparov is a grandmaster and former World Chess Champion. In his class, he offers a fascinating lesson in fundamental strategies, techniques, and chess skills. The class is captivating. This Garry Kasparov MasterClass is worth watching as he elegantly discusses the benefits of any role he takes on the board.

He gives you a detailed demonstration of the game, top to bottom, start to finish. However, it would help if you had a primary understanding of the game. Then he produces a profoundly philosophical and artful class about how to play the game and how to learn the game. Although this class is an eyes-expander, it does not offer the chance to assess the skills in training.

Check out Garry Kasparov’s Writing MasterClass

MasterClass for Writers

In this review, if you see yourself as a future writer, MasterClass is the hub to invest in your writing. You have access to hundreds of hours of writing instruction across styles and sectors, and the course library is continuously modernized. Typically, every three months, you should take a new MasterClass for writers.

Additionally, they do have a section for writing lessons. While Dan Brown offers writing thrillers to students, David Sedaris introduces storytelling and humor. Also, Billy Collins demonstrates reading and writing poetry. However, for an all-access pass, you should get enough top writing classes to remain the whole year.

Quick Lists

Today, there is a unique feature of the all-access pass that can get you an excellent learning experience. MasterClass has a new feature called Quick Lists, which gathers sections from a variety of teachers that contribute to a shared topic.

They are distinguished because they let the editors of the MasterClass customize a specific list of some of the favorite scenes for the most popular attraction. They are much shorter than a complete course. For instance, you can switch from Neil Gaiman’s one class on pursuing creativity to David Baldacci’s related lesson on creating ideas for stories.

This ensures that you don’t have to finish the class in a linear fashion. In reality, the MasterClass app allows you to turn effortlessly between experts on topics of the same interest and curiosity to you. These Quick List collections illustrate some of the best moments from various courses while keeping you motivated in style.

Checkout MasterClass Full Offerings

The Community

MasterClass has progressively developed its community apps. They have developed a “hub” where you can interact with classmates in discussions and make suggestions about the content of the videos. These now have interactive educational spaces for arranging networking activities and more flexible online forums.

One lesson has a dedicated community page with a discussion forum and posts. These group characteristics differ in interest and effectiveness. Special live streaming activities occur from time to time.

The Pros of MasterClass

In this MasterClass review, we have shed light on the instructors. These professors are no slouches. It is quite a big deal to have so many legends demonstrating their art on one virtual learning platform.

The production quality is outstanding. This is a real MasterClass key feature as the videos are produced superbly well. The camerawork, the lighting, the sound, and even the music make it a delight to watch the footage. The quality does not only contribute to the videos’ suspense but also makes it more personal and more natural to comprehend the instructions.

The variety of classes is so wide. The classes are divided into nine groups, each of which has several different courses underneath. There are classes for authors, pastry chefs, singers, reporters, athletes, acting artists, and more. Plus, MasterClass almost adds new material every week.

Checkout MasterClass Full Offerings

The Cons of MasterClass

Education is a way of learning, acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and behaviors. Education approaches include storytelling, debate, instruction, training, and directed analysis.

In this review, we have seen that these are not course-long classes. Each one possibly has a minimum of a few hours of learning. They should not be considered as replacements for formal education, but as starting gate on the learning path.

These classes are self-learned and customized. There is no schedule to start or stop. Consequently, there is no live Q&A feature. Another difficulty, there isn’t a considerable amount of communication between students for each class in the hub area.

Checkout MasterClass Full Offerings

Questions About MasterClass

Why is Masterclass so expensive?

When comparing the price of MasterClass to other courses, you’ve really got to compare it to other similar memberships.

These days, with a yearly membership and constant additions to the content on offer, MasterClass is actually a lot better value than it used to be.

MasterClass uses its current price point because of the model they use.

By using celebrity instructors, there’s obviously a greater cost.

I don’t know if they use a revenue-share model or payment upfront for instructors, but I can’t imagine it being cheap to get the quality of instructors.

Can you pay for Masterclass monthly?

I haven’t seen any MasterClass monthly plans to date.

Everything I have seen has been an annual membership.

While that’s a bit disappointing, most of the time, an annual membership is far more cost-effective.

How long is each class on Masterclass?

Each lesson in MasterClass is around the 10-20 minute mark, depending on what the lesson is covering. MasterClasses have anywhere between twelve and twenty-five lessons each.

So each MasterCass has a lot of depth to it.

Which is the best MasterClass?

It really depends on what you’re interested in. I’m a writer (obviously), so I really liked the Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass.

However I also found others like RuPaul, Margaret Atwood, and Jane Goodall’s MasterClasses to be awesome.

Again though, it depends on why you want to use MasterClass.

Can you buy one MasterClass?

At times MasterClass offers the ability to buy access to only one class.

At the time of writing, you cannot buy a single MasterClass, but there are times that you can.

So double-check when you visit the site.

Regardless, the single-class price is usually quite expensive.

So you’re probably better off buying the all-access pass.

Is SkillShare or MasterClass better?

Personally, I like MasterClass more than SkillShare.

However, both have different pros and cons. 

You can read our MasterClass vs Skillshare article for a full comparison.

If you have any other questions about MasterClass, try our FAQ page.

Checkout MasterClass Full Offerings

The Bottom Line – Our Review

The MasterClass is a comprehensive e-learning network that includes classes offered by business leaders and international public figures. One virtual class is like a well-structured and short film. The courses follow a reasonably strict framework.

In this MasterClass review, you should gain some insightful content and outstanding quality values about the platform. Who is better to make a joke than Steve Martin? If you want to discover new things, there is no better mentor than a professional in his field of expertise.

Yet MasterClass is narrowing the gap by hiring big names to teach you the secrets of their art. Unlike other e-learning sites, MasterClass targets a specific audience: innovative students who want to learn and gain some inspiration along the way.

If you’re after something to motivate you, boost your skill, or seek advice from a distinguished expert, MasterClass is the best e-learning platform for you.

Checkout MasterClass Full Offerings

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The gig economy is booming, and thanks to COVID-19, more people than ever are getting involved. But what is this new sharing economy and how does it work?

Important Gig Economy #Fundamentals to Understand

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What is the Gig Economy?

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