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Is BUFF Legit? Pros, Cons, & User Reviews Explained

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could make real money doing the one thing you enjoy the most?

BUFF is a popular gaming platform that allows you to connect with other players and improve your skills. It also claims to offer some money. So, is BUFF legit?

You’re not the only one who asks this question, but you’re lucky because you found this article. We’ll answer this question in detail in our BUFF review.

What is BUFF?

BUFF is an online gaming website that offers step-by-step tutorials to help gamers improve their skills.

Users can enjoy multiple BUFF gaming-related activities like coaching, testing, and server hosting to connect with other players.

screenshot of the BUFF homepage - header graphic for the post about "is BUFF legit" on gigworker.com

Users can download this app to run in the background while playing. It doesn’t affect games’ performance but collects valuable data that developers can use to improve games.

This platform is an excellent choice for those who enjoy PC or mobile games, as users can earn BUFF rewards while playing the most popular games online.

It’s considered a fun gaming website and a guaranteed way to generate passive income.

How Does BUFF Work?

BUFF has a loyalty program that compensates players for using the website. BUFF’s app was installed over 10 million times, and the platform has more than 450,000 daily active users.

This platform allows gamers to play their favorite games and earn points. Then, they can exchange these points through the marketplace. The number of points you make depends on your kill/deaths ratio and the matches won.

The website runs in the background to collect information about games’ performance without affecting it. In return, it rewards you for using it.

You can’t gain real cash from BUFF, but you can win the following.

  • Gaming hardware and tools.
  • Free gift cards.
  • Free codes for Steam games.
  • Free Google Play credits.
  • In-game skins and currency.

Common Questions to Understand

The rising rates of online scams can make everyone skeptical about what different platforms claim.

This is why some believe that BUFF is too good to be true. These are some of the questions people ask about this online gaming platform.

Does BUFF Actually Give You Free Stuff?

BUFF gives you free stuff when you exchange points earned. When you play games, you earn points as you complete different challenges.

Once you’ve collected enough points, you can head to the BUFF marketplace and exchange them for free stuff.

Yet, you’ll probably have to play for a long time before you can get something worthy. It takes about 600 reward points to win a $5 gift card, so getting free stuff with BUFF isn’t that easy.

Other reward options like in-game presents or codes can cost about 1000 rewards. As a result, playing games on BUFF can’t be your primary income source.

But it can be an exciting and effortless side hustle to get some of the stuff you need for free.

Can You Make Money From BUFF?

You can make money from BUFF’s affiliate program. You must download the link, and the platform will provide you with everything you need to become an affiliate.

BUFF is an AI-based algorithm that collects data about games and performance. You’ll become an affiliate by allowing it to monitor your game stats.

Gamers can share their links, so others can also join the program and download the app. You’ll gain points every time someone uses your link to download the app.

Is BUFF Legit?

Finding out whether a gaming platform is legitimate or not can be challenging.

Some users might be worried about their personal information getting shared and abused by others, while others might worry about getting scammed.

BUFF is legit in the sense that it delivers what it promises. Here are some proofs that using this platform won’t be a total waste of your time.

Number of Downloads

BUFF was downloaded more than ten million times so far. It’s hard to assume that a fake website will receive this high number of downloads as more gaming websites are available.

Knowing that many people downloaded and relied on BUFF proves this website is legit. It’s trustworthy, and people aren’t afraid to download and use it while playing games.

Operational Servers

According to the website, more than three million gaming matches are played by more than 450,000 active users daily. If the website isn’t reliable or legit, the servers won’t be able to cope with the load.

But this doesn’t happen with BUFF. Users haven’t reported any problems playing their favorite games on the website. This also explains the increasing number of gamers.

No Hidden Costs

BUFF doesn’t charge any hidden costs, so participants won’t be scammed. You won’t pay any hidden costs when you download the website unless you pay a premium subscription. This is also how the platform makes money.

