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Lyft Line – What Is It And How Does It Work?

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What is Lyft Line?

Lyft Line takes the service that ridesharing companies provide to a new level through connecting clients with other passengers with the same route or location.

When a client shares a ride using Lyft, they will pay a discounted price and get the chance to make friends and connections along the way.

This is an easy, revolutionized and affordable way on how passengers can safely go around the town.

Similar to Uberpool, Lyft Line offers rides at budget prices, far below the company’s standard fare rates.

As long as you don’t mind sharing a ride with another customer that you probably don’t know, this is a great ride option for wherever you are trying to go.

Why is Lyft Line exciting?

With Lyft Line, passengers can now say hello to a new and cost effective ride.

They can share the ride with strangers which can become their friends later on.

This is one factor that makes passengers excited about the service.

Another interesting thing about riding Lyft Line is taking advantage of discounted rates.

You can sometimes pay about 60% less on fares and particular services.

Lyft Line is the safest and most reliable line that goes everywhere and all for cool and reasonable rates.

Lyft Line is built exclusively for you delivering not just a positive riding experience, but also the following:

  • Affordable yet Safest Rides – You can share the ride with other passengers and enjoy great savings.
  • Smartly Routed – There will never be any hassle during the trip because you will be riding with passengers who are headed to the same direction.
  • People Powered – With Lyft Line, you get the chance to meet the community and see the photos and names of individuals you are riding with.

When can you use Lyft Line?

You can use and take full advantage of Lyft Line when you are going from point A to point B with no changes or stops to pick up and drop off locations and errands.

Individuals can also use this as a party of one or two.

Bigger groups can use Lyft Plus or the regular Lyft.

When individuals are ready to go and since there are other passengers who depend on your participation, drivers will not wait more than one minute at your specified pickup location.

Lyft Line Cost

Lyft Line is definitely cheaper than the classic Lyft ride because there are discounted rates offered to passengers.

The discount rates vary and range from 10 to 60%, but these still depend on factors like current availability of drivers and the chance of getting matched.

Just like typical rides, prime time can be applicable.

With Lyft Line, you can see the cost up front and what you get and see is what you actually pay regardless of whether you are matched or not.

How Lyft Line Works

Lyft Line works easy. It’s very similar to how the Lyft app works for other types of rides.

When requesting a ride, you just need to open the app and then select “Line.”

You then need to tap “Request Line” and the company will prompt you to specify and enter your specific destination and begin building your line.

Within a few minutes, you will be matched for a ride and the cost of the trip will be settled up front.

Even if you failed to find other passengers, your Line will be kept discounted.

You will receive a message notifying that your line has arrived. With Lyft Line, all you have to do is to walk out the door and then hop in.

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