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Make Money Searching on Google With Lionbridge Jobs

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Earning extra cash when you have a full-time career or a busy schedule is easier than ever.

As digital careers grow higher in demand, opportunities to make money straight from home —  with any schedule you want — are growing.

If you’re not looking to spend hours on the road as an Uber driver and don’t have the industry cred to make it in the affiliate marketing world, Lionbridge jobs are calling your name.

This article will guide you through what Lionbridge is, job opportunities at the company, and the pros and cons of these flexible careers.

What Is Lionbridge?

Hands typing on laptop

Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Lionbridge Technologies helps businesses test and develop content specific to their local markets.

The global company offers a wide array of services that fall into four main categories:

  • AI services include data creation, chatbot development, and social media listening.
  • Content services include technical, scientific, financial, and online course writing.
  • Testing services include UX testing, QA testing, product development, and maintenance.
  • Translation services include multilingual marketing, software localization, and interpretation.

Lionbridge has hundreds of thousands of skilled professionals helping them provide these core services to their clients — very few of which are actually full-time employees.

The company uses crowdsourcing to supply the skills from all over the world that clients want.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for part-time work, or seeking summer jobs for teachers, Lionbridge may have the perfect flexible job for you.

Three Types of Lionbridge Jobs

Because Lionbridge offers flexible remote jobs, they need enough 1099 contractors to ensure that their bases are always covered.

This means they’re always on the lookout for more part-time professionals to fill in the gaps.

The following work-from-home jobs with Lionbridge are usually available on an ongoing basis.


Lionbridge jobs: Person sitting by laptop explaining something

If you fluently speak two or more languages, you can apply for a translator gig with Lionbridge.

As a translator, your job will be to help companies translate their written communications and update their digital marketing copy for local relevancy and global brand consistency.

This type of work reportedly pays about $27 per hour.

Though this isn’t the most impressive pay for a language service, after self-employment taxes are deducted, it’s a considerable hourly wage for a work-at-home job with flexible hours.

Lionbridge also offers interpretation gigs in over 360 languages and dialects.

If you’re a skilled oral translator, you can consider this part-time job to make extra money on your own schedule.

Interpreters don’t have fully remote gigs like translators, as you’ll sometimes be asked to sit in on court sessions or in-person meetings, but you’ll still get opportunities to act as an interpreter through phone calls or video chats straight from home.

Plus, you never have to accept a gig that doesn’t work with your schedule.


Lionbridge jobs: Amazon speaker sitting by laptop

The Lionbridge rater position is a popular choice for internet-savvy freelancers who love providing feedback.

Raters basically peruse popular search engines to analyze all the pieces of information (including web pages and images) that appear.

Raters have a few extra technological requirements to fulfill before they can land a job, which differ based on Lionbridge’s unknown client.

For example, a current job opening in the United States requires raters to:

  • Actively use Gmail and social media every day
  • Have access to an Amazon Echo and Google Home device
  • Have access to an Android smartphone or iPhone

Raters typically make $15-$17 per hour — which still puts you ahead of what Uber drivers make.

Web Content Judge

Much like raters, web content judges are responsible for providing feedback on internet search results.

However, this web content assessor is specifically responsible for looking at how relevant search results are, even when different search terms are used.

The only special requirement here is a PC computer with Windows 10, so it’s a fair assumption that this is a quick start gig without any intense skills demands.

The average pay is on par with a rater’s hourly wage and with most online jobs with Lionbridge.

There are other companies offering website testing as well, so don’t settle for Lionbridge alone.

For example, Userfeel pays testers to evaluate the customer experience, while Userlytics pays raters for more project-directed feedback.

Pros and Cons of Working for Lionbridge

Woman sitting with laptop laughing

Of course, one of the best parts of working for Lionbridge is the flexibility.

Whether you’re located in the United States, Germany, India, or anywhere else in the world, all you need to do is set your schedule and sign on for up to 20 hours per week.

In addition, the path to landing a job follows a fairly easy application process.

As long as you have some related experience, high-speed internet, and a high school diploma or GED, there’s a good chance you’ll be accepted for the position you apply for.

If an interview, application, testing, or training is required, it’ll typically be fairly quick.

However, easy acceptance is a hint at the high turnover rate that current and former employees report.

Looking at various job review websites, many employees report that Lionbridge is great if you’re looking for extra money as a side gig or to fund your job search.

However, long-term workers don’t always receive as much work as desired — or, on the flip side, Lionbridge provides too much work to complete in a short time frame.

In addition, communication with Lionbridge can be slow and glitches on company tech are commonplace.

Similar Jobs to Consider

Lionbridge jobs: Man typing on laptop

If you’re not sold on working for Lionbridge, know that it’s definitely not your only option.

With more and more digital natives joining the workforce and affecting businesses every day, remote jobs are rapidly increasing.

Plus, you can expect more search engine evaluator and social media evaluator jobs in the future.

Here are two part-time jobs (similar to the ones that Lionbridge offers) that you can do from home:

Appen careers:

Appen is a company that basically offers the same services as Lionbridge, which means the career opportunities and average wages are aligned.

If you’re interested in doubling up on part-time translation gigs, or using a different platform to earn as an internet assessor or ads evaluator, these contractor positions may be for you.

Sykes search quality evaluators:

From time to time, Sykes Enterprises is known to hire people who own a PC and a smartphone to research search results.

Then, evaluators are tasked with deeming whether search results are relevant and high-quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman typing on laptop with coffee next to her

Finding positions to apply for is easy on the Lionbridge.com careers page, but whether or not they tell the full story is questionable.

To help you better understand the true pros and cons of a flexible Lionbridge career, here are our answers to three common questions:

1. How hard are search engine, social media, and ads evaluator jobs?

While this is a subjective question, few contractors complain about hard tasks in these positions.

Evaluators are typically given a set of guidelines to follow and your work is reviewed purely based on how well you follow those guidelines.

These positions don’t require intense analysis by any means.

That said, the job itself is not hard, but many evaluators report being overworked during their shifts, in comparison to their relatively low hourly compensation.

2. Can I travel while working for Lionbridge?

Traveling on the job or becoming a digital nomad is definitely possible when choosing a flexible career with Lionbridge.

Even if the company is seeking employees from a specific country, they usually only require you to have citizenship, a specified amount of time lived in the location, and strong familiarity of the country.

They can’t actually force you to hold down the fort.

As long as you have reliable internet access (and a VPN, to ensure you have access to company tools) and bring everything you need to complete your work, traveling across the country or abroad shouldn’t be an issue.

3. Is there opportunity for career growth at Lionbridge?

Unfortunately, Lionbridge jobs are not traditional careers that offer career growth opportunities.

Contractors are unlikely to be given any sort of promotion, since skills needs are minimal and training new employees isn’t a big investment for the company.

This also means you’re unlikely to receive a raise during your gig.

That said, these positions are not ideal long-term situations if you’re looking for a sustainable job, but they can offer a great gig if all you’re seeking is some extra cash.

Work From the Comfort of Your Home

Lionbridge is a leader in providing diverse remote work opportunities throughout the year.

Whether you’re skilled at multiple languages, or have an eagle eye for quality issues, there’s a place for you at the company.

We hope this guide has helped you decide if this company is right for you.

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