Having no hidden costs encourages more people to trust BUFF. They download and run the app in the background while playing their favorite games.

No False Claims

This gaming platform promises gamers they can make money while playing online games. Yet, it doesn’t promise that they can make thousands of dollars.

Although people would enjoy making passive income, receiving thousands of dollars daily will be a false and misleading claim.

This is another reason why people trust BUFF, as they know they will receive what the website promises, even if it’s not a lot.

Is BUFF Reliable?

BUFF has been operating in the market since 2015. Since then, it has proved to be a reliable gaming website offering regular users a reward system.

This platform doesn’t share or sell users’ personal information. Instead, it uses an AI-based algorithm to study game stats and popularity without affecting performance.

It creates a valuable experience without harming users in any way. Even the least experienced users can use BUFF without worrying about losing money or data.

At the same time, they can gain reward points that they can exchange for gifts from the marketplace.

Yet, users might wait long before collecting enough points to buy products from the marketplace. It takes a lot of gaming to earn a $5 gift card, so you shouldn’t expect to buy expensive products every day.

At the same time, some products might be out of stock in the marketplace, so you can’t buy them even if you have enough rewards.

Is BUFF Safe?

BUFF is a safe website that doesn’t share or sell users’ information. It supports SSL encryption which protects all sensitive data and transactions.

Users haven’t reported problems regarding the gamers’ community. Downloading the platform doesn’t affect your PC’s performance or gaming experience.

This doesn’t apply to other online gaming platforms that might share or sell users’ information. But this isn’t the case with BUFF.

What Are Users Saying About BUFF?

The internet is full of gaming opportunities, and some promise users they can make money while playing their favorite mobile and PC games.

So, checking other gamers’ online reviews about this platform makes sense.

You don’t want to waste your time playing games on a platform that promises rewards but won’t deliver them. You also don’t want to grant access to a fake website that might sell your personal data.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About BUFF

Gamers gave BUFF a 4.2-star rating. This high rating indicates that more people trust this website and would recommend it to others.

Plenty of Games

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’d be happy to use BUFF while playing your favorite games. The app lets you play popular titles like Minecraft, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

It also offers some mobile games, but more PC games are available. So, if you enjoy playing games on your PC, this will be an excellent platform.

Reward System

The reward system doesn’t affect your game progress or experience in any way. So, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite game or experience delays to win rewards through BUFF.

While other platforms in the gaming industry can also reward you for collecting data, the performance might be jeopardized. This can be annoying to an avid gamer and can also affect the game’s score.

Customer Support

A team of dedicated engineers and customer support representatives supports BUFF.

So if you face any issues with your games or the platform, you can contact the support team on the Discord channel, and the employees will provide fast solutions to any problems you’re dealing with.

What Google Reviewers Liked About BUFF

Users gave BUFF a 2.8-star rating on Google. While it’s not a high rating, it can be higher than what they grant similar platforms.

Data Safety

Compared to other gaming platforms, BUFF can be a safer option because it doesn’t sell users’ information. The application analyzes gaming behavior to improve performance without sharing the personal data of players. This guarantees a safe and fun experience for all users.

Gaming Interaction

Gamers can benefit from BUFF in multiple ways. They can win reward points, and they can also interact with other gamers through chat.

Such interactions can help gamers improve their skills and help them feel like part of a dedicated community.

Guaranteed Cashout

BUFF doesn’t scam players, as it promises to offer them reward points based on the number of gaming matches played and won.

Users can always get their rewards, even if they need to wait for a while before they can cash them out.

These points can be used to buy different products, gift cards, and game credits. Players have to score many points to get the gifts they want, but they eventually get them.

Why Are People Worried About Using BUFF?

Some gamers had negative experiences with BUFF that affected their performance. These incidents are rare, but they can still explain why some users don’t trust BUFF.

What Google Reviewers Worried About

Out of 12,700 reviews on Google Play Store, some users had negative experiences with BUFF.

