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What Was Lyft Lux & How Did It Work?

Learn about what Lyft Lux offered passengers, how it was different from other Lyft services, and why is was discountinued.

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Lyft is one of the most popular rideshare services in the world, as 33 million people are projected to be active users by the end of 2024!

If you’re a regular Lyft user or happen to drive for Lyft, you may have wanted to consider investing in an upgrade: Lyft Lux.

Lyft Lux was a luxury ride option within the Lyft app, and we want to tell you all about its many perks.

In this article, we’ll venture to provide you with a detailed overview of Lyft Lux and all of its elevated features, distinguishing it from other types of Lyft rides.

We’ll go over the vehicle pricing, quality, and service that sets it apart from not only standard Lyft rides but other ridesharing services like it (such as Uber vs. Lyft).

Let’s begin!

What was Lyft Lux?

Lyft Lux was a high-end version of Lyft ridesharing. With Lyft Lux, a high-end vehicle was at your doorstep within minutes.

Lyft Lux cars were typically sedans or SUVs, such as the Lexus E3 or the BMW X3.

To answer the growing demand for luxury experiences, Lyft Lux acted as an elite experience that surpassed that of standard Lyft rides, including Lyft XL and Black.

Lyft Lux Vehicle Standards and Requirements

The vehicle quality for Lyft Lux was placed at an exceptionally high level.

From Land Rovers to Bentleys, you could expect to ride in a black car with leather seats.

Additionally, the model of a Lyft Lux car had to be older than 2013, which enabled the Lyft Lux service to stay trendy, safe, and at the peak of luxury.

For those interested in providing Lyft Lux services, drivers had to meet the standard driving requirements for Lyft, such as a minimum age of 25, a valid driver’s license, and a background check.

Additionally, to offer Lux services, drivers were required to have a consistently high rating and provide a high-end vehicle (according to Lyft Lux’s standards).

Lastly, in some states, a commercial driver’s license was essential to drive for Lyft Lux.

Comparing Lyft Lux with Other Lyft Services

So, you may be wondering how different Lyft Lux really was from Lyft XL or Lyft Black!

In this section, we’ll break down key differences in a chart, such as the cost to use Lyft depending on the service, each service’s individual features, and more.

In essence, Lyft Lux provided a more elevated experience than Lyft Black while using a standard ridesharing-sized vehicle.

Lyft LuxLyft BlackLyft XL
Type of VehicleTop-of-the-line SUV/SedanPremier SUV/SedanLarge SUVs
FeaturesInterior and exterior design eleganceHigh-end pricingProfessional driversExterior design eleganceMore accessible costHigh-end pricingExterior design eleganceCan accommodate luggage (in addition to more passengers)

Pricing Structure for Lyft Lux

The pricing of Lyft Lux was slightly different than the other Lyft services.

To begin, the base fare for Lyft Lux was the price charged at the start of a ride. Depending on your city, you may be charged more or less.

To use New York City as an example, standard Lyft does not come with a base fare, while Lyft Lux comes with a base fare of $7.25.

Next, each ride could come with surge pricing, which was applied during busier times. Finally, the cost per mile in New York City of a Lyft Lux was around $2.86, whereas the cost was reduced to $1.75 for a standard Lyft.

The additional costs associated with Lyft Lux can be attributed to the nicer vehicle, amenities, and driver experience.

The Lyft Lux Passenger Experience

Lyft Lux passengers could expect a truly luxurious experience when electing for the upgraded service.

To start, the vehicles provided by Lyft Lux are always high-end and known for their drivability and style.

Lyft Lux vehicles came with comfortable interiors and extra legroom, which made all the difference for longer drives.

Additionally, customers could anticipate amenities such as a ‘quiet ride’ option and climate control access.

Lastly, Lyft Lux customers had access to an exclusive branch of customer service that was prompt in addressing questions and concerns.

When to Choose Lyft Lux

Lyft Lux was a great option for many different scenarios, depending on your budget and lifestyle.

Some swore by Lyft Lux as their means of transportation during a long commute to their job, while others reserved the luxury service for special occasions.

How to Book a Lyft Lux Ride

Although Lyft Lux has been recently discontinued, the process to book a Lyft Lux ride was similar to that of booking a Lyft Black, Lyft XL, or your standard Lyft.

Let’s break down how Lyft works so that you can get on the road as soon as possible:

1. Login to www.lyft.com

If you already have a Lyft account, just sign in as you normally would!

If you do not have a Lyft account, make sure to click the ‘sign up’ option and create an account in order to move to the next step.

2. Book a service

Once you’re into your account, you can then book a service. In this section of the website, you can choose your desired Lyft service whether that be Lyft Lux or something else.

Currently, the available options are Lyft, Extra Comfort, XL, and Priority Pickup.

3. Connect with a driver

Now that you’ve selected Lyft Lux, you can enter your credit card information and secure your booking.

Upon securing your booking, you will be taken to a page within the website or app that shows you where your driver was, wait times, and other pertinent information.

Additionally, you can contact your driver if you’re going to be late to be picked up or for any other reason.

4. Step into Lyft Lux

That’s it! As soon as your driver pulls up, you can confirm your reservation and enter the vehicle. After your ride is complete, you can tip the driver and review the ride.

Lyft Lux for Drivers: Benefits and Considerations

For Lyft drivers, Lyft Lux was a service reserved for the top performers with the best ratings.

Lyft Lux customers were guaranteed that their drivers had high ratings and were experienced, so you would’ve had to earn many high ratings before you could advance in your career to Lyft Lux driver status.

If you were able to sign up for Lyft Lux, you would have access to a wealthier customer demographic who may be more likely to tip well.

Additionally, your customers may be professionals, so you’re less likely to encounter negative customer experiences when being a Lyft Lux driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions that arise when Lyft customers are choosing between different Lyft services.

Why Was Lyft Lux Discontinued?

Unfortunately, Lyft Lux was discontinued in October of 2023. However, Lyft Black provides a similar service for those looking to enhance their ridesharing experience.

Was a Tesla Considered a Lyft Lux?

Tesla models are considered luxury vehicles by most standards, including by Lyft. Teslas offer more legroom, leather (or leather-like) seats, and other amenities. Also, they’re eco-friendly.

Wrapping Up

Lyft Lux was a premium service offered by Lyft, raising the bar for ridesharing services for those who required a slicker, more luxurious commute.

While Lyft Lux has been discontinued and is no longer available, Lyft still offers the similar service of Lyft Black so you can get to your next big occasion in ultimate style!

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