Operational Issues

Some users reported operational issues with BUFF, even though they’re premium users. The app suddenly falls asleep and no longer tracks their gaming experience.

As a result, they can win games that the app doesn’t record, and they won’t earn the rewards they deserve.

This can be highly frustrating since users download the app for these rewards. Some players reported contacting customer support representatives, but they didn’t have these technical issues resolved.

Premium Subscriptions

Most BUFF users agree that earning rewards is hard or even impossible if you’re not a premium user.

Despite the number of missions you complete and games you win, you won’t be eligible for winning rewards that you can exchange for items unless you pay a premium subscription of $35.99 per year.

This means that you have to pay money to earn points. So, some users are reluctant to use BUFF and are considering other platforms.

Empty Marketplace

Some players expressed their frustration regarding how BUFF’s marketplace operates. They already know that one has to win hundreds or even thousands of reward points before getting anything from the marketplace.

But even when they do this, they might not be able to get the items they want.

Most of the items are out of stock. This could be because more than 450,000 players play daily, so they probably buy different items available. But this can be frustrating to other users.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried About

Despite generally having good reviews on Trustpilot, some users reported facing problems that made them dislike BUFF’s app.


Having pop-ups while playing games can be distracting and confusing. Some users reported that they couldn’t turn off pop-ups while playing games. As a result, they lost focus and couldn’t win the games they were playing.

Unlike other apps, you must press the devil emoji to eliminate pop-ups. With other apps, you can press an X, but some users reported that this option wasn’t responsive in the case of BUFF.

Stays Open

Some players faced a glitch that they were unable to resolve with BUFF. The app claims that the window closes if left inactive for 15 seconds. Yet, many users reported otherwise.

Having the app running in the background drained their devices’ power and meant that they would sign up for games they didn’t want to play.

Unable to Delete

It’s common to feel that BUFF isn’t the app for you, even if you’re an avid gamer. Yet, some users reported facing difficulties deleting it.

The app remained on their devices even after removing it and deleting all its data. The customer support representatives weren’t able to explain why this happened.

BUFF Quality and Guarantees

BUFF guarantees that users will be able to experience a fun gaming experience, and the app running in the background won’t affect it. It will also collect data but not share personal data with third parties.

Users won’t receive cash but can earn rewards after collecting rewards. Gamers can exchange them from the platform’s marketplace.

While running the app in the background, it doesn’t steal or share personal data. It also doesn’t affect the performance of games.

BUFF Customer Service

Most gamers agree that having reliable customer support is one of the strengths of BUFF. It’s also one of the reasons more gamers are interested in trying this app.

Does BUFF Offer Customer Service?

BUFF offers multiple types of customer support services. Users can fill in a form with any technical issues they face. After that, representatives can tackle these different problems and offer solutions.

Users can also contact the platform through social media and Discord live chat. Discord is one of the most favorable options for gamers because they can talk and explain their problems.

BUFF employees currently offer Discord support in English and Spanish.

Conclusion: Is BUFF Legit?

BUFF is a legit site that allows gamers to gain various presents. People can play games while the app runs in the background, and BUFF won’t affect the device’s performance.

The platform currently offers multiple PC games but also some mobile games. After finishing missions and winning matches, people can earn rewards and exchange them for products from the marketplace.

In this way, BUFF can be a source of passive income. Yet, no one should rely solely on it because no matter how much you play, you won’t be able to make thousands of dollars.

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Wrap Up

If you’re an avid gamer, you’re probably asking about BUFF. This platform promises to offer gamers reward points when they complete missions and win matches while enjoying their favorite PC and mobile games.

BUFF is a legit site that grants users BUFF game rewards they can use to buy various items from the marketplace. But it can’t be a reliable source of income because it doesn’t pay much money.

Tell us what you think about the BUFF app in the comments, and share this article with a gamer to help them win some free items.